crunchSMS updated to v3.13 bringing BlackBerry 7 optimization and lots more

By Michelle Haag on 6 Sep 2011 11:07 am EDT
The popular messaging app crunchSMS has been updated several times over the last couple of weeks. With lots of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, signatures, text snippets, passcode lock, blacklisting, this app is just like texting, but with heaps of customization.

Version 3.13 - 5 September 2011
  • Optimized performance, especially for OS 7 devices.
  • Reorganized the Options screen.
  • Preparing for Emoji interoperability with iPhone & Android devices for the next Release 3.14!!!
Version 3.12 - 1 September 2011
  • For OS 6/7 the pull down 'Home Screen Notifications List' now shows crunchSMS messages!
Version 3.11 - 25 August 2011
  • Quick Reply is now way nicer! Making it much easier to view multi-line messages.
  • Scrolling through messages using the trackball is now much faster and smoother.
  • You can now buy a license through BlackBerry App World, quick and easy, so please support us!
  • When downloading an MMS, pictures and videos are better matched to the capabilities of the phone.
  • Accents are ignored when searching for a contact, so you can look for "Véronique" by typing "ver".
  • In Quick Reply, if you enter text then press [Open] your text is no longer lost.
CrunchSMS is free, though after 7 days a banner will appear within the app to encourage you to purchase it in order to remove the banner. You can do so for $6.99, though it's not necessary for the app to function.

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Reader comments

crunchSMS updated to v3.13 bringing BlackBerry 7 optimization and lots more


HAHAAAA try scrolling through a conversation with > 50 texts and see how you feel about the included SMS app... I've been using Crunch for about a year on my Storm 2 and it is leaps and bounds ahead of the included app both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Try the app out before you dog it.

I have had this app for a long time. It is the best messaging app I have tried, besides BBM. The customization is the key factor in the success of this app. You can change anything and everything, even chat bubble color customization which is what is lacking in BBM.

I tried an older version before and I remember I wasn't able to turn off the "pop up" function when receiving a new texts. Does the new version have that option? I find it too intrusive with the pop up window.

Yes, the newer versions grant you the ability to turn off any notifications you want. I assume you are talking about the quick reply window, that pops up to let you respond to a message without leaving the app you are currently using.

As of now, you cannot send MMS, only forwarding is allowed... but, on their Q&A page, they address that the MMS issue is being worked on. Kind of ironic though, with the app being called "CrunchSMS"

Can anyone else get the character counter (tells you how many letters you've used in each sms) to work? I have enabled it in options, but it doesn't show - it has always worked fine on earlier versions...

i like it and as annoying as it is at least this developer regularly
updates and its usually improvements

I also cannot get the character counter to show.

** I see now, it appears when you enter more than one line of characters. Very good!

I like the app. The only reason why I'm deleting it is when I go to the messages app and click on New->Text Messages, it opens the native SMS app and then crunchSMS doesn't see the sent message.

Hence, they need Messages app integration.