CTIA 2008: Quick Flick of the BlackBerry Pearl 8220

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Sep 2008 02:48 pm

Our pal Dieter just grabbed some snaps and a quick video capture of the just-announced BlackBerry Pearl 8220 flip phone live from RIM's booth at CTIA in San Fran. The clip above is for all you who wish you could be there. I'll resize some of the photos and post shortly. It looks like our pre-release "KickStart" was in pretty final form, so if you're looking for some more hands-on info and longer video hands-on, check out this review

And if you want to get some pseudo-hands-on time of your own with the Pearl 8220, Andrew just let me know that RIM has now made the 8220 Device Simulator available from BlackBerry.com. You can download it here (under v4.6).

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David B

What, however it is can be heard on this clip has never seen a Suretype Blackberry???

Kevin Michaluk

Yeah, it's definitely a RIM rep giving a tutorial on SureType in the background!


I saw the vid, and when it ended there was another entitled "Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 hands on". In that video, at the top of the screen above the clock, it says AT&T and Rogers. It does say that, right? Isn't the 8220 going to T-Moblie only for now, and ATT is getting the 8210? I don't know much about launching a new phone, but I'm just curious to why it says that. Is it just for demo and marketing purposes? I'm on ATT and I love this phone, so any feedback would be nice. Thanks!


Actually, I sort of doubt AT&T will be getting the Flip at all. If you saw the piece on the Bold the other day, AT&T said they don't want any new non-3G phones. The reason it said Rogers and AT&T was because that was probably the Rogers model, and Rogers has been confirmed to be getting the 8220. It said AT&T b/c I'm willing to bet AT&T is Roger's roaming partner in the USA. The 8210 is probably for international markets. You'll probably have to get the Flip unlocked.


So I made a theard about this in the forums but RIM is working with MySpace to make an app and the Kickstart... or um "Pearl" is going to be the first device with it already added do you know anything about this app or can you please dig something out because I hate MySpace mobile.