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Cross platform messenger Cnectd gets updated to v3.2 - Enter to win for you and 2 friends!

By Kerri Neill on 6 Apr 2012 01:10 pm EDT
Cross platform messaging apps have become a dime a dozen lately and very few seem to really catch on. MCI Consultants, the creators of Cnectd, are looking to change that with a pretty sweet deal.

We first mentioned Cnectd back in May of 2010 when the app was still in the beta stages and then revisited it a year later. While many users liked the app, it was overshadowed by some of the bigger competitors like LiveProfile and WhatsApp mainly due to the understated UI. This latest update brings Cnectd to v3.2. 


  • Cnected allows you to see when your messages have been sent, delivered and read.
  • Cross-Platform service available to Android, BlackBerry and iOS users.
  • Share media with your contacts or groups.
  • Group chats are easy to follow the conversation with different color chat bubbles.
  • Connect and sync with your Facebook contacts that are also using Cnectd.
  • Compression and Security – compression and encryption technology sends your messages quickly while ensuring no personal data is compromised.
  • Personal Profile – Each user has their own personal profile including a picture, status updates and a display name.
All in all this sounds just like some of the other cross-platform applications that we’ve covered but what truly makes this one different and what good is a messaging app that you have to pay for when none of your friends are using it? With Cnectd, you purchase your license code for $2.99 (good for a year) and receive 2 additional license codes for your friends or family. $3 for 3 user licenses really isn’t a bad deal. If you’re a multiple platform household like mine is, this may be exactly what you were looking for. You can also purchase bulk licensing (20 or more) at a discounted price. This option is perfect for small businesses. 

Contest: The generous people over at MCI Consultants have graciously given us 100 FREE license codes to give out to our awesome readers. Remember, each license code comes with 2 FREE codes that you can give to your friends essentially making this giveaway for 300 people! All you need to do is leave a comment below and you’re entered to win! Contest ends Sunday at midnight.

For more information and to purchase Cnectd


please I want to win


i'd love to win this!!! big up CB!!!

Makes life even easier to keep in touch with colleagues & friends who uses different mobile platform. Kudos!

Count me in!

Enter me in, please.

I want to enter in this one... count me IN!

Sign me up!

I've been using WhatsApp lately, but I'd love to try this one out. First 100 comments win?? Haha j/k

Sweet deal! 3 for free. Even at $3 might be worth it to try it for a year.

Looks like an awesome app. This would really help me stay in touch with my kids when they are out!

Do want.


Want to try this messenger out with my girlfriend, she is back in America and I'm in UK :)

I want it.

100 copies? I like my chances in this contest! Pick me pick me :)

Sure... sounds good! count me in!

I'd like to win for myself and my friends!

Hope I can win. Cheers.

I Want To Win :D.. Good Luck 2 All


Use Whatsapp to, would like to try this one. All we need no is a cross platfrom BBM mmmmm would be sweet. But until then we have Cnectd. Share music too ????

Enter me!! Enter me!!

Seems like a nice app.wanna give it a try.

and I! :)

With three platforms in my household, this would be great!

I'd try this out....

count me in!!!

As much as I'd love to check it out, I don't think I get so lucky to win.


Depsite the fact that my idiot friends are using iPhones, I do occasionally like to talk to them :)

Would love to have a copy. Waiting patiently for BB10.

Throw me into the loopppppp!!!

I'd like to try that! Looks like bbm for everyone.

Would love to give it a try, usually use WhatsApp but a change is sometimes good!!!!

You know what they say, if you want to win, win.

Please give my friends and I reliable messaging. With most having iphones, some take 10-30 mins to receive. Please help me show them what reliability is like. BB4lyfe

I will give this app a shot. Pick me!!!

I doubt I would be able to convince anyone to switch away from whatsapp but who knows? hook a brotha up!

Save me some money on my texting pckg with this!

I would love a free licence for this app, seems like a great one !!

whats the big deal? what's the diff between this and good ol fashioned texting????

stranger things have happened

I want to win

Count Me In !

Pick me!!

wow, sounds just like what i need, i work for Telus and some of the chaps have blackberry and some have iphones, and we use BB messenger and this would be a real cool tool to use

I want to win please?!!! :D

Please please please! This would be fantastic!!!!!!

am in folks. count me in

Put me in. Cause I'm not paying $3 for a cross platform messenger when there are tons free...

Wouldn't mind one

Wouldn't mind one

Love I would a copy too

I would like to be a winner!

I would love to win :)

I'd be into trying it out. Nothing compares to BBM but would be nice to try another cross platform other than WhatsApp

Thank you for choosing me, its been an honor try this awesome apps.

I would love to win this and try it!! We use whatsapp right now, but will use this if its better.

looks good. now i can stay connected with friends!

$3.00 a year seems pretty steep to me considering all the free applications there are out there. Of course it depends on how old a person is as to how much this would cost them for the rest of their life. ;^)

I'd like to try this out

Cool! Count me in.

yes please

Count me in. Cross platform messenger sounds good.

This sounds great!

kool sounds fun

Give me :)

Sounds fantastic. Pick me!

Count Me In !

Woohoo count me in... Good Luck everyone....

Um, Id like to win

would love to win

My sister has just got an iphone and I need this to replace BBM.

Me please.


omg, me please!

i want to win :D

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I would like to win this one....

This would be cool.

Im in!

I would love this for my friend and I. She recently switched to an iPhone and I hate texting. So used to BBM.

interested to try it out

this has a lot of potential

To have joy one must share it.

Sounds interesting for small groups, thanks.

I would like this app since I have some friends with Androids. I want to win a free copy!

I am using whatsapp to talk to my parents overseas but it's really slow sometimes. Would like to try this app, see if it's any better...

count me in :)

Want it!

Eeh why not.

would love a copy

We'll rock it!

This would be really nice!

I wanna be the winner........

Wouldn't mind at all

I'm down

wow, very cool, thanks!

This would be nice. Thanks again.

I want 1!

This would be perfect if it really works well. We are BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Only one person gets partially left out (they have two phone options though).

Would be interested in trying this out on my iPhone.

Pick me, please! :)

Would like to try :)

Me me me, I would love this!!!

Sounds awesome! And I am getting tired of whatsapp anyway ;) Liveprofile never worked since none of my friends really use it. Maybe this will :)

Sign me up for this awesome messenger!

Would love to win this! :)

This could be very handy!

hope I win one of these... thanks CB

Count me in! ;)

Always looking for something like bbm so would love to try it.

Count me in too !!!

Count me in.

I neeeeed this - three platforms, three IM apps - yes please!!!

Xplatform messenger apps r a dime a dozen so let's c what's so special about this 1; let's c if it warrants d price tag!

Pick me...I cant seem to pull my girl away from the Apple sheeple.

Could be a good alternative to whatsapp

Me Me Me please

No thank you. I am promoting BBM to all my friends who are still not there on this lovely amazing Bb7 devices. But as of now most of my business contacts and friends are on it..

definitely woth to try

would love to beta

count me in.

Yes, I'll gladly have one(three) of these.

im in!

pick me!!!

Let me connected too!

Thanks for the contest.

Pablo Gimenez
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA



I want it.

count me in!

I'd try it out.

Add me please. I am the only one in my house hold with a blackberry and everyone else has ios. And I dont have txt plan so this would be perfect.

Ohhhh I want one !!!

im in.

I'm happy to have a free one. Thanks!

I wish I could be a Winner, Because This app Must be really Usefull For me to comunicated with My Family, Because My Sister using android Google Nexus,
My Boyfriend using Different Platform, He is Using Iphone 3G,
and I am Using Blackberry 9780,

It would Be really work For me, And I wish I could Have chance to Win,
thanks you

Meee please :) 2 of my friends aren't on BB so it bothers me to pay for texting them lol

Yes please!

I'm in! I'm using whatsapp right now and thinking of looking for another one.

Can someone list the reasons why this is a better app than some of the free options out there or those with one off payments? I'm not dissing the product, but would just like to know what it offers above free options.

Please put me in too! :)

Please count me in. I could use this!!

Sign me up.....

put me in - thanks

I would love to win a license for this app. In it to win it!!!

I would love to give this a go... A lot of people I know switched platforms (they'll be back), so I'm stuck with text messages, and I hate the character limit!!!!!! :( Thanks Crackberry and MCI Consultants for the chance!!!

Awesome Prize :) pick me

I'd like this for free...

Would love to win and check out this app

hope i win one

Pick me!

I find whatsapp a bit flaky, I would love to try cneccted!
Peter Milroy

cool.. i can share it with my beloved..


Hope I win this!

love to win one

God I have been dying to get a decent Cross-Platform Chatter...

With my luck, everyone else on this list will win, and I'll be the only one without! HAHAHAHA

Fingers Crossed.


Awesome, I'll give it a try!

Quite fancY this, would make a nice alternative to whatsapp

Really could do with an app like this.

I know exactly who my two friends will be.

count me in!

I'm in, yes please :)!

the closest thing XiosX or XandroidX will get to bbm, WATCH THE THRONE

the closest thing XiosX or XandroidX will get to bbm, WATCH THE THRONE

Thanks for the contest. Please count me in

Count me in!


Crossing my fingers.... :))

I want to try this!

Would help me keep in better contact with my android brainwashed kids. Pick me please!

We should all win! good luck! If I win I may give away one code to co-member here. good luck everybody!

Loved to win a copy to try! Thx.

This looks awesome. Would be great to use this with the wife since she had to have her iPhone.

I'm in


I would like to win this for me and my friend!

Count me in. Thanks again Crackberry

Sadly, my wife is now on the Android OS, and we use regular sms and mms. I would love to add more functionality to our texting...

count me in~!

This could come in handy!

Good luck everyone! :)

Hope I'm not too late

One please.

Cnect me pls! Good luck everyone