Create havoc and destruction on your PlayBook with Burn the city

Burn the City
By Kerri Neill on 29 Apr 2012 03:45 pm EDT
Every few days my youngest brings me my PlayBook and asks me to find her a new game. We spend quite a bit of time searching through App World and yesterday, I found a gem called Burn the City by Union. We've covered their Super Crossfire HD and Air Attack here on the blogs and both great games. Similar to Angry Farm and Angry Birds, the objective is to create destruction on a massive scale by flinging fireballs at entire cities. Burn the City, while not as fast paced as the other two, is a great addition to your PlayBook. Keep reading for all the details!

The Review

Developer: Union
Version (at time of review): 1.1.1
File Size: 10.7 MB OS Requirements: Tablet 1.0.7 or higher
Cost: $0.99 Website:
Burn the City
Fling your monster's fireballs through the air to demolish the city. Simple enough yet tons of fun. You can rack up bonus points with different combinations using your surroundings and maximizing your power-ups. Burn the City is fun and challenging and when combined with their playful graphics, it's a great game for any age.
Burn the City


  • 45 levels of pyrotechnic puzzle fun
  • Boost your score by hitting giant wrecking balls, ice slicks, nuclear power plants and other objects to heighten destruction


Burn the City is fun for all ages. Those who love the Angry Birds series are sure to want Burn the CIty on their PlayBook as well. Burn the City is currently available for $0.99 (well worth it) in App World so head on over and download a copy. Let the carnage begin!

Burn the City
by Union

The Good

45 levels of fireball flinging fun and at the cost of $0.99.

The Bad

It's only 45 levels. Hopefully Union will release more levels with later updates.


It's only $0.99 so if you only play it a time or two it's no big deal (I think you'll be addicted right off the bat). Fun for all ages and a great game to have for those moments when you just need to waste some time.

Burn the City

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Reader comments

Create havoc and destruction on your PlayBook with Burn the city


Oh that's fun! Destruction, fire, devastation...and a cute dragon! I'm gonna have a blast with this one!

When we didn't have Angry Bird last year, I paid for this game and conquered all levels at ease. Nonetheless, it's great game, just too short.

45 Levels for .99 cents, don't think I would be complaining, that's a lot of levels looking at the big picture, but know there are gaming nerds that try to beat game in 1 day and that's where 45 levels may not seem sufficient.

Bought it before this review and I loved the game! Great game and great price too! Go get it and support the developer :)