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CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!

It's iPhone 5s launch day but who cares?! You can win a BlackBerry Z30!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 11:13 am EDT

If you're an Apple fan, today is your Christmas morning. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are now available in stores, and the diehards lined up early and waited long hours to be among the first to get their hands on the new phones.

In the world of BlackBerry, right now we're focused on the next big thing - the BlackBerry Z30. Announced earlier this week, when we say the Z30 is a big thing, we mean BIG thing. With a 5" touchscreen display, the Z30 is the biggest BlackBerry we've seen to date. The Z30 will be available in the UK and Middle East beginning next week, and around the world heading into the holiday season.

And because we're CrackBerry and we love BlackBerry and WE LOVE YOU, on this iPhone day we're going to make it EASY for you to enter for a chance to win a free BlackBerry Z30. No waiting in lines. No waking up early. You can enter to win right where you are, right now.



All you need to do to win it is leave a comment on this thread telling us why you think know the Z30 is better for you than the iPhone 5s. We'll run this one up until the end of the month (September 30th) so you'll have plenty of time to get your name in. Unlike our last contest, this one is one entry per person so just leave a single comment.

Good luck!


I need a new Blackberry my 9700 is on it's last leg!


The Z30 is better because it has a far superior keyboard, NFC, Full Blow BBM, larger screen, hdmi out and more secure, newer better OS!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry rules!!!

Posted via CB10


Because I need bigger screen for watching porn! ... Did I say porn? I was about to say for work!


Z30 > iPhone 5S because BB10 is the best OS ever

Posted via CB10


Oh yes please!!!!

Posted via CB10


The z30 is Way better than the iPhone 5s because the new z30 is a true upgrade, unlike the 5s which is the same exact device with a name change and a software that has features that were taken from bbos.
The z30 is bigger than the 5s and may come only in16gb but it has a SD slot. The 5s and the previous 5 64GB's price is ridiculous if you ask me... just saying
Also the z30 will come in with tons of new features I won't be able to remember all while the 5s' features you can count with a hand.
Remember the huge screen!! Oh and also there is no home button on the z30 while the 5s is the same old thing
Good luck to me and everyone else
I've been participating on every contest available to me and I haven't been lucky, I wish this is my lucky posy. :D

Posted via CB10


Bigger screen. Better than iPhone. Would love to get my hands on one :)

Posted via CB10

Zedi Master

I think it's pretty simple for me. The Z30 is better for me because it carries the great OS that is BB10. Until Apple makes a BB10 handset.....and even then it may not be the same.

Posted via CB10


Because it is Blackberry and Apple, what more reason do you need! Besides the BB10 interface with true multitasking and hub is much better than the new Easter Theme Apple calls ios7.


I want to win this time :-D


Sweet love!!!! I am in!!!!


The BlackBerry Z30 is better than an iPhone 5s because it is NOT an iPhone 5s.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Z30 better than the iPhone? How? In every way possible! I'm aloud to think for myself on my blackberry and not do what apple says I have to!

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is just a better overall phone.

Posted via CB10



It ain't EZ being BB


Simple answer, Z30 is better than iPhone 5s because It's using BB10 OS. Best OS so far! #ichooseblackberry10

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is better than the iPhone because of the size and fluid communication capabilities. Would love to have one.

Posted via CB10


Z30 is better because bigger is always better.
Bb"10" > ios"7"
5"> 4"
Z"30"> iPhone "5"s

As u can see... z30 is better in all categories. #teamblackberry

Posted via CB10


I DO want a Z30. It's a BlackBerry all the way!!


East or West My B’Berry always now even bigger best see you soon Z30

I have a phone

Because I want a 5" screen

Posted via CB10


The z30 is better than the iPhone 5s and 5c because spec wise the z30 has a quad core processor and the iPhone has a dual core and battery life for the z30 is rated at 25 hours (with mixed) and the look of the z30 looks more professional and business oriented than the iPhone's where it was made toward little kids and that someone from fisher price made the os. Lool

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is better because it is a BlackBerry. Nuff' said.

Posted via CB10


The BlackBerry Z30 is way better than the new iPhone simply because it doesn't look like a toy.

Posted via CB10


The z30 is better for me because I know that blackberry is built around being able to do more. It really keeps me on the ball as a full-time student.


It's better because I played with it before it was released and it is awesome!


BlackBerry is better because it is. It doesn't need a reason for it. Z30 for me. Quickly please!!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.


What makes the Z30 so amazing is the same element that makes the Z10 and Q10 so amazing, and that is the BB10 OS. Since owning my Z10, multitasking is effortless, and the time to achieve and complete any task is easily cut in half. The photo’s the new phones take are amazing, and the editing features are invaluable. The Z30 is a step above the awesomeness of the Z10 mainly due to its 5” SuperAMOLED screen, 3 speaker system, and dual-core 1.7 GHz processor. I have been a fan of BlackBerry even through the Storm debacles, and I’ve remained a devout PlayBook owner while others abandoned and left for the iPad. What makes it better than the iPhone, though? Everything! During the past 6 years since its initial release, the iPhone is relatively unchanged, both in hardware and software. BlackBerry has innovated and transformed their brand and devices more in the past 12 months than Apple has in the past 6 years. Apple still doesn’t understand the essential elements, like larger screen, multitasking between apps, and expandable memory. The new BlackBerry 10 devices are like having a small computer in your hand – and the Z30 will just feel more like a smaller, yet larger, mini-computer in my hands. Whether I win this contest or not – I will own a Z30.


Bbm, BlackBerry bridge updated, 10.2, bigger screen, nfc, BlackBerry style keyboard, hub, just to name a few.


Please please please kevin choose me I want to gift my sister a BlackBerry 10 phone and I can't afford one for my sister...she has started hating her iphone after seeing my BlackBerry z10.....she is going abroad in November...this is the gift I want to gift her....please kevin please help me by choosing me

The best phone in the world


This is miiinnnne

Posted via CB10


It's Hotter then iPhone, bring it on.


5 inch me please!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is better for me than the iPhone because gold is for attention seeking posers and I'm a ninja and stealth is everything to us.

Posted via CB10


I want one to go with the q10 my wife has and my Z10. Maybe my son would drop his android and come over to the light side if I gave him the Z30.

Sent from my Awesome Z10


Better for me than an iPhone 5s? If it's down to one reason it's now the availability of full Bridge functionality. If it's down to two reasons it's the keyboard, I can't see iOS7 even coming close. It it's down to 3 reasons it's because it's a BlackBerry, I been using one since the 9000 days and I trust them implicitly.

I could go on, but I won't ;)

Posted via CB10


Would love to win this. Why a Z30 over the 5s?Simple!!! The Z30 is a BlackBerry!!!

Posted via CB10


Because that screen and sound rocks :)

Posted via CB10


Because it'd just better in every way

Posted via CB10


Z30's bigger screen and Hub is differently a huge plus for me over the iphone 5s! :)


The Z30 is better than the iPhone because the iphone is tiny, in comparison to the Z30. I have a Z10 right now and i honestly think that the Z10 is fun to use, closing my apps, entering the hub, running several apps all at once and intuitively, that ls an experience no other mobile company can claim to have on their devices including the iphone. And most of BlackBerry is still canadian, i am Canadian and that is why it's better than the iPhone.

Posted via CB10


Simple: I can browse the Internet without ANY restrictions including full Flash support.


The screen and the battery life much better than iPhone 5s

Posted via CB10


Wow! I'm in! Z30 rulez!!! :)

Posted via CB10


Best phone ever!

Posted via CB10


5 inches is all you have to say. But there is so much more. BB10.2 is great and it will only get better.


Better Software, plain and simple, better key bored, better multitasking, better browser and the better fan base :)


Just pick me you know I deserve it!!

Posted via CB10


Oh and because I don't want to be part of a flock of isheep.

Posted via CB10


The iPhone doesn't get BB10, it can't compete! And it comes in gold... That's why I want a black Z30.


The Z30 is WAY better for a Business primary device for me. The 5S just feels so bland being the SAME form factor as the 5. I want the Z30!

Posted Via CB10 on the BlackBerry Q10


Bigger screen, better keyboard and more secure!

Posted via CB10

Daniel Montanaro


Posted via CB10


The Z30 is simply better because it is bigger, it has longer battery life, it has stereo audio, it has USB host mode, it has a better keyboard. And above all, it does not comment in gold. So gimme that Z30!

I am Zeeing things. There I Zed it.


awesome. I want to win it


The Hub alone has made this a fantastic phone for ADD-like tendencies. Not to mention that BB10 is a breath of fresh air, performance-wise. Now if they could just add a better design overlay for it that would be great. But for a v1 OS, it's fantastic. Remember folks, iOS didn't even get cut and paste and MMS support until v3.

Posted via CB10


I've always loved blackberry, and would love to have the latest and greatest!


Simple really......iphone is Apple BUT Z30 is BlackBerry

Be the best, choose BlackBerry, choose Z30

Posted via CB10


I would love to win this. Be the first in Barbados to have one.

Posted via CB10

BA Baracus

Would love a z30! Bigger screen and better specs makes me want to trade up from my z10!


Z30 is better for me because #IChooseBlackBerry than any brand. BlackBerry all the way!


Can't wait to get my hand on this bad a$$ phone!!! Winning wouldn't hurt either!!! Common Z30!!!

Posted via CB10


One reason. BlackBerry. Nuff said. Have been BlackBerry since my first Curve. This would be amazing.

Posted via CB10


Please! Then I can pass my Z10 to my daughter and we will all have BB10 phones!

Posted via CB10


This would be the gift present to get for the holiday season. And also make the ones who have the iphone 5 jealous. Long live BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


I want the new Z30 because I think it could be a game changer for blackberry. It has the same high end look and hardware that the Q10 has. I'm loving the look and specs. This would really make my year! Please give me an early christmas! lol

Posted via my Q10.


I think the Z30 is better then the iPhone 5S simply because everything that's been baked into blackberry for years apples has copied. If blackberry had all the apps the iPhone have blackberry would be the iPhone killer. So with that being said I think the iPhone 5S is a blackberry in a different shell with more apps. Now give me my Z30 please.

Posted via CB10


I never win anything on CrackBerry but hey its worth a try... pick me ;-)

Posted by my Z10 on CB10 app

Upreti Saroj

Awesome. I have z10 but I want z30!!

Posted via CB10


Here's my rundown of why the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S: it's got BB10, better screen, biggest battery, microSD support, usb on the go, carbon fiber back (wayyy better than champagne color, lol), you can get the CB10 app ;) and most importantly, It does not look like a dinky-toy! I want one please!!!


That's a no-brainer!!! Blackberry Z30 is better than an iPhone because it is a Blackberry Z30, not an iPhone!!!

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because the level of innovation and sophistication put into the Z30 are greater than the aging iPhone design!


Count me in, it would be an awesome development tool


The best Phone ever...w/o keyboard :)
Will love one!


Z30 ftw... better screen, os, SD cards, security.... do I need to go on. #teamblackberry

Posted via CB10


Crackberry gifts are the best!

Posted via a 10.2 Z10


Simply said. Made for fun, so there is no need of video format conversions and flash support rules the webvideo browsing and streaming.

Posted via CB10


I want this incredible Z30. A brilliant hardware with one of the best OS. In the comparison the Iphone looks like a toy with a restrictive OS, which has security vulnerabilities.

Posted via CB10



Would love the Z30 cause it's a better device hardware wise, and the OS speaks for itself. Miles ahead of any iOS...

Eduardo Alvarado

Z30 can handle my music, videos, and documents with its big screen and expandable storage. The 5S not so much.

Posted via CB10


The iPhone 5s doesn't provide me any benefits compared to the Z30. I want an OS that allows me to respond to messages from anywhere in the OS or any app. I want to be a to respond to messages from the lockscreen. I want bbm channels and video/screen share. Iphone 5s is for children. Z30 is for mature adults. Please Z30 me.

Posted via CB10


Bb10 OS is far more better than iOS7 !!! I want itttt

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is better in every way, size and OS!!!!

Posted via CB10


I know the Zed 30 is better for me that the iPhone 5(mes)s because it has a better browser, flash, the hub, better at multitasking, a better messaging app (BBM), if developers gave us the popular apps (without sideload) it would be arguably the best smartphone on the market, and simply if the President (BO) and other presidents, CEOs, and the military/gov't use BB, then I want to feel as important and secure as they do with their device. I rather support a company that is working at trying to get their base back and give us a good product than support a company that is huge and doesn't use their earnings, sitting on their hands, to give me the same ol platform with stolen ideas from other platforms #berevolutionary. And I have to second AfroZepher referencing distinct change...


I would love a Z30 please.

Posted via CB10


MOAR screen & battery!

Posted via CB10


Z30 is right for me because it's made by BlackBerry, the Iphone5s isn't for me because it's made by Apple.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


OK, the Z30 would round out my arsenal of terrific BB10 devices. I want one now!

Posted via CB10

Joseph Babalola

z30 is better than the iphone5s because it is bigger, faster and err s for slicker


Screen size and the Hub. Enough said. I want it.


I NEED the BlackBerry Z30 because its a Tool, not a toy. 'Keep Moving'!

shaun kos

BB.... actually used for business and not candy crush

Posted via CB10


Because it has 10.2 which is better than ios7. Just saying!

Posted via CB10


I want it for productivity at school and work. Receiving emails/documents throughout the day are easier to handle with the hub along with the Z30's battery. Heck, communication in general as that is what I do the most.
Also, having the usb on the go is a plus for connecting an external drive. Got a flash drive but no access to a computer?.. No problem, Z30 handles that well.


The screen size is going to let me work from anywhere. I get by on my Z10, but with that extra real estate on the screen, going to be a game changer. That combined with the battery size is going to make my phone more useful than my Macbook.

Posted via CB10

Lionel Schotter

Nothing does business better than BlackBerry, who in their right mind would want a crapple?

Posted via CB10


Z30, will you marry me. I promise to cherish, and treat you like you should be treated until a better blackberry do us part.

Posted via CB10


The iPhone will never be an option. The latest from the greatest for me baby!!!

Let's get it on.

Posted via CB10


Love the aluminum body and blackberry 10.2 is definitely a winner and come on, the z30 has an amazing 5 inch screen it's without doubt better than the iPhone 5s. I really want one!


Appreciably more battery power, has an external memory slot, measurably more megapixel (photo, front camera), has an HDMI output, has manual focus, has NFC, has much more RAM, noticeably higher resolution, bigger screen size, has stereo speakers, faster CPU clock speed, has USB mass storage support, can be charged via standard USB cable, is DLNA certified, much more efficient OS and is a multitasking messaging beast using BB Hub, Peek and Flow.

Said differently, it has all the things that matter to me... and my father is still using an archaic flip phone, so he needs my z10 :-)



I believe the Blackberry z30 would be better for me besides the Iphone 5C and 5S because of the word "Productivity." I can easily do what needs to be done on my Blackberry with just the standards of the OS. If i begin to customize it and also the way Blackberry is growing at a great pace, the possibilities are endless. Yes, we all know what the Iphone has been capable of, but i believe without the features that Blackberry as pioneered, there would be little chance for IOS. I now own a Z10, and hands down, it is the best phone I have ever had. If the z10 can impress me this much, I know the Blackberry Z30 can impress me with its bigger screen, OTG USB host functionality, its built in OS 10.2, and great battery life. I believe the Z30 would give me the chance to excel further, rather than using the simple OS of Apple.


Because the iPhone is a lady's phone!! I want a men's phone I already have is little brother ( Z10) now I want the real stuff Z30!!!!

Posted via CB10


Z30 is better because it:
1) Is running BB10, a well thought out true multitasking OS
2) Has bigger, better screen. (beyond retina :) )
3) Has features that actually are useful and not gimmicks (i.e moving homescreen backgrounds, thumb print scanners, proprietary charger port, closed standard file sharing)

Bethany Diekman

iPhone only has its looks...I want something below the surface...

Posted via CB10


The z30 is better than the iPhone 5s in my mind because if runs bb10 which is the better OS. Secure, fast, functional.

Posted via CB10

Always smiling

Great Christmas gift to me!


I want one! Please

Posted via CB10

l ll llll l l ll

5" beautiful touch screen and the best mobile operating system around... what more do you need in a phone!?

Posted via CB10


This phone is what can make or break Blackbeery and I want one!

Posted via CB10

Geoffrey Lenahan

Where to start - Flash player, better communication, better keyboard, and my personal fav, stereo speakers (reminds me of my playbook, love the sound on that thing)


Z30 slaughters the iPhone 5s and 5c because it's......BlackBerry :)


Z30 is literally bigger (and better) than the iPhone 5s/c. Th larger size will benefit my increasing age and decreasing eyesight and cool factor.

Posted via CB10


i want a z30 because it has a new & powerful OS, not some old dated OS with colourful bows


Oh yeah... Z30 is better for me than iPhone because:
Better multitasking
Actually has a file system
Remote file access
Better radios
Better messaging in general
It's not an iPhone
Less restrictive ecosystem
SD slot
Stereo speakers
I could go on... I LOVE it.


Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S and 5C because:
1. SIZE DOES MATTER! iPhone's screen size is beginning to look small and outdated.
4. Z30 with BB10.2 looks so much better and professional than IPHONE 5'S "BUBBLE GUM" OS7!
5. Z30 GESTURES VS IPHONE BUTTONS, no comparison.
6. Z30 might want your money and business BUT IPHONE WANTS YOUR FINGERPRINTS!!


BlackBerry Z30 all the way. Usb on the go? Super amold display. Definitely #keepmoving


Feeling lucky!.. i hope.

Posted via CB10


The Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because I have never and will never use an Apple except for eating.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Communication! There is no comparison between the large screen of the Z10 with the amazing BB10.2 and any iPhone when it comes to getting stuff done on the go.

Posted via CB10

Ahmed Ragab

I want the Blackberry monster z30 , because it has a better battery life , better screen , better platform communication wise , i need a phone that can understand my needs , and not the same old boring os with overrated media buzz , just having a Blackberry logo is enough for me ! Z30 save the world from the fake and useless , kill all the overrated illusions !


The Z30 is better because of the battery life!


Yes! I want one!

Posted via CB10


The z30 is better than the iphone because BB os10.2 is better than ios7, bigger screen and better specs!


I would love to win meee a Z30.... :D

Posted via CB10


So that I can play Kanyes new song lyric, and have it make sense

Posted via CB10


I like blackberry because it has better developers, better graphics and look way nicer!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Ade Setiawan2

iphone no lagi.bentuk innovations are relatively equal in every edition of the very boring we as consumers need new experiences to enjoy a gadget. 5 new Z30 screen innovation ", processor, camera, resolution of the new innovations. I love you blackberry. Give you a different experience


Definitely the better one of course! (z30, not easily breakable passcode stupid apple)


Z30 all the way. BlackBerry rocksssss

Posted via CB10


Still rockin' my bold 9900 waiting for this phone for a long time, I think it's time for something new! Anything but Blackberry would be a downgrade!


Because Z30 doesn't require iTunes!

Posted via Z10


In it to win it! Let's go!

Eddie Gutierrez

Blackberry z30 is definitely better. I'm new to Blackberry. I just bought my z10 last month, my first BB and I'm very satisfied with its performance - blazing speed. I had been using an iphone 4s for almost 2 years now. I have just updated it to iOS 7. The latter is slow compared to the z10. The z10 is more user-friendly (swipe and Tap). The iPhone, aside from swipe and tap, adds pressing a physical button (same is true with Android devices). User-friendliness was once the strength of iPhone. Not anymore. It's Blackberry's now. My only gripe about my z10 is it's battery. I think the recently released z30, based on its specs, would more than satisfy me.


I need it so my daughter can have my z10.


Simple, it's for the real crackheads! We like REAL Multitasking and Innovation. Don't need overpriced commercials to tell us! Crackberry 4 Life, at least as long as they're still around :-(


I know the Z(zed)30 is better than the Iphone5s coz it's a BlackBerry... enough said! It's Canadian, it's bigger, and better... Did I mention it is Canadian?

Posted via CB10


Because its BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


I would love this more than the iPhone 5s because I don't want a copy of my finger print some how ending up at the NSA!


Better OS than Apple!

Posted via CB10


I'd like a Z30 so I could show all my friends it and convince them to go BB10


Bigger screen and real multitasking

Posted via CB10



Thank you


Z30 is better because 10.2 blows iOS out of the water. The toast/instant reply is hands down the best feature a phone can have. Also the screen is awesomely huge :)


Both phones have style but the Z30 has a lot more. It has the efficiency that 5s and any other phone doesn't #BlackBerryForever I want a Z30!!!

Posted via CB10

Kaiser King

It's the best phone for business


Bigger screennn! os7 is stealing from BB anyways...

Bryan Klass

Me please! iOS 7 is boring, stolen active frames and everything else. Iphones are the smartphone for dummies. BB10 all the way!

Posted via CB10


No comparison between the Z30 and iPhone 5s/c. BlackBerry with a huge screen and QNX just sounds amazing. Love my Z10. Can only imagine how much more I would enjoy the experience on a bigger screen.


Posted via CB10•••Keep Moving.


I know its better. It has a bigger screen, full featured BBM, Docs to Go, HDMI out, just plain better for work, but now finally a size to compete with the Android phones (Galaxy S4) for gaming and watching videos!

Bacon Munchers

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s for the same reason that my Z10 is better than my prior iPhone:

Better for communicating!

Plus, I have to say that the BlackBerry is more masculine for sure!

Posted via CB10


The main reason is that it has Blackberry 10 for an OS, that is all that needs to be said.


OmG, I would kill for this phone. I've been waiting forever for this to release. Here's hoping I win!

Posted via CB10


My Z10 want a brother ! Realy amazing phone §


Who would line up for an iPhone 5s, really?

Posted via CB10


I need the freedom offered in the z30 BlackBerry patch, don't want to be hemmed in that 5s walled garden no more.

Posted via CB10


Why I KNOW the BlackBerry Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S? Oh this is too easy.

The iPhone is all about entertaining and distracting you from the hard work in life (I'm on the bus? Oh I guess I'll just play this game to kill time). It just adds things to do to your already-busy day. Blackberry is all about getting that hard work DONE. I'm on the bus? Perfect, I have time to catch up with friends/collegues and finish that work/assignment I've been doing, and THEN I can get to playing that game. BlackBerry is all about working hard and then playing hard, and the Z30 lets you do that with its larger screen, its fluid and awesome OS, and its kickass touch-screen keyboard. The Z30 has an OS that excels at communication and can power any game mobile game out there. Plus it looks pretty hot :D


sweet stereo sound, beauty screen, awesome interface... harder to find what isn't better!


Never cared too much for the Z30 but battery life and USB OTG did it for me. Now im sold..... would probably never get something like that on an iphone.


I don't want a z30 I NEED one! I need to add to my BlackBerry collection

Posted via CB10


It's simple. Z30 is a BlackBerry device. That trumps iPhone alone. let alone features like USB hub, HDMI, NFC, BB10 etc...

Posted via CB10


cause the Z30 is not a hyped toy that dictates your way of doing things and restricts you while you do them.
It's a BlackBerry, a actuall working Smartphone! And one hell of cool one at that!

Posted via CB10


Battery life that blows anything else out of the water.


The Z30 is superior due to BB10 and secondly iSheep don't even realize their product tells them how to use it...


Yessshh please!

Posted via CB10


No thanks. Keep it. Hey Blackberry; make my Z10 work please.


Battery life is the biggest thing for me. But other things are the 5" screen,expandable memory,flash compatible and last but not least the security of Blackberry...


I was just thinking that I could actually see myself using a Z30. I'm getting tired of Android, and especially Google and all their policies, and wanted to switch. Contemplated Windows Phone, but the Z30 just seems so sweet. Would love to win!


Well shoot, missed the part on why z30 is better. It just IS... bigger screen for my bigger hands!!!!

I haven't even read the BB 10 bridge story, but if it says what I hope, there may just be a second playbook added to my new z30 I am winning!!!! Thanks for the contest and coverage of late.


i would glad to have one !


I own BlackBerry stock and am emotionally attached to the brand. Also I don't want to get trapped in the Apple world , where I would have no choices going forward.

Posted via CB10


Pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!! I want the Z30 so badly but I promised I wouldn't buy it (I spend too much on phones apparently) so I'll never ever have it unless you give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pleeeeeaaaase don't make me beg on my hands and knees, it's most unbecoming of an adult, but I will! I will beg! On my hands and knees, I will!!!!

Posted via CB10


Why it's better? Easy
MicroSD Card
Micro HDMI
BB Hub
BBM (for another 2 days, lol)
5" display
BB Link and remote access (use it all the time!)
Security that doesn't require Bio metrics.... Sorry my fingerprint is between me, my employer and maybe the police ;-)
Don't forget just the BB10 experience

Finally, the most important thing of all! You're not told what to do, how to do it and when to do it

Ade Setiawan2

iphone no lagi.bentuk innovations are relatively equal in every edition of the very boring we as consumers need new experiences to enjoy a gadget. 5 new Z30 screen innovation ", processor, camera, resolution of the new innovations. I love you blackberry. Give you a different experience


With Z30, you have freedom to do anything, you guys know open source stuffs; I just don't want to live in a manipulated and fully controlled "i" world.

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BlackBerry Z30 is better than iPhone 5S because it's a BlackBerry


I'm a communicator, I need the number one mobile typing experience, the best method to view all my messages and reply to them in a snap, and I require the best multitasking experience to get the job done!! #ICHOOSEBLACKBERRY10

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Who wouldn't want a bigger window into the goodness that is BB10?!!! The Z30 is that bigger(est?) window!

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LED notifier, real multitasking, and I don't have to worry about auto correct.


It's simple. I KNOW the Z30 beats the iPhone 5 because I can download files using the browser (#iFail), receive a file, modify it, send it in 1/4 the time (#iFail), and because BlackBerry is Canadian.

iPhone just got served a stack of maple syrup pancakes on "christmas morning".


agreed. autocorrect is my worst enema


That was supposed to be in reply to Peninha...
And I mean iPhone 5S.....



The Z30 is better than the iPhone5s because: BB10 is more intuitive, more fluid and a better performer than iOS7. The screen is waaaaaay better and the screen size is perfect. All the apps I need and want are available for the Z30 and the ones I really want are better on BB10 than any other platform. BlackBerry is Canadian!!!! The browser is second to none!

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Best reason, other then screen size is sideloading and securtity


Sweeeeetttt.....Bring it on!!!

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It has a nice 5inch display compared to the small 4 inch display on the 5S. Made for business and personal and looks brilliant.


It's a Blackberry! Nuff said!

Paul Galetti

I want a Z30 because its hardware is far better than the 5S and will be running the most advanced operating system out there, BB10 all they way!


The Z30 is an efficient communication machine! Unlike iPhone which is a hassle...ain't nobody got time for that!

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Please Kevin let me have one!


The Z30 is way better for me because of the larger format. Whenever I go out with it, all I'll hear is "WOW, That sure is a big thing you have in your hands!" And I'll say, "yeah, it's a BlackBerry", only to hear another WOW. That will make my day.

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Installed 10.2 OS, 5 inch screen, NFC, wireless charging ( STA100-3) model, 2880 mAh battery and of course the best reason of them all, it’s not an iPhone 5S. I could go on, but why bother.


I want the BlackBerry Z30 nd not the iPhone 5s because it just simply suits me better nd gets my work done super fast......also I don't want to be counted as an isheep......the iPhone with its bling nd flashy colours seems the arrogant phone while BlackBerry Z30 being a sober nd polished phone is more concentrated on getting the job done for you......for which a smart phone is meant to be.......
Plus I love BlackBerry nd Crackberry!!!!!!!! :)
So please select me Thank you :)

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Why? Because of the Quad Core GPU! That's why! Home button sucks, and a BlackBerry 10 with quad core GPU will rock like there's no next second!

Z10 STL100-1/


Oh the Z30 is better than the iPhone because... it had zero involvement from nursery school kids for the user interface.


I want a z30 because I've been telling my girlfriend to ditch the iPhone to help conduct her photography business. Emailing is garbage on iPhone and BB10 is far superior. The only problem is that money is tight!

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There one major reason why the Z30 is better than the iPhone and that's BB10. I love the response and fluidness of bb10. Everything about it just makes the BlackBerry experience that much more appealing. BB10 also has TRUE multitasking. You dont need to hit a home button to get from one app to another. Also, closing an app is equally easy. No need to hold down an app for 3 secs and than hit "x" to get rid of it. The BlackBerry HUB is by far the best integration of messgages on any platform. With all my app notifications on one dedicated place, it makes my productivity that much more efficient. The camera is just amazing. The colors are rich and the added filters make it that much more appealing. The TimeShift feature has proven to be extremely useful. Everything about BB10 screams perfection and has made me that much more a fan of BlackBerry. Where iPhone5s beats BB is in a place where BB has lil to nothing to do nor CAN do to change it much and that is apps. As we can see, given the last few months, BB10 has brought a great amount of the top apps wanted by the masses. All around #iChooseBlackBerry10 and I hope this proves why you should choose me to win the Z30. Thank you


Oh Please please. I will give my wife my Z10 to replace her 9860 and my old tired eyes would love the extra size. Please, did I say, Please, lol!


Anything is better than the iPhone 5S/C :)


Z30 has everything on the 5same! Give me one!


3 words, peek and flow.

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It's better because it just is. And it's better because it's BlackBerry.

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Hi, I think Z 30 it's a phone not a toy like other devices- it will get the work done-with style.


Since I have big hands, the Z30's size alone takes it for me.

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I would like one, caus it's the best phone out there!

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Have a z10 for personal and a 4s for work. I can't stand the 4s, it's ugly, the email is junk and it's tiny. I would love to use the big z30 and see this BlackBerry in its beauty

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I'll tell you why it's better for me... Cause it's not an iPhone!!! They're so LOCKED DOWN and I'm a fiddler...
the first day I had my Z10 I'd already installed a leak (or 4) and tried sideloading at least a dozen apps. Now I see the Z30, and I would love to have one so I could play! Plus the battery life, the USB OTG, the HUGE screen.. I MUST FIDDLE!



Here !!!! I NEED that Z30 :)


Because the OS doesn't look like a toy store. I can't list all the points, to many.

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I need a work horse meant for communication first that will also fill my entertainment needs. The Z30 is an amazing piece of hardware and with The new BB10 operating system there is no contest as far as I am concerned...the Z40 wins hands down.

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SCREEN SIZE!!! I dumped my iPhone for a BB 9900 because of Apple's screen size/boring software, I waited for a Z10 and got it to hold me over until the Z30 came along, now it's here! Evolution.


Would like the screen real estate


The Z30 is better than the Iphone 5s period. And that's the bottom line 'cause Crackberry Kevin says so...


My Blackberry Z30 is better than iPhone5s because it doesn't need a finger print scanner to protect my phone and data. Besides iOS7 UI simplicity is just an android UI mimicry. Haha..nothing original at all!


becoz blackberry Z10 means business...to each and everyone... coz its not the lik the 5s same thing with the little difference... its a big thing with the big difference.... Z30... keep moving...


Would love to win one!! Count me in :)

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Adam Monsour

Wow! The z30. I really want!

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I want a phone that connects to marginal radio transmitters. I want a phone with true and proper multitasking. I want a modern user interface. I want a 5" screen. I want Remote File Access to my computer files. I want a BlackBerry Z30.

No Chinese children were exploited in the making of this thread.


Because Z30 10.2 OS is far better than IOS 7 and Z30 looks good and different unlike recent iphones which all look the same.

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We know the Z30 is better because it is a true smart phone and not an iToy.


Simple... Z30 runs BB10 the best OS out right now.

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I would like to get a Z30 cause it has a better iOS.
And Btw. 10 is better than 7 :D

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Z30 because I'm a man!!!

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I think the BlackBerry Z30 is much more Elegant then the iPhone. Plain and simple

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I know the z30 is for me because BlackBerry is for me. I've used iPhones, windows phone, android and they're not for me, they're against me.

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Oh, how I really want that phone!

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Because the new ios7 is still worse than bb10.

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Because the iPhone 5s (Same Stuff Stuffed into it for the Suckers) has nothing new and the Z30 is not going to send your finger print to the CIA

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Because the 5s is the same old apple sauce. I prefer freshly made BlackBerry pie. Think outside the crayon box people. #ichooseblackberry10 #original

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Oh man I would love to win the z30 man please pick me please dear Crackberry gods from above hear my plea for the z30

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That Z30 would be an awesome replacement for my PlayBook when I'm doing Fire Safety Inspections!

Posted with my zed10 oreo ;)


Z30: awesome features, bigger screen, professional look, decent looking phone and my list goes on and on...

IPhone: features - Z30 has more and intuitive, the Z series started almost all features that the new ios have, hmmm...cant think of any actually favorable for the iphone...oh yes the new design well, for kids...my opinion... ;)

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Screen size! I'll just use my z10 for nights out when I may be imbibing du alcool !

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I would love aZ30!!!

Z10 Love!


I want to win this. I love this #IChooseBlackBerry #ILoveBlackBerry #Faith #BlackBerry10 #Believe

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Z30 is bigger and better. Need one!!!

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Leaving comments to win a device is becoming a waste of time. LOL
When's it gonna be my turn!?!


The z30 trumps the iPhone 5s in many ways but for me, it is all about the keyboard, hub, and the ability to work much more efficiently.

Since I own my own business, I need a mobile device that can keep up with my pace. I had a tour, then the 9930 bold, and now the, z10. All these devices allows me to organize my schedule, send quick messages, and having the ability to download attachments on to my SD card is a life saver. For example, if someone emails a music file, I do not need to be in an area with service. I can just download the file and access it whenever and wherever I want it.

So for me, while the iPhone is a great device with great software, the blackberry z30 is the device for me!

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Would love it. I think the Z30 is better than an iPhone due to the larger screen long battery life, and the capability of using a large app market via Android apps.

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