Space action time with Critical Wave for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 25 Mar 2013 11:35 am EDT

Another action packed BlackBerry 10 shooting space game for you folks. Critical Wave is available to download from BlackBerry World and for a dollar it is well worth parting with your hard earned cash. The game is similar to Pew Pew that we have featured before but I certainly prefer this one.

You control a space craft and the aim of the game is to destroy the 'baddies' and avoid crashing into them. There are a couple of different levels of difficulty and when on 'hard' mode things become really manic. The developer has used a wonderful selection of colors for the game and as you will see in the video the background colors even change seamlessly which really adds to the whole experience.

With Scoreloop integration you can see how well (or bad) your 'Games' friends are doing in Critical Wave and having this feature is a real plus as it gives you some extra enthusiasm to do as well as you can.

If you like action games then I would highly recommend buying Critical Wave - It's a right beauty.

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Space action time with Critical Wave for BlackBerry 10


Definitely the best Dollar I ever spent. The game is fantastic. I don't particularly play that many games on mobile, but this one is excellent

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Hi, I'm in Switzerland and it's not possible to download any music or movie in BlackBerry world... WHY?? BlackBerry travel is also not available in Switzerland... (only 3 countries...) help me please... why BlackBerry always forgot swiss people? Can someone help me and give me a response please? It's impossible to contact a support from BlackBerry...

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I would recommend posting in the forum for help. You'll get a faster response.

And sorry I don't know a solution to your problem.

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Don't automatically assume that they're trolling based on comments/posts. Probably just a newbie trying to get some help, be more considerate and welcome them to the site and direct them to the right place instead of calling them a troll. If you were lost in a new town, you would want some direction too instead of being called names.

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