CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!

It's iPhone 5s launch day but who cares?! You can win a BlackBerry Z30!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 11:13 am EDT

If you're an Apple fan, today is your Christmas morning. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are now available in stores, and the diehards lined up early and waited long hours to be among the first to get their hands on the new phones.

In the world of BlackBerry, right now we're focused on the next big thing - the BlackBerry Z30. Announced earlier this week, when we say the Z30 is a big thing, we mean BIG thing. With a 5" touchscreen display, the Z30 is the biggest BlackBerry we've seen to date. The Z30 will be available in the UK and Middle East beginning next week, and around the world heading into the holiday season.

And because we're CrackBerry and we love BlackBerry and WE LOVE YOU, on this iPhone day we're going to make it EASY for you to enter for a chance to win a free BlackBerry Z30. No waiting in lines. No waking up early. You can enter to win right where you are, right now.



All you need to do to win it is leave a comment on this thread telling us why you think know the Z30 is better for you than the iPhone 5s. We'll run this one up until the end of the month (September 30th) so you'll have plenty of time to get your name in. Unlike our last contest, this one is one entry per person so just leave a single comment.

Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!



Simply said, 10.2 is going to be awesome, plus the quad-core gpu on Z30 will be very nice. The main reason I would still choose BlackBerry over iPhone is Hub and better virtual keyboard.

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I choose Z30 over the iPhone 5S Cuz of the bigger screen, bbm, hub, and USB OTG. I'm a BlackBerry fan and have only ever used a BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Z30 is friendly user same with Z10..its unique and trendy..very fruitfull with features and application..

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Z30 looks sweet- No flash on an Iphone and I've never liked the safari browser. BB browser is excellent.

Absolutely NO iPhone in my house! I'm a "dyed in the wool" BlackBerry fan -- and would LOVE to have a brand new BlackBerry Z30!!! Thanks for giving me -- and everyone else -- a chance to win the most awesome BlackBerry phone ever!

Would LOVE one!

You know BlackBerry and the Z30 are better than Apple & the iPhone 5s / 5c when they have to copy BlackBerry on their new OS!

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Im new to blackberry but I LOVE IT!!!! I traded In my two month old Iphone 5 to verizon for my white Z10 that I have not put down since. The hub integration is unlike anything else out there. I have instant access all of my emails, text, and social apps in one place.With the Z30 you get bigger screen, BB10.2, better battery life. You ultimatly get a better SMART PHONE. Z30 PLEASE CHOOSE ME.

Please I want the Z30 more than the 5s simply because I'm a BlackBerry fan girl and always will be, no matter how girly the ios7 becomes.

The amount of added bonus features the Z30 offers over the iPhone 5S is why I want it. USB OTG? Check. Bedside Mode? Check. Easier functionality when plugged in to a PC? Check.

No need for iTunes!

Plus BB10 flows smoother than iOS7. Heck, they need to pull down the Notification Center in order to skip tracks. Me? I just use the volume rocker. =D

Z30 all the way!

Both phones have style but Z30 has a lot more. It also has the efficiency that the fruit-made thing and any other robot has. BlackBerry is the best!!! #BlackBerryForever

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Just because it's BlackBerry, it was my first phone and it will be my last. The Z30 and future BlackBerry phones will live on!

Posted via White Z10

There cannot be a comparison made between a BlackBerry and an iPhone...
iPhone is just something that is simply too overrated, overpriced and comes with a ton of restrictions...yet people are dumb enough to go after it, we BlackBerry addicts weep for them...
As for our beloved BlackBerry 10 device, it's a free flowing device, we can do so much with many possibilities....yet people do not understand what they are missing out...
Maybe with the #BBM4ALL will give them a taste of our awesomeness! ;)
And so, again I quote, this is the reason why there cannot be a comparison made between a BlackBerry and an iPhone!

Posted via CB10

wow.. 40 mins.. and already 972 comments.. I was wondering how Kevin, can always give away phones.. then i saw on twitter hey spent 1500 to buy this guy's spot on the line for a gold iphone.. lol..


The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5 because first and foremost, it doesn't look like a clown threw up on it.

Z30 is just elegant and more dependable than the 'S'ame phone they are offering. BlackBerry 10 keeps me moving, faster and far way better than iPhone users.

Posted via CB10

Because I'm supporting my Canadian company, I've always had a blackberry and will continue to support them win one or not, i will have a z30 on launch :)

Posted via CB10

First and foremost is that iPhone still relies on that archaic space taking home button. And the colours are just so ugly!!

Posted via CB10

A few reason why z30 could be a better choice for me:

- screen size, perfect- can't type on an iphone, well it's just not comfortable enough
- bb10 experience, swapping gestures are big step into the future
- security
- bigger battery
- more innovative, there are not much changes to the ios apart flat design and colours
- better antena
- all its just a swape away:-)

USB OtG, NFC, screen size, bb10, the list goes on..... I want a Z30! Z10 would go to the wife to replace her 9850.

Posted via CB10

Bigger screen. Best os in the mobile game period. Better Multi tasking experience. Better BBM experience. Ultimate messaging system. Looks better. Upgraded antenna tech. Better browser. Toast notifications with ability to reply. 3 speakers. Bigger battery to keep all the fun going. It's built to give you the ultimate everyday work/play experience all around. And last but definitely not least, as a true BlackBerry, IT HAS THE BEST KEYBOARD AND TYPING EXPERIENCE ON GLASS EVER!!!!

BlackBerry 4Life

Why do I want a Z30???

What's not to like about the Z30! 5" screen. USB Host support (which will definitely get used). DNLA, Wifi-Direct and MiraCast. Bridge. NFC - something I didn't know I was going to like using so much until I started using it (iPhone people miss out again). Full BBM right out of the box (groups, channels, voice, video). Remote file access baked right in. There's so many things to like!

I hope I win. If I don't, this beast will still be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine...

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This would be awesome!

My reasons why the Z30 would work well for me:

1) My Z10 is just a little small for my hands,
2) I want to have the best phone in the office,
3) I want to listen to music with an acceptable level of quality, without headphones or external speakers.
4) I could transfer my Z10 to my wife who would love it, and would fit her perfectly.

I was pretty sure that I didn't want a Z30 when it was first said to come out. Then I saw the specs and the actual device and I think that the phone is beautiful! Instead of very minor updates to the specs (5s has such minor changes just to be marketable the way that Apple can do so well) the Z30 looks like a fantastic overhaul to an already amazing device (Z10)!

The size looks right. The Z10 can feel a little small when viewing websites and using the keyboard. The Z30 obviously would have the real estate to be a comfortable experience.

People are always wowed by the Z10, I think having the Z30 out in the public would wow them even more.

Great phone, and do want!

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better than the iPhone for many reasons, but my favorite reason is the BlackBerry 10 OS. Peek, flow, and the hub are game changers.

Posted via CB10

I would love to win the Z30, because I know the device is innovative and knows what I need as a consumer. Hope I win and I'd I do I would show off the device and spread the world that they made a mistake giving up on BlackBerry

What moves you my Z10 | BBM Channel C000E8328

Why is the Z30 better for me than the iPhone 5s.... lol because any BlackBerry is better than an iphone!!!

It's bigger, more Ram, new antenna technology, USB on the go, bigger battery, Bb10 OS, HDMI out, and isn't an IPhone!

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Z30 is better than iPhone for many reasons. But for anyone that wants to keep the phone longer than 1 year, removable battery is a big reason Z30 is better than iPhone. Plus better browser too!

Posted via CB10

Wow, every amazing phones get his own characters, just like humans! blackberry 's is the one that I chase for always! I love that feeling, i love the new baby of blackberry -- Z30 !!! Inevitable gift in my life!

Posted via CB10

I know the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s/C because I am known as Captain Awesome amongst friends and Captain Awesome would never be seen with an iPhone!!!!

Easy, BB10 OS kills iOS in almost every way. Not to mention the bigger screen on the Z30 for consuming media, the stereo speakers and large battery.

No contest the Z30 wins!

I think BlackBerry is for those who truly see the value of something, and not just follow what the crowd says is good.

Posted via CB10

Hmm, faster processor, bigger screen, more ram, more secure, BBM isn't an addon, BlackBerry doesn't have a cult following and, the reason the Z30 is better is because it was thought up by Canadian Minds who actually know what they are doing.

Besides the fact that 30 is a larger number than 5 (haha), the fact that it's a Canadian made product just makes it that much better.

Z30 is better for me because size does matter sometimes... Give me screen real estate and battery life!

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s because my hands won't get cut off if someone wants to steal my phone.

Posted via CB10

I made a contribution to the BlackBerry stock by purchasing the z10 which helped save the name of BlackBerry. I think I'm well deserving of the z30. Point Blank.

Posted via CB10

This one is easy... the Z30 is just WAY cooler than the iPhone 5S, actually than every iPhone... EVER. There's already everything said with the numbering: 30 is six times five - kind of obviously expressing the coolness factor of a Z30 comparing to a 5S. #bb4life

Z30 is better for me because.... it has all the power of my Z10 (and more!), in a much bigger screen! I'm planning on growing old with my BlackBerry devices and I want something I don't need glasses to use.

The Z30 Tops the iphone 5s/c hands down. The Z30 features are what I want in a phone that get things done!! BB10 OS is new and fresh iOS is dated and lacks innovation.

I think Androids and iPhone are like cats and dogs.. they're everywhere.. i'd prefer the tiger. Z30 looks so great.. and i'm sure it'll feel much better. And would love to live it. Live with it. :

BlackBerry is better because they are innovators, mac, it's products, and it's users are simply followers.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

I forgot to say whyyyyy

I think the z30 is better for me than the iPhone because of the notification LED. I'm always on the go and needing no more than a quick glance to check if I'm needed is invaluable

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Z30 has more beautiful display and it is AMOLED. It has expandable memory, and better battery than the iToy. I think the design is great, and really hope i would be able to met the new BB10 OS soon!

Because it's not overkill on rainbow color abuse. Seriously, the settings menu on iOS 7 is acid trippy...

Also because I got hooked on BlackBerry...even if they do let down sometimes.

Hey Crackberry, thanks for the chance to win a Z30, muchos appreciados (which I assume is not real Spanish, but this friend of my cousin's girlfriend knew a dude who worked for his uncle's sister-in-law that used to say it all the time, and I'm told it sounded cool).

The z30 is better for me than the iPhone because blackberry 10 is much more appealing to me than the boring iPhone that gets "upgraded" every year

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Z30 looks hot with hotter specifications + Has All Basic features like 'bluetooth' unlike iphone 5s!

Posted via CB10

3 facts that easily tell me that the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s:

1. The Z30 runs BLackBerry OS 10.2, the iPhone 5s runs i POS 7
2. The Z30 has a noticeably larger screen
3. The Z30 is a tool, not a toy!


And about Z30 vs Iphone5s:
1. 30>5
2. BBOS10>>iOS7
3. BBM>iMessage
4. BBM is going multiplatform... iMessage is not...
5. Better typing experience.
6. Bigger screen
7. BB>>Apple

And I could keep going for a while...

Plain and simple! I am Canadian and so is least for now. And then there is the picture that will not leave my mind which makes me unable to ever use any Apple device, the mere memory of Apple factory workers plunging to their deaths...from the factory where they worked, because their working conditions were so horrible they were compelled to commit suicide. No, no i-anything for me. thank you.

Posted via CB10

Omg i want one!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme that 5inch of swiping goodness!!!!

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

Unlike the iPhone, the BlackBerry Z30 can get things done. That's why #ichooseblackberry and why I would love to win a Z30!

Posted via CB10

When there is nothing in the top ( head ) the endeavour is to somehow sit in the lap. Fits iPhone5s and it's gimmicks like fingerprint sensor. It's a failure actually. And Z30 will sell on its merit, awesome user experience. And above all its from BlackBerryQNX. It's a no contest. Now pleaseeeeee give it to me. I want that gem.


Why the z30 is better than the iphone 5s?
I could write a whole book about that. :D
First of all, it's powered by bb10, and that means FAST, PRODUCTIVE MULTITASKING

BlackBerry is best, would only go to BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard. It takes an age to type on the iPhone! (for me!)

Posted via CB10

The z30 is better than the iPhone because it actually has a refreshed os and it works a whole lot better without the frustration ios gives me.

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better because it is a BlackBerry 10 device. I prefer BlackBerry 10 devices to other smartphones.

Posted via CB10

Oops. Forgot to post why the z30 is better than the iPhone 5s. It runs bb10 10.2! Nuff said!

Posted via CB10

Bigger screen, better OS. Way more secure. The reasons are endless.

It's also not an apple product, that helps a lot.

Pretty please I want a Z30? Good kick to everyone!

Posted from the Shield Helicarrier

I have concerted 36 of my friends so far to the Z10. With a Z30 I could convert at least triple that and more. Changing lives since the release of my Zed 10.

#BBM4ALL #ibelieveinBBRY

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Z30 for me cuz the phone is more useful than iphone. I love my z10 and it's gestures and can't even fathom going to iPhone.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Big screen has a lot of demands for now, that is a good market strategy, especially after some decline from 5S launching. I don't think we need fingerprint for now, iOS7 sure has a great color and features, but it lacks several things from the real world itself like security issue... I'm pretty sure BlackBerry + Z30 will catch up, mainly for working person.

Channel : C000FA856 | Z10STL100-3/

I love you BlackBerry, I Love you Crackberry, I love my wife. Please win me a Z30 to rescue her from the Google robot.

Posted via CB10

I definitely want to win this and I want to get one for my hubby, too, to replace is Torch. The Z30 is definitely better than the Iphone because it has an SD card, so I do not have to deal with Itunes, it has flash support, it is well made, and it's not an Apple product!!

I could really use a Z30. I'm getting older and my eyes don't work so good any more. I currently have a Z10, which I love, but a little bit bigger screen would really help!

The hub, push notifications and being a canadian company. That's what makes the Z30 better than iphone5s

Posted via CB10

BB10 is so much better than iOS 7 to get your work done. The Z30 looks better than the iPhone!
Blackberry is the absolutely best for communication

Seriously who wants a useless finger print scanner which Iam sure will be another flop like siri and the same features as a iPhone 5 when the z30 has a 5 inch beautiful display ,natural sound ,10.2 and many more! Who.wants anything else!!!!

Posted via CB10

I don't know how good is iPhone because I don't care... but I know that BlackBerry is much better then any iPhone and any other...

Posted via CB10

Kev, We share the same name dude :) You having one should be synonymous with me having one. You DO want one, right?

Because no one can bypass/exploit my password lock or lock screen. The multitasking, with toast notifications allows me to respond quickly without leaving the application I'm currently using. The Hub = nuff said! No phone can come close to that. The Z30 will be great at one thing other phones aren't as good at, being a great phone before anything else!

Posted via CB10

As I have been using the Z10 since its release, the Z30 would be a great step up in the Blackberrry World. Thanks for the opportunity to get a chance to win one of these new phones!

I would love a z30 rather than an iPhone as I want to be different. Not only do I prefer the experience of bb10 but I don't want to follow the pack, I don't want to become a clone.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is WAY better than the iPhone because......
1. The Z30 is new and different for BlackBerry, whereas the iPhone is the same thing over and over again. and again.
2. The Z30 features a whopping 2880 mAh whereas the iPhones battery....... not so much
3. The Z30 continues the BB10 tradition with no home buttons on the phone, a very sexy approach. iPhone is always the same.
4. The Z30 has expandable memory while the iPhone just can't compete
5. The Z30 is a Blackberry.

Z30 is better for me because I'm not invested in any of Apple's ecosystems and the bigger screen would be great.

Posted via CB10

This is at last the Blackberry i've been waiting on. Bigger is always better in my book, also with the added feature of USB external memory devices supported. ye that's my baby. Now give it to me. :)

Gimme gimme!!! Z30 please! It should have been the one out of the gate first. Love my Z10 but would be madly in love with my Z30!

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better than the iphone 5s because:

Larger Screen Real estate
Quad Core Graphics
Natural Sound Speakers
Massive battery
and last but not least IT'S A FRIGGEN BLACKBERRY!

Why is the Z30 better then the iPhone? Simple even my Z10 blows away apple fans on average.

Posted via CB10

Why the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s....simply because its a Blackberry 10 smart and big phone with all the goodies of 10.2...Also I love to have a smartphone with the best sound quality...

The Z30 is faster than 5s/5c. Even Z10 is faster than 5s/5c. Bigger screen, etc.

BlackBerry 10 is what doers want. And I am a doer not a iSleeper.

Posted via CB10

BB Z30 is awesome, massive screen, sleek internals (not to mention a kick ass GPU), all wrapped up in a bad ass phone.

If I was seen walking around the neighborhood with a Z30 it would put a smile on the Blackberry employees that live in my town outside of Waterloo. They could use something to smile about lately..... Oh and I would be smiling too with 5" screen!

I know the blackberry z30 is better for me than the iphone 5s because of its bigger and long lasting battery which keeps me moving all day.also because of blackberry's enhanced and improved security....

Hi, just wandered over to this site; and I must say you are being very generous with this giveway! Main reason to prefer Z30 over 5S is that it is more user friendly in my country and also has NFC and multitasking which 5S doesn't. And, It also comes in Black, Hell Yeah :)

The Z30 is the best choice for serious users, because the BB10 OS is designed to have all of your accounts and services at your fingertips. It offers the best possibilities for having one device as your go-to device for anything and everything in your professional life, it has the most accessible interface, and adds a great deal of social options too.
iOS is nice for show and tell: it offers a good deal for "the whole family", with a childish look-and-feel. In doing so it does not excel in any particular area, and this makes it a more difficult device to work with.
Having a mediocre experience all around (iP5s), or having your own personal assistant designed for your daily life (Z30); that is the choice and #IChooseBlackBerry10 !

Just to add to this: A Z30 will fit in any set-up at home and work no matter which brands you are using; TV, music, car, PC, tablet etc.
An iPhone 5s will pretty much lock you into Apple-products for most of those things, if you wish to use the full functionality.

I want.
And the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S for basic reasons, if we're being honest. Phone wise, they have remained the same and haven't really pushed anything worth going "wow" about... (touchID is cool, but its not a "wow" factor imo) and OS wise, the iOS7 is wonderful but I honestly believe BB10 (well, 10.2) is better simply because of the features it offers.
App wise, Apple wins (and that's the only front they win. I'm pretty sure if BlackBerry had the same app support, they'd be winning this mobile phone race and leaving others in the dust)

That's what I feel... (One can only to win now)

Bigger screen, expandable memory, bigger battery capacity, better antenna, reply to a BBM WHILE I'M STILL IN AN APP!!! I want this. Please give me.

Well... The Z30 is better because it doesn't have the 80s pastel colors, 25 hours of mixed use time, bigger screen, USB otg, gestures, keyboard, quad core GPU and that's just to name a few!


But the main reason the Z30 is better than an iPhone is simple... it's a BLACKBERRY!!!

Posted via my  Z10 -

My birthday is in November, turning 55 so big screen would be an awesome phone to win :)

Posted via CB10

The blackberry is a busy tool as for the iPhone is a toy and now looks even more like a toy with the new update !!

Posted via CB10

I have the Z10 and have always had a blackberry...I'm on a four day working vacation in Cancun. I'm closing orders and prospecting while on the beach. I've done video calls to the office and family.... my 14 year old has the z10 also and now all his friends want it because they can sideload.... amazing when the world learns about blackberry and can instantly forget about iPhone. I couldn't do what I have from any other phone and I would love to win the Z30 so I can show it off to more people and bring more fans and users to blackberry. Best part is my nephew worked to buy his phone...

This would be an amazing win!

Z30 - try staring at a 4" phone for 3 hr on a flight or while reading blogs. You will go blind at any age. :)

Gives new meaning to what you mother said... stop that or you will go blind ;)

BlackBerries are better for you than apples. and taste better, and feel better in the hand and .......

I'm not a Dr., and I want a Blackberry Z30! ;)

I want a Z30 so my friends can stop sending me links to cats using the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S/5C.

I want one because I love BlackBerry more than my girlfriend... okay... almost!
But still, I love this beautiful OS that blew my mind! This is better than what Apple will ever create! BlackBerry Z30 & BlackBerry 10 is just the best in the market even the sales aren't well... hope people will recognize that BlackBerry is hotter than ever before!

Posted via CB10

Switched from iPhone to Z10 and will never go back. An iPhone is an iPhone and nothing changes. Bring on the Z30!

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better for me, than the new iphone, because I need security,an integrated inbox, multitasking, style, intelligent word prediction and the ability to get more done.

I want a Z30 because I want to do useful thing on my phone, not just play games and look at the colors and shiny features of the iPhone

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better than the iPhone 5c or 5s because it has better features than the iPhone, Native BBM, best On-screen keyboard in the business, better sound than the HTC One, Blackberry Hub oh yeah and its Canadian!

Oh, man, I want a Z30 because of the bigger screen, stereo speakers, 10.2 OS, and faster processor! While I love my Z10, the Z30 will be an even better BlackBerry! BlackBerry 4 Life! xD

Posted via CB10

Been to iphone then android, they both have their plus factor but considering they have been in the market for years, theyre quite actually left behind in terms of innovation comparing to blackberry's. Yes blackberry 10 may have some bugs here and there, but then its still a growing up OS. What if BB10 started the same time with ios and androi, who know how far advance Blackberry OS would be now.

Go blackberry go Z10 and now go go Z30!

Z10 STL100-2

Why z30 and not iphone
Well because everybody eat apple but only higher échelon person eats blackberries

Posted via CB10

How the Z30 is better? Too many to list, the simplest way to put it is the logo on the back cover is the BlackBerry logo.

Posted via CB10

I like the screen real estate and I love my Z10. I can only imagine how cool the Z30 will be!

The iPhone seems so old and has never really interested me. Even when it was cool.

BlackBerry always makes me productive and has most of the apps I REALLY need...i seem to survive without 40 different toilet paper rolling games to choose from.

From my Z10 via CB10

I need a professional well sized phone. One that is practical fast and multitasking. Without all the useless apps.

Posted via CB10

I would like to win this because I'm a very big blackberry fan. As I try to move away from IPhone. I find myself back on the platform. I returned my z10 because of short battery life and apps. With the z30 I wouldn't have to worry about either with improved battery life and android runtime along with BBs apps. It's time for you to help me! Bring back my buddies to blackberry and z30 will do the trick.