Criminals Love..Enterprise Servers?!?

By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2009 09:00 am EDT
Criminals Love..Enterprise Servers?!?

We all know BlackBerry devices are known for their security, especially in the corporate environments. But a new article coming from the CBC in Canada is laying claim to the fact more and more criminals are using BlackBerry devices to help in their illegal activities by utilizing the offerings of BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. The article states that BlackBerry devices and how they function "limits their (law enforcement) abilities to intercept, which in turn minimizes our abilities to prevent the crimes," and also claims the criminals "completely know that this technology is to their advantage," and therefore will use it until something even more secure comes along.

With those concerns being noted, Canadian Liberal MP Marlene Jennings has brought light back to a bill that would force wireless service providers to make their devices intercept-ready. Said bill aptly named, the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act (MITA) had been overlooked back in 2005 and reintroduced in 2007. Ms. Jennings states "Law enforcement needs it, Canadians need it; it's an essential tool for the battle against crime." It makes me wonder how many criminals are running a BES, next thing ya know RIM will be sued as co-conspirators or something.

This bill won't come to passing easy says University of Ottawa law professor Micheal Giest, stating that "There's obviously many businesses that are willing to use these devices because they're comfortable with the security attached to them," and that being the case "Many individuals, as well, I think, would be reluctant to use mobile email devices if there was concern that third parties might be able to access it." In any event, no matter how it goes warrants would still be needed to get personal info. So what do ya say folks, should the authorities have the right to wiretap anything they want such as BES if it means less crime or should such things be off limits?

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Criminals Love..Enterprise Servers?!?


There are already too many restrictions and limitations applied to our lives. The good guys just need to find a better way to fight crime without taking away our freedoms and our privacy.

i think those who want to host the BES should be screen more properly and more critically. give proof of a legitimate business that requires the security of BES. otherwise it would render the privacy of legit BES users pointless

it could go either way but we all like privacy just stricter screening ofc is always better...

Yes, because if it was intercept ready, no criminal would --ever-- figure out how to exploit that. *eye roll*

Another one for the nanny-states. Let's just hope this dies a quick and quiet death before someone takes it seriously.

well i hate to read this if it's true, it looks as if blackberry phones are about to get the same treatment as guns. I.E. perfectly fine when in the hands of law abiding citizens but get regulated into uselessness because of the criminal element. so instead of increasing the efforts to effectively punish the guilty they will take the much easier route and punish everyone else.

i've seen it all before, and am just curious as to what they will do this to next.

its funny how a few bad people ruin it for the lots of good people.... if this bill passes we'll be like India a few months ago asking for the encryption key.... thats the only way they will be able to get into a BES or any blackberry

Any crime worth committing is worth emailing about! Just goes to show... not all 'Berry users are created equal!

I can see them being able to get warrants for BIS users, and having a way for carriers to track BIS users (with a warrant). Since a lot of companies have BES and are worried about security issues, I can see companies controlling how their system is accessed. I would hate to see some company's product get stolen because someone was able to hack into whatever the government mandates for tracking communications - that's just a security hole waiting to be violated.

in response to screeing the BES customers more thoroughly, wouldn't we then have to extend that level of screening to include all VPN capable equipment? And at what level? Should we say that Secure Computing, Cisco, Juniper, Adtran, Citrix, etc should have countermeasures in place to make sure that their technology didn't fall into the hands of shady individuals? Wouldn't that defeat the idea of securing and encrypting your data and communications pathways? I want to catch the bad guys as much as the next guy, but i also demand extreme performance when it comes to encryption and privacy. Although, i am not nieve enough to think that there is such a thing as "100% hack proof". Even the top security professionals will tell you that if someone really wants to get at your data, they're going to find a way to get it, one way or another.

People who are born criminals will really find their way to do crimes with or without BES or any technologically advanced products. BES personnels are just born genius to create devices to allow privacy. I suppose they have no bad intentions associated with crimes when they created these devices.