CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!

It's iPhone 5s launch day but who cares?! You can win a BlackBerry Z30!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 11:13 am EDT

If you're an Apple fan, today is your Christmas morning. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are now available in stores, and the diehards lined up early and waited long hours to be among the first to get their hands on the new phones.

In the world of BlackBerry, right now we're focused on the next big thing - the BlackBerry Z30. Announced earlier this week, when we say the Z30 is a big thing, we mean BIG thing. With a 5" touchscreen display, the Z30 is the biggest BlackBerry we've seen to date. The Z30 will be available in the UK and Middle East beginning next week, and around the world heading into the holiday season.

And because we're CrackBerry and we love BlackBerry and WE LOVE YOU, on this iPhone day we're going to make it EASY for you to enter for a chance to win a free BlackBerry Z30. No waiting in lines. No waking up early. You can enter to win right where you are, right now.



All you need to do to win it is leave a comment on this thread telling us why you think know the Z30 is better for you than the iPhone 5s. We'll run this one up until the end of the month (September 30th) so you'll have plenty of time to get your name in. Unlike our last contest, this one is one entry per person so just leave a single comment.

Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!



First of all blackberry has always been amazing and apple can't hold a candle to them. Also Iphone users are the dumbest people in the world because they will go out and buy an out dated piece of junk just because they change a number or add an s they will also throw a party because a software update has come out for the first time in 6 years. Unfortunately as blackberry supporters we'll have to wait a few more years for that terrible company to go out of business.

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Blackberry Z30 for me instead of iPhone5! Can't pass up the chance to own a Blackberry 10 device can I? Anyway, berries are better for my health instead of apples! :D

As a adjunct professor, I was able to do presentations using my BlackBerry. The Z30 would be a great device to win because 1) It will capture the attention of my students 2) I do not need any special type of adapter in order to use the HDMI port on the projector since my Z30 has the HDMI port on the phone! It's a win win situation for me!

Hmmm, Z30 instead of iPhone5 s(ame)...
Let's see: 5 " screen, stereo speakers, Hub, no freaking home button, sweet sweet BB10, and an overall subtle feel of general awesomeness... sorry iPhone.

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The z30 is better then iPhone 5s for me because blackberry has features that match my needs and a professional look that can't be duplicated.

I'm desperately trying to avoid becoming a part of the iSheep nation, and a fabulous BB phablet would go a long way to saving my soul.

Cheers! Root

I KNOW the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s because it's actually a distinctly different phone from its predecessor

Here's my list of why the Z30 is better than the 5s

1) it's a WIN!!!

2) z30 has a better virtual keyboard

3) 30 > 5

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Ways the Z30 is better than the iPhone 5s/5c:

BlackBerry 10
Stereo Speakers
5" Display
MicroSD Slot
Standard USB port vs Lightning port

Ways the iPhone is better than the Z30:


Awesome! I want one! Z30 > iphone because it's superior in every way and will get the job done! Also having SD card slot.

The Z30 is better for me than thou who shall remain nameless out of sheer loyalty to BB brand and over bearing size dominance HA.

The z30 is better than the iPhone 5 because it is a Canadian company. BlackBerry has done so much for the community. I support them forever

In life, we always look forward into the future and never into the past, BB10 is a revolutionary OS will take the world forward with its productivity features and the 5 inches of the z30 are perfect for the running of bb10 10.2, sign me up please :D

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Need that Z30 in my hands so that I can pass along my Z10 to my kid. Poor bugger still living off of a beat up torch!

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We all have to say BlackBerry 10 is better at messaging and emails! Sharing with Z30 will be easy as Sharing in Z10, better than iOS 7 in iPhone 5S. With the airdrop feature only available in selected platform, I think Airdrop wouldn't be used a lot! Z30 keyboard in BlackBerry 10 is simply awesome, not to mentions the keyboard itself learns you! The simplicity of multitasking is shown by BlackBerry 10 devices such as Z30 will knock iOS7 multitasking in iPhone. Z30 simply the best messanging and business phone ever ! Apps and games? If you don't have the app just simply port an android app, and gaming? With Quad Core GPU what could go wrong!

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The Z30 is better than the Iphone 5s, because have the right size,the best keyboard, and the few hours that I tried BB10, it rocksssssss

The z30 is better than the Iphone because it is an not made by Apple, and well it is not an Iphone, its a glorious 5inch screen, the biggest ever for blackberry!!!

This is simple, its better because Apple is now doing what BlackBerry did years ago, by not listing and watching ppl and trends. Big screens phones seems to be a big trend now and with all the major phone companies at least attempting to make a 5 inch phone Apple has remained the same. Thor was right in saying that Tablets will soon be a non factor due to phones meeting the size factor. I think personally that we will see in a few years maybe sooner a 5.5/6 inch phone. Maybe by then Apple with I have a 5 inch phone.

The blackberry z30 is better for me then a iPhone because the overall technology built in the phone. Let alone the blackberry 10 operating system overall is Smoother and unique.

The priority hub, true multitasking, the ability to use toast notifications, the screen size, ability to make the Z30 a USB host, bigger battery life, natural sound, and of course, the Paratek antenna!

Its the flow! Its the flow! Just soooo smooth. Z30 with BB10 and the screen size, just awesome.

Just can't wait. Pick me!

Z30 is better because...
It's a BlackBerry
It's got the better OS
It's got a better typing experience
It's got the hub
It's got security
It's got fully functional BBM
It's got my eye...

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O goodness . . This is perfect for me because of the large screen; I prefer the way BlackBerry handles customization options, its focus on effective communication, and because of my poor eyesight the 5" screen is like a dream come true. Watching the demos are really exciting, but getting one from CB would be amazingly cool (but I'm not getting my hopes up, eh?). Peace . . Please, and Thank You!

The Z30 will be better because it's a... blackberry. I need the Z30 I love it when I'm up to date ;)

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Larger screen, hot swappable storage and better battery life make the Z30 the phone for me over the iPhone 5s.

The Z30 is better than the IPhone 5s for me because I prefer a bigger screen for browsing on the Web, BBM and playing games.

I flick all my words on my amazing Z10

I would love the bigger screen real estate. Plus, my wife has an iPhone from work and updated to iOS7. I played with it and it feels like a poor attempt to copy BB10. I would love a Z30 and give my wife my Z10.

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its better because its a Blackberry...Because its a Canadian Company.....Because its not an apple.....Because you can do with it what you want, side load, install leaked OS, Hybrid OS etc... can't do that with an apple unless you jailbreak it. Not to mention the screen size. Also its new, not just a re-design of an existing product..... not to mention the Battery size.... goto love more power!

Because iPhone came up with all their own ideas........ oh no they didnt!!! What did Apple invent????? Lol give me the Z30 #BBtillidie #selllikehell

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Lol it's embarrassing to Apple to even attempt to compare the Z30 and 5s(***)
Jokes aside,(because the Z30 is no joke) it's got a bigger screen,(and if that isn't enough I can just whip out the HDMI,) yes apple has airplay, but tell me what's cheaper, an airplay compatible TV or HDMI cable? Take the wires away and you've got a wireless charging feature! (how long does an apple cord last? ) I've fallen in love with the way my Z10 works especially with 10.2 , I literally wave my phone in front of my friends every free second, I've already written to much so ill finish on with my Z30, no one would bypass my lock screen and post pictures I don't want to share on a social network, unlike the current iOS7 on the 5s , Nuf Said?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

I would love this as a birthday present! (The 28th is my birthday.)
Pretty please?

Posted from my Red Zed

The Z30 is better than the iPhone because BlackBerry knows their demographic.

Their demographic is getting things done and, though still plays games and watches movies, it is triaged after they have finished providing value.

They need to be able to communicate clearly and as reliably as possible. This is why video chat and screen share now has the highest quality sound available with stereo speakers and the software to make the best of that.

Reliability is why the Z30 antennae are made to get a connection in poor coverage areas where the iPhone won't even see a network.

In order to maximize reliability you can't have your mobile computing device needing a charge mid-day this is why the battery, coupled with AMOLED and dark theme gives it nearly double the battery life.

Z30 is designed to help me get things done and keep moving.

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The Z30 and BlackBerry will always be a superior communication powerhouse compared to any iDevice.

Enter me in, please!

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The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S/5C because of its better design, build quality, and its truly innovative OS. BlackBerry, with the OS 10, has developed the most secure, full-featured, and reliable mobile platform out on the market today. Apple is going good be playing catch-up for sometime now.

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I can't imagine having any other phone but a BlackBerry. The Hub and Calendar are features I use every time I pick up the phone. iOS, Android, and anything else can never compete with the efficiency of BB10.

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I want the z30 (aka my precious) because it has a big screen and a sexy evolution of design which the iPhone 5s doesn't ...I hope this would be my first win from CrackBerry

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Z30 is better than iphone because it started the smartphone revolution with best email and messaging service ....

It has an SD card slot and reads usb devices.. unlike all IOS devices which don't have SD card slot and don't read usb devices!
Hope I win this time :)

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Gotta say I that true multitasking and the productivity support of BlackBerry Hub. Plus the security of bb10 isn't just some fingerprint gimmick.

Sent from Z10; Channel Pin C0001A853

The Z30 is better than the new iPhone because it represents such a drastic evolution from the legacy BlackBerry devices and operating systems. The new iPhone is simply a clone of what everyone already knows. It's a safe product rather than attempting to bring something completely new. That's why Apple has reached its peak and has nowhere to go but down, in my humble opinion.

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Bigger screen
Longer Battery life
10.2 with all its Awesomeness
Full Bridge functionality
Wireless charging
IOS7 copied BB10 that means BB10 is Better

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Although the iPhone is a great phone for some, I choose Blackberry because it helps me to stay organized and to be more productive. The peek and flow allow quickly addressing messages without interrupting what I was doing. BlackBerry 10 gives me True multitasking that allows me to seamlessly flow between multiple applications. It's virtual keyboard also puts every other keyboard to shame. I've had WP8, an iPhone and androids and they all were solid phones in their own right, but I choose BB10 because it has made my phone an indispensable tool and not just an accessory. #ibbelieve

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The Z30 is better for me than the 5s because it has a bigger screen, better gestures, and the best virtual keyboard.

Larger screen, better OS, nfc, who in there right mind wouldn't want a z30 over an iPhone.

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I believe the Z30 is better than the 5s because it has brought true innovation to the table. (Also it would replace my now broken Z10 but read on!)

With a fresh new iteration of the BlackBerry 10 OS, the Z30 is going to be a powerhouse of a phone when it comes to both media and getting things done. From a hardware perspective, the Z30 does not only offer a larger screen, stereo speakers and a huge battery, but it looks absolutely outstanding as well. Just look at that sexy band around the phone! It screams premium.

The 5S may be Apple's best phone to date but nothing about it seems innovative apart from minor hardware changes. The ios7 overhaul is a copycat of WP/Android/BB10 and doesn't perform nearly as well either. In all honesty, it feels and looks like a child's toy to me. It's fun for a while but the gimmicks and pretty colours soon fade when you realize how cumbersome multitasking can become, and how slow it is when it comes to getting things done.

The Z30 combines both hardware and software to create a seamless user experience. Everything just flows so perfectly and nothing feels out of place or gimmicky. I really hope that BlackBerry hits it out of the park with this one, because it really is one of their best products to date. #IChooseBlackBerry10

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BLACKBERRY Z30 is better than iPhone because we BLACKBERRY user and abusers never stand still and always doing things on the move!!

Please pick ME!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

The Z30 would be better for me because my home screen wouldn't look like a game of Candy Crush ( ios7 is aesthetically disturbing)

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BlackBerry 10 (z30) is for smart people not Followers like the iPhone 5s crowd... most of them don't even know Why they like apple products

An Amazing Z10 Black since Day one

It is obvious, 30 is bigger than 5! BB10 OS still takes the cake, doesn't matter what the hardware iOS 7 runs on, it just isn't BB10 on a Z30.

I want one for the screen size. Apple missed the boat on the size factor as the Z30 screen size will assist me with presentations to customers.

I was a Blackberry guy for 5 years. Moved to the iPhone5 when it came out. Great phone... Not worth the upgrade to 5S at all. I'm always one to check out the new and great and BB has stepped up with BB10. Would love to get my hands on a Z30!!

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5, specs aside, is because of the BB10 OS. The simplicity and efficiency of the OS defeats anything that Apple has released. Also the bigger screen and amazing keyboard is the icing to the cake

First... it's 4 inch for 5s... and this is 2013 mate.. no time for 4 inch smart phone with weird resolution size... ha3x.
Second... blackberry is truly business phone, you could do everything fast like typing, shortcut, simple interface (not with color full childish UI). No offense. Ha3x.
Third... as you now, there's usb port!!! and NFC.... so why would you use an autism phone (read : iPhone) .

Thanks before for the Z30, Crackberry... ha3x.

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Because the Z30 is an actually improvement then the Z10. Unlike Apple who makes noticeable changes each time and calls it a new device. At least the Z30 is a change from the other BB10 phones. Who doesn't want 5" screen BlackBerry with wireless charging, usb host etc..... I would have bought one but got a Z10 on release day. Have a baby on the way so can't justify a Z30 off contract.

Plus Kevin today is my Birthday be the best birthday gift ever. Just don't tell my wife I said that. She has got me lots of BlackBerry stuff including my custom made pillow cases lol.

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Z30 is better for me because my fingerprint data is not stored on a phone and prone to be stolen lmao heck I'm happy as it is with what bb10 already has lol

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I'd love the chance to own one of these. I'm turned off my iPhone at the beginning of year and haven't looked back. I think this new Z30 is better than the new iPhone just based on size and it's a work phone. I mean what can you not get done with a Z30/BlackBerry. the itoy is just that....a toy!

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#IchooseBlackBerryZ30 Coz BlackBerry is built to keep us moving !!!
I want to hold the chance and upgrate to the next level.

I'm entering more for my boyfriend. He has an iphone, and i have my z10. It would be great if would switch him over to BlackBerry =)

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Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because I need to get things done. No time to play... Bigger screen, better for my tired eyes! Thank you Kev!

It's much better than the iPhone because it allows you to get things done with the minimum of fuss. So much more efficient.. and If I won one of these I would be able to show all my iWant colleagues just what it can do.

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

Please please please please please please please please please please please please *takes deep breath*
please please please please please please please please please please please please pick me!

Oh that's an easy one, because I can take care of my things in my personal life while I'm at work without having to press a button... #blackberrybalance #justaswipeaway #whoneedsahomebutton

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duhhh!! iphone 5s is for noob users!!
Z30 is an elegant with a touch of android(flashing leaks). I would Love to flash leaks on Z30 unlike iphone sooo booorrriiinngg!! XD


Z30 is the best; you can get your job done quicker. You can reply to BBM message while you are browsing the net without even launch the actual app. The battery life is 50% better than competitors. It's the first device works with Micro-USB. I can give a PowerPoint presentation to my boss/co-workers anywhere any places with Video Screen Sharing. It is the true multitasking device. HUB, PEEK and FLOW are the best features for the next century.

The Z30 would be best for me because I'm much more familiar with BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 than I am iPhone or iOS7. Plus, messaging is the top priority, which BlackBerry wins, hands down

I so want one of these better than icrap devices!! This phone should be in my hands all day long obviously browsing these forums!!!

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Big screen, HUGE battery, true multitasking. All fails on the iPhone side of things. I want a Z30!

If I win the z30 that would save me putting it on a card... save me from myself

Z10 would have to be updated to z30 because I won't be one of the dirties that jump to iPhone

Posted via CB10

I have a Z10. I'd give it to my daughter and use the Z30.

Never had an iPhone prefer BlackBerry's.

No contest.

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The Z30 is waaaay better that the iPhone because it is a revolution in handheld devices, not simply a rehash of the same tired junk.

I choose BlackBerry 10 over iPhone because of the stable and slick operating system. Best typing experience I've had on a touchscreen phone.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry z30 is my ultimate dream....Its widescreen(the first of its kind)is mouth watering compared to the 'same screen' iphone regardless of whether it is 5s and 5c that never changes.
Z30's. 2800mah battery is also a well huge advantage and the thought of a whole day without charging makes me day dream all day long!!That would surely be a huge step up from my blackberry 9900:)

Man if in don't win this contest, oh well, I'm going to get the Z30 anyway....

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better for me than the iPhone for two major reasons. First it's a BlackBerry! Secondly the updated Quad Core processor will make BlackBerry 10 an even more amazing and fun experience :-) iOS7 just doesn't do it for me.

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better because BlackBerry gives us a choice. The bigger screen, the HDMI out, NFC, bigger battery, and the software doesn't look like a cartoon show for my 2 year old.

Posted via CB10

When can I start rocking my Z30 and showing it off to all those with others 5" phones and others.

I need it

Because BlackBerry just fits my needs and lifestyle more than iOS ever could. Plus 30 is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better than 5.

There is nothing like having an experience so integrated with the communication as the Hub and the new features that bring the BB 10,2 to BBM. And with the BBM4ALL, there will be no smartphone that is better than de Z30 to keep in touch with everyone and everything. Not even the finger-reading iPhone 5S.

It's got what I want on a bigger scale and more... OS that rocks, battery that lasts, and me as proud Owner :)

On my chosen one... z10

Just because it lacks some of unnecessary features like finger print scanner. And because I want this beauty

Posted via CB10

No fingerprint scanner! Larger screen! More talk time! BB10! USB Host! Its not iOS7!

Main reasons why I want a Z30! Also if I win I can give my Z10 to my mother and upgrade her from her Torch 9800...

Bigger screen = can use if for reading books / web sites more easily;
BB OS = better and simplified messaging in one place

The Z30 is BETTER than the 5s because it is a BlackBerry!!!!!
We are humans, and as such, we are prone to subjectivity...and yes, this is a subjective comment.
Take it as it is and gimme my Z30 !!!!

The Z30 is better than any iPhone. It's innovative. It's different. I enjoy the screen real estate the Z30 provides. I'd love one. iPhones have been the same since the 3G at least. #IchooseBlackBerry

9700 > 9900 > Z10

The Z30 has it all over the iPhone with it's "nothing new" same old 4" screen size. Add that incredible battery life and new antenna technology the z30 is a winner! I've only had Blackberry smartphones ever since I first went mobile and frankly an iPhone would seem alien to me.

I know the Z30 will be better for me because of the keyboard, gorgeous and fluid UI plus the ability to reply directly to bbm previews (from the multitude of BB, Android and iPhones users) from any app I'm in - all on a 5" screen. Not too big, not too small, just right.

From "Flashing Notification LED" to "Untouchable Security," I can give you at least 2 dozen good reasons, but "for me" it's that it has a "Hot Swappable SDXC slot" for LOTS of additional storage (music!) AND "Stereo Speakers" built in (for listening to said tunes); THAT alone makes it a WINNER.

"Yes Please!"


The Z30 is better than the iPhones :P :D. Because it's has everything original. It's sober and simple and something I know how to use in my sleep :D.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S because it has a bigger, better screen and it's way more productive than an iToy. It just keep me moving!

Posted via my BlackBerry Q5.

Why will the Z30 be better? Simple...because it's a Crackberry! Also, I'm biased towards AMOLED screens.

I know the Z30 is better for me because it has a screen the size of an elephant compared to the iPhone 5s :)

Oh, and because I can brag to all my iPhone wielding friends how cool my phone is :P

Z30 is better than iPhone because it's a bigger display phone with the smoothness of BlackBerry 10 OS from QNX.

Posted from Z10 via CB10

I know that the Z30 is better because it is BB10 (and QNX) and all the new features it will have...

Z30 for me! For all the obvious reasons, but also because an iPhone would require a new (stronger) glasses prescription.

The Z30 has first and foremost security on it's side with the QNX operating system that is the most secure mobile platform to date. Neither Apple's iOS or Android have the full fledged security features either that is supported by BB10, making it the defacto choice when it comes to working in sensitive workplaces (i.e. public corporations, the military, hospitals).

The hardware is comparable as well, with a full 5" inch screen and a much more advanced touch-typing system, it's a no brainer when it comes to those that want to spill words on the screen as fast and as much as possible.

You're also looking at better handling of applications with its multi-application technology built into QNX, providing for a quicker and less agitating multi-tasking solution.

Finally the Z30 is the flagship of not only BlackBerry's as a product line, but is host to all the "optimistic" developments of QNX/BB10 in the near future. With a brand new strategy begging at the horizon for the company, it's interesting to see (and receive) the benefits that are too unfold.

Why any workplace would choose the iOS over this highly secure platform is beats me.

Because it is from BlackBerry... which is well known before that Apple iPhone.... and when you say "BlackBerry", others should pay attention to it.

Posted Via the Incredible Z10

First and most importantly, it's a BlackBerry, that's why. Only the Z30 can take advantage of the BBM voice and video features. Full BBM, something the iPhone 5S does not have!

3 letters - H U B - 'nuff said.

I want this for my girlfriend to get her off her piece of crap Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD (what a name!).

I love the iOS 7 lock screen bug. Has BlackBerry ever had a lock screen bug? Seems like Apple has a lock screen bug in almost every release. I'll stick with BlackBerry for my primary communications device.

Because I'm born and bred BlackBerry! There is no steenking iAnything in my household.
Besides, bigger = better, doesn't it?! ;-)

Because I can #ichooseblackberry10 and it would be smokin hot to have a Z30 to complement my Z10