Screenshot your face off for FREE with CrackShot for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2011 01:22 pm EDT

Screenshot apps for BlackBerry are nothing less than abundant. There are various ones, both free and paid, and all get the job done. Where we're partial however is one that is "Crack" branded and sports a badass CB logo. CrackShot does just that -- it's the CrackBerry of screenshot apps -- and we love it. CrackShot has a few different options for grabbing the screen on your BlackBerry. There is a single CrackShot mode that can be accessed from your device menu or via the App Switcher after "arming" the app. Fire off your shot and the CB logo pops onto the device, cracks your screen and grabs your capture -- awesome.

Need to take more than one shot? Use the Multi CrackShot and go on a snapping spree, then disable it again when you're done. CrackShot also puts a sweet CrackBerry watermark on your image so you can show your love of this sweet application. It may sound a bit confusing, but it's all super simple when you get going. There are a few options to change the image format, vibration and help popups as well. Check out the video above for a look at CrackShot in action, then hit the link below to download and for more discussion. If you're looking for simple, no watermark screenshot app, be sure to check out QuickShot (it's the bones of CrackShot) as well. 

Note: CrackShot is currently avaialbe for OS 5 and higher.  It's also still in beta, so should you find any bugs be sure to swing by the forums and let us know.

Many thanks to LSphone for the hard work on this one!!

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Screenshot your face off for FREE with CrackShot for BlackBerry


I feel like such a noob, but when I click on the OTA download, my computer won't put it on my phone , it just tries to open it ? what do I do?

PS< just answered my own post. I just loaded it from the mobile CB, DOH! sorry crackberry nation for the dumb@ss question!

I LOVE CRACKSHOT!!!!!! Thanks LSphone. CrackBerry Screen Caps for the WIN!!

Download it everybody.. download it now. Note.. this is technically in BETA still, but seems to be working all good.

I do not see why the CB watermark needs to be on the CB and all for plugging it & all but defeats the purpose when the watermark obscures a part of the captured image. Is there a way to use CS without the watermark?

quick question guys and gurls: what are some possible uses of such an app? I'm not trying to be an @ss, just can't think of a real world use for it

Best scenario I have used is when you get an error in an app, the developer may want to see what the error was. An easy way to show them what happened without having to try explaining it.

It's very useful when writing instructions on how to do something to actually have screen shots. This way people can read through them and know what to expect, or easily see what step they are on.

I'm still gonna stick with my old CaptureIt app. Not as flashy, but it's free, gets the job done, and no watermarks. Or if I happen to have the phone hooked up to the computer, BBSAK works too. Still, I like the "cracking" of the screen!

Loving this app. So simple and easy to use. Much better than the other ones out there. Love how you can keep the "Multi" option running. Just as simple as holding down the menu key and viola.

Great app Crackberry

Whoa!.. How he heck did you get a red notification icon on the Twitter app icon?.. Mine has never ever shown that before!!!

Didn't see anything about the capability to send the screens via email. QuickLaunch does that and doesn't lose that Meg of app memory this one requires. No watermark to deal with either.

Adam you do a great job with CrackBerry! Great posts and videos. No offense to your coworkers but I like your work the most.

I am on both sides of the fence:

"QuickLaunch does that and doesn't lose that Meg of app memory this one requires."


"Well, it's a bit of fun for CrackBerry fans"

Therefore I will keep it unless memory becomes an issue. It is cute :)

hey there.
it seems nice on video but 1,2 MB for a simple snapshot app..come on... you re killing the previous bb models. i have 9700 and i would not download it because of that..please fix the size of it. others snapshots doesnt take more than 100-150kb..ty

The download size could be reduced by a couple of tricks, but it would still be as large in memory on the phone after unpacking. Unless the graphics are cut down to boringness or BB gets the ability to rotate images on the fly, it'll be big.

i had this on my 9800 but since I upgrade to my new and super hot 9810 ,,,,,,I lost it.......

can someone tell me how to get it back?