Cross-platform BBM hits the beta zone; Gets pictured on Android

By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2013 07:41 am EDT

While the original rumored release date for cross-platform BBM has come and gone, we still don't know just when it will finally be available to the masses. Things have been pretty hush hush at BlackBerry HQ so it's been hard to decipher just when the BBM goodness will be available on other devices.

Good news that things are moving along however in that BBM has finally hit the BlackBerry Beta Zone for a select number of users. 

Invitations have gone out for BBM for Android but we're not sure what the status is with iOS. There were no real details provided with the invites aside from needed at least ICS to run the app. We've yet to get a good look at the app itself, but BGR did get a photo of the splash screen so that's a start. We'll most likely see more on the actual app very soon now that it's out in the open so don't worry too much.

If things stay on track we can hope to see a BBM release for both Android an iOS in the coming weeks. At the original announcement we were told "late summer" so hopefully BlackBerry will stay true to that one. 

Excited for BBM to go cross-platform? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Cross-platform BBM hits the beta zone; Gets pictured on Android



I am super excited for cross platform BBM. As soon as its available, all my employees will have no choice but to download it, lol

Alas, I am just a lowly office manager and the company doesn't get devices for employees. I have seen the buy-in to BB10 with the higher level execs though because I now see "Sent from my BlackBerry 10 device" in their signatures on emails.

BBM cross platform will have everyone connected which is going to be awesome!

How is an employee to get sued for advising his colleagues about a communicating medium of choice suitable to the strategic and cultural growth of his organization?

Anyway, a lot of companies now have a "Bring your own Device" clause in their contracts where users agree to use their own devices for work - Which is fine for BB10 with the Balance thing...haha


Right now we use GroupMe, which is all fine and dandy for a chatroom style of communication with multiple users, but BBM is WAY better in my opinion for both chatroom style communication and person to person communication. Delivery and read receipts are paramount. BBM Voice and Video are icing on the cake and Screen Share is the silver platter the whole thing is served on.

You just had to burst my bubble, lol

Well, at least the core functionality of BBM is there. Hopefully BBRY will open video, voice and screen share cross platform in the future, and furthermore, to PC/Mac client as well.

Yes, but also quite sad if iOS and Android get BBM before our Playbooks. Also quite sad if it happens before Outlook USB sync on BB10. Us BB loyalists are getting as skeptical as ever. Is this the new state of things at BB?

Although I am just as disappointed as anyone out there with BlackBerry abandonment of the PB, I also believe they are doing the right thing in the short term. They need to get bb10 off the ground, and regain some market share. My z10 is truly way ahead of the iphone. BlackBerry needs this to catch on in the masses. If they can get this rolling, then I am sure they will have the funding to produce the next playbook.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Man, I'm telling you, don't touch this subject, I'm very sensitive with it and you don't want me to get started on it

+1. Lets not talk about the PB, cause they did a ridiculous job with that. Good luck BlackBerry. Bring this out on time and try to bring back the good name.

If I wind up being able to BBM my brother on iOS before I can BBM my children on their Playbooks, I will seriously contemplate wholesale abandonment of BB altogther. My patience is gone. I love my BB products, but this could be the final straw.

So they say, but it's not big enough. The 7-inch form factor is very nice, but I also would like a 12 inch tablet at home.

Blackberry Link 1.1 allows 2 way Calendar and Contact sync. Email and desktop Sync is like 1995 tech. Go ActiveSync.

Let me clarify the point - BB promised to add USB sync to BBLink, and it has not happened yet. That was months ago. My bet is that it will never happen despite promising a fix, ala BB10 on the PB. If they bring BBM to iOS and Android before fixing these issues, the remaining BB fans ought to be outraged. We thought the broken promises were over with Thor at the helm - turns out nothing has changed. And if you think this is going to bring people back to our brand, you are nuts.

USB sync of Outlook Contacts/Calendar has been out since the latest update of BlackBerry Link. Only syncs when there is a physical USB connection but it works.

Wow, an android port to a Blackberry product for BlackBerry. I never thought of that. Sad. Wow.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

That's a given, but yes it is very sad and I hope Thorsten is listening!!!!!
Please give the PlayBook BBM and a better performing keyboard!

Sorry to say but BBM for hundreds of thousands of PB users (some of whom may have BBM via Bridge) or BBM for hundreds of millions of iOS/Android users. BlackBerry is going to do what it feels it has to do and I for one can't wait to not have to rely on WhatsApp for my cross-platform messaging needs.

If BB was addressing deficiencies such as the two I pointed out, then my comments would be different. I truly like the idea of BBM elbowing its way into cross msg & vid chat, potentially displacing Skype, WhatsApp, and SMS. But doing this before fulfilling promises to their loyal base? I am offended. How many hits can we take here?

I thought at least a couple of million PlayBooks had been sold -- now we're relegated to a smaller minority (hundreds of thousands) within a small minority (BlackBerry users).

And of course, it's only BBOS users that have BBM via Bridge on their PlayBooks. -- BB10 users are out of luck in that regard.

From what I can tell, just the Samsung Galaxy ranges at first...maybe afterwards it will move onto full Android support which would mean probably everything from ICS onwards. Seems like the best bet.

I never leap at the next update for any platform unless it is a dire need. If my systems are running fine I take the wait and see approach. The next fix is the one you want.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

10.1 MR works well for me, but it appears that the testing team missed the ball since there are so many complaints.

Why do I never get this kind of emails????

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Another dumb comment.
I'm going to say it too.
Goodbye WhatsApp!
Apparently I'm not allowed to proclaim how I loathe whatsapp and can't wait to delete it. Must be a law I don't know about.

Posted via CB10

LOL no way cross-platform BBM is a Whatsapp killer. Whatsapp seamlessly adds users who are in your contact list. People in general are lazy so WA is ideal. The only thing cross-platform BBM is going to do is make hardcore BBM users navigate over to a different platform upon contract expiry.

It is a better service than whatsapp. Plain and simple. Will it kill them... No.. hurt... your Damn right

Posted via Z10

Why is it better? I've already heard about the security argument, but it doesn't hold up. What more does it offer which Whatsapp doesn't? Sending random files, sure, but what about full size images and videos? Whatsapp has no problem with it, while BBM does.

Yeah, you forgot that you've got to share your entire contact list with WhatsApp to allow that to happen. What else does WhatsApp do with all your data?

Year, after six months with one, I still think the Z10 (especially the black one) is one sleek & sexy phone, worthy of the Dark Knight!

Don't really think cross platform BBM will bring anyone back to blackberry. Wishful thinking, the masses have moved on. The only thing that could have saved the mass exodus to ios and android would have been if the Z10 had been launched instead of the storm when touch screen madness started with the iphone. The storm was to be the iphone killer, not. The z10 would have helped back then. I am not a troll, am a true blackberry fan. Just being realistic

Posted from my amazing Z10

Dwane you're naive to think people will never try/use different devices. BBM cross platform initiative is a longterm plan, it's a marathon not a sprint.

I agree that the Habs suck, but I think blackberry is in a sprint for survival, hope I'm wrong

Posted from my amazing Z10

Dwane you're wrong about their survival they have the financial resources. For two years people have been writing about their demise, burning cash going to be bankrupt but they survived the transition to BB10 and it's upward from here.

Only difference is that BBM is far greater than any other IM app. How many Android users downloaded that fake BBM app in a few days, over 100,000? That's amazing.

I have shown my Z10 to just about everyone I know, I'm always up on new technology and most friends come to me before new computers, phones, etc. they love the features, but move on from the name and so many of them have gotten new phones lately....not one berry....ive tried but running out of ideas

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Go on to twitter and search Q10, you will see Android and iOS users either switching or contemplating the switch. BlackBerry doesn't have to lead to be successful and like I have wrote it's a marathon and mind share is very important. BTW I'm seeing more and more BB10, Canada still has a soft spot for BlackBerry.

Yup. Noticing the same thing in Alberta. I even found someone with a Q10 when I was in San Diego last week. I wasn't expecting to see any.

Uptake will be slow, but if the phone works and there's no real reason to avoid it, people will come back to the platform.

You can't really use the past as a measuring stick. The world changes. The smartphone era has exited infancy and is coming of age. People that bought phones for wow factor grow tired of that wow they never use and go in search of reliable communication. BBM is king of the messaging apps. If they execute flawlessly and the product is superior and free, it will take off.

Posted via CB10

You are correct on that point. Notice the same thing. However it is the carriers that are giving android and now the iphones away. It like a mass attack on BlackBerry. And why? Because they know if bb10 gains traction it's going to hurt. I will tell you this. Those same people curse their cheap android phones. My z10 is as smooth as it gets.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I get a ton of people asking me about my Q10. Seems they miss the keyboard and are impressed with the snappiness of BB10. They always almost seem convinced to buy...until they ask about their favorite apps, espn, yahoo fantasy, Pinterest. Nobody wants to hear about side loading; they want it in the App Store a few clicks away.

I don't think cross platform bbm will do that immediately anyway. The goal as far as I can see at the moment is to gain back mind share. Coupled with whatever way blackberry plans to monetize a portion of the cross bbm application (somehow via channels?).

Posted via CB10

BBM going cross platform isn't about bringing people back to BlackBerry devices (not the primary objective anyways).

They are aiming to do something much bigger, seems like a lot of people don't see it but its obvious. People don't need to know it anyways, right now they just need to decide whether they want to use BBM or not. That's all :)

I'm not sure that BBM becoming cross platform is as much a part of trying to bring people back to the BlackBerry brand, but a way of making BES10 more appealing to enterprise customers. How much stronger does the sales pitch at a split BES/BYOD company get when you can get both the security features of BES and BBM on all of your devices?

Let's hope BBM really picks up on other platforms. I will certainly do my part and advertise it to my friends and contacts.

Ha Ha!, Keep dreaming, whatsapp has more than 250 Million ACTIVE users and nobody cares for BBM!!

Etios sounds like you're a little worried about BBM going cross platform. Everyone I know has what's app downloaded but NEVER use it. I've asked them if they would use BBM and there were all excited.

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You are an idiot that has posted again. Its obvious how much she loves (not) whatsapp. I feel the same and look forward to deleting it. Goodbye WhatsApp!

Posted via CB10

The article said rumored release date has come and gone. Who released the supposed date frame? With BlackBerry in general, I have yet to see them hit a target date that they have set. It was a blanket statement in general regarding Blackberry's target date accuracy.

Posted via CB10

[i]rumored release date[/i]

That's why it's a rumoured date, and not an official date. BlackBerry never stated a hard date of this release.

Ya rumoured lol so that means BlackBerry NEVER confirmed it which means it could have NEVER been true in the first place. People make rumours up all the time

It's mindshare, BBM is probably the jewel of BlackBerry, it's free publicity to iOS or Android users that never used a BlackBerry before or even contemplated to use one but if they like BBM they may think twice about BlackBerry. It's mindshare.

BBM is its own brand, that dear I say, is bigger than BlackBerry and not as damaged!

I agree, it is marketing, it is brand recognition, it is brand repair, and once a huge following is using it, it can be monetized!

BlackBerry realized how important BBM was for them to sell their phones, but they were late to realize that keeping it to themselves is not enough to keep customers with BlackBerry.

This needs to be done right and is a lot more important to the company than their handsets. BES10 and BBM are so important. In a world full of saturated handsets, heavily relying on revenue and profit from selling handsets is a risky business.

Posted via Me on my Z

Several people, non BlackBerry-ers, are waiting for this. Lots of them. If a smartphone lives and dies because of Apps (let's be honest, 80% of Apps are lame but, more choices make better business) in this moment. I look forward to this and, this will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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Two days ago, I saw a WeChat commercial during the evening. I live in South Africa. That emerging market we all love. I don't see independent (not by a wireless carrier) BBM commercials. Reports say it's the number one downloaded app in BlackBerry World and the most viewed Youtube video in South Africa. Okay fine, that's probably because WeChat used Lionel Messi and we love soccer. But I'm just sayin'... BlackBerry needs to stop being so relaxed about life and start fighting for their position.

I don't think the main goal of cross platform BBM is to bring people back to BlackBerry. Sure, it may be one of the goals, but not the main goal.

I think the main point of cross platform BBM is to add another revenue stream. Let the people that love ios and android keep their phones. It's harder to convince someone to switch phones. However, it's easier to get someone to install an app and find a way to make money off of it.

Besides, a lot of people love their phones and miss bbm.

Posted via CB10

If it works flawlessly and people love it, than it may help bring the name "BlackBerry" back into the public eye in a (finally) POSITIVE light. :)

If they can ressurect their tarnished brand a bit and get people thinking about them again, it may have a positive effect on sales.

mnc76, agree, the release must be perfect. No more buggy/flawed/incomplete software releases that differ between real vs expected. Both BB 10 OS and BB Link we heard all the positives, none of the negatives until after phones home, out of the box, and installed, then "WTF?"

Perhaps old info, but last I heard BBM for iOS and Android did not include video, only text. I hope there has been a change of plans. Personally, given all that has transpired, would prefer to see full functions across all OS at release, otherwise BBRY image will just be reinforced to other platforms as outdated, unable to keep up with the demands for improved smartphone software on an ongoing basis, and ultimately, irrelevant.

While BBM is being readied, think it could be useful seeing an ad or two with a celebrity using a new BB 10 OS phone.

Catchy ad will do much much better for BBRY than "meeting" a release date with an imperfect product.

Everyone seems to miss the BYOD security solutions BlackBerry has rolled out also. The BYOD ers will probably be set up with a BBM variant for work. Also it appears that BBM may also be going desktop. With channels also...... sounds good to me.

Posted via CB10

Let's hope it will land and operate flawlessly on various OS. Functionality, usability and presentation is key otherwise trust by the new "guests" is seriously jeopardised... big gap between perception and expectation and BlackBerry has a lot to prove....

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Yup. This had better be next to flawless or the backlash will be merciless :/ And no more "don't worry, it will all be fixed in a future update" stuff. It's gotta work out of the gate, day one.

I would not want to be on the cross-platform BBM coding and QA team right now lol :) Talk about pressure.

No matter how flawless the execution, the usual suspects in the us media will still portray it negatively. This is a well established pattern.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Operate flawlessly, have you read the complaints about the latest MR release, geez they can't get things to work on their own platform before release.

Posted from my amazing Z10

Most people it is working great. Yes for some it isn't. But also remember, we have a lot of people running leaked OS versions as opposed to official carrier ones, various personal configurations, and various app and side loaded app combinations. BlackBerry will fix the problem with MR1 in short notice for the few that are suffering.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

No problems for me on the MR update. Maybe you should talk to those iOS people who can't be their Apple ID to work. No platform is perfect, they ALL have warts.

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Yeah, the whole idea is that millions of non BlackBerry users will be using BBM, what an advertisement for BlackBerry!

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Heard this before with the PB etc., that this and that would eventually come and we know how that ended. If they release cross-platform BBM half-baked, then just forget it the media will destroy this effort.

A must. Text, Video, Audio plus all addition such as sharing screens...etc

One Stop. you get everything... if they do right and from first time. They will alienate Skype, Whatsapp, Tango, Viber!!!!

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These will come between end of summer and end of year, but the initial release was supposed to be messaging, with voice and video to follow. Don't look for them to be in the initial release.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

They need to release it for Windows Phone 8 so my GF and I can use it (she has a Lumia 920).

Actually, maybe I'll just convince her to get an A10...

I disagree with developing BBM for windows. Bbry is trying to be the third player and is making a reason to avoid windows phone. I don't see Office 365 in the app world so they shouldn't see BBM in GatesWorld.

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Darn, I just tried to sign up for the Blackberry Beta Zone, but I cannot due to not having a Blackberry at the moment. I wish I had not given my Blackberry Tour 9630 to a friend in California. I would really like to give this beta a try, but find it odd that it seems to only be limited to Blackberry users that somehow have an Android phone on hand at the same time. That really limits the pool of potential beta testers.

Anyone want to spot me a Q10?

I appreciate that offer. However, I think they send the offer to your own personal BBM. I am certain the Android community will leak the full .apk within 24 hours, so this issue could remedy itself.

Can't wait. Not sure if a wise move as I now see no point in buying a Blackberry. Even though it's in early beta it does look like a cheap port. Anyhow, it will bring back my old bbm users back!!

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Still think it is a mistake, but given how little effort BlackBerry is putting into promoting it's own hardware/software this, and MDM are probably their only chance at relevance in the future.

Posted via CB10

I personally think it will take some time for people to make the switch to use BBM. If they even decide to switch. :(

Posted via CB10

Well, I have a SIII Mini here waiting just for that, I am am sure I can talk my mum and some friends to give it a go.

Provided I ever get the invitation. ¬¬

I believe that this is good for current BBM users because they will have more BBM contacts. I also like the idea of videochat with iPhone people in the future, because Skype isn't usable the way it currently works on any phone other than Windows Phone. Also, they should build BBM for WP, too.

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I'm making it mandatory at work for everyone to have BBM. I'll fire anyone who doesn't install it.

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For me this is great news. I'm the only one in my family with BlackBerry, so I will save on texting between the Apples and Androids in my house.

Posted via CB10

Good (more cash) for Samsung and other Android device manufacturers as whoever wants BBM, and I can see millions would, has to have devices running Android 4.x.x which means the latest Android devices

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Bahamas! How do I get an invite?! Bla1ze Adam, somebody please pull some strings!

Running jb on htc one.

My iOS and Droid buddies former Blackberry Torch users want it bad. They hate iMessage, Text , Whats app , they want BBM period. So Blackberry do not screw it up keep it flawless, Get Hollywood involved some how in promoting BBM etc....

Adam, I know you have to give credit where credit is due, but making me go look at the BGR website is just wrong. I need to scrub with a wire brush after..

Cross platform BBM is not about getting users to migrate to the new bb10 phones- how would it? This is about significantly adding users to increase the value of Blackberry for a sale or break up of the company. Remember Heins and his management team were very aware of the slow take up of the new devices - they did not just realize this at the quarterly update. This is ALL about shareholder returns. I'm not saying it's bad- but the writing on the wall from BlackBerry is grim.

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Stop talking about the Playbook.

It's done. It's over. It's not getting updated. Yes, you lost your money. No, they're not going to give you something free. Accept it already.

I bought an HTC Flyer around the same time as the Playbook and saw all of one or two updates before it was dropped. But you Playbook nutsos are like divorced husbands who keep stalking their Xes. It shows up in every friggin thread now.

Get a life.

Posted via CB10

Well said. I must admit it did sting a bit, but it is a mobile device. People need to get over the could have and should have. There's too much emotion attached to their devices. I use mine almost daily and other than the Bridge it's business as usual.

Still using my Playbook daily but I realize now that it will not receive any more updates and the full bridge will certainly not be restored.

Heins is right not to put any more money into the Playbook or the bridge functionality. Smart to cut losses and move on.

Im looking forward to bbm on android and would be more than happy to beta test. Will always love bb but work switched to android

I'm a little worried about them saying "BlackBerry ID" because someone like my mom would see that and think "oh I don't have a BlackBerry this won't work, DELETE" (sorry mom)

Posted via CB10

Agreed, I think that will make it confusing for a lot of people. Why not just call it BBM ID and avoid any confusion?

I think it's great we are starting to see this! My guess is that Android invites went out because it's easy to install outside apps on Android. As far as I know(I don't own any Apple products) you can't side load anything onto your iOS device unless it's jailbroken.

My guess is the reason they are starting with just text chat is that is what everyone remembers. Unless you are using a current BB device you wouldn't take advantage of video conferencing. Most ex-BBM users will only remember the text chat. Then, when BB updates the cross-platform BBM clients for video and audio chat(not to mention other services that could be coming) they will see it as great additions! Come for the text chat, stay for the video, audio, and other features that we assume will be built in eventually!

Interesting points! Truth is nobody knows the future and BlackBerry deserves our loyalty and help spreading word of mouth praises. average ppl are very open to your recommendations. Z10 is brilliant - don't let BlackBerry throw in the towel so soon. All the sweeping negative talk about trends etc can change overnight. Do whatever you can to make sure blackberry doesn't become a tragedy like the Avero Arrow and the Delorian.

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Can't wait 2 have all my non loyal friends back on BBM...

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #TeamBlackberry #KeepMoving #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I hope this works for Blackberry! I have been a long time user of Blackberries, recently moved to S4. My 3 Z10's kept having heat and battery issues, (yes I did install all the leaks, not new to this). I don't see it helping in selling handsets when the news has been so negative. It will help in the fact that BBM is a great chat platform and secure. I will use it on my S4 but wont go back to Blackberry until the A10 comes out, if it's on time, if it runs stable, if it doesn't lock up! Blackberry needs a home run, not just a infield hit. This is a infield hit,..yeah they will score but not strong enough to win the game. Just my opinion. Im' not a troll.

I hope that the sign in process is quick and painless.

That's one of facebook's not so secret secrets.

Username, email, password that you want. Done.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully there is a way to monetize BBM for non-Blackberry platforms.

I was thinking they should disable some features for non-Blackberry users to draw them into getting BB10. For example, screen share could be an extremely useful collaborative tool. So while a BlackBerry user can share their screen with another platform, the other platform can't share their screen. Hopefully this will provoke a little envy and result in BlackBerry sales.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

My beta zone id is no longer usable since I switched to bb10. And I can't register my current id for beta zone..


Posted via CB10

Once BBM is available on Android (or i-OS) is there really a need for me to use blackberry hardware ? how many will remain loyal (lets not mention the playbook as it cost me loads) ? knowing that there are so many android phones to choose from and not having to wait forever for applications to become available ,it would be an interesting poll to carry out !

There will certain functionality additions for BB phones, especially related to camera and screen share.
Another factor is server security: Better for BB<>BB.

Not discussed, BB has some undisclosed plan to make BBM a cash cow.
Perhaps, BB phone users, with BB plans, may be able to opt-out for advertising.

hmmm i'm not convinced, the only camera feature that is very different is the rewind feature which i think is now owned by a different company, screen share, while good wouldn't put me off buy a different manufacturers phone, i'd prefer to pay to opt out of ads for bbm if they added them for android and iOs, so yes they could make cash from this, however i would not be drawn to buy blackberry hardware just because it didn't have ads in the messenger. I've a z10 (and the bold 9900 before) and also a playbook at the moment. Which i will replace once bbm is available on a different Os. I can't see Blackberry making a full recovery but instead just waiting to be taken over by a bigger animal.

Can't wait to get my wife and daughter back on bbm. Both use iPhone4s after having BlackBerry.

Greetz, Rolf | BlackBerry Z10 | 2ABA2DBD

I can't wait to get my daughters and husband on it.
They LAUGH at my new BB Q10! Tell me it's "old school"! When we were driving up I40 mountains in Tennessee, my "old school" Q10 was the ONLY phone that got service (Verizon)! They have Iphones and one has the Note 2.
One of my daughters is in the Coast Guard and if she were on BBM while out of the country, we could text and send pics without touching the data plan, as we used to. It was great! Can't wait for us to all use it again!!!!!

Using it with my buddies. Works great, lacks calling tho, but I suppose it would be available with official or later release.

Not everyone can use the apk which we side loaded, because you had to be in the exclusive beta zone club to have access to BBM relay.

No more invitations. They just removed the cross platform off the programs available to select members on beta zone.

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Most people are pretty agnostic as to what platform they use... most will download something at the suggestion of a friend or family member... so all those WhatsApp users may just also download BBM and maybe they'll like it. That's about all we can say right now.

Sure, there are those who want to stick to a single messaging platform and will not budge... but they're in the minority. Most are willing to try something if there's no huge investment in time or money... and yes, most WILL establish a BlackBerry ID just to try it, and then, let's see what happens.

When this goes live, I'm sending a mass text message to all my frequent texters - family & friends to download BBM for Droid & iOS as for ONE month that is the only way they will be able to reach me through text method. I'm so serious

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Exactly Goldthorn! I will have to download it on their phones tho as they won't know how AND they don't share my excitement. I will be glad to be able to use BBM again!

What's more exciting is that the title bar resembles what QT provides for BB10, than anything fully Android Java or Native.

Which means maybe, just maybe, Cascades for Android?

Plus... i wonder if we can side load BBM for Android onto our BB10 10.2 devices...

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I installed viber using the andriod version, but the applucation giving error and not opening. Can somebidy tell wht is the issue

Posted via CB10

I wonder if we will be able to side load BBM for Android onto our PlayBook. It might be the only way we will ever see it. Lol

Posted Via CB10 -Jack!!

Eventually I will be able to be able to BBM to my iP and Andr groupies.
(Expanding my junk mail box.)

"we were told "late summer" so hopefully BlackBerry will stay true to that one. " LOL. Everyone knows BlackBerry is unreliable when it comes to release dates and time frames lol

I believe BlackBerry will be true to a "late summer" release of BBM for iOS and Android. Late summer could be any time now till Sep 1. I think most people think summer ends when kids go back to school.
This news is almost as exciting as BB10's launch! Seriously, the number of people exposed to BlackBerry products and services is about to take off in a very big way. I just hope the BBM network infrastructure is up to the task, and I'm sure BlackBerry is preparing for the huge uptake in new subscribers. BBM will surely blow the socks off everything else out there. Apple will wish it went cross platform with iMessage. However, iMessage does not have the social networking components that BBM has today.

Get yourselves ready to watch an almighty flop.

Sure there are lots of BBM fans amongst Blackberry owners who think the sun shines out of it's do dah but to assume or expect that enthusiasm will automatically extend to users of other platforms is either overly optimistic or maybe even slightly delusional.

Nah, he means well. Just trying to keep you from getting hurt.
I for one refuse to believe the rumours that he is a sad, prematurely balding loner, posting killjoy comments on every forum that will have him from his room in his mom's basement...
Also, the nasty smell surrounding his house and the fact that all the squirrels in the area seem to have disappeared is all just purely coincidental...

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APK file is needed please!!!!! anybody got the invite and has downloaded the APK file please be so kind and share it with us!

If you build it they will come. BlackBerry Is counting on huge numbers from BBM cross platform in order for the App developers to take notice. Any numbers above what WhatsApp has will attract any developer to build Apps for BlackBerry. Almost all new downloaded apps will be integrated with BBM. We see it now

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How can we download the BBM.apk Beta for Android?

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I hope you make some use of introducing BBM cross platform to ios and android.
for sure you have a strategy behind this, fool to believe it would be just some

MAKE SURE ITS WORKING PROPERLY to make people switch fast from whatsapp

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Very excited about this, Been looking forward to this for a while. Bring BBM to desktop too

edit : And up the size from 6mb to 1gb for file transfers inside BBM

Can't wait . I've had the Z10 for many months and haven't been able to use BBM because everyone I know uses Android or iPhone

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This is a must and will eventually pay off in the long term. Good Job and No Delays. Actually no delays at all.

Announcement yet no way to register for this...even on the beta zone..difficult for BB to coordinate...ya think!

shame that at this time of day are telling you all this filtration is false, that there will be a person who really provides something reliable and secure :(

250 Million ppl around the world are used to In-Line Picture & Video sharing on WhatsApp, how does BBM Cross-Platform replace that, looks like moving backwards
Yes, we have the D&R confirmation & security, but that's where it ends
Also, WhatsApp group limit is 50 ppl, BBRY is 30

Lipa123. I agree. I want to be optimistic, but jeeze, just think about it for a second.

Without video and voice, why would ANYONE move to BBM from programs that have these functions? Consumers need a compelling reason to move from the product and service they're currently using. BBM without the functionality of the Skypes and WhatApps only gives consumers a compelling reason NOT to move. Voice, video (and possible even screen share) are the bare minimum needed to get people on board. Then BB can present a case for why it feels it offers more than its competitors, like security and D&R.
Also, multi-platform means PC

It's like the company is incapable of drawing logical conclusions.

BTW - I want BBM on my playbook now.

BlackBerry missed the schedule and a golden launch windows (back to school).

Now I can only hope BB doesn't miss the quality.

"Half baked and Buggy" has gradually become the icon of BlackBerry since 2007, partly as a result of the big and unfair anti-BlackBerry movement that culminated in 2006 in U.S.

I hope the cross platform BBM has high quality and is fully baked. By "fully baked" I don't mean it has all the features. It is perfectly OK not to have voice and video for now. But for what it does provide it must provide them in complete. This is an opportunity for BlackBerry to get rid of the "Half baked and Buggy" badge; This is an opportunity for RIM to fairly fight back against the anti-BB movement. Yet, it could be a big flaw that permanently sink BB.

One month for Beta (usually means Alpha quality in today's BB vocabulary) is definitely NOT enough for a reliable real-time messaging system. So, to this point, BB lovers need to have patience to allow BB to take extra 2 to 3 months to fully bake it and achieve the highest quality of all - even higher than the original BBM despite the difficulties.

Let's make a loud and clear voice here:

BlackBerry can afford no mistake on cross platform BBM!!!

What I meant was Video Sharing in "Groups", WhatsApp has Video Clips sharing which is huge today, at least in the 4 groups I'm in
BBM Groups doesn't have Video or Voice Clips Share yet, I hope that comes with cross-platform, In BBM Groups we have chat, (calendar & lists are not used a lot outside of enterprise) & for Group Pictures you need to go out to the Group Main page & select 'Pictures' (vs in whatsapp It's in the chat, simple & convenient)

BBM Voice & BBM Video & Screen share will not be in the initial release, they'll probably come around Jan 2014 for a fee