Crank up the tunes with Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones

Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation Headset
By Zach Gilbert on 23 Jun 2012 04:31 pm EDT

"Great sound and comfort - two things to expect from the Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation Headset"

In Short:
"Portable, comfortable, and inexpensive"

Should I Buy?
"Solid performance and a perfect match for the on the go individual"

For the longet time, I’ve carried around two devices, a BlackBerry for my communications and an iPod touch for music. Recently I’ve gone 100% BlackBerry for both entertainment and communication, and this means that I’ve also been on the hunt for a new set of headphones. A bit ago I reviewed the RF3 LIVE Natural Wood Stereo Earbuds, and while I love them for around the house, I'm in need of something for on the go. So I turned to the Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation Headset, and I’m impressed. Continue reading to see just how well these headphones worked on a day-to-day basis.

The Review


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There certainly isn’t too much that you can do to headphones, there are two buds and some wires. Though there are subtle changes that can be done to differentiate from that sea of headphones available on the market. The Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones feature an all-metal bud construction, as well as a circular metal pendant that acts as a microphone and a call start/stop button.

Sound quality

Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones img 2 When picking out headphones there should be two main categories that you look at, the sound quality and comfort. The Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones are a bass lovers dream. While their output is restricted to the size of the ear bud, these headphones accurately reproduce bass to provide a well-rounded sound. I wouldn’t recommend these headphones to those who feel that bass is the all important set of frequencies in audio, but to someone who enjoys a noticeable bass tone in their music.

Included in the box

Maximo has included most of the necessary accessories in the box, but they’ve also added a few that most manufactures don’t. Within the box, you’ll find three different ear bud sizes, a carrying case, lanyard, and even a 3.5mm to 2.5mm headphone jack. The conversion jack is so if you’re still rocking that BlackBerry 88xx World Edition you can still listen to some music with style.


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With three various ear buds sizes provided, I found that getting that perfect fit to be quite straightforward. One thing I liked was that I was able to be active and use these headphones and still be comfortable. I tested them while biking and jogging and experianced no issues with the earbuds falling out, or becoming uncomfortable. Now, I’m sure some people may not find their perfect fit, but you have a good chance of doing so.

The Good

  • 3.5mm to 2.5mm converter
  • Three options for ear buds
  • Excellent bass reproduction

The bad

  • Wires tangle easily
  • Angled jack often gets in the way

Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones

The Good

With the added accessories (multiple earbud sizes, carrying case, 3.2mm-2.5mm converter), the quality of the audio coming from the Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones, and the low price these headphones are definitely worth picking up.

The Bad

While the audio quality is actually quite enjoyable, those looking for the top end audio reproduction will have to look else where. The Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones also have wires that tangle quite easily, where as other headphone makers are using flat wires to eliminate this Maximo is still using tubed wiring.


The Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones won't stack up to your Bose or Beats by Dre, but they will hold their own in the price bracket they've been set in. With the ability to find the right fit, and the high levels of base reproduction, your active individual will find these headphones to be an excellent fit.

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Reader comments

Crank up the tunes with Maximo iP-XS5 iMetal Isolation headphones


Finding the "perfect" earbuds/headphones is a tricky endeavour....there's nothing like being able to try out a set before buying....especially for audio enthusiasts. I went with the Klipsch S4 series buds ($70-$100) - were in my price range & the performance is an 8/10. Have never tried the Maximo line, but the sound quality description sounds like the Klipsch's. I'd probably try them out if I hadn't already layed out the $$ for mine. Thanks for the review......

I have the Rockford Fosgate Earbuds I won in a car audio contest they ran sometime about a year ago and there supposed to simulate car audio lows. And they do the job. The normal price is $99 for them and they have the non-tangle style wires. These earbuds look cool especially with the metal its wrapped in,but like he said the jack part at an angle seems retarded especially if you wanna keep your blackberry in your pocket and wire brings back memories of wires constantly coiling up and getting tangled. And tell you the truth $60 is wayy to much for them. Maybe 40 would be normal but $60 is asking for alot.