CrackBerry / TeleNav Giveaway - Win a One-Year Subscription to TeleNav and a $100 Gift Certificate

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Dec 2009 02:58 pm EST

CrackBerry's Telenav Giveaway

The Holiday season is here, all of us here at CrackBerry are in the giving spirit. We kicked off things with our CrackBerry Colorware Contest, and now we've teamed up with TeleNav to bring you CrackBerry's Telenav Giveaway. We figured we'd deviate a bit from the normal contests make this one a bit more interesting. The holidays are about getting together with friends and family, so we're taking a social approach on this one. For your chance to win you'll have to do the following:

That's all there is to it! It's a bit of work, but it's worth it! If you win you will receive a one-year subsctiption to TeleNav GPS Navigator, a $100 gift certificate, a car charger and device car mount. In addition, we'll also be giving a $100 donation to Toys For Tots in your name. We'll also draw for two second place winners that will also receive a one-year subscription to TeleNav GPS Navigator. So what are you waiting for?! You only need to enter once, and winners will be announced on December 24th - so get going!

Reader comments

CrackBerry / TeleNav Giveaway - Win a One-Year Subscription to TeleNav and a $100 Gift Certificate



Hey kevin, there is a mistake in the link for the twitter account crackberry, you missed one "r", so the link is not good...

Hope i WIN !! bye

Guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, "doc sometimes I think I'm a wigwam and some times I think I'm a teepee." The doc looks at him and says, "I know what your problem is, your just two tents."


Seriously? You gotta have a Twitter account? I saw another thing recently requiring a Twitter account. Some of us don't have interest in following the random thoughts of ego-maniacs or in having anyone following ours.

When will Twitter die???????

I would love to enter this contest but I do not have a twitter account :) Good luck to all those who enter and crackberry keep it up with all these great contests!!!

I gave been good this hole year I would love to be selected for this also would be a great Christmas gift to me.

Please let me win for once! I would LOOOOVE this App, and gift credit. I promise to share the wealth. :)

upon winning I plan to overhaul my phone and my wifes. Both of us have 9700's and after paying for those we need that 100 dollars. Telenav would also be awesome as my wife is always lost. remember me and give us the feeling of being overhauled crackberry style

This would be a nice one for Christmas! I have the new Storm 2 & would love to get some accesories for it! It would make a great Christmas!!!

James McDaniel

Used Telenav in the past b4 and know others who have it. its an awesome program to have, useful and damn near perfect accurate! Would love to have again!!! win. I have yet to win anything on crackberry and I love this site!. To Kevin and Telenav as well as the crackberry nation, have great holidays! Good luck to everyone!

Will do all the steps!!! Good luck to everybody.. I would totally love this, im going on tour soon and would be perfect... YAHHYY!!

Did the instructions! I am pumped to see who wins this!

follow me @linkkoriri I'm a BlackBerry Expert myself, had to trouble shoot them for the last two years.

So how will you know who did all 5 steps (2x follow, 2x fan, and tweet the msg) ?? How do you match my twitter with my Facebook ?

Ah those times when I won so so so many apps from CB... my days are over I guess :(

Well, hopefully this will be another start! Would love to have this on my S2!

I'd be more than happy to win this since i work as a independent courrier and drive around 300+ miles a day

Crackberry and TeleNav have provided great services to readers and GPS users.
This present is another prove that you guys are the best!
One-year subsciption is excellent.
$100 certificate is perfect companion for the subscription.

Thanks to Crackberry and TeleNav.

I'm going to pass on this. I have not yet yielded to the silliness of twitter and do not plan to any time soon. When will that stupid phase pass.

How will you notify the person who won? lets say the facebook is my real name, twitter and crackberry accounts are diffrent names? doesnt make sense.

All done. I love TeleNav, and man this would be awesome to win...I already had followed you on FB and TW, CB! :)

I am desperate for a better guided GPS app. Since all of the good apps are now $$$, I don't have a good navigator. :-(

So I'm all about a contest to win one!!

BTW, if I win, I'd like to have my $100 gift card coverted to a second donation for Toys-for-tots! That is an outstanding program that the Marine Corps Reserves organizes every year. I would be very happy to give a little extra.

This would be by far the greatest app for me, with family spread all over the country I could finally get to my destination with no problems.