Creating application folders on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software and BBX devices

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2011 12:24 pm EDT

As we saw in our hands-on video with the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software, you can now create folders for your applications. This feature is long overdue and definitely a welcome addition to the PlayBook OS. This will work for the latest beta software on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as all upcoming BBX devices, so you'll be able to keep all of your apps nice and tidy. To create application folders, just press and hold on an icon, then drag it on top of another app. You'll be prompted to name the folder and then you can drag other icons in as well or reorder within the folder -- that's all there is to it! Check out the video above for more.

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Creating application folders on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software and BBX devices


How to move an icon out of the folder? I can only figure it out by moving an icon off the top row (it can only fit 6 max), then move the icon from the folder to top row and out to the main menu that way. Is there an easier way?

If you drag an app to top row and hold there, it'll exit the folder automatically and you can put the app on main screen or any other folder. But don't just put the app at top row.

To be honest, I like the simple and clean UI, but it's way too simple. Wish there was more to QNX than just app switching and folder making.

I'm with you on that one. I also believe the same thing. Plus, I love how bb7 has customizable tabs, especially All, Favorites, Frequent. These are perfect! I don't like the Los and Android "pages" (blank tabs). Why is RIM copying that dumb idea? I agree there is no need to have tabs for Bridge or Downloads, but RIM could have added 3 or 4 custom tabs you can name yourself on top of the 3 default ones I mentioned above.

I also hope 2.0 will make it clearer when apps have a slide down menu option available.

Why can RIM do an update 1.999999 which would have the folder option.....This would be quite nice to have to manage the surprising great game apps that have come out lately and then we don't need to wait for the "Great and Powerful" 2.0 :)

On the last survey sent out from RIM, they asked about how we would like updates to be sent to the PlayBook. The options were; Get large updates once in awhile, or smaller incremental updates more frequently like once a month.

Since we're not gonna see OS 2.0 until February, I hope they begin the incremental updates soon.

I voted for smaller incremental!!! Would love to see this folder option added before 2.0, but more than that I just want to see SKYPE, Amazon MP3, a Movie App (a way to download movies) on my PB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for this. 2.0 looks good. I am hoping for incremental upgrades in the least before the big 2-uh oh!

It's what typically happens when a company is crashing and burning. The hardcore folks look for every little positive thing that amounts to nothing. RIM, QNX phone or not, is not delivering. My guess is by the time they get product out the iPhone and Droid phones will be way ahead. My family and I had BBs for years and we all just switched to the iPhone. Selling my PB and getting an IPad. Can't beat Apple just works!

I'm so with you on this. I'm feeling so deceived and disappointed, the last thing I want to see is something that won't be available to me until February....or maybe "thereafter." I'm over it for now. Moving on....

You got that right. Hey, I have a car I'll sell you. It only has two wheels but it works. Don't worry, the other wheels will be available any day now!

Great post but I agree with some others, guess I'll file this little tid-bit away until sometime next year when it actually applies to me.

I'm like other posters.. I love my PlayBook and can wait for the big 2.0 but I'd like to see the following happen:

1. RIM MANAGEMENT STOP LYING TO US!! C'mon, if you don't know for 100% if the software will be ready, DON'T give us a date it will be released.

2. Incremental updates that will at least have spell check, auto punctuation, and the functionality to use my Bold handset keyboard as a wireless keyboard.

What kind of 20th century rejects would launch a tablet that didn't permit users to organize their applications?

Someone want to explain why the high and might QNX makes this some sort of next generation coding acrobatics?

I mean I guess they knew there would be next to no useful applications to organize, but still, simply pathetic. Snapple made this same idiot mistake and RIM could have outmaneuvered them, but instead created just another weakness relative to the market.

I'm out of adjectives to describe how hapless RIM has become.

why doing this? we don't have version 2.0 and there is, maybe, 4+ months before we can see it (that is if RIM doesn't change their mind again and delay the upgrade for another 6 months), seriously, this tutorial at this time, is pointless.