CTIA 2009: Shazam for BlackBerry Video Demo

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2009 11:01 am EDT

Much to the delight of BlackBerry owners, with the launch of BlackBerry App World last week came the unveiling of Shazam for BlackBerry. Seeing as how Shazam is already one of App World's top downloads, this post won't be news to many of you, but if you haven't tried Shazam out yet for yourself the video walk through above provides a decent overview (for more info check out our original Shazam post).

I've been liking Shazam for BlackBerry so far but have a couple of gripes with it... one, I'd rather be able to buy and download the mp3 immediately vs. getting sent off to Amazon to purchase the CD (do people still buy cds?!) and two, I wish the enhanced version was free.

Any new thoughts from all the BlackBerry Shazamers out there now that you've had a solid few days to get to really use it?!

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CTIA 2009: Shazam for BlackBerry Video Demo


Great app, but terrible with the storm. One of the only apps I've used that doesn't properly work when not in compatibility mode.

if anyone is a big music nerd or has lots of music on itunes, double twist is the way to go. because i have a mac, it is the closest thing i have to a desktop manager, with media. just a simple drag puts all my music on my phone. and its free.

The only problem with doubletwist is that it CURRENTLY doesn't support playlist transfer. It will transfer the contents of the playlist, but not the playlist itself. That is very important to me. Other than that, it's a great app.

Amazon has amazing prices on CDs and they don't really change that often. All things being equal, if a digi download is 9.99 or the real CD is 9.99....I want the real CD. Its kind of nice to have a hard copy sometimes.

no longer available for the Storm, no matter how many tricks I pulled to get to the page in the app store. finally did and there is no download button.

hope they release something ASAP thats compatible with the 9530 touch screen. And I hope its free!

the listening part is cool, but just something about buying music from my phone i dunno...

im going to agree with CWCANTY, buying having a hard copy is always better.

I love Shazam... don't get me wrong. I am very happy it's finally here for BlackBerry. However, the current version doesn't even work with the BlackBerry Storm's touch screen. I hope they upgrade the version soon :(

I'm surprised how well this app works, even in a restaurant i was able to identify the song being played over the sound system. I really could care less about the ability to purchase music with it, since it's easier to just go home and download whatever song I'm looking for.

If you have a Storm it won't show up anymore...it was removed since shazam's website now states a list of compatible blackberry's it works for, and it also says that currently the Storm is not one of them!

Nice app...it works great on the Bold. I'll take a CD over MP3 anytime (the whole lossy vs. lossless music debate). A CD usually only cost a dollar or two more than it's MP3 equivalent, and I can rip it to whatever compressed format I want for portable use.

I received an email reply from Shazam about Storm compatibility and they are apparently 'working on it' and it will be available 'later this year'... for whatever that's worth. They also said something about providing uniform features and pricing across 'all platforms', so we can either expect iPhoners to have to start paying, or we will get something for free... your guess is as good as mine.

I'm extremely anal about my music, if a track doesn't have complete tag info and cover art, it doesn't get into my music folder/ipod. I've had a couple rare house songs sitting in the "unidentified" folder on my desktop for years, and shazam identified them with no problem.

I'm not sure of the differences between the basic and enhanced versions, but I'd imagine the basic functionality of this program (identify watever music is playing) is free - once I know what it is I'm sure I'll be able to get the song, one way or another.

I'm going to guess that the difference between the free and the purchase version is probably the number of times you can identify a song in a specified period of time.

For example:
A purchased copy can have unlimited songs identified in a one month period whereas a free copy can only do like 10 a month.

That's my guess.

Did anyone notice the white keys on the 8900 in the picture, sorry but I seen the keyboard and I got excited!

I installed this on my wife's Curve 8330. She tried it out over the weekend and two of the four songs she try to identify didn't work. She found it funny that the two not identified were country. The Songs were not recent so that is out. She wanted to test drive it while it was free. So far not impressed.

I have it on my Storm and have used it. It does have it compatibility issues but easy to deal with.

Can't wait for the Storm Version... I don't mind paying for some apps and this is one of them... Very useful. In compatibility you can't see the things you tagged without changing back but I can see a use for this especially... Tag stuff all night while you are out and review to download when you have time...

Is this app as cool as it looks? So many times I hear a song I like and don't know who sings it. I am definately going to try this one out.

..this app is full of fail until they fully support the Storm.

It's like a car manufacturer releasing a car that can't be driven in 25 states. What product manager thought that was a good idea?

For starters - obviously FREEEEE would be the best way to go. Put the iPhone version to shame.

Overall, it only needs 10sec of recording time, but I'd like to see the response time a bit faster.

I was @ the Jays Home Opener last night (SWEET GAME, btw) and I was able to tag a few songs over the loud speaker - even with some minor crowd noise.

Sweet App....holding out for the FREEE tag. But will purchase at the low cost of only $5.

Once you spend your 5 dollars you better not lose,damage,or have the phone stolen because you would have to buy this application again on your new device.All the more reason why this application should be free!

And why doesn't it work with the Storm 9530.
It does not give you the download option once you get the link for it. This sucks...

Get Shazam to work

go to http://wackberry.com/bregister/Shazam/Shazam.jad
on your storm


go into options > advanced options > applications
scroll to Shazam, highlight and hit the blackberry button.. select edit permissions and set everything to "allow"

run the app and it works, will be half screen but at least it's something till the post one for the 95xx platform