Crossbar Theme = Cool!

By Adam Zeis on 20 Mar 2008 09:24 am EDT

No you can't create one with Plazmic just yet.  The new Crossbar theme is one of a kind (for now).  The first "Middle Zen" theme to grace a Blackberry desktop, the Crossbar is definitely one to check out.  Boasting 7 home screen icons (the most of any Zen theme) and docked messages, calendar and call log icons, it actually scrolls (carousel style) as opposed to just moving to highlight each icon. The docked apps show a preview below the icons when highlighted, much like a Today style theme.  Crisp and clear with easy to read icon and fonts, it's a theme to check out.  It's currently available from BPlay for $6.99.

Before you rush out to buy it, head on over to this Forum Thread. Most brand new themes tend to have a few little "bugs" that got missed in QA, and this one is no different. It seems for one Pearl user, the date at the top is getting cut off. Give it a day or two and any glitches should be remedied 100%. Also keep in mind the fonts in the menus, dialogs, and list boxes cannot be changed via the Screen/Keyboard settings (not a bug, but a limitation to the theme).

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Crossbar Theme = Cool!


Bplay has an update version of the Crossbar theme that has fixed the issues reported with WiFi 8820/8320 BlackBerrys and with cutoff dates on the 8100 series devices.

If you have already purchased the theme you can receive the update by contacting support at

Cool Theme,its the way a Today Theme should be.The onlt thing I would change is the battery meter,show percent left.
Again cool theme pick this one up!

I have purchased a few of BPlay's themes and they are a nice quality theme, but, the fact that you can only get them via OTA d/l and if you have to wipe you BB and start over (as I do at times) then you have to request a new code, wait, d/l OTA and install. I prefer GadgetBeans approach of real d/l I keep copies of with free udpates.

i really like this theme i normally go for free themes but this one seemed worthy of a purchase! the only thing i don't like and can't figure out is how the message icon appears twice... anyone know about that? (and yes i pulled the battery) but other then that i love it!!!