Have you got the brains to take on Crazy Maths for BlackBerry 10?

Crazy Maths
By James Richardson on 13 Jun 2014 05:46 am EDT

Puzzle time once again in the BlackBerry 10 gaming department. This one is a true test of your brain power and quick reflexes and goes by the name of Crazy Maths.

There are two versions of the app - a free one and a paid pro edition for $0.99. I love it when developers give us the option to try before we buy and it's a shame we don't see more of it. At the time of release it is only all touch BlackBerry 10 devices that are supported, but I have spoken to the developer who says 'Q' series support is coming.

Crazy Maths has a real simple concept. You'll be shown a sum onscreen and you have to choose whether the answer is correct or not by hitting either the tick or cross tabs under the numbers. That sounds easy enough doesn't it? Where the game gets interesting is that you only have a second to make your decision - that'll be why I'm so bad at it!

If your buddies also download Crazy Maths you'll be able to share your high score via any account you have integrated into your BlackBerry Hub - nice.

If you're into this style of mind challenging game then download Crazy Maths (free) and give it a try. The free edition has a popup which makes you wait 5 seconds between games which is slightly annoying, but better than paying the full price to discover you don't like the game. Let us know what you think?

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Have you got the brains to take on Crazy Maths for BlackBerry 10?


The popup at the beginning understandable. A popup after each question effectively capping the game at one question. It doesn't give user any feel for how the game plays.

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It's actually popping up after every game...if it seems like every question, you're either slow or wrong!

Top score of 2 here!

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The addition in the app isn't always accurate. Now that's crazy math.

 10.2.1 on my unlocked Z10

I'd pay big money for a math game app with higher leveled math but simple addition isn't much of a game

Perhaps it "needs" access to shared files permission checked, before it will play. I'll never know - DELETED!

Same here. Denied the permission so the game won't start. Why does this simple game need access to my private files?
Deleted it!

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I actually like this game. A game with real use and every person should have. It's not just about being good in math, it's also exercising the brain. The brain is made up of many different mechanisms.

Constructive Suggestion:
Since people are turned off by math, make it easier for people to play but at the same time become better. There needs to be a way to change the guess times. Maybe something like, Smart, Math Wiz, Math Genius, and Einsteiniest (Albert Einstein level). The higher the level, the faster the guess time.

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I have a Q10, does this mean I'll never get to play this? Or is it just for the time being? I haven't played a game like this and it seems pretty cool to be honest

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You didn't try try this yourself or you are getting paid to advertise it, this is the worst app ever and to feature this on cb. Is diabolical.

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When I open the app, scoreloop forces open and I close scoreloop and the math app freezes. I'm on a Z10

Z10 with OS

The commonly held perspective is that timed math contests like this improve a person's ability to solve simple math problems like the type this game offers (determining whether or not the sum is correct). This is simply not true... more often than not, people who already do not like 'math' further their distaste for it as they are more likely to not succeed in such environments.

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