CreaVures for the BlackBerry PlayBook will take you out of the darkness and into the light

By Bla1ze on 30 Sep 2012 08:27 pm EDT

If you dig platform puzzle games with rich graphics, Union has just released the game you'll want to immerse yourself into. CreaVures has now landed in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is available as a free download. In it, you'll be taken on a journey through the now dark forest in an effort to bring it back to the light.

  • Five for fighting - Each of the five CreaVures - Bitey, Pokey, Rolly, Zappy, and Flick - has a unique talent suited for solving special puzzles and surviving tough enemies, including including larger-than-life boss battles at the end of each chapter. Only by working together can the CreaVures restore their forest home.
  • Hauntingly Beautiful - Bathed in fluorescent highlights, the world of CreaVures is a dreamscape made real. Tree rings glow in the gloom. Swirls of light rise from twinkling flower petals. CreaVure eyes pulse in the twilight. This is one game you cannot tear your eyes away from.
  • Fun and fantasy await - CreaVures' puzzle-filled platforming is enhanced by fantastical story that pulls you into its world and compels you to keep playing until the forest is rescued from oppressive darkness. 
Having played through the game on other platforms and taking a look at the PlayBook version, I can say the enjoyment remains the same here. Overall, the game is visually impressive and the controls are laid out quite nicely. Go ahead and give it a go, the link is below. CreaVures only comes in at just over 126MB and is well worth it. 

Download CreaVures for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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CreaVures for the BlackBerry PlayBook will take you out of the darkness and into the light


Omg this is like a buffet to a starving man...screw self control. Thanks BlackBerry. If I didn't have my beautiful wife, I'd make love to my Playbook lol.
Tablets are incredible