Crisis Averted - Existing Verizon Customers Can Now Pre-Order Tour As An Upgrade

Verizon Upgrade
By Adam Zeis on 3 Jul 2009 10:59 am EDT

The rumors were flying all week long that existing Verizon customers wouldn't be able to upgrade to the Tour.  For some reason, Verizon didn't list the Tour on upgrade pages for current customers, and it seemed only new contracts would be able to snag the device. The net was a buzz, and it seems as if Big Red was listening.  Existing customers can now head to the upgrade page on Verizon's site to pre-order the Tour.  A $70 online discount is applied, as well as any New Every Two discounts if available.  Now everyone can now let out a big sigh of relief. 

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Crisis Averted - Existing Verizon Customers Can Now Pre-Order Tour As An Upgrade


VZ is awful all...I hadn't checked this forum first and was online/on the phone for an hour last night before giving up on upgrading.

They didn't even mention the corporate discount issue.

As long as you don't have a Corporate Discount that is. So far 90% of us with any kind of monthly discount still cannot preorder.

I called Verizon they said it was an internal error that they're working to fix, and it should be available hopefully soon. And then last night at 10:30 est i pre-order by blackberry tour for upgrade, worked perfectly.

I have a corporate discount as well and it wont let me. I think i rather go to the store next week and pick it up instead of having to pre-order it then wait a couple of extra days.

Not working for me, although I have a monthly discount and it sounds like that may be preventing me from preordering mine :(

I never liked Pre-Ordering this kind of thing, I like going to the store, getting it set up and walking out, only after making sure that it is fully working.
That, and I am impatient.

Still can't pre-order the Tour. I have a corporate discount and this seems to be the common thread for people who still can't pre-order.

I just love how existing verizon subscribers can get teh phone cheeper than I can and I WORK for sprint-

lame lame Sprint- you're a retard

Also cannot preorder due to a corporate discount. I wonder if this is an oversight or yet another greed scheme to keep the higher cashflow users coming and alienate the "cheaper" customers.

If "worst comes to worst" I'll just wait til the 12th to order or go to the store.


Yet another one with a corporate discount and cannot pre-order. I think the web sytems department needs to get busy and solve the problem.

Nope. This STILL does not work. Will CrackBerry post about the problem existing customers w/ corp discounts are having? This is a known issue. Why is it not even being mentioned by CrackBerry Official posts?

Also, didn't I receive a bunch of stuff in the mail saying I was a "Verizon VIP" and had "early access to new phones?"

Now VZW CS is saying the Tour is out of stock, thanks to pre-orders? WTH?

Maybe Verizon VIP is just a bunch of C-R-A-P....since you definitely ARE supposed to have first access to new and upcoming phones.. This is so ridiculous!

i don't have any kind of discount, but i am on contract for 2 years since i renewed my contract last december. can i still do this? it would just renew my contract?

You dont get the 2 year upgrade discount which can be up to $50 and they will charge you about $20 for renewing early. least that is what they did with my wife when she bought the curve a few months ago.

Chat Information A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with Kimberly

You: Hello Kimberly.

Kimberly: Hi! How can I assist you today?

You: Hello. I read on CrackBerry.Com that current Verizon customers were now able to pre-order. There seems to be some problem however for any existing customer with any sort of corporate discount on the account. Is this true?

You: I want to pre-order the BlackBerry Tour 9630, I do not have to upgrade my phone...I am willing to pay retail. But why will it not give me the option to even select that phone?

You: If I call telesales will this work or will the fact that I have a corporate discount on my account prevent me from pre-ordering the phone?

Kimberly: Yes! this is true

You: Why does Verizon do this?

You: even if we are willing to pay full retail?

Kimberly: Yes! you can contact Telesales for assistance, it is a site issue, that

Kimberly: we are working on. I certainly apologize for the inconvenience.

You: So despite the fact I have corp discount on my account, I should not have a problem pre-ordering through telesales?

Kimberly: Hopefully, that is correct.

You: Wait if it is just a site should definitely be pre-orderable through telesales? You don't know for sure?

You: I'm sure you've had this question from many, many people

You: Many Current Verizon subscribers w/ corp discounts are very upset

Kimberly: I am only online, I am not aware if Telesales are having issues. You are the first today.

You: okay

Kimberly: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day!
Chat InformationYour chat session has been ended by your Verizon Wireless online agent

Sorry CrackBerry.Com...the crisis has YET to be averted. What is going on with Verizon's barring of people with corporate discounts from upgrading and pre-ordering the BlackBerry Tour. Crisis FAR from averted!

They walked me through all the methods I've already tried. No luck. Now they are saying they will take this offline and follow up with me (today).

At first, they tried to say that "no one is able to pre-order online or via telephone." Convinced them that this was BS.

Finally got them to understand that folks with VIP/Corp Discounts were their best / most loyal customers, and we're all feeling a bit screwed over right now.

Well don't forget Government Discounts as well. But like I said before, I like walking in and buying it in store. I will just hope one of the shops around me will have some in stock when I go in a week and a half.

I successfully pre-ordered last night. As far as I know, I have a corporate discount that applies to my monthly bill. I received a confirmation email with an order number and everything.

The good fight in getting Verizon to allow us Corporate Discount customers to upgrade is not going so well. I am talking to everyone at Verizon that will talk to me and am getting no where. Please Verizon don't alienate us! I want to stay with Verizon but they are making a tough case why I shouldn't jump ship to Sprint......

I noticed 4 reviews of the Tour on the VZW web site. I'd like to know what experiences those are based on. hehe

One review was obviously meant for the Ozone and the other is just a speculative review based on what the author read here on The other 2 appear to be legit as some people have had this device for a few weeks now.

Please wait for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience!

A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with Stephanie

Stephanie: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.
May I help you with your order today?

You: Hi - I'm trying to pre-order the blackberry tour, however, it doesn't show as a phone for me to upgrade to

Stephanie: You have to wait for us to start selling the phone and it is not on pre-order.

You: :(

You: That really sucks...

Stephanie: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day!

Your chat session has been ended by your Verizon Wireless online agent.

I signed up for the email alerts to tell me when the tour would be available. I received an email about 9:00pm Thursday night. Logged on to my computer shortly after and preordered. Got the confirmation email of my order about 5 minutes later, and I do have a corporate discount....

What good is getting aggravated over preordering the phone when I can just be patient for another 9 days (hell, we've all waited 7-10 months already) and order/purchase it once it's released? I'll probably go against my own wisdom and continue trying each day, just to see if I can find success with a Corporate Discount, but in the end, the result will be the same: one way or another I'll be using a BlackBerry Tour before the month is over.

Same corporate discount, same problem... once we can get ordering, we need a "how much did you pay for your tour" forum.

If we go in on the 12th and buy it in person, will the same discounts apply? So will it be 150 for exsisting customers?

It finally worked!!! Thank you Crackberry for updating me on this. My poor hubby has been using my old 8830 and waiting for this! Now let's see if they really ship out when they're supposed to.

Leaving the discount aside, are we able to pre-order the Tour at an actual VZW store or is the pre-order only online? I'm currently under a family plan, but I will probably be moved to a different plan. That would probably make it complicated to do this online.

Got mine for $99 by pre-ordering online and getting the "new every 2" discount. Supposedly, if I had waited to purchase in the store the lady told me it'd be full price $269, and then I could apply the new every 2 discount (so $169 purchase price). The online discount was 70 bucks, so for those of you not certain about whether or not to purchase it in the store, I'd say it's worth it to pre-order online and save yourselves some money.

Can you please go step by step on how you were able to get it down to $99

i.e. What web site (because a bunch have been thrown around), where you click... etc


So I tried to upgrade to this phone back on June 30th. I asked the person from Live Chat if I was able to do so, he said yes, and he prompted me to order it, I told him its asking me to open a new line and such, he said "go ahead, customer service will remove that for you, and you will get the phone" so I did. And now I am stuck waiting for the package to be shipped, so I can "refuse" package, and hope that they can cancel all of that mess.

It took them over 2 hours to tell me it wasn't available for upgrade yet. I am so pissed off. I really want to take advantage of the -70.00 online, but after that ordeal, I don't know if its worth it.

I've been playing with the darn Verizon web site for three days . . called CS and even called a few stores. The stores tell me that they'll take my name and will hold a tour for me as long as I show up at 9:00AM the day of release. That seems to be the best I can do.

So much for my 20 years loyality and the fact that I'm a VIP! How frustrating!!

Same thing with me, government discount and not allowed to pre-order! UPS man just brought my extra wall charger for the new Tour :) Too bad Verizon feels that I am not worthy of having that new Tour :(

If I order through a store, that means no $70.00 on line discount! All I'll get is my NE2! Maybe that's what they're tryin to avoid!??

Gosh, I guess I'm glad I don't have a corporate discount. I was able to pre-order mine! I am so ready to dump my Storm!

So last night i pre-ordered mine, finally. Yes, I'm on a family plan, so yeah i got the $70 online discount, added the 30 dollar data plan, can't wait for my first blackberry.

I went to the store and had them drop my discount for me. When I got home I was able to log in and there in my list of upgrades was the Tour. You can just go and re-submit your info to your company and have them reprocess your corporate discount for the following month. You will have to pay full price for the time before it goes through, but to me it was worth it. I was able to pre-order and finally I can say the the Corporate discount plague is over! Hopefully this helps some of you.......

I attempted to take advantage of this awesome deal today, and the additional $50.00 for the new every two doesn't show up even though I am eligable for that upgrade. Anyone have a heads up why? Is it a regional deal maybe?

Thanks in advance for any help...


It is complete bullshit that you have to drop your Corporate Discount in order to Pre-Order the Tour.

Seems to be the flavor of the week... if you're a corporate customer/government employee (thats me), no pre-order privledges for you!! Sucks Ass! I have been waiting for this phone since I got scammed into buying that stupid Storm!! (wasted my upgrade on it)... So now I can't even preorder at fullprice?? This is just CRAP!!

Pre-ordered and got an unpleasant surprise. California sales tax added to full retail price of $489.99 ($42.87). Would have been based on the $99.00 price if I was still in Georgia.

we all can't sing a sigh of relief!! Wish that were true!
But if you have a corp discount. As of tonight 7/3/09 you can't upgrade to the tour. ITS JUST NOT AN OPTION


I have a Corporate Discount with Searshc and I talked to the Verizon rep two days ago. She stated at least for me, If I wait until July 12 or 13th my corporate discount will be better then what the Tour is going for now. I can get it for a hundo

last night I couldnt do the pre-order. Today it was no problem. it went right through and I got the confermation email right away.

I have a gov't discount...they won't let me exchange my POS Storm (my THIRD) one for it. They're willing to replace the STORM yet again but I've spent soooo much freaking time with both their tech support and RIM's, it is NOT worth more of my time.

They've told me they're perfectly happy for me to choose another carrier...and I've been a customer for 9 years!

They're willing to replace a defective item? God they're horrible. We should boycott.

Dude, your preference changed. That doesn't mean they should give you something.

Heh! Yup, I encountered that problem. Tried to upgrade to the Tour in the morning, but there was no Tour upgrade option. Later in the day, I called VZW and asked if there was supposed to be a Tour upgrade option. The rep went into my account, and said the Tour was there. Logged in and there is was. The upgrade process went flawlessly. $199 plus tax. Of course, we'll find out on July 13 when it is supposed to arrive on my doorstep.

If you're not able to pre-order with an employee discount it's most likely an error they're still trying to fix in the system.

If they want to please anyone, it would be customers with employee discounts. Trust me. I'm sure they'll have it working by the 12th.

you have to have a calling plan 79.99 and above and been enrolled in the new every two program before feb. 2009 thats how you get the $100 dollars off... oh i just pre ordered mine got my $50 new every two discout so $158 bucks with tax july thirteen hurry up baby..

Verizon's conduct is despicable - the way they treat their loyal customers is disgusting like we are so much trash in their greedy quest for new ones who they can treat the same way later- Sen Kerry wants to hold hearings on these practices- and WELL DESERVED - time the telecoms learn they are not an all powerful Monopoly- lets sue Verizon !

I am not able to pre-order either. I will be going to the store on the first day. I hope they have enough in stock for all of us that are not able to pre-order.

I just try to get a new Blackberry Tour as a current Verizon customer, and was not able to do so. This still seems to be a problem. Can someone please let me know what and if this problem would be fix?

dear carckberry

ive been anticipating this contest ever since i heard of the tours release date...soo olet me tell you why i would love too win. i have the bb storm and trust me i love blackberry but i just cant find a way to love this phone, its slow and defected i was one of the first in line to pick up this phone and i was like a kid in the candy store. but unfourtunatly its a really horrible phone(or at least the one i have) soo ive been stuck with it because i cant afford another one...and i want the tour soooooo bad but i cant afford the heft price tag- soo please do me a avor and let me win!!i love the tours design and i need a keyboard after a year with the storm i came to this realization! and i love the trackball soo much/ so hopefully you feel my sympathy lol

thank you for listening

I just switched to Verizon in November, when I got my Storm. It's been so much effort trying to keep the Storm functioning reasonably. It has great things about it, but the little irritating quirks, when it just-isn't-functioning-like-it- is-supposed-to, are getting so tiresome. I just want to get a Tour at full price, and use it for the rest of my contract, as I'm not able to upgrade yet. But no, website won't let me do that...(been trying every day since it was first posted on Crackberry). Yes, I have a corporate discount also. Why can't they make us incredibly happy by letting us preorder online? I would love the $70 discount, but frankly, I'm more interested in making sure that I can get one on the 12th or 13th than worrying about getting a discount. Just let me get the phone, put it on my existing plan and contract, and take my Storm off seems simple enough. You'd think they would really want to try to improve their relationship with all the hordes of people who got the Storm, and have been frustrated to exhaustion trying to use the thing...we've certainly gone way further with this than I think is reasonable. Never have gotten the product as advertised...Ok, Thank You for letting me whine...I know, early here I go and do it again...this Tour BETTER be outstanding in every way!!!

That's the reason I'm a Verizon customer. People may bitch about their service but its worlds better than ATT, Sprint, or T-Mobile. I say this because I used to be a customer of those providers

I spoke to a customer service representative in a store and he said that the phone can be pre-ordered in the store.

I too have a corporate discount. I was told yesterday that in order for me to upgrade now (I am eligible in Feb), I would either have to pay full price or pay an additional $10/month to add a line in order to get the Tour for $200 (that's what the rep suggested to me). If that's the case, I'll just pay the early termination fee and switch to an iphone.

just logged in to see if we can and there it was. $99 dollars baby here I come.

edit: nevermind..I went to check out and it was gone. wtf

My upgrade unfortunately isn't until Jul 21. But I did try to pre order thinking that it may let me and give me a bigger discount. (I mean even with the upgrade I'm sure I wont get it for much less.) The page obviously asked me to put my zip in and I did, then I hit upgrade and go to the site. The phone is not on the listings so it doesn't work. Did I mention I still have a corporate discount?

Pre-orders of the Tour doesn't appear to be an option anymore. oh well, I guess I'll wait until the 12th.


After not being able to pre-order on the web, I went to the store and talked with the manager. He said that he didn't even know when the phone was coming out - he expected not until the last quarter of the year.

I called the regional manager and talked with him. He basically said that he didn't expect corporate clients would be able to pre-order since it is handled through a separate department. He also said that I wouldn't be able to take advantage of the web discount as well as my corporate discount - which may account for the reason I'm unable to pre-order. The only thing that I was able to get him to agree to was that he would call the store manager and have them hold one for me when they come in stock so that I can go and get it on the 12th (assuming it isn't delayed).

Not even close to a perfect solution, but better than nothing I guess.

am i missing something or does the corporate discount only apply to monthly plans. At least thats what mine does anyways. I dont get how our corp accounts would hinder us from being able to also get an online discount (on the phone, not the plans). While i love vzw, sometimes they do shady things that I will never understand. Maybe the stores have no idea what is going on until a new phone comes out day of? who knows.

jgautier- i am sure that the regional manager is going to call the store and have them hold a tour just for not being a dick but im just saying. If a phone is as highly anticipated as the tour, it will be first come first serve.

My wife turned me on to this site. I have been checking everyday since she heard about the new tour comming. I never had a blackberry but my friends said if I want a smart phone, its gotta be a blackberry. I found crackberry the only site that is spot on and now the only one I check. I can't wait to get the phone so I can get apps and stuff I am seeing on this site.

I just got a call from a Verizon representative (on a Sunday morning??) regarding the e-mail I sent that I couldn't pre-order the Tour. He was very nice, but he STILL was saying that only new customers could pre-order. I find it...unbelievable...that their staff is STILL not all up-to-speed on what's going on. I had to inform him that the website does indeed allow existing customers to pre-order the Tour, but it seems that they have blocked existing customers with corporate discounts from doing so.

He said he would look into this "right away." But, I'm not holding my breath.

okay, I work at Verizon Wireless. They're not sending out emails or anything to the reps to let them know what is going on with the site and pre-orders. The only thing they told us was on tuesday/wednesday that they were working to get the pre-orders working, and they didn't even send that out, they put it in a place in our system that unless a rep is looking for it, we wouldn't know.

I spoke with my supervisor about the problem yesterday and she didn't have an answer because the website is a completely different department than the customer service department. The only way we can TRY to fix it is if a customer calls in who is unable to pre-order (employee discount stopping it) and we call the IT department to get a trouble ticket put in. I couldn't do it yesterday because I didn't have a customer on the phone to give the IT dept an "example". Otherwise, I would have done it myself.

So what I would suggest is that you or anybody call in and request an IT ticket to be done on the site, because, yeah, they might be working on it, but they might not even KNOW because we need examples to be able to file that ticket. I can't just call over to that department and say "well all these customers on crackberry aren't happy", 'cause i so would.

I've been waiting for this phone for a year and it annoys me, too, that i can't pre-order because of my VZW discount.

when i try to do the upgrade option on their site it shows it at 199.99
why not 150?

and has anyone figured out what the cost of buying in store will be?

the cost in-store will most likely be $269.99 because online you get the $70 mail in rebate as instant, unless they are planning on giving an instant rebate as a promotion when it first comes out. No official news on that yet.

As far as the price online, are you supposed to get a $50 New Every Two credit towards the phone? If so, and it's not showing up, I would maybe call and check to see what the NE2 credit date is, because sometimes (rarely) it's not the same as your upgrade date

I called our corporate rep directly and he had someone else call me back who took my order and is supposed to be sending me a confirmation e-mail.

According to the rep I spoke with, she says that I'll be getting my corporate discount, I'm also applying my new-every-two discount and I'm still eligible for the online discount. The only problem was that she couldn't give me a drive-out price, because her system showed all 9's on pricing because "the phone hasn't been released for sale yet".

We'll see. Hopefully, all will go well.

I currently have a Storm after being a long time windows pda user. I would like to take a Tour and see what it is all about...I miss a physical keyboard.

I have been a loyal customer, I pay my bill on time, purchase accessories through you, ect., ect..

I have saved my upgrade so I can purchase this phone, and you give new customers first crack at it.

Then you say that you have it fixed, but, no, you don't. I get a discount through my job, and I cannot upgrade my line to the BB Tour.

I wasn't one who purchased the Storm when it came out, so I did not have those problems, however, between the Storm and the cluster f*ck that seems to be happening with the pre-orders, I honestly think that I am going to switch to AT&T to get the Bold.

Talk about not taking care of your customers. This is just plain stupid.

You are so on the money here. I could never understand why new customers always get first dibs at new things, and the best discounts. For pete's sake, if you have a great, loyal customer, shouldn't you want to treat them right to keep them??? Apparently not, according to VZW.

Also, I attempted to upgrade just to see if it would let me. No go. I have a corporate discount. Bastards.

Also......I'm not quite sure what all the hype is about.....doesn't the Tour run on basically the same platform as the Storm? My Storm is a pathetic excuse for a smart phone. If the Tour is similar, I say stay far...far away.

I just did the pre-order online with new-every-two discount = $100. I am looking forward to joining the BB clan!!

What else do I need to know?

I just called Verizon and had them remove the corporate discount on my account. I was immediately able to pre-order the tour. As soon as I got the confirmation I was able to reapply my discount.

Apparently the Upgrade availability is not universal.
When I check my options online the Tour is not available. Only way is thru creating a new account.

And for a release slated for this Sunday, the store customer reps are woefully prepared. They appear to be totally clueless and unable to to provide any answers since corporate has not given them any information.

They say they will find out tomorrow since they receive their shipments on Thursdays.

We shall see what happens. It would be nice if you could cite the press release where Verizon said the phones would be availble as upgrades.