Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available in App World

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Feb 2010 05:11 pm EST
craigslistmobile app for BlackBerrycraigslistmobile app for BlackBerry

If you're a hardcore Craiglist user and a BlackBerry fan you'll be happy to know that the craiglist mobile app for BlackBerry was finally approved into App World today (we first caught a glimpse of it back in November - check out that post for video). This full-featured app is the "official craigslist app" and was built for craigslist by Movela/Pyxis Mobile. That being the case, the bad news here is that the app carries a price tag of $4.99. It definitely provides a smoother and faster experience than running the mobile website, that's for sure, but may not be worth the $ for those who just check out craiglist from time to time. You can debate that one in the comments or discuss it in the forums!

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Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available in App World


This app will prove beneficial... steep price tag, though.. Why wouldn't .99 have worked? They would have obviously made a pretty penny charging .99!!!

$4.99 is a bit steep. I agree, for .99 I might have bought it, but the website is all text pretty much and in opera or even the native browser the website loads fast and does what I need it to do, and for free!

HA that's crazy!
Here in Canada Craig's list is the worst of all the used sales sites. I'll stick with kijiji, and usedottawa.

I'm pretty sure the price will drop soon, but I have to agree...$4.99 is steep. Should have started with an introductory price.

What a bunch of crap. 4.99 so someone can spam my email don't think so. Opera mini beta2 works really well and I don't have to pay for it.

Listen to all you cheapo's wine about $5 bucks but pay for a blackberry with a data plan without question. I paid $10 for berryweather and never missed that $10. So $5 is nothing, hell I'll even skip breakfast and get this application and save money in the end lol! I use craigslist all the time so it's worth it to me. I wonder what some of you guys are getting your wife/gf for Valentine's day! You guys probably wouldn't even flip for a card!

I can see what you're trying to say, but for most people this doesn't fall into the everyday apps category. An app that I'll use daily can get my dollar at the drop of a hat, but this isn't one of them.

Please! I have tons of paid apps but why would I pay for a shortcut to the internet? Bolt renders Craigslist exactly like it looks on a laptop, I can even call and email directly from the Bolt Browser. No way in hell should anyone pay for this app, you gotta be kidding me.

I have bought tons of stuff from craigslist, from my BMW which I paid 10K for to items as low as $20, so I would use this app everyday. It has just a little more functionality than the mobile site like saved searches, etc. I use viigo to get my saved CL feeds but the pictures don't show and email links arent there so I have to go to the mobile site anyway if I see someting I'm interested in.

I've flat out wasted more than $5 bucks plenty of times on other nonsense. At least this is not some app that was thrown toghether and it's something that I'll use.

So you cheapo's keep whining about the $5. I hope your gf enjoys that snickers bar you're getting her for v-day lol

I say congrats to the Saints. You guys wanted this one and really needed this win.

FWIW The Colts took their rings from winning a past bowl game home. So their are not empty fingered as implied by the Classy fan above. ;)

i bought it. mostly cause i've been waiting for 2 1/2 months for this. yes, you can use the bb browser. but i hate the damn scrolling to try and find the one or 2 things im looking for at the time.

this app is very nice. no scrolling for 30 seconds to hit the bottom of the page, it loads all the pictures correctly, it saves your recent searches and lets you bookmark things to go look at them later. the two things i dont like so far, is that you have to go back to "home" and then hit exit to fully exit the app. and that if you go to post on CL it will open the brower, i would like to be able to post an ad directly in the app. other than that, its a nice app to have.

I agree.... $4.99 is too high for this app. Hopefully the makers will reconsider. $4.99 for QL - no problem, but $4.99 for this, not worth it.

LOL @ mookish! Theres a BIG difference between buying a phone thats you're actually gonna use and a priced app that you MAY use. So if you're so good with money, move on to one of them 1k phones! =) Oh and to your valentines question, I got her plenty of stuff. Im sure most of us will get our valentine's stuff too. So we ain't f'ng cheap...

You guys are going on like this app is being pushed to your device and the lousy 5 bucks is being billed to you. If you don't use CL like that then don't get the app. you guys say that this app does nothing and that the mobile site is the exact same thing yet if this app were free you would have been downloaded it and have been using it over the mobile site. The mobile site is cool but nothing beats a standalone app.

You're an idiot, bragging about a $10,000 BMW, so what. Good for you and your saved searches, it's still just a shortcut to the internet. Standalone apps, as internet shortcuts, are on the way out-get a clue.

I've got the link to my 2 most common CL searches set up in QL. But I can understand CL trying to find a way to monetize the site; it just won't happen with my money.

Plain and simple greed on the part of Craig. He should have funded this app and give it away for free. Is he trying to make his service irrelevant?

A site that that will let you sell a 20,000.00 car and not charge a penny wants to now charge to view their free site on a BB? I'm just sayin'.....

its cheaper than the other one in bbappworld. thats like 9 bucks and stinks on ice.

this one works. and is 5 bucks really a lot to pay to not use the crappy bb browser?

agreed. i browse craigslist every day and this app is phenomenal. i'll glad spend $4.99 and skip my morning coffee for two days to make up for it.

You folks own blackberry but can't spend 5 bucks? You cant all be on your parents plans can you?
I have purchased phones, cars, and campers off CL.
If a 5 dollar app can make it easier to do while on my phone then I'm in.
I'll save MUCH more than that being able to use it and strike while deals are new.
5 dollars too much? really? NOT

I own several blackberry's and yes I can spend $5 and no I am not on my "parents" plan...That has nothing to do with CL charging $5 for an app that clearly should be free. Why treat this app different from the PC...That's like paying for an oxygen tank when the air around you is still breathable and FREE! It just doesn't make any sense!

Tell you what, I will pay $5 for this when CL comes off the web and is replaced with a program that I have to buy, download and install to use the service. Once that happens I will gladly buy the app. Then and only then!

This app should be FREE! More than half of Craigslist is scams and now you want BB users to pay $4.99 for an app that is mostly text online anyways? Paying for this app is a scam. The developers need to make this app free. Doesn't make any sense especially when eBay is free.

Wow, not even a trial either? I couldn't see myself paying more then $1.99 for this, if that. Id rather continue using Opera Mini 2 and the mobile craigslist site until another developer comes out with a free version. Even a free, ad-supported version would be better then a $5 craigslist site with a GUI unnecessarily taking up my memory space.

This would have been a good app to. A shame paid apps are not available in Australia. So much for App"World"...

There are essential Apps, MUST HAVE's that are that price or lower. Craigslist app, while it may be nice, isn't worth 4.99.
Especially without offering a trial of any sort.

(even with a free trial I'm not paying 4.99)
I hope you have a sale or something soon. I'll give you a whopping 0.99 but not 4.99

i agree with everyone that says this should be a free app...u can use any free rss reader to view categories of interest on craigslist for free. why buy something for that

Maybe I missed something but the app to view a free site will cost you $4.99?? That's nonsense. It should be free also.

I've benefitted greatly from the services c-list provides and a lot of people have benefitted from the clothes and winter coats and stuff I've been able to donate to individuals in need that spending a one time $5 doesn't really compare.

For some people it's worth the $5. If it's not worth it to you it doesn't mean it should be free, it just means it's not for you. It's not like they're shutting off mobile access and forcing you to buy the app to use the site.

wtf? im totally on the band wagon on that this should be free... if the site is free, membership is free... and u can search the site for free already on ur bb... why in the world is the app $4.99?

i wonder if i can find it cheaper on cl....

I was reading the article and started to open app world up excited that craigslist finaly had an app. I got to the 4.99 part and closed my app world. What a rip off!

I bought it the first day and it was working great. tonight it kept returning zero search results. Something is wrong with the app from what I can tell.

...of this idea.

Hope the developers are watching this forum. CL is a hit because of it's price structure (job postings cost $, everything else is free).

This isn't about entitlement, and no I'm not on my parents plan. It's about messaging to developers what the market will bear.

It won't bear $4.99.

And if you want to use your Palm or eyePhone then get off Crackberry.

I just did a search for this app in the Crackberry App store and it is available for $2.99. I thought maybe the price had changed so I checked BB App World and it was still $4.99. I thought some people might be interested in this app at a lower price.

another app that is free on the iphone but ridiculously expensive on the blackberry. I refuse to support iphone application development by having to purchase an inferior software.

Are they serious, I mean I know in the world that everyone needs to make a lil money, but $5 for an app to shop.

Wake up Creator, I will use Craigslist from my home computer and shop online with Ebay and Google.

And the best part of this, is that you can't flag posts like you can from the browser. Flagging posts is one of the few things you can do to try and get rid of all the spam on Craigslist - but you can't do it with this.

i just download cl on my bb curve. why is it when i'm in personals i need to type both words to verify i'm human then get a message which i'm suppose to type in the box below to reply to the ad. don't know how to cut and copy on bb so do i have to write down that whole message then type in the box? desktop you just verify 2 words then thats it.