Create Simple or Complex Filters on your BlackBerry with MailRuleManager - 25 Free Copies!

By ObiGeorge on 11 Feb 2010 08:26 am EST

MailRuleManager is a great solution to filter your precious email on your BlackBerry. The application allows you to apply 16 different types of conditions, such as filtering by subject, sender, specific email account, key word in subject, and many more. In each filter you can set an action to be taken, wether you want that filter to automatically delete the message, forward the email, or even automatically reply. You can get really creative and more in depth by adding exceptions, creating very complex, very detailed filters to fit almost any situation. MailRuleManager is on sale until February 12th for $4.99 and available on all devices running OS 4.2.1 and higher.

*Note: As with all Empower software, installation of Empower Central is required. Download link for Empower Central is included when purchasing MailRuleManager.

Contest: We have 25 copies of MailRuleManager to give away. Comment below your moat creative, complex, funny, or innovative filter that you can think of, to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

Create Simple or Complex Filters on your BlackBerry with MailRuleManager - 25 Free Copies!



When receiving mail "From specific people" = then make "Blackberry = vibrate and ring nonstop" until the awesomeness is read. :)

IF SENDER IS "Douche-bag" OR SUBJECT CONTAINS "nigeria" THEN STICK IN FOLDER "where-the-sun-doesnt-shine"

I have so many filters set up on my outlook at work that sometimes I miss emails because I filter them into specific mail boxes :) however, it does help me stay organized. Anyone not using filters needs to give it a try. Just set up a fikter from your significant other into a "personal" box. Then the madness will begin!

I have so many filters set up on my outlook at work that sometimes I miss emails because I filter them into specific mail boxes :) however, it does help me stay organized. Anyone not using filters needs to give it a try. Just set up a fikter from your significant other into a "personal" box. Then the madness will begin!

Sent to ""
Marked with high importance
Where my name is in the To box
Move to my purple folder
auto reply "I'll Get Back @ You"
blink Led

for work
sent to ""
marked with high importance
auto reply "am busy right now, email me when am not!"
move to moreWOrkToDo folder

My Most Desired Filter Would be:

If text includes office OR work OR deadline OR reports: Move to SPAM


WIN WIN WIN!!! WIN WIN WIN!!! GOOOOOOOOOO WIIIIIN!!!!!!!! (say this like a cheerleader would.. then do a backflip.)

If this app effectively does what it portends to do, it will THE BEST! I'm sick n tired of having to enter 30+ digit addresses to have mail blocked/filtered. Please be as good as it says

For managers in an organization - filter that auto-replies to employees after-hours would be very useful.

This App looks great....I really need something like this. i been trying MailMinder but i need something better

mine would be from my son,with subject contains surprise,sent to, with text in body contains "Money for you" and autoreply says "send right away". Anyway, this would be very useful because there are several emails that I don't want to read on my phone. I have SMS Viewer from Empower and really like it.

anything with hot male in it move it to pr0n folder. anything with hotmail in it, move it to junk.

I didn't see a box for..

Create new Rule

[ ] From wife automatically respond with NO.

Sign me up!

Pick me... would love a copy of this app.

If text includes "crackberry; Blackberry" label high importance...any other fruit that tries to compare -->> delete immediately!

Since my job is not paying for our work phones anymore, my Blackberry Tour is just a contact mess right now

I could use this application to prevent duplicate forwarded emails from entering my messages inbox twice. I need both accounts on my BlackBerry so that I can send from each, even though the email I received can be essentially retrieved from just one email account (all email is already forwarded from my school account to my gmail account).

This would really help me organize it.

Would love to automatically delete spam and emails from old boyfriends. Oh yeah, its the same thing, useless.

this would be great i get so many emails from multiple accounts on my bb to actually get them to be organized certain ways would help a great deal...

My emails need serious organizational assistance. I hope the contest gods finally smile favorably on me.

i owuld love a copy of this as this seems to have the functionality of BES filtering without the BES headache!

i have 4 emails on my phone for my business and ahte it when i get an unwanted email or junk email, please pick me i could really use this on my curve 8330

If the message is from my Supervisor, the response would be.....I'm busy working on all of the assignments you've given me. Please leave a message after the tone.....Beeeep!

Me: I don't like ANY Spam!
MailRuleManager: There, there, dear, don't raise a fuss. I'll have YOUR Spam!

Someone near and dear to me will not stop sending daily jokes and chain mail by the baker's dozen to one of my accounts pushed to my Berry. I'm skeered it will tip the data allotment scale & VZW will charge me extra ! :o I've hinted, I've nudged toward another account, I've done everything I can w/out offending this near 'n dear person. If I could set up a filter to bounce it all somewhere else into cyberspace, that would be awesome! Because love for another is far too precious. It takes priority over hurting their feelings when it comes to Junk Joke Email Overload Syndrome. Slipping out of this on the sly is the perfect solution! ;)

This is a much needed app as I receive >160 per day at work. Whilst most of them fall under the category "read em and delete em" a good many need responses. With this app I could be a 'filterin fool!'


I would set it to filter out spelling mistakes like 'moat' instead of 'most'. I bought mail minder and was severely disappointed with its lack of options. This could prove better.

From specific people = Exes
Destination = SPAM folder
Auto-reply = Unknown address


From specific people = College Alumni Fund (begging for money)
Destination = Spam
Auto-reply = WTF, wasn't the first 60k enough?


With specific words in the body/Subject = Statement is available
Auto-forward = AIG, Bailout Department
Auto-reply = Please PAY IN FULL immediately and request all proof of documentation be given high-level security, non-public records by the SEC.


My crackberry is less than one month old and this lovely edition would make me higher on this crack than ever...LOL

I just got some new NGKs yesterday. Havent tried the platinums before.

Performance filters: forward to blackberry. Except AEM, ill never use one again (send to trash).

When message body contains, "iPhone", "Android", "Palm", or "Windows", auto-reply, "BlackBerries rule! Follow me to!"


Spam only belongs in Hawaii! I would like 2 stop all "urgent" messages from the FBI coming my way! This would be a great app 4 my phone! Thanks!

1) Why did you not read the last email I sent you? Automated response

2) Thank you for notifying me that I won/inherited/discovered millions of dollars. Please sent your bank account to me so I can retrieve the money you said I have. Response

3) Chain letter directed to delete box filter

4) Spam filter based on a white/black list

5) Filter based on the location of sender. So you don't expect a response from someone who is on the other side of the world till at least 10 min after you send the response ;-)

When the words "Daily Announcements" appears in the subject line - reply with "Resend - Could Not Read Message"


I would filter my EX so that anytime she decides to drop me a line, I would have a "line" for her!


One of my pet peeves is blank subject lines so this would be good to create an auto response followed by a delete to messages with blank subject lines - of coures the subject line od the response would be something like:

"Your message has been deleted due to the lack of a subject Line [EOM]"

Would be great if can be used for 2 BIS aacount, example by forwarding filetered E-Mail to other BIS account and vice versa. so I can manage 2 BIS account with 2 different BB devices.