CTIA 2008: Live Shots of the Pearl 8220 in RED!

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2008 12:46 am EDT

Dieter strikes again for CrackBerry Nation. He just sent us in live pics of the newly announced BlackBerry Pearl 8220 in RED, along with confirmation that T-Mobile will be launching the device with both Black and Red variations available. Hopefully we'll see even more colors come online, as was demonstrated in the KickStart's original leaked marketing images back in May. More pics after the jump!

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Red T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8220



Sexy..doesn't *look* like that corporate red we saw from previous pics though, looks a lil brighter now. Sticking with my Bold though.


that thing is huge, dear god. I'll take a Javelin please.


Pricing pricing pricing... that is the name of the game for this one!! And a very important aspect!


I mean it's not bad if it's priced accordingly but i'll take a bold or javelin.


still waiting for the javelin


THE FLIP THINGY IS HUGE OCKEY!!!!!!!!! The Bold smokes this boy toy by 300 kilos GOD P!!!! Blacberry Candy no FLIP!!!


all of Kevin's pictures are always in focus. lol Can always count on Kevin not having fuzzy pics.


hey kevin did you hear ANYTHING at all about the javelin coming to tmobile USA??????


I too would love to believe that the Javelin is coming to Verizon "one day" but I would still love to have one of these flippers. It used to be that all I would have is a flip phone. Nicely done. I have a feeling these are going to sell like hotcakes!


I just want the Javelin


ewwww ugly flip phones are so out!


Nothing about that phone. It has no aesthetic appeal and when flipped open it's comprable to the size of the first cell phone i ever owned back in the 90's (Zach Morris). Simply put i think it is grotesque. RIM should've stuck with there guns and created a nicer looking bar style 82XX. My 2 cents.

Long Live The Javelin!!!!


I LOVE this phone!! If it had 3G I would not consider a BOLD. I have always been a fan of flip phones. The screen is protected sooo much better than with candy bar style.


In a few of the shots, I see flyers for another BB that sorta looks like, but isn't a Curve. Any detailed shots of those?

EDIT: Looking closer, it just looks like the Verizon Curve. But I'm not sure. And the flyers appear to say "BlackBerry Curve ?????" The ???s might be 8330, but I can't make it out


I really love flip phones, as well. And have been waiting a long time for a decent smart flip. There are many benefits to them.


RIM should put this porker on a diet. It's grotesquely over sized and over weight. It makes me want to go purge...


When it's closed, it appears to be similarly sized to the other BB offerings, and according to the specs I've seen, it weight 0.3 oz. less than the Curve. I'd like to see a picture of it next to another flip phone for a more accurate comparison.


I don't see what everyone's big deal is with the flip. I guess all these people are old, and are used to flip phones.

I am 19, have had 2 flip phones, an 8100, and an 8320, but I am so excited about this phone.

Don't get me wrong, I might get the Javelin, but I will NOT be purchasing the touch-screen Blackberry, as the video that was posted makes it look like crap.

Thanks for the update Kev.


I think the pearl 8220 is a nice device with a bunch of cool features and doesn't look half bad. However, the flyers in the background with pictures of the Javelin on them are the most interesting thing in these pictures, at least I think so. Anyone else notice them?


its not a fat pig link you all are making it out to be look at the following posts:


and especially the following image from the same review:


its the average size of a effin flip phone so plush hush the bullshit and stop comparing it to other blackberries compare it to the competition other flip phones


...and buy both the 8220 and the Javelin, like I'm planning to do. :D


It is like one of those BIG button cell phones for old people...


The Black Pearl Flip 8220 looks way sexier. I'm going to get the black one, since I have no need for the Javelin because I'm in school and have no need for GPS, just Wi-Fi. I have GPS in my car already - Garmin with 4.3 inch screen.


Looks big, awkward, and overall ugly. the flip mechanism makes it way too thick and I still can't stand the Pearl's keyboard, much rather take a qwerty. I'd rather a Javelin or Storm. Nice Pics though