CSL Limited Officially Releases Bold OS

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2009 03:58 pm EDT

Looks like yet another official Bold OS has dropped. CSL Limited has released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. Jump over to the BlackBerry download page to grab it for yourself. 

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CSL Limited Officially Releases Bold OS


CSL Limited is a Hong Kong phone carrier, just like at&t for the US, Orange for France or T-Mobile for Germany:D

yeap Hongkong CSL Limited is a carrier in hongkong. no leak for beta and suddenly already release the official for .282.
i think im stick with my .266 for now.

yes its fine you wont be able to tell, to install it you have to delete the vender file. check out the instructions.

i hae successfully installed the new OS on my pc i am upgrading from 266 but when i try to update my bb it give me an option to select the new OS after selecting the ne OS it say " NO SOFTWARE UPDATE IS REQUIRED FOR UR DEVICE"

Read the comment directly above yours. Go to your apploader folder and delete vendor.xml, then update as normal.

Is this an upgrade or down grade from the 266 that was a beta version? I downloaded it and i am getting that message

As was already posted, you can change between 3G and 2G. It runs fine like .266, but I have not been able to get WeatherBug running to where it would recognize my location.

All my other apps work. Facebook, Shazam, YouMail, AP News, Bloomberg, BeeJive, Poynt, TweetGenius, TwitterBerry, Google Maps, Google Mobile App, BBWeather, Blackberry App World, BerryWeather, ScoreMobile, Flipside, Nobex Radio Companion, EverNote, QuickPull v2. I don't see much of a difference since .266 was so reliable. So I would say it is a safe upgrade for those of you wondering.

No version of Roxio Media Manager on it. Rather important, makes adding pictures and music a breeze.

Is this the original operating system from RIM???Will the OS works for my at&t BlackBerry Bold??? I will appreciate any one that could give me the answer,...thx...

I upgraded this on my ATT Bold and email quit working with BES. I wiped the device and reactivated and now its stuck on syncronizing service desktop.

Anyone else expierience this issue?

I downloaded the upgrade and deleted the vendor file and when i open my desktop manager it does list the udate under available updates but when i click on next it say no software update is required for your device. Can anyone please tell me what to do and how to get the update on my Bold? Thank you so much

I downgraded back to .266 because .282 seemed to be using my battery faster and was heating up my phone when not in use.

ok!! i've read the thread all the way down but is still confused on how to download this version to change to 2G on my bold.

Is their anyway if anyone can possibly tell me step by step?

thanks :)

ok i install the CSL desktop manager, since i already have 4.6 it won't let me download....what do i need to do??

please help!!