CTIA 2009: iHeartRadio for BlackBerry Walk Through

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2009 08:27 pm EDT

CTIA Wireless 2009 is now in full swing, and I spent the better part of the day at the Las Vegas convention center taking it all in. The event is definitely quieter than I remember it being last year, but the BlackBerry booth is as BUSY as ever. Seriously, from the moment the exhibitor hall opened the BlackBerry booth was packed. Just as we did with our CES coverage in January, I'll be bringing you some video recaps from the BlackBerry developers and partners displaying their apps and services over the days ahead. Some of these vids may be news to you while other videos will be of apps you may already be familiar with... but it's still nice to see it presented live.

FIRST UP: iHeartRadio! One of the newer entrants to the BlackBerry streaming audio game, this is an app you definitely should check out. We've covered it on the blogs here (initial post) and here (Storm post) and you can learn more and download by visiting iHeartRadio.com. Enjoy the video!

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CTIA 2009: iHeartRadio for BlackBerry Walk Through


Whenever I'm listening to iheartradio on my VZW 8130 Pearl, it stops the stream whenever the network goes active (txt message is received, I use opera mini/BB browser etc). It forces me to go press play and it then rebuffers.

Anyone know why?

Set your phone to silent or vibrate. The blackberry can only play from one audio source at a time, so when your alert tone goes off it shuts off the i heart radio app. i tried it and it worked for me.

Kevin you rock, you're the BlackBerry of the web reporters! The way you talk to this young lady, awesome!

It is incompatible with the Cruve 8330M, repeat M at the end. Just because it has an M it doesn't recognize it as a compatible phone. They need to fix that! I have ALL the requirements!

Yup ... I had the same problem. Sprint has added the "m" with the 4.5 firmware that they've installed. Waiting patiently....

I have been waiting for this app for a while ever since I saw my friend using it on his iphone. I am very happy with the app. What we need now is an app powered by CBS radio. iHeartRadio of course only streams Clear Channel radio. I believe the apps for CBS radio is play.it and streamtheworld. I believe these two apps can only be streamed on the iphone. These would be a great addition to the Blackberry radio stream family.

You could totally tell the camera guy dosed off looking at the girls ass, even the camera focused in on it! lol !!!!

The camera man is a guy after my heart! I truly liked how he turned his focus (literally) to get the ass shot of the girl in front of him!! Great work!!

I have tried a few of the streaming apps out there and I really like this one it has great quality and works great on my storm!

Add an EQ

Add NOAA radio feeds for us weather freaks. Comes in handy where I live.

wow, that chick really doesn't know what she is talking about. "we have a lot of different radio personalities"


"you can go here and tag the song" *she kept scrolling to try to tag and it had me rolling*

Sorry not all stations allow you tag, nor do they show you what is playing. My favorite station is that way...doesn't show me anything, so can't tag anything.

She also kept trying to go to the lyrics, which didn't work either.

I wish my radio would connect as fast as hers. even with full bars, it still takes 30 seconds of buffing.

I love I heart radio but they should have at least trained the help better.

I love this app, download it now! Great music and it loads fast too. I haven't had any problems with it and I've been using it for awhile. definitely in my top five must have apps!

I downloaded the app for my storm but when I try to open it up it ends up going back to my homepage. Anyone know why this is???

really sweet app!!! ok, maybe she didn't know how to handle it, but it is nice nonetheless. plus it's free!!! done and done!

Normally I would say something about the app. But Kevin lol you have me rollin with that exit line SWEET!!!

Has anyone else had problems getting this app to work on the curve 8900?? I want to try it because everyone is raving about it but it won't work. I tried putting my phone on vibrate like I saw on here but still not working.

For me, if there is no bluetooth function, it's useless. Slacker added that feature and I love it. iHeartRadio needs this to be useful.

I installed it and start it up, I get the first screen and it says fetching stations and.......30 minutes later...still nothing. I have the 8330 from Sprint running I understand this is a beta, I hope they fix it quick. I want this bad!!!

First of all I just want to say that I am new to this website and I can already tell that I LOVE IT! So my question / comment is when I try to listen to a station on I heart radio I am given this message "unable to connect to stream" Does anyone know how to fix that? Thanks

I HEART the iHeartRadio application for my Blackberry and of course I'm a fan of it on Facebook. A couple of days ago on the Facebook fan page I found an iHeartRadio widget that let's you stream your favorite radio station or side channel right from your profile. I immediately grabbed it and put it on my page. It's soooo cool! You can get it here....http://apps.facebook.com/iheartradiostream/ Spread the word! Happy Listening!

I listen to the Penguins hockey on the iheart radio and love it but last night game was on 105.9 HD. Can you get HD radio from this app or do i have to look somewhere else on the app or is there an upgrade im missing out on.

Thank you
Pens Fan