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Criteria to qualify for a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device

Criteria to qualify for a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device
By DJ Reyes on 29 Nov 2012 02:34 pm EST

It has been known for a while that developers could get themselves a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device but it wasn't always clear who, or how one would qualify. Today, RIM has outlined the criteria for developers.  

  1. Submit a qualifying BlackBerry 10 app
  2. We will send you a note indicating you qualify and instructions on how trade in your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
  3. Complete step 2; a follow-up email will be sent after the BlackBerry 10 launch event on January 30th, 2013 

It may look as simple as three easy steps, however, in step one, you must submit a qualifying app. The qualifying app has to meet certain criteria too - web launchers, sound apps and BlackBerry PlayBook apps submitted without any changes or modifications are just a few of the apps that will NOT qualify for a limited edition device. You can find more details on the BlackBerry Developer site.

Your app must be submitted between now and January 21st, 2013 and you must also register to the Limited Edition Trade-Up program. Also note, this offer is also only available to those developers who have a Dev Alpha device already.

Don't forget, developers can also get their hands on a Dev Alpha C by registering too. Criteria must also be met for this. And if you don't already know, currently Dev Alpha owners have an update available. There's a lot happening right now with BlackBerry Jam Asia in motion, so keep it locked to CrackBerry for all the latest news.

For more information on the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device

Source: BlackBerry Developers Blog 



So my strategy of 'ask really nicely' isn't going to cut it then? Darn! ;)


I was worried that they would require Built for BlackBerry certification, so I am glad that even relatively simple apps still qualify as they did for the PlayBook offers.


What's the impact of missing the 2013.01.21 submission date?

I have every intention of meeting the deadline for my app, but incase there are unforseen delays what would be the impact?

At that point would I just return the dev alpha?

Here's to a fun code filled and very busy next ~50 days.

All the best to other devs out there fighting the clock as well.


I've submitted my apps already and they are approved and available, but every time there is an update to the OS or Webworks (like the one just a few days ago)... it seems to break a part of my apps! :-)

So I hope as the teams continue to make progress on the core OS and Webworks, I won't be scrambling to figure out a way to make my apps work at every update... or end up with an unfixable feature that I have to drop.

NOTE: This also happened to my Playbook app when the last OS update occurred, leading to some irate reviews when I wasn't even informed and had not even checked for several days after the update. I found out only after the reviews and scrambled to solve it, which I managed to do.


Just to add that the developer community is AWESOME and have always tried to help out, either on github or in Blackberry developer forums, someone always manages to reply within a day or two and usually with an answer, often simple. Thanks to the amazing developer community on Blackberry which makes even *newbies* like myself comfortable creating apps for Blackberry!!!!


I'll be getting one of these and I never submitted an application :D no I cannot tell ;)

Brian Scheirer

It is probably worth mentioning beyond those three steps you must first already have a Dev Alpha. So if you create a qualifying app and do not have a Dev Alpha (A or B) you will NOT be eligible for the Limited Edition BB10 phone.

DJ Reyes

Yes indeed. Post has been updated with this. Thanks.


Hey dj reyes are you from the philippines?let me experience your dev alpha cant wait to try bb10. :p

DJ Reyes

I am, however I live in the U.K. You can jump on a plane though, if you want to try it.


What will be the difference between the "limited edition" device and a normal  10 device?


I've registered with Anka: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/19228922/?lang=en
I'll be updating it in the next few weeks as the current version was ported from iPad for the portathon. I'm updating the whole game to be more enjoyable on a small screen. Can't wait to get the limited edition :), finger crossed. JC


So is this "Limited Edition" only if you meet the criteria, but if you don't, but did get a Dev Alpha at one of the conferences, you still get the free upgrade to the normal BB10?


Sounds good for those developers. :)


Keep in mind, it is only logical to give developers new hardware to continue developing apps, especially if they have to hand in their out-dated Dev Alphas. It is not just a free phone... Developers see it as testing hardware and they will need the same hardware that is in people's hands to truly debug and test and upgrade their apps!