CTIA 2009: Movela Netflix Manager for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2009 11:39 am EDT

Pyxis Mobile is on hand at RIM's CTIA BlackBerry booth showing off their capabilities along with their popular end-consumer app, Movela Netflix Queue Manager. If you're a Netflix subscriber you'll want to check this app out ($2.99 @ App World).

I caught up with Michael yesterday who walked us through Netflix Queue Manager. In the video above he also let us know that a CraigsList BlackBerry app is on the way. And STORM OWNERS will want to watch the video right to the end for a nice testimonial.... Michael loves his Storm (& CrackBerry.com!)!!

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CTIA 2009: Movela Netflix Manager for BlackBerry


nice stuff and i do have a netflix account but no bold haha hopefully before this comes out i will have one good stuff

Are you sure you were talking to Micheal.... I think it was Kevin's double just plugging their software and CrackBerry... ;-)

I'd be more impressed if this app allowed me to watch my online movies on my BB through my netflix account. Kind of got excited by the front page but after watching the video I was dissappointed to say the least. Why would I pay for an app to manage my netflix account when I can do that for free anyways??? Sounds like they're just attaching the NETFLIX name to an otherwise useless app to dupe people into buying it. SHAME SHAME!!

I have been using SmartFlicks for a couple of months now, and love it. I used to use the Netflix website, and found it EXTREMELY difficult to navigate, and use on my device (BB Curve).

I will be switching over to the new app TODAY! I always want to change what movies I am getting next, and read about movies, and for the $2.99 can your REALLY complain? In a fraction of the time it used to take me, I can check my Netflix account, change the queue, and still have time for that third cup of coffee in as many hours.

Check out this link I found on the new app...sounds really cool!!!

ROCK ON MovelaNetflix and PyxisMobile.

This looks like a great app, and handy to have on the berry, but why doesn't NF give this away "free" to customers? I'd think they'd want to encourage use of their service. The simpler it is to use, the more customers they will attract and differentiate themselves over competition.

The the reviews I've read say it doesn't allow browsing of movies, you can only search. And I'm pretty sure there are free apps that already accomplish this.

Watching movies is not what the app is for. It does what it says it does, and does it pretty well. I liked it better when it was free (technically as long as I don't update it it will always be) but maybe they added in some new stuff to make it worth the 2.99.

Yeah I dont see this in the app store anywhere? If browsing was available I would be all over this. Also if Instant Streaming was available I would marry this.

Why can't you just use your web browser. I just tried it in Opera Mini and it worked fine. I'm just stating the obvious I guess. I don't see a need for an app like this if it's not free, when I can use my browser for free.

I need a blockbuster app for my blackberry. I always think of stuff to do with my queue when I'm not around a computer. I know, I know, "use the browser", but the browser interface is clunky and slow compared to what would be possible with a mobile app (maybe I should just build one myself...). I might even settle for a mobile site...

Smartflicks was free and they go and change the name and charge a fee now! It sucks cause smartflicks doesn't even work anymore. It was a buggy app and I am not going to pay 3 bucks if it is still the same.

But who knows maybe tomorrow it won't? I think SF is great, especially in conjunction with the "Netflix New Releases This Week" off Viigo.

Once a week within 15 minutes of my daily train ride, I'm able to update my account. I'd pay 3 bucks for it. I'd pay 20 (one time fee) if I could stream off it.

If they do make me pay for it (by getting rid of SF) It better be in an APP store somewhere the DAY they do it. BB App World, CB, somewhere (and let me know where it is too).

On a side note, how fast was his Storm on 113? It kicked ass! Can't wait for the next official!!!!

just my .02, still running .75 :( No time to be messing with betas : )

I change my que all the time too, just not sure if I'd pay for this app, althouth price is fine.

What I'd be REALLY excited to see if online viewing on my storm. NOt holding my breath for that one though LOL

I think it is horrible. This makes me want to switch to AT&T and get an iPhone. How come there are 10 FREE apps for the iPhone to manage your queue, and only 1 Premium app for the blackberry. Absolutely wrong.

Yes, I think when it offers the View option for movies, to watch via the Storm, then I will pay for it. But not enough advantages to buy it right now.

Why can't it be free when I had my motorola Q it was. Im disappointed blackberry needs to step it up!

I used Movela for a while. It was ok. But I think the "In2Flick" app (for blackberry) is a lot better product. More features - movie previews, rate movies etc. I like it a lot more.