Create animated GIFs on the fly with VideoGIFer

Create animated GIFs on the fly with VideoGIFer
By DJ Reyes on 12 Jul 2014 10:31 am EDT

Animated are all the rage nowadays. I love a good GIF and I follow a couple of great BBM Channels dedicated to animated GIFs. But what if you want to create your own? Or turn a short video clip into a GIF to share with the world? There are websites which allow you to do this but if you want to do it on the fly from your BlackBerry 10 device one popped up in BlackBerry World not too long ago - VideoGIFer.

VideoGIFer let's you create GIFs. Just open up the app and start creating your GIFs. You can choose the aspect ratio for your GIF - 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9. You can switch between the front and back camera, too. Once you're ready to create your GIF, tap and hold the green fingerprint icon on the screen to start recording. Keep holding down for the duration of your recording.

VideoGIFer GIF Options  VideoGIFer Create GIF

There's a red vertical on the left hand side of the screen to show the length of your recording. When you're done recording, your GIF will be processed and you are presented with some details of the GIF like files size, resolution and what you can do with the GIF. Tap OK (tick icon) and you can preview your GIF. From there you you can add text to make an animated GIF meme, edit the frame size and frame rate, save and share as a GIF or save and share as an MP4. You could also just reset and start over.

VideoGIFer Edit GIF  VideoGIFer Text Edit

There are file size limitations for certain social media sites and these are noted in the app description in BlackBerry World. As I mentioned earlier, after you create your GIF you are shown which media sites you can share it to and whether or not it can be used as your BBM avatar. When you're in preview mode you can check back in the GIF properties by tapping the overflow menu (three dots on the bottom right) and then Animated GIF infos.

VideoGIFer GIF Properties  VideoGIFer Overflow Menu

If you have existing animated GIFs, you can load them within the app and add text to them. This feature is only useful with the full version where the VideoGIFer overlay/watermark doesn't get in the way.

Definitely worth a download if you want to create animated GIFs on the fly. What I would like to see is the ability to use existing videos or a clip from a video and turn it into a GIF. Can someone make that happen, please? VideoGIFer is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free to download. The full version costs $1.99.

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Create animated GIFs on the fly with VideoGIFer


Well these useless posts do make me miss Quicksilver

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Jealousy runs rampant in you my friend...... your day will come when you too can claim "FIRST"! Until that day perhaps anger management is the answer.....

Posted via CB10

I can't be jealous of that seriously my friend!!

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Denial isn't healthy.... Let out the fact you envy me. You will feel much better. Trust me my friend.

Posted via CB10

Yeah its good but missing one huge feature!! You can't make a gif from videos you have stored on your device! I want to make Gif's on they fly from ones I've downloaded etc

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Why would that even be a limitation? Is there something about being in the camera buffer vs. Being a saved video file?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Really nice to see a review (finally) for an app that's a native Blackberry app and not an Android app.

You're kidding, right? ☺ The weekly reviews done by Alicia are mostly (if not all) native apps to BB. She does like half a dozen at a time.

Now just need to add pause and re-rexord like vine..and make just a little longer like 15 sec

Posted via CB10

There's always room for improvement but this is a good app and easy to create GIFs in one touch. I've seen other GIF creators that you have to take multiple pictures and then the app puts them together into a gif and has too many steps.

ΛהƊ¥ ®  Z30

I purchased this app simply because it looks and works nicely and it's NATIVE.
Support the Native developers, #TeamBlackBerry.

This is a beautiful, functional, powerful little tool.

Thanks, DJ. Looks like a nice app. I do agree that it needs to be able to create a gif from existing videos.

Posted via CB10

Thanks DJ for the beautiful article!
Agree with you all that it's needed to load an existing video. I'll do my best to implement it, I am starting right now.

Sounds like a pretty cool GIF app. Wouldn't it be neat if we could save a GIF as a profile pic in our contacts?! Imagine having something like Mighty Mouse with his cape fluttering in the wind! Is this possible?

Posted via CB10

Yes, it is possible. Just make your GIF, then save and share it. In the next viewer page you can choose the "Set as" menu entry

This is awesome now all my contacts can have a gif! It's awesome! I'm not gonna tell them I'm filming either!

Q10, Q5, Z30... Damn I love leaks too much!

I keep getting the error "Record for more then one second". I press and hold the thumbprint, the red line goes all the way to the bottom and just stops, then it gives me the error message. On a Z10 STL-100-1,

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded it, if this app could take an existing video and turn it into a GIF that would be awesome and I would definitely drop the coin for it!

Posted via CB10

Gif? What the hell is this freaking 1999? How about we get up to date and develop a webM maker. Oh wait blackberry don't even support such a thing. Starting to get fed up with this shit.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

Webm is a video codec like MPEG1 or MPEG4 bit dedicated for the Web. Though it is developed by Google Inc. , it is open source which means that you don't need a paid licence to be able to view a webm video.

Webm is supported on computers on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

On the mobile front I think it is currently only supported on Android 4.3 and higher.

Posted via CB10

Haters gonna hate?

Some developer realises their project and publish it, and all you find is criticise for mot dealing with your favourite codec?

Besides, who cares about webm, how many websites and sharing services support it apart from Wikipedia and 4chan...

Posted via CB10

It seems some people here are not aware that GIF had a second life on the web since a couple of years ago, and are all over the web again.

Just bought this app, will be good for memes and 9gag posts. But it would be more useful if we could use existing files, indeed.

Posted via CB10 with my Q5SQR100-1/