CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!

It's iPhone 5s launch day but who cares?! You can win a BlackBerry Z30!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2013 11:13 am EDT

If you're an Apple fan, today is your Christmas morning. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are now available in stores, and the diehards lined up early and waited long hours to be among the first to get their hands on the new phones.

In the world of BlackBerry, right now we're focused on the next big thing - the BlackBerry Z30. Announced earlier this week, when we say the Z30 is a big thing, we mean BIG thing. With a 5" touchscreen display, the Z30 is the biggest BlackBerry we've seen to date. The Z30 will be available in the UK and Middle East beginning next week, and around the world heading into the holiday season.

And because we're CrackBerry and we love BlackBerry and WE LOVE YOU, on this iPhone day we're going to make it EASY for you to enter for a chance to win a free BlackBerry Z30. No waiting in lines. No waking up early. You can enter to win right where you are, right now.



All you need to do to win it is leave a comment on this thread telling us why you think know the Z30 is better for you than the iPhone 5s. We'll run this one up until the end of the month (September 30th) so you'll have plenty of time to get your name in. Unlike our last contest, this one is one entry per person so just leave a single comment.

Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry's win a BlackBerry Z30 (not an iPhone 5s) contest!



I want a Z30 because I need more than lipstick on a pig (iPhone 5s/c) to decide to buy a phone.

CB10 - Z10 -

I know the Z30 is not better on apps or popularity or overall, but it's just the blackberry experience wat makes it better for us to be honest.

A 5" that can make a 17h non stop moaning in a Natural Sound definitely is a resounding winner. More so it does it in stereo..
Who needs 5@ss.

It's a better business device, hands down. I have an ip5 business and a z10 personal, and I'm sure all crackberrians can agree with me when I say, "the Z10 kicks ip5's butt!"

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I want one because when the Z30 with OS 10.2 goes on sale, the next day will not look embarrassing news of a security bug such as happened certain brand

I want one because it is the Golden Fleece of phones! And I'm the Jason of phones! I'm not named Jason, however.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

I would like one . I know that it is better then the iPhone because it has a battery that will last me all day. 25 hours long. And it has a bigger, beefier screen.

The z30 is better then the unmentionedable itoy. Because half the flicks were blackberries first, larger screen.

Posted via CB10

Dang... thought I could edit this...

Flash, expandable memory, screen, nfc, most importantly, BlackBerry. All things better than iPhone.

Posted via CB10

The z30 is waaaay better than the iPhone because the screen is much easier to read thanks to its size. Also, 10.2 will make life that mich more efficient.

Posted via CB10

Did any see the new video that iPhone 5 update to iso7 and the security issues with the login hacks??

This is why you need an BlackBerry phone and of course i want a z30 since I already own a z10 so the z30 will be a great gift

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

Geez...would love a Z30, way better than the other brands just because of BB10 awesomeness !!

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5 because
1. It's not iOS
2. When I'm drunk people can't unlock my phone with my finger after I pass out.
3. The lock screen REALLY does lock the phone.
This is why I NEED the Z30!

I want the very best and I want a blackberry! Apple may ( for the masses, but I am as unique as blackberry!

Posted via CB10

iPhone = small screen, no NFC, no microSD, no Bridge, non-standard cables

Z30 = 5" screen, long battery life, BB10, links to my PlayBook, Cascades, Hub, awesomeness

Because it is a BlackBerry! Because of a complete new operating system, that is not ten years old! Because it has the only intuitiv OS on the market. Because it has USB otg! And because it is time for a change on the smartphone market and BlackBerry is the only real SMARTphone!

Posted via CB10

The most innovative smart phone in world today,not the best of the best but it's more better,faster and user friendly #ichooseblackberry because bbm loves me :)

Posted via CB10

Would love one so I can use Miracast and USB-OTG (Z10 owner here), plus extended control panel options. Screen size, non-proprietary standards, RFA, and so much more make the Z30 better than the iPhone 5s!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

The Z30 would be better for me bc I need to be able to truly multi task. The iPhone had made some improvements in that direction but BlackBerry has mastered it in BB10!

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to the larger screen, use it for remote desktop frequently and a slightly larger display would be sweet!

Whoops, forgot to put down the reason... just because The BB10 OS is the most fluid mobile OS outthere.

To be the best BlackBerry Ambassador I can be, I need the best, winning the ultimate BlackBerry would make that job I have given myself even easier!

If i get the Z30 I will convince the fortune 500 company I work for to promote this phone. I have the Z10 while others use the iPhone at work. However the Z30 is already being talked about in the office. What better way to put the icing on the cake then to show off the Z30 in action

Posted via CB10

The Blackberry Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5S because the Z30 has a bigger battery and and bigger screen which makes my life easier.

Blackberry Z30 is better than the Iphone5s because its an OS that made my day better and easier!! not the same sh*t on iOS7!! =)

What is this iPhone 5S you speak off? Now, give me that fine peace of art that goes by the name of Z30!

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better because #IchooseBlackBerry10. And it's a BlackBerry, of course.

Posted via CB10

I'm anxious to get this puppy in my hands! Q10 will still be my primary phone but this will cover my screen envy nicely!

Bigger screen, efficient OS compared to iOS7, better typing experience...need I go on??

Would love to win the awesome z30 to go with my equally awesome z10.

Posted via Z10

I'm after a real phone, not something that looks like it's made by Fisher price!

Posted via CB10

Seriously, the Z30 is better because its more secure, more stable, and flat out mind blowing. True changes to the device really deem it an upgrade unlike the iphone. Love the screen size and this OS is really to die for! #ichooseBlackBerry10!!!! I can't wait to have my Z30 in my hands! #goblackberry!!!

Z30 beats the new iPhone because the BB10 software runs like champ, even when pushed to the edge. After 8 months, my Z10 runs as it did on day one, except now has even more apps and features. BB10 is secure and growing. iOS is Fisher Price-looking and elderly all at the same time.

I need to win this so that I can prove how much better BlackBerry is to everyone in my office. Not just in terms of device spec but the CrackBerry community also. Would really love to win this!

The OS and keyboard are more innovative & efficient, hardware material is superior and of course the screen-estate!

It is better for me because the BB10 OS meets all of MY communication and app needs, and of course because of my loyalty to BlackBerry!

I know the Z30 is better than iphone5s Because Blackberry is built for the professional and not like a toy. To quote what someone wrote in a group "iOS7 looks like Rainbow Bright took a dump on all the icons"

The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. And honestly I rather eat a Blackberry than a Black Apple.

there are just too many reasons why the Z30 is better than the iphone 5S. One being you can't bypass the Z30 security to get pics, emails and other important things. It's also bigger, sexier and it's running BB10!

The Z30 is better because of the size, hub, and the manly OS. Not a hello kitty/skittles color with a mediocre design.

CB10 on Verizon Z10

Sweet, thanks, the Z30 rocks!!!!!, it is just better with real multitasking, real message management, real secure implementation

Why is the Z30 better than the iPhone 5S/5C?

Less people will buy it, so it is more hipster (Baaaaaa)
It has USB Host functionality (Come one apple, at least add in an SD card slot one day)
It has BBM (Oh wait, never mind :)
It will be loved beside my Z10 and Playbook
The lock screen can't be bypassed with a couple clicks
It has the penta..pexa...p-something antenna

The Z30 has the best OS and it is easier to navigate and read. BlackBerry allows choice in what I load. No icrap store telling me I have to pay them and when.

Unified Hub, 5" screen, not iOS, no need for iTunes, the list goes on; there's no need to turn this into an essay. The Z30 is just everything I need! =) True multitasking ftw. Really hoping for a win here too ;P

Simple, iPhone 5s iOS7 is just a mimic of the real power and capabilities of the Z30 and BB10.
With that phone in my hand, I will prove it to the world of naysayers!

Posted via Me on my Z

It's a BlackBerry of course it's going to be better than an Iphone. Next obvious question?

Posted via CB10

Sticking to BlackBerry! The community , the employers, crackberry and the contests are amazing.. that's why #IChoseBlackBerry10 ..
Hope to win the Z30 :D

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Z10 has a bigger screen, longer battery and killer keyboard. I'd love to win one.

Why is the BlackBerry Z30 better than the new iPhone 5S? Because it's an iPhone. Need I say more?

Count me in for the freebie Z30.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

I would like to own a Z30 as I love BlackBerry. I also feel more secure and comfortable owning this type of device over the iPhone. I think the OS and features are fresh over whats included in the iPhone. I still have faith in BlackBerry and it'd be quite wonderful to add another piece of their history into my collection as well as my everyday life of using the device for work and personal use. Thanks for the opportunity.

The Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because the screen is big and beautiful and there's no dumb button to look for if I'm using my phone in landscape mode.

Oh, also I lasered off my fingerprints because I am a spy so that fingerprint scanner is useless.

Also I really want a Z30 and an horribly irresponsible with my money, take pity on me and my reckless ways!

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better than iPhone simply because you can get ACTUAL work done & then have time to play after! :)

Sent from GLADOS (Zed10 super phone)

I'd rather have a Z30 than that "other" phone you mentioned above because I love BB10. And supporting a Canadian company just makes it that much better.

I know the Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because I am over 40 and I can barely read my iPhone 4s!! MyQ10 for work is awesome, but extra screen real estate is more of a necessity than a desire. Anyone with over 40 eyes know what I mean! And, I just want a free Z30 like everyone else here!

I'm a journalist. My Z10 is a professional tool. The Z30 has a superior keyboard and better communications software.

Posted via CB10

Z30 > 5s because there's no NSA approved fingerprint scanner on the blackberry. Well, not that I know of anyway...

Posted via CB10

Well i'd be well connected to everything, the 5 inch screen, android app capability, the 5 inch screen..touchscreen!

As a person who uses his phone 80% for work and have many co workers that use iphones I can tell that they do not work nearly as well as BlackBerry for us. They constantly complain about email/calendar issues. I just go about my daily business with no hiccups or complications.

BlackBerry rocks, I love my Z10, but that Z30 is hot! I want to sport one to show off that screen size. Be jealous iSheep!

Posted via CB10

I need the BlackBerry Z30 but because I want doesn't get! The Z30 is here and in France, I'd rock it definitely !

Posted via CB10

Better simply because of BB10. Built to just to get stuff done. Which is exactly what I want!

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better for me than the iPhone 5s because I am always on the go and I need a reliable tool in my hands to keep me moving. We are past the point where mobile phones are treated like toys and only a truly integrated device like the Z30 is acceptable.

Ever since I got introduced to blackberry devices, I couldn't go to any other device. Personally I think the blackberry is the best phone out there. And now with BB10 and the android runtime, its like having 2 phones in one...

Posted via CB10

It's better because it's an iPhone 5Same. The Z30 is just beautiful in the outside, bigger screen, can actually multi task, can take a USB. !!

Posted via CB10

I Want a BlackBerry Z30 and I Know it's better than the iPhone 5s because of the entire platform. The superiority of BlackBerry 10 based on QNX and its security, BlackBerry Hub and Priority Hub, bigger screen but not so big, led notifications, USB on-the-go, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, Natural Sound and for the workers there is BlackBerry Balance. In other words, the BlackBerry Z30 it's not a toy (like the iPhone 5s) it's a truly smatphone!

I left blackberry for an android and I so miss blackberry....besides anyone would have to be a fool to leave blackberry for iphone

We and I'm really meaning my wife would like a new phone so I included my post and look forward to the announcement

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S mainly because it is a BlackBerry. Apple have stopped innovating but BlackBerry have not, BB10.2 combined with the power of the Z30 makes this and absolute beast of a phone!

Posted via CB10

Z30 is better than iPhone 5S/5C because:
- Hello?! BlackBerry!
- Bigger better screen
- Bigger better battery life
- I don't like getting fingerprinted by my device
- BB10
- Leaks, leaks, leaks!

Beyond having the most innovative/productive OS of any smart phone, with the hub and it's flexibility, love that red light indicator, smooth predictive typing and the efficient multitasking OS. I know that my information, as meaningless and non incriminating as it may be to some, will not be sold by BlackBerry through a backdoor to unknown interests or their own. I know my ideas will remain my own and within my circle of willing contacts to explore and maybe one day become bigger ideas coming to fruition.

Posted via CB10

1. Native BBM
2. Multitask
3. Superb keyboard
4. Camera and Timeshift
5. USB on the go
6. Productivity for business users
7. Android sideload
8. Not generic boring design like crapphone which stays the same from 1 to 5 or even until 8
9. Fuck ios
10. BB10 is good for my health. iphone is not.
Thanks! :D

Hmm, let me think of the many reasons... LED notifier, an actual play/pause hardware button so I don't have to deal with touch screens to play or pause my music, the Hub so I don't have to go into apps just to find my messages, and real multi-tasking!

I've never won a CrackBerry contest. Let this be the one!

I would like a z30 rather than an Iphone5s because my house is BlackBerry only...and I don't want to have to ban myself for breaking my own rule...and BB10 rocks!!!!!!

ZED10, STL100-3,

The Z30 would be a blessing to me because my hubby's phone is a blackberry an I currently have a iPhone and we can not BBM . If I want to talk with him I have to email him because he doesn't have text ! I will pray I win this phone . Robin

would love if i could win this hot stuff. BlackBerry Z30 is better than iPhone 5S/C because CrackBerry Kevin says so and I totally believed his words :P

I can't express all my list WHY I need BB over iPhone.
1. first place goes to BB Hub, No other phone even comes closer to this BB Unique feature
2. Even BBM goes cross-platform, no other platform can give rich native bb unique experience
3. Thanks to bb touch keyboard with predictive learning, I loved it in my z10
4. Blackberry bridge to connect to my playbook
5. Bigger screen, a lot of business need, I can even type faster (compare w/Samsung with bb unique keyboard)
list goes on.....
Finally I need Z30

IPHONE 5s looks so tiny and iOS7 colors are awful. BB10 OS 10.2 rocks and is the most productive and communicative OS. Love the expandable memory of Z30 and bigger battery too.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Z30 knows how to give me what I need in the right amount, does what I ask in the simplest form, is smooth & quick, & makes everything big & clear. #iChooseBlackberry10

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is better than the iPhone 5S because it's got a bigger screen and USB OTG. Also, it's a Blackberry so it's way more secure even if it doesn't have a fingerprint scanner.

Z30 is better than iphone5s because of the screen, the OS, connectivity with PC, and also Z30 has a quad-core GPU. That's awesome! Z30 it's so hot! I want this please!!! Pick me! :'(

Posted via CB10