CTIA 2009: PrimeTime2Go Video Walk Through

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2009 11:06 am EDT

One of the coolest things to be announced at CTIA yesterday for BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 users in the US is the coming of PrimeTime2Go, expected in early May, which brings full-length television episodes to BlackBerry. You can check out our initial coverage here and watch the video above for a more personalized explanation.

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CTIA 2009: PrimeTime2Go Video Walk Through


Interestingly, the QuickPlay (Canadian) demo is running on a Rogers (Canada) Bold.

So why is this service not going to be available in Canada at launch?

And what sort of measures will be taken to restrict this service to US only? Since it's not carrier dependant?

will this be coming out for the storm? why wouldnt RIM take put this out for the storm? the screen is imo the best of any blackberry out right now

OMG im sick of tired of apps that are not compatible with the storm.... that should be the first device to release compatible apps...

we get stupid BETA versions.... SUCKS!

it's an absolute joke what blackberry have done with the storm. a 5 year old could have managed it better. why release it when it clearly wasn't ready? why open appworld when half the shit doesn't work on blackberry's newest, most advanced device? and personally i think this site has an obligation to honestly report how poorly RIM has copied apple instead of being a shill for RIM. yes, the occasional swipe at apple and the iphone can be sort of funny, but i can't trust this site for objective news any more. why hasn't there been a story about how crap App World is? half of the stuff doesn't work on all devices and the other half just seem to be launchers for websites. a total disappointment for anybody who has ever used the apple app store.

I thinks it funny they limited this service so that storm users can't use it (whether its verizon's fault of not.) b/c of the wifi only, especially since storm has the best screen to use for this service! Hopefully they will allow 3g viewing as well. B/c wifi only doesn't make it that mobile of a service.

MASSIVE FAIL. if you make software and dont allow it to work on the most popular blackberry (ehm storm) then your idea is a fail. why the hell do i need wifi to download when i can use EVDO??? i get an average of 1Mbps in LA and i can deal with an episode taking 20 minutes to download... oh wait, i pirate all my shit anyway!

You made it this far on the internet; now go just a bit farther and google "EVDO vs Wifi". The reason, once AGAIN, is because WIFI IS FASTER, PERIOD. All of you "We don't need wifi because we have 3G" people, are now seeing first hand that all the really cool, data intensive apps, are hitting the wifi BB's first. Gee, wonder why that is? Figure it out yet...?
Our Blackberry's should ALL have 3G AND Wifi. I don't care who's fault or what the excuse for not having it is. You are learning, as shown in this instance, that anything less, is sub-par. I want my phones to have BOTH testicles, not just one, so when the cool apps come out, it's ready to roll, and I'm not left standing there with my limp phone watching the cool kids have all the fun.

You can seriously tell he memorized the facts he was given...He didn't even know where to begin to expand on the question about the Storm. He has no clue!!!

Why not just use Sling Player for Blackberry and get access to all the content you have on your DVR and live TV for one time fee of purchasing a Sling Box. I love watching my programs on my Bold using Sling Player!

Something about programs that charge a fee every month that really turn me away. I already pay my phone bill and every other bill once a month; make it free or give a one time fee! Plus...the storm has the most amazing screen of all the blackberrys that exist...why would it not be available to the Storm first?!?! Kinda WACK.