A crash course in the history of BlackBerry smartphones

By Michelle Haag on 26 Jun 2011 09:00 pm EDT

Ever wonder what the first BlackBerry was, but not interested in reading so much as watching or listening to the information?  Put together by Phones4u, this is a fun look at the history of smartphones RIM has produced. Take a quick tour through the past and see how BlackBerry has evolved over the years. 

Source: Phones4u

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A crash course in the history of BlackBerry smartphones


Is it me or this guy needs to modulate more? I couldn't understand a thing!.. plus if you're making a video about BlackBerry, you should know the differences between the 8300 and the shown 8520, and the 9100 vs the 8100. Just saying.

This video makes the BB sequence of devices look worse than what it is... The trackpad devices in 06' and 07'? I know this video is for reference purposes only but showing not one, but, 2 trackpad devices followed by the Bold 9000 is not cool. I am not taking this seriously, I am just saying. The first 1/2 was informative, I give him that much... lol

The first half wasn't that informative either since it got dates, models and pictures wrong for those e.g. the 5810 was never released in the UK where phones4u are from and the 5820 came out in 2001 initially without any phone support at all as btcellnet wanted to just sell it as a data device back then without subsidising the cost like they did on mobiles.

This video is full of errors and mistakes. They should have asked someone more knowledge about BlackBerry before making and releasing this video.

They couldn't find a presenter who can actually speak properly? His diction is terrible, I could barely understand bits and I'm English.

The rise and fall of the blackberry. same handset used from the start and just change the handset number. since the start they have upgraded camera, added wifi and trackball to trackpad. i hope they get their a$$ in gear and come out with something soon thats current.

lets not forget went from scroll wheel to trackball, added MP3 audio for ringtones, and ui enhancements (although it can be argued just same icons with some polish, but previously there was all icons on screen and scrollable with no wallpapers. Addition of wallpapers led to the bar with only the icons from the top row.)

I like the video but it was FULL of inaccuracies. A rather important one being that push email came to the BlackBerry with the 850 and it wasn't called a BlackBerry 850, it was called a RIM 850. Just two of the glaring examples but there are many more.

They even showed a 6000 series with a color (colour) screen when they were in fact monochrome :-)