CTIA 2009: Live Video Streaming with Qik for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Apr 2009 12:17 pm EDT

If you're not familiar with Qik, it's a pretty awesome social video sharing site that allows you to stream video live to the web as you record it. Their BlackBerry app is an 'alpha' at the moment, but you can give it a download (Bold, Curve, Storm, Pearl users) when you visit d.qik.com from your Berry's web browser. Be sure to visit Qik.com to get a good overview of what it's all about and leave your feedback in the comments so the Qik crew can make the app even better!

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CTIA 2009: Live Video Streaming with Qik for BlackBerry


that would be good stuff to have if you do that sorta stuff i'm not into that but this might make it possible for my pearl :)

went onto d.qik.com on my stom 9530, and there was no OTA link available for the storm. there were links only for the bold, 8300,8310, 8320, 8330, and 8990 curves, and the 8120 8130 pearls...

this looks kinda cool.

(Bold, Curve, Storm, Pearl users)
uh no Storm listed, what a RIP!!!!!
Just Bold Curve and Pearl... pathetic...

0.0.10, they said they won't update it for a while. They are working on CDMA Curve and Pearl connectivity issues. They will work on any bugs and what not, but as far as major updates not for sometime.

I had Qik on my jailbroken iPod Touch (Apple doesn't support it to put it on a non-jailbroken one) and it's a really cool App, I'm looking forward to getting this ASAP.

I had this on my Pearl for a bit now my Bold, but never really got it to work efficiently, I'm sure it's my incompetence and not Qik's though. It's usually my fault.

it is really annoying when they say it supports the storm but they dont have a link for it. i am trying the bold download to see if it works

Be nice to have Storm version. If you try Bold version you get message "Qik for you Storm is coming soon. Stay tuned!"
In time I guess...

I tried the Bold version on my Tmobile unlocked Storm 9530 and when I run it it says "Qik for you storm is coming soon. Stay tuned!"


I can't get Qik to work on my Verizon Curve 8330. It keeps yelling at me with "Qik has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall... etc"

I've Allowed everything in the Firewall settings...

Any help?

I am reaching out as a member of the Qik team.

Thank you for your interest in Qik. We do have an alpha version for the Blackberry Storm and would like to invite you to test the alpha version and give us your feedback. The alpha version may contain a few bugs and we will be working to solve those bugs to make the version a better one for our users. The alpha version could be downloaded from your Blackberry Storm Browser at http://qik.com/dl/298.

If you have any questions, please email us at bb@qik.com.

We appreciate your feedback on the alpha version and look forward to hearing from you soon.

I have been emailing qik weekly since back in December asking for this alpha version and was repeatedly told NO. You had one, but wouldn't let me try it.

Will let you guys know if it works in a few minutes....

The storm is NOT on the list so what should I do I think the idea is great & i would love to take full advantage of this alpha...

Someone from qik sent me the alpha a few months ago. the video was all distorted but i will be giving it another shot.

crackberry says Qik supports the BlackBerry storm but when trying to download the app, storm is not supported

seems to work fairly well and it's a pretty cool app! I'm curious, can your friends see your videos if you send them the direct link while it's in Private mode or do you not have the choice of fine-tuning your viewer group?

Look at that snapshot. Everyone is in suits, yet that hoodlum is dressed as of he's going out to get trashed. You would think RIM would have higher standards for events like this. Or at least the presenters would have more pride in themselves to know better.

told me it doesnt support BB when i registered but it has it listed as a phone that is supported. I will have to try from my phone

Alpha version for the STORM 9530 --> http://qik.com/dl/298 <-- installed without a hitch. Video did upload to my account. First 5 seconds, the video feed keeps up with the online account, then falls off pace. There is a considerable amount of Lag time from the phone to the site to the point it either locks up, or just quits altogether. (It also could be my Internet service too, it's been buggy lately) Keep up the great work Qik. Looking forward to the next version.

When I start Quk I get the following error message

"Error starting Qik:
Class 'net.rim.device.api system.WLANInfo' not found"

My device is Curve 8320 T-Mobile (v4.2.2.180)

Does it need v4.5?

when I try to log on I get this message"The application Qik has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy." is there a soution?

My device is Curve 8330 Telus (v4.5.0.77)

Will this app eventually be able to stream live video directly to another blackberry user or other (non-blackberry) recipients?

Well they advertise right in the video & the article here on CB it's available for the STORM but when you go to their site there is no D/L link for the STORM ! ! ! What gives guys ???

i have qik alpha now on my storm 9530, but why is it that i cant watch qik videos on it. every time i try it loads for a lil then FAIL.. can any1 help me?

A bunch of Hoojies that dont know how to market anything nor let alone get it right. Tried on Curve and Bold and nothing. The site lacks so much its not even funny. This company was slapped together and funded by foreign investors that just are not going to make it. They need to tell their Hojie workers to spend far less less time at the bollywood theaters on the Alameda and how to drive. Worst support I Have seen out of a start up.

Using Celebs to make recorded prerecorded vids to post on our site wont make believers out of the Tech Savvy people in this industry. Perhaps teenagers or the Myspace crowd but not adults that use these devices for hard work. So leave the Celeb sparkle out and get back to making this work first before hitting a trade show.