CTIA 2008: Hands On with Slacker for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2008 11:55 am EDT


CTIA Fall 2008 is now a part of wireless history, but it's still making for some good CrackBerry blog post content. If you tuned in last week, you may have saw the news that Slacker and RIM have partnered to bring personal radio to BlackBerry smartphones.

The folks at MobileCrunch spent some hands-on time with the app at CTIA, and posted some images (more after the jump) of Slacker in action along with some hands-on feedback:

The relationship brings Slacker Personal Radio to BlackBerry devices. The biggest benefit is the ability to cache thousands of songs. Every time you hit a hotspot the device will sync and update the station. Plenty of music is available from Fergie to Bad Company. If you don't like something, you can ban the song or artist. Conversely, if you do like something you hear, you can rate the artist or get more info. I didn't see a "buy now" link, but I'll bet donuts to dollars somebody is working on that.

For now, there doesn't seem to be a way to access playlists beyond what's next and what was recently heard. While this might make sense for streaming radio stations, it should probably be an integrated feature if a station is living in the cache.

Overall, the service worked fine when not trying to do too much. Music was played, music was listened too. Switching between stations seemed to me a little slow, but the ability to edit playlists within a station means you might not be flipping around the dial so much. Control was pretty easy and intuitive, with basic menu commands available in a pop up menu.

Are you excited about Slacker for BlackBerry? Sound off in the comments!


More Slacker in Action Photos




[ BerryReview via MobileCrunch ]



Is there a way to sign up to receive the latest info on this app like the release dates????


The real question is will have it support for the ability to play files in Canada, due to the current licensing agreements the desktop application does NOT work in Canada which makes me think this app won't either.


I don't listen to music much when I'm commuting nowadays(my iPod sits at home doing nothing), but this may get me back into it.


Is this going to work in the Uk?


This wont be for Canadians. Which sucks so much. Also, can you only update through WiFi? or can you also do it through the cell network?


I think i read in the press release on RIM's web site that you would not need to be in wi-fi to use this service. I think the question that no one seems to know the answer to is when this thing is gonna drop.


My blackberry rep said it will be released in october. My guess is that it will coincide with the october release of the Bold for At&t!!!!

Shawn Valle

Hi guys, late to the game on this. Huge rant of excitement on my blog. I love Slacker. This is going to be a huge win for us convergence folks.