Crackle streaming TV and Movies app arrives for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 30 Jun 2013 10:00 pm EDT

If you're looking for some TV shows and movies to watch on your BlackBerry 10 device, Crackle has now opened their doors and released their BlackBerry 10 app for both the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. Even better, Crackle opted to not simply port their Android app but instead build a whole new app for the BlackBerry 10 platform, which is certainly appreciated and they made sure to include all the expected features:

  • Watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV series
  • FREE to download app, FREE to watch
  • Unlimited, on demand viewing
  • 20 new movies and TV episodes added monthly
  • Genres including: action, anime, music, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, and sci-fi
  • Build and manage your Watchlist for viewing on your phone, online, smart TV or gaming console. 

I've been using Crackle for a while now and love the service. Content does depend on what region you live in but the good news is the app is available in over 20 different countries. The app is available now in BlackBerry World, you can grab it from the link below. Minimum OS states 10.0.10, so keep that in mind.

Download Crackle for BlackBerry 10

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Crackle streaming TV and Movies app arrives for BlackBerry 10


Of course it wasn't moron. What do you expect?

Hopefully this app isn't region locked. We got Discovery so I don't mind sharing this app with the rest of the world.

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On second thought... this app IS region locked lol. I feel sorry for the non-US residents.

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I'm in Toronto Canada, I can use it...but selection isn't the greatest, I'd assume the US would have better selection, since it isn't as censored as up here in the north.

Posted via CB10

It does work in ecuador indeed. It's not región locked. Stop miss informing if you aren't sure people.

Posted via CB10

Every single one of his posts are a waste of time. The c rack berry team needs to crack down on people like that. It ruins the experience when someone's constantly calling someone names. But ignorance can't be fixed unfortunately

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

Sorry, guys, I think I was misunderstood, I am from Ecuador, I was trying to say that the app actually works here in my country (in case someone here in Ecuador sees the post), and since Discovery Channel and CNN didn't work I was trying to be sarcastic about us being left behing in my country.

Again sorry if I made someone have a bad time

Lool they arent talking about you. It was twig7 that responded to the OP with "moron"

Posted via CB10

You seem to post nothing but crap. It's funny because you're the moron and just like I said before ...that's a very ignorant comment and you're an embarrassment to the U.S

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Crackle could have quite easily released an 'official' port of the android app for playbook users - one with the correct IAP system in place for people who want to buy the movies etc. Thats what I would have 'expected' by now... although 'hoped' would have been more accurate!


And it was necessary to call him a moron why? You didn't get enough hugs from your mother or something? :-D

Yes. I have had it for a while. Converted the apk of the latest version. Works on PB but not on BB10. I thanked them for the native app for BB10 in the app reviews. We all have to show support for these companies and developers. They support us, we support them.


I love Crackle... Very excited when I saw this article!

Now can sneak in episodes of X-Men anime without wife mocking me.

This is how you CB10, son!

Webstore says min OS is 10.0.10.
So you'll be good to DL after you can update your OS.

This is how you CB10, son!

this is FANTASTIC!. Downloaded app and watched 'Young Guns' on my Z. Net.... who? :-).

We should all thank Crackle for the wonderful job they did with their BB10 app!!!

You need to stop waiting for VERIZON and get in on the leaked .2354 works perfectly for my wife's and my Z10. No rebooting and freezing on my wife's White Z any more.

How the hell are you guys still on 10.0? That’s just ridiculous now! Carrier testing my ass.

US carriers are garbage! Install a leak and stop waiting for those bananas.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Not positive, but I believe that Canada gets the same content as US on Crackle.

Remember that Crackle doesn't have to negotiate for rights. It's owned by Sony and uses content from their catalog (they own Columbia Pictures, among other things).

Netflix, OTOH, needs to negotiate with rights holders for each market.

From the awesome virtual keyboard of my Z10

Bla1ze, good to see Crackle is here...but you should let folks know that it seems to be a 10.1-approved app. The rest of US on 10.0 have a "Unavailable for your device" message pop up.

Not that I'm surprised... Oh well, good to know that it's here.

No, it's 10.0.10 and up.

So only people that can't use are Vzw Z10ers until they get their update from 10.0.9 very soon.

This is how you CB10, son!

I'm on vzw and I got it. if you're still waiting for vzw update then it's no one else's fault but your own. Sorry to be harsh but I'm never waiting for a carrier ever again.

If BB was really serious about having a quality streaming app for BB10 this would have been available at launch. They need to give up on Netflix and go after apps like this, hulu plus, hbo go, xfinity, direct tv etc. Forget instagram and go after Vine/Snap Chat before they get too big/arrogant.

Except that apps are released on an OS when the developers make them available, not when BlackBerry "goes after them". I thought that the CrackBerry nation was smarter than that.

I get what your saying but if BB had better explored their streaming options before launch instead of begging Netflix for a build they would have discovered Crackle and helped them have the app available at launch. That would have been a plus for BB10.

Nah, people would have still been yelling for Netflix except then they would have been saying why is BlackBerry giving us some Netflix wannabe. (not that Crackle's a Netflix wannabe. I'm extremely glad to have it and downloaded it right away).

But I agree with you about going after the other guys. That's actually a pretty good idea. Write in campaign anyone?

Posted via CB10

So, let me get this straight, we have this great, new, free streaming movie/TV app from Sony (and think about THAT for a minute), and your response is to complain that it wasn't here earlier. Have I got that right?

I think the proper way to look at this is that Netflix should be embarrassed that they could not release a native app for bb10 before Crackle did!

"Available for every platform" my buttocks Netflix..

Great job Crackle!

From the ZED via CB10.. booyah!

That's has nothing to do with blackberry. That's crackle that chooses where the content is available.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Oh okay it's just that he's said keep moving sarcasticly.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

This a great app for movies. Love me some Crackle let's go #blackberry10 #keepmoving #moblenation

Posted via CB10 on T-Mobile USA

How are you guys CrackBerry members that don't sideload! I had Crackle on my PB long before BB10 was choice for us.

Just glad to see they've made a native app even though the android port worked perfectly.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I don't get it, what's in it for them? No fees, no advertisements. Why would an app like this exist?

I just watched a Three Stooges episode to try it out, and it's great, I like it, thank you to the developers.

I see ads on Crackle all the time: sometimes they show the same ad multiple times in the same break segment, annoying, but I don't expect copyrighted entertainment delivered without ads... can't skip 'em like you can if you record off of cable or broadcast TV either.

Thanks for the info. I just tried looking around the menus, then a The Three Stooges episode. There were no ads. I'll try a movie next and probably start seeing them.

Crackle doesn't really need to make money. It's a Sony product and gives them a way to promote their content from Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures at minimal cost. You'll note that all content comes with a link to buy the DVD from Amazon.

I have the android port sideloaded and it worked great! Going to see how well this works before a delete my other version.

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Great news. I was just watching a movie from Crackle last night. Now, let's see if redbox will come out with their streaming app for BB10.

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Hi everyone just joined crackberry, I have always had the app and read posts and comments, now I decided to be part of the family, and yea release the crackle lol

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Granted, it's a nice app, and I love how they've made it native, but the movies are all ancient and shit.

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The buffering takes forever but it's free so it's no big deal. BTW several commercials popped up so I'm guessing that's how they keep it free.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Just downloaded and I love it already. App is awesome. Great quality video and audio. Selection is to my liking. Lots of stuff I loved to watch and haven't seen in a while. Stuff I haven't seen yet.

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I was just watching Punisher: War Zone and after the scene when Punisher leaves the Mansion, the movie stops and goes right into a commercial. Then after the commercial it resumes right back, weird. Since it's a free app, I don't really mind. I would recommend listening to the Movie or Show with some Beats headphones.

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I don't mind the ads. I don't mind the selection. Just thankful to have this app. Keep it up!

Posted via CB10

Brilliant unavailable for this device and not found in search. I'm in Qatar but can get all other apps, BlackBerry need to address this same issue which seems to occur for everyone repeatedly, it's rather annoying to say the least!!

Posted via CB10

it's Crackle's fault not Blackberry. App is already available in 20 countries just not Qatar. Petition Crackle to have the app available in Qatar!

I use it all of the time on my Playbook and have for a couple of years. I guess folks are getting a little too app dependent. I simply went on line, bookmarked it in my browser and that was that. Sorry I don't buy the excuse that it wasn't available on the Playbook. BlackBerry has flash so it didn't have to build apps for everything on the Internet like Apple. Still I'm glad it's on BB10....for those that need apps for everything.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. I've been watching crackle on my PlayBook for months. Makes me laugh when people ask for a PlayBook app.

Posted via CB10

Awesome app. And I'm saying this using it from Canada. :)

Just download it. Nuff said.

Posted via CB10

Why are people complaining. It's a free service. Just be happy we have it.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Zomgmgmgmgmgggg but I thought BlackBerry's "Black Friday" was going to stop all apps from coming!!

Posted via CB10

I know. Let's hope the Q10 numbers surprise everyone!! Even BlackBerry management.

Posted via CB10

Just DLd and signed up. Hope it's all it's Crackled up to be! Just added Sanford and Sons to my watch list!

Thanks Crackle and Sony!

Posted via CB10

Got it in Vancouver. Love having another name-brand app at my disposal. Feel much better now then a few days ago.

Posted via CB10

Let's email and thank the company for making native they believe in bb10..........what do you guys should we email and say thanks?

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

I'm sure this would be cool, if only it's available in our country. We may get the BB phones and updates early, but we sure are left out when it comes to the app department.

I'm so happy with this App! I've been hoping and wishing that Netflix would stop hating any day now bit with this app now being native, Ain't NOBODY Got Time To Think Bout Netflix! Haha. Thanks Crackberry team for showing the Crackberry Nation the goods!!! :D

Posted via CB10

Great app. Good for when I am out and bored :). Not a lot of selection but cares really, a few selection is better than no selection at all.

Posted via CB10

Anyone in Canada having problems getting tv shows after creating Crackle account? I get movies but no tv shows.

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Good app. The fact that I can create playlists and watch the movies or TV shows offline when there is no WiFi around is cool. This will work especially fine when travelling on the airplane...I don't have to be subject to the airline's crummy on board entertainment...
The movies and shows that I have available are not censored or edited so I don't know where that is coming from. However if you must by pass age restricted content, then simply register with Crackle and open an account. There is age verification built in the registration form...that should take care of that.

PS Not much to complain have a once per month update of both tv shows and movies...its all free so what is there to complain about!

Posted via CB10

Holy crap I downloaded it last night watches the sixth day and when I got done it power cycled . I unplugged the charger this morning and it started blue screening and powered off. Now it won't come back on at all. How do I wipe it with it dead . I don't want it to go off with my info in it

I'm no expert mind you, but I think you might have to delete it and install it once again. I don't think that your information will go because you have already registered as a user I'm guessing, so the information is already stored

Did you try restarting your phone. Whenever I had some app not work as it should, restarting the phone usually helped. Otherwise I guess you'll have to wait until an update is available for download.

Or you can contact the developer directly or any of the c rack berry experts.

Hope that helps a bit...

Posted via CB10

Oh also...make sure that you have the necessary OS version to run the app. Besides, it was just released today...there are bound to be some bugs...

Posted via CB10

Crackle still not available for my OS. 422. On the Zed. Have to wait for a bit longer I guess.


Beginning of the comment thread was nasty. If your gonna talk crappie, go back to the Apple lounge

Posted via CB10

I may have missed this but is there any way to "Play On" using Crackle? Can't seem to find it. On a similar note what is the "Play On" option available with?


Posted via CB10 app on my Q10

1st I can't can't movies or music in app world because Iam in ireland and now it looks like crackel is the same so is this my carrier or blackberry?

Posted via CB10

Love this App. Never really missed Netflix or understood all the hoopla about it not being available for BlackBerry, because i always thought "who watches full length movies on phone screen"???? But after watching a few 'Sanford and Son' episodes on my Z10, i just may watch movies too on the go on my phone. Well, hope this App puts to rest all the 'no Netflix hold out/detractor crowd.' BTW, if you want more recent fare, why not just rent it from BlackBerry world? And now, any Instagram challenger Apps out there?? Long live BB10

It's what a native app should be like but the titles are dated. All in all, if you don't have a Netflix account, this is ok... somewhat.

I downloaded the app after reading about it on CB10. It works great on my Z10. I connect it to the TV and watch it on the big screen. It is an excellent app!!!

Posted via CB10

Since Crackle works off your WiFi I would recommend you spoof your WiFi connection to the internet so they think your coming from another country like the US and access the movies and or TV shows. I live in Ontario Canada and the selection isn't too bad, I find the older content is better than Netflix.