CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!

It's iPhone 5s launch day but who cares?! You can win a BlackBerry Z30!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 11:13 am EDT

If you're an Apple fan, today is your Christmas morning. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are now available in stores, and the diehards lined up early and waited long hours to be among the first to get their hands on the new phones.

In the world of BlackBerry, right now we're focused on the next big thing - the BlackBerry Z30. Announced earlier this week, when we say the Z30 is a big thing, we mean BIG thing. With a 5" touchscreen display, the Z30 is the biggest BlackBerry we've seen to date. The Z30 will be available in the UK and Middle East beginning next week, and around the world heading into the holiday season.

And because we're CrackBerry and we love BlackBerry and WE LOVE YOU, on this iPhone day we're going to make it EASY for you to enter for a chance to win a free BlackBerry Z30. No waiting in lines. No waking up early. You can enter to win right where you are, right now.



All you need to do to win it is leave a comment on this thread telling us why you think know the Z30 is better for you than the iPhone 5s. We'll run this one up until the end of the month (September 30th) so you'll have plenty of time to get your name in. Unlike our last contest, this one is one entry per person so just leave a single comment.

Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!



Why is the Z30 better than the iPhone for me? Wow so many reasons. Bigger screen, waaaaay better keyboard, notification led, HUB, active frames, pretty much every thing!

The iPhone 5s is for teenage girls and the Z30 is for handling business like a man, so this is why the Z30 is for me.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is a better device for me than an iPhone 5S/C because BB10 is a better operating system than iOS7.

Posted via CB10

1st its a blackberry the attention to detail and care will be there. Bb10 is a very modern sophisicated os with all the tools to make life that much easier. And with the 5 inch display it brings blackberry to life like never before. Its an amazing experience and that's why I want this phone.

Really what else can you say about BlackBerry other than it ROCKS! BlackBerry just keeps getting better phone after phone, and BB10 proves it. (PERIOD)!!!! Z30 come to me my friend!

I want one of these! I know the Z30 will be better than iPhone. My Q10 is hands down better than Apple devices I've used including the new iOS7. Can't wait for 10.2 to be released! Hope to win this Z30!!

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Mmmm is pretty easy, the Z30 is better than the iPhone because It has a waaay better OS, a waaaay better screen, a waaaay better form factor, well everything about it is better than that iToy thingy

Why is the Z30 better? It's made for business and it's made for my lifestyle. It allows me to have the best of the web with the sideloading of Android apps as well as our own App World selection. I absolutely love my Z10 and the features of the Z30 are even better - it'd be great to have built in USB host. That feature in itself makes me like the idea of a Z30. The larger screen is an even better selling point. I enjoy watching Netflix and Hulu on my device and it'd be great to have a bigger screen to watch it on.

Because I will kiss you on the mouth if you do.

(No not really, I have to be honest)

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

The Z30 has more screen real estate and has USB otg! Not to mention BlackBerry security and android apps! Love my Z10 but the Z30 looks awesome!

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The Z30 is a secure REAL communication tool, not a toy. That's why I desire a Z30 and Not an iPhone 5s, 5, 5c, 4s, 4 or any other flavor of crack-able phone.

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BlackBerry Z30 > iPhone 5s.

I like the Z30 better because: the keyboard is flawless, it has a bigger screen, better battery, more RAM, no home button, the HUB, peek and flow, the size is perfect and... 10.2!

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No chance I'm going to iPhone. Never had, never will. Would love a new Z30 to upgrade from my Z10!

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Thanks for giving us another chance to win! For me, BB Z30 will offer a much better typing experience that the iPhone. I have an iPhone for work but my personal Z10 is so much easier to type with. Once you flick, you never want to go back. Can't wait to see the larger display on the Z30.

The iPhone 5s(tupid) has everything the BB10 already had! They are behind the times. And the Z30 makes the BB10 experience even better with the bigger screen and more horse power under the hood! And BB10.2 will blow us away...can't wait!

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With a much bigger screen, better OS, more security and cooler look, the Z30 bests the iPhone in every way!

The iPhone getting BBM is okay, but BB10 still is the charm for me. The binking red light, beautiful OS, and security better than Fort Knox! Get that iPhone, then we'll talk.

I know with the Z30 my lock screen won't be bypassed within a day of being released!! (Good job iOS 7) I know the Z30 will have the speed I need to keep me connected. I know the Z30 gestures will empower me and not hold me back. I know the Z30 will look impressive in my hands and stand out as a power user. I know the Z30 will not compare, period. =)

I'd love one - not to replace my Q10, but just to show my S4-having friend what he's missing!

Because of OS 10.2, bridge support, magic hub, bigger screen, keep moving and tons of other reason that makes BlackBerry better

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I think the Z30 might be better than an iPhone 5s (haven't actually tried one yet) because of the awesome virtual keyboard, the USB-to-go, the screen size, and the (removable) battery.

Besides, I use my BlackBerry to help me efficiently manage my life, not to BE my life.

this would be a good opportunity to get in to the touch screen scene, and of course i did not want an iphone and blend in with middle school kids. I don't want a devise made for selling mobile games. I want something new and exciting, me coming from a 9900 i feel like this would be great to have.


First and foremost it's not made by Apple. That's a plus. Then there is size, keyboard and an overall ability to do what you want not what apple tells you you can do. It's all about accessibility not the ability to lock down a platform. BlackBerry for life! I would love a Z30

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Gotta have one because it's got a way bigger screen that the ip5s. Well... maybe it just BETTER!

Z30 is easily better.. the flow of the operating system makes bb10 so pleasurable to use, it's fun to just play with it even when there's no specific task in mind.

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I definitely would like to have a Z30 over an iPhone 5, if only to support BBRY, and to show my proudly Canadian roots. Oh, and best mobile OS ever!

Certainly would love to win a new Z30, because the larger screen and battery, wireless charging, upgraded processor(s) and better build quality make it a nice successor to my Z10. Thanks for the chance, CrackBerry!

The touchscreen keyboard BlackBerry created is so much easier to use than anything apple has put out and that makes the Z30 better than any iPhone on the market!

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BB10 system is better for me than iOS7. It is a better tool for communication when I'm in motion. I have accustomed to blackberry since I bought my Bold 9000. I'd like to have the new BIG Z30!

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Bigger screen, has USB On The Go, has the native goodness of BB10, has an LED and the most important aspect it's made by BlackBerry :D

The bigger screen, enough said. Just used my step brother's iPhone 5 the other day and WOW is that screen SMALL.

Either way I want my phone to reflect me and the childish look of iOS7 isn't a good fit for me, Z30 is more my style and business-y. I mean glass weive.. anything more to say than that?

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Lot of things. First of all is HUB. Everything in one place. Expandable memory, removeable battery, speed of OS, gestures, timeshift...BlackBerry make sense, I can't move without my Z10. Adore it, love it. Thanks bb

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The Z30 is better for me because as a business owner I need everything done fast....and also I'm not a 10 year old girl lol :D

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Simply because it is Blackberry and that is iPhone, plus I don't use phone to joke around!!!

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Well unlike the iPhone which seems to just look the same z30 looks and feels different and it's all about what the phone can do for you. Not just selling due to being a apple product.

Moheeb khan

Just because it's perfect. Not too extreme performance, yet it's above average performance. And, its BlackBerry 10.2. I love them. Swipe, slide, any other gestures you used on BlackBerry 10. It's a whole new experience. Not like any other phone, this one is legen.....wait for it.....dary. Legendary! BlackBerry is Legendary!!

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Bigger screen
Long battery
High processor
High PPI and resolution
Smooth and unique UI
Removable battery
And top of that, android run time,

Or any other reasons you want? Ohh missed this one,
It doesn't have the "i" factor. :P

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It's all in the name, the Z30 is a revolutionary product, the 5same is just another inglorious bastard child of iPhone 5..

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Z30 better because I can never run my business securely off an iPhone5s/c with finger ID that I can bypass through lock screen hack LOL

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The blackberry z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5S because it has expandable storage, a higher megapixel front camera, a bigger screen, bbm built in, a much more secure email service, the priority hub and simply, Blackberry 10 is much Better than iOS 7

Awesome! I'd love to try out the Z30 to compliment my Z10; would love to give my wife my old Z10 to replace her 4s!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

BlackBerry Z30 have bigger screen such beautiful designed and have a wonderful keyboard that helps my daily life without fail

My girlfriend has windows phone. So that means no BBM. If I get this Z30, I'll give her my Z10 and we can talk in BBM. Video call, screen share and much more. I can't wait for that so hurry up give it to me.

Via BlackBerry Z10, the white one.

I so want a Z30. To augment the PlayBook's shortcomings now that it doesn't like to play nice with my Zed. I would rather go back to a dumb flip phone than drink the *pple kool aid. Great contest, BTW and Merry Xmas

The BlackBerry Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s because it makes my life better not just make me more popular.

Posted via CB10

Why do I think the Z30 is better than an iPhone. Hm. Pretty simple for me really. I have a hate for Apple that can not be put into words. Simple as that.

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s because I can reply to all my BBM without even thinking about leaving the app! So please let me win one so I can do it!

Posted via CB10

I want some 5 inch screen action and 10.2 toasts and lockscreen notifications! Plus USB OTG and SD card and Remote File Access to my PC, who needs iCloud?

The BlackBerry Z30 has a killer feature which no one else does, and that's the Hub. It doesn't get any better than this for notifications and consolidation of messaging.

No lockdowns and no restrictions plus business perfected. Add to that over 800k apps in the Android Market to pick from along with whatever enters BBM and you have the best device available. Why would anyone want anything else?

Posted via CB10

Blackberry 10 is an actual useful OS compared to iOS. I can get work done with the giant screen of the Z30, and the notifications for BB10 are amazing! I would really find this phone useful for school.

Z30 beats the 5S for me because of BB10 and screen size. The Z30 is a little large, but when working with office documents, I imagine this will be an advantage. Besides that, usb reading, SD card, file manager, BlackBerry Hub...the list goes on. I could use the upgrade.

The Z30 makes managing all my accounts a lot easier and fully serves my needs! And it doesn't force me to install god da*n iTunes.
Also the name tells you that it's better 30 > 5 ;) same story with my Z10.

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Why is the Z30 better than the iPhone? Real multitasking and a real user accessible file system for me! Choose me I'm drooling for BB10!

Z30 is better than iPhone because it is more powerful in means of security and performance. Moreover, unlike iPhone it's not just an upgrade, it's a new device. Long live BlackBerry, long live CrackBerry

BlackBerry Z10 Posted via CB 10

I can't honestly give a reason why BlackBerry is better than iPhone because I have never owned an iPhone (or Android), nor do I intend to. I would love to own the z30 as part of my BlackBerry collection (8900, 9800, Q10). Plus, I'm hot.

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I want one and the reason is very simple. It is a BlackBerry!! Do I really need to say more?

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is faster, more efficient and more beautiful than the iPhone 5s. Why wouldn't anybody want that?

You know where this was posted from!

The Z30 is better than an IPhone 5S


Because it is alot easier to use BlackBerry 10 gestures.
-Home buttons are so yesterday
-Bigger screen

Posted via CB10. BlackBerry ®  Z10

Unlike the 5S, I don't have to worry about someone cutting my thumb off to unlock my phone to play Angry Birds.

Posted via CB10

For one, it's by blackberry and not apple. Another reason why the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s is because of BB10 OS where multitasking is easy. BUT the main reason why Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s is because it has a bigger screen with one of the best touch screen keyboard. Z30 wins hands down.

The Z30 has the HUB, better UI, has a modern design, is more efficient, has a better virtual keyboard and as CascaRun Sports Tracker!

If I win a Z30, I will exchange with a die heard iFan, just to show him that the world is better outside the box!

Posted via CB10

There are so many reasons why the Z30 is better than the iPhone, more secure, better OS, the hub, BBM Video chat, functionality, office built in, better multitasking capabilities and way better battery life just to name a few. Would love to win a Z30 and show everyone how much better it is than their iPhones.

The z30 is the best for me no doubt because of its big screen and gets everything done and for the amazing speed and keyboard. I phone sucks even ios 7 is laggy and not as responsive and stable like ios 6 was that shows that apple were good because they built the same boring ios every time so it becomes perfect with no glitches.

Posted via CB10

The z30 is better for me than the iphone because I like making heads turn. When asked, "Is that the blackberry?" I want to smile and say "Yes, yes it is!"

The blackberry z30 is better than the new iPhone because of its priority hub and quality screen.

Posted via CB10

I want it to show off to my office that BlackBerry is back to kick ass!! 80% here have an iphone.

And with their update, they have become a little bit annoying on how so bad ass is their update and how it's soooo new!!

Posted via CB10

The Z30 runs the better OS, that's why I KNOW it's better for me... Plus the bigger screen of course :p

Because its fun to be different, and do bad things with my friends,

My wife got her 5s after I begged her to come to the darkside, the Z30 will help me show all the haters what the darkside is all about, especially my wife!

Posted via CB10

creen is bigger, keyboard, I don't like figure print scanner, ios 7 is a copy cat of Android, don't like it either. Z30 don't think it changes I lost either, but I hate iPhone more than BlackBerry. I don't need z30, I ll buy it my self

Posted via CB10

Why is a Z30 better for me than an iPhone?

Is that seriously a question you have to ask?

BlackBerry 10, massive screen, stereo speakers... I think just the fact that it's BlackBerry is enough!

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The BlackBerry Z30 is a powerhouse! You would need at least 2 iPhones so you can multitask that way you can on BB10. Z30 provides and intuitive OS, super big screen, and the love and support no other phone can provide! that's why I #ChooseBlackBerry10 #BlackBerrybyChoice

Just heard of wireless charging is available on Z30. That explains why they design a removable back cover but non-removable battery. Someone please design a case/cover by utilizing the removable back cover feature.

We all know blackberry was the first fruity smartphone and Apple are followers...... z30 is bringing back the beast need to upgrade to z3o from z10 and be the the 1st person in Ireland to have one

I can't wait to get a closer look at the Z30. I love the big screen! Match that with BBM and Hub and I'm SOLD!!!

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s because it doesn't require brain washing to sell. There are actually noticeable differences between the Z10 & Z30 unlike the lack of differences between the 4s & 5s.

Z30: - bigger/better screen, hdmi, usb support, natural sound, hub, toast, quick reply, peek, awesome keyboard, fluid, intuitive, nfc, and finally Canadian!!!

iPhone 5 - Gold ..and some shinny new icons


I need to get the Z30 so my wife can take my Z10. She told me today she wants iPhone 5S! I can't allow her to be a lemming. She needs a blackberry so she can say it's praises!

Posted via CB10

I use a company supplied iPhone and my personal Z10. Hands down the Z10 is a better business device. So much better I have decided to forward all functions to the Z10. The hub, the keyboard, browser, email are of significant more use to me on the Z10. My boss is even considering ditching his iPhone.

Pick me for the Z30.

Because having the Z30 isn't like having the same device over again, unlike the iPhone 5S, and all other iPhones since the 4.
Oh. And having a Z30 would be nice to give to my mum.

Time to up-size my BB10 experience. Would love this phone to make my Z19 a sweet hand-me-down. Fingers crossed. Thanks Crackberry.

Posted via CB10

With 2gigs of Ram and A Quad core Graphics processor plus true multi Tasking on the new 5 inch super amoled HD screen the Z30 leaves the iPhone 5S in the dust Z30 better by far

Because BB10 was designed to get things done whereas iOS7 is just a 'new' theme

Posted via CB10

If the iPhone 5S is an attention grabber, then I know for sure the Z30 will turn heads. Not simply because it is well designed hardware, but for the way you use it as well. A lot of people say that Blackberry is for people who just want to get stuff done. That is true. But it is also for individuals who need a good messaging platform and who doesn't send messages. To date, Blackberry is still top of the food chain when it comes to that. iPhones pride themselves on ease of use. To me, it's really because there isn't much there besides one button and a grid of icons. But with Blackberry 10, you can move in and out of menus and apps with ease. I can go on and on but I'd be preaching to the choir.

Pick me!!! The Z30 is better than an iCrap because of the awesome BB10 OS,virtual keyboard,SD Card,big screen,etc cnt say it all cuz itz endless,just pick me,plz!!

Please, the wifey needs some BB10 goodness.

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The z30 is better for me then.the iPhone because the z30 has a bigger screen easier to type then the iPhone I got big hands and I have always been a BlackBerry fan and I am a business man blackberry is a need

Posted via CB10

I would love a z30 but there is no chance of me winning one due to international shipping costs ; )

Posted via CB10

This is a simple for me! I am not an Apple person and never will be. I don't buy into their whole culture.
I like that BlackBerry is taking the next step to speak, and ignoring what (boring Apple iPhone devices) are NOT doing....BlackBerry has gone the bigger screen route, when demand for this is there, BlackBerry is keeping up with that!
And for this reason that BlackBerry is defying and not staying with same sized devices ALL the time, is why the Z30 is for me.....I've wanted a bigger screen, and was slightly disappointed that the Z10 launched at 4.2" screen, when I thought rumours said it could rock a 4.5" or 4.7". But alas only came in at 4.2". :(
I liked the bigger screen of say the Galaxy Note 2, but like BlackBerry way too much to switch OS's.

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because the calendar is not comparable. The Z30 keeps me moving. Keyboard is exceptional on the Z30 the iPhone just can't keep up.

Posted via CB10

The same reason that the Z10 is better for me - I can't go back to a phone without the Hub... or remote file access... or flick typing... or HDMI out... or the best File Manager ever... or Remember...

... but I digress. We're talking about the Z30. I want a Paratek antenna that keeps me connected when I'm in the rural, low-signal boondocks... I want amazing Natural Sound BBM Video and Voice while my girlfriend is away at school...

... and if my battery is going to be non-removeable, I want it to last UP TO 25 HOURS!

Z30 or iPhone 5s? ... for me, the best choice couldn't be more clear.

Posted via CB10

I'm Blackberry believer not matter how’s things go Now I have a new faith Z30 WooHoo can’t wait to get it.