CrackBerry's Simon Sage talks with CBC Toronto about BlackBerry's open letter

Simon Sage at CBC
By Simon Sage on 15 Oct 2013 11:09 am EDT

Rotund with turkey and other Thanksgiving goodness, I rolled myself downtown last night to talk with CBC to talk about the open letter BlackBerry plans to put into newspapers today. They only used a small snippet of our conversation, and spent more time on background and talking with folks on the streets of Toronto, but you can find my bit at the 4:40 mark in the video below.

To be honest, my initial reaction was a lot like the first guy they talked to: the letter comes off as a desperate plea, and very defensive. Then I thought about what kinds of messages the public is getting about BlackBerry from the media at large, and they tend to be fairly one-sided towards doom and gloom. Given, there's a good reason to be talking about the challenges ahead of BlackBerry, but if that's at the expense of anything remotely positive or hopeful, then it's natural that there are people out there surprised to hear that BlackBerry's still in business or learn that they launched a new operating system in January. In that context, one can see why BlackBerry might want to provide at least a little counter-balancing perspective. 

Many of the messages in the letter we take for granted, like the fact that BlackBerry still has cash in the bank, that they're working on new products, and many of the ones already out there are still seeing plenty of use. For others that only read the occasional newspaper story about BlackBerry when something rough is happening, this might be new information worth taking into account. Specifically, the letter is addressed to current BlackBerry users, and reassuring them that the company isn't going anywhere (a sentiment Alec Saunders was quick to iterate at Jam Asia). For the launch of the Z30, it's important to show this level of confidence because even those that are interested in the product worry about having long-term support - getting some kind of commitment that OS updates aren't going to dry up in six months would certainly help them make the leap of purchasing. 

What do you guys think of the open letter? Does it accomplish anything productive? Is it actually meant to speak to BlackBerry fans, or is there a larger message for the public here too? Is this message of confidence justified and believable?

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CrackBerry's Simon Sage talks with CBC Toronto about BlackBerry's open letter


Here's a thought. Want some great amazing publicity? Forget about this useless letter that's only going to get mocked and focus on releasing bbm cross platform. They'll get all the free media and raving fans they've ever wanted. Upwards of 8mil potential captive fans are chomping at the users that actually matter.

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Should have invested this kind of money on ADVERTISING blackberry 10 from day one. However it's still a needed message for the general public...

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The letter is not useless. The media has it out for BB, and this letter was necessary.

CBC rants and raves about the new Windows 8 phone os upgrade that "allows the user to rotation lock" but all they say about BlackBerry is doom and gloom.

So yeah BlackBerry has to step up

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Desperation of a washed-up street walker trying to earn money for her next drug fix.

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It sounds to me like BlackBerry has finally figured out they have something worth fighting for and they are now trying to distance themselves from the negative low-lifes and half-wits whose pathetic attempts to drag the company down to their level with stupid comments just reek of desperation. In other words, BlackBerry was slower than the readers of this site in getting fed up with the morons who troll and tarnish their brand. All things considered it was a thoughtful response. If they expect to succeed they must keep pressing this message - one day alone of getting out their positive message will not have enough impact to reverse years of negativity.

+10000. This is about time, and just wish they would have pushed this message right after they announced the strategic review.

Which is probably why the letter highlighted so many of the things they have been delivering on that have been getting lost amid the chuckles of lame critics.

We were complaining and saying the company is saying nothing, and when they say something you say it reeks of desperation. Which one do you want?

I agree, I don't kno what the hell is wrong with these pple at all. honestly I rather these pple go to another platform and call it a day and leave blackberry alone, cuz the pple who want the phone know why they want it, and don't care about the negative press, they understand it means nothing, it's just sensationalized bull, to get television ratings anyway. they understand hardships are apart of the life cycle of any business, in due time blackberry will be fine.

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Agreed. This constant whining is tiring. At the very least we know BlackBerry has some confidence. That should be good enough for now. Last week they launched their MDM cloud services which was a big boost.

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Agree as well. BlackBerry needed to reassure us of their confidence. BlackBerry needs now a few good bullseye's to drive the message though, otherwise it will fall on deaf ears

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I`m with you. This letter isn`t desperate its an explanation to people on what business is and how they are still in it for the time being.

You know frankly the world has bashed the name BlackBerry for too long and need to know what is really happening to get things back on track I think it is a good move

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Open letter was needed. Since blackberry went 'for sale' there has been a lack of 'open during renovation' signs. The public needs to know blackberry is still moving. Sadly they forget about consumers and went silent. There should be more adds like this one, they need(ed) to get word out!

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Agreed. There will always be the detractors and doubters, but communication is better than no communication.

Totally agree. Time to speak up and I do like how they talk about the positives in the letter. Just wish BlackBerry would have made a better marketing effort when BB10 was first released.

I don't think it's necessarily desperate, but they needed to get their point across to the public. I'm just not sure why they waited this long in doing that. I think it sets the record straight and helps maintain consumer confidence.

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Glad they finally said something. Hope it reaches the audience they want. They can't stop here. They need to show they are an ongoing, productive enterprise. The must #KeepMoving

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Was just thinking about this....wonder if it will resonate with the intended audience or not. To me it comes across as more of a letter to be given before an earnings report to their investors vs a consumer looking to buy a phone.

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When blackberry keeps quiet they don't talk enough, now they spoke to reassure us the consumers now they are desperate, this company can not catch a break yo.

Posted by z10 boss

While I don't know if it will be very positive. I totally agree with you about the media spin. Today's Globe and Mail story on the letter is a perfect example of negative, rather than balanced, reporting on the open letter.

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I think it can only be a good thing and a positive step. For a company that is top in communication devices, it's been far from communicative until now. I for one am happy to see something that at least answers some of the questions, gives us some confidence and may quieten some of the nay sayers, albeit a little late. The fact is a lot of people don't even know about BB10, which is crazy!!!!!!

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

Make sure your flash support is on in your browser. Else run the link from the CB browser page and not the CB app.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Desperate. If you actually cared to ensure your customers are happy BlackBerry you would have narrowed the app gap already at least for top apps, would start delivering on commitments, and stop charging exorbitant prices for your hardware.

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Can you name the top apps that are missing so I know why they haven't "narrowed the app gap"

Instagram and vine are coming very soon but that's just two apps anyway, so please tell me what these top must have apps are that are causing this gaping hole.

Maybe the reference to apps? I dunno.

The fanbois talk about 'can't win' with comms and the open letter. Frankly.. it's a red herring ... like the lack of apps. Who would know about instagram if it was on bb10? The same fanbois that use it today.

RIM doesn't really tell anyone anything until it's too late. That's been their MO for awhile now. The same 'amazing' OS That fanbois know about, all the flow and multi tasking, broswer etc ... noone else knows. what difference would 2 or 10 or 50 of the to apps make? RIM wouldn't tell anyone.

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Nothing childish about the comment. He's right - it's past time for BlackBerry to deliver something more than rhetoric.

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Whats so childish about expecting what a company has promised again and again. I support the hell out of BB, but sometimes you gotta call ppl on their BS/shortcomings.

What's childish is expecting them to narrow the app gap. What are they supposed to do? Threaten Netflix and Instagram? Become terrorists? You can't force someone to make an app for your platform. People make apps when they think the userbase is significant enough. If anything, it's OUR fault we don't have the apps we want because it says that WE have not adopted the platform fast enough for the app makers to see a benefit. You want apps, get your friends on BB10.

Apps are not the only let downs that we've faced as BlackBerry customers... and I'm pretty sure they are not the only thing that 'dejanh' listed. There were tons of commitments/deadlines missed. The prices are definitely too high for what we are being offered. So again, there is nothing childish about the comment.

The question was asked "which part of it was childish". I said the apps expectations were childish. I have no issue with the other bits, but as I said, I don't think it is realistic to blame BlackBerry for lack of apps because people don't expend resources to make apps for something that hasn't been proven a success yet.

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Right because apple and Andriod launch perfect devices without flaw all the time. It sounds like you were looking for a cheap android device and mistakenly bought a BlackBerry.

No sense in hanging around crackberry if your gonna cry and complain all the time. Do yourself a favor and sell your phone then go over to android central and post positive happy things, unless of course your just a drama queen and get off on bitching complaining and crying.

Who are you talking 'BB_Bmore' and what exactly is your point? Not one person mentioned Android or Apple until you jumped blindly into this conversation. If I wanted an Android phone, I'd buy an Android phone. As a supporter of BlackBerry (Z10, PlayBook, 'diminished stock') I can say whatever I want as a registered member of the Crackberry/BlackBerry community as long as I'm not being disrespectful.

You mentioned in your previous response that Instagram is coming very soon, and so is Netflix. Where did you hear this great news, and what does very soon even mean? I love BlackBerry but I'm not disillusioned.
BBM Cross Platform: Past Due
BB10 Playbook: Never Came
Z10: released late (in regards to America)
Q10: released late (in regards to America)
... there are other things too, but I don't feel like getting into it.

You asked what top apps are missing... that's easy... besides the ones you answered yourself by saying "coming soon": Wells Fargo, IMDB, E*Trade, Kik, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify,TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon, (those are just the ones that matter to me... I'm sure other ppl's lists would vary)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up, criticizing, or just down right ranting about a company or a situation if you support them with your hard earned money. I've also said a fair share of good stuff about BlackBerry. No one is crying here, just pointing things out.

Pointing out what? The platform is how old? Did anyone really expect to have all the kinks out and every app available immediately?

No worries about the length so long as you feel you made your point ;-)

The problem is not the platform. It's the marketing.

+ 1000.
Some of these guys say things just to post something here. How shallow are their life's if they cannot live without instant am and vibe. Jeez...

Posted via CB10

Amen. Loving a company needs to have criticism, or else ur pretty much blind to its shortcomings. I do love my z10, and in turn BB, and it's BECAUSE of this, I shall critique it for the sake of improving

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So the releases were what? so your missing a few apps.....if you had them before then it must have been on other platforms, why did you switch? if you never had them but want them, why stay with BlackBerry? And then you are complaining about really think that they would lower the price just so winners Luke you can afford it? and yes, I do think that BB10 is a Ferrari of smartphones.

Posted via CB10

You got to to be kidding me right? The guys was specifically referring to the app gap. How else did BlackBerry let you down? Oh, your life stopped because the release of 10.2 came late? Seriously? And when did BlackBerry promises low prices? Please save your sorry comments for yourself because they did kot add anything to the conversation.

Posted via CB10

No, it is you, who has got to be kidding me. You're sitting here telling me, what someone else was 'specifically' referring to; when he has also listed two other valid points. 1) No BlackBerry hasn't kept all their announced commitments. 2) BlackBerry's are overpriced. If you want to keep this pointed towards the 'App Gap' go right ahead, but we all know that is just part of the problem. We can even throw in there a third point if we really want to be critical 3) The great marketing blitz that never came. Frank talked about new and exciting marketing campaigns- I saw nothing new/exciting.

MyIrob: you put words in my mouth thinking I wouldn't have a response, but I actually do. You said 'How else did BlackBerry let me down?" I said no such thing: but since you want to take it there.
1) My Playbook that doesn't have BB10
2) My 'shares' of BB, which ain't worth diddly (I know it was a gamble, to invest- but you asked, so I'll oblige)
3) BBM Cross platform- yes I have a Z10, but I have friends/family/associates that I want to communicate with on BBM.

I said nothing about 10.2 being late. I've been rocking leaked since August

Who said anything about BlackBerry promising low prices? I know I didn't. I agreed with someone saying that they are overpriced. Which they are, if you want to buy off of contract. I actually bought mine on contract and damn near got it for free with trade ins, and haggling. But the off contract, no upgrade price is a bit steep for a phone that eventually got downgraded to entry level.

Before you throw your hat into a ring to pick a verbal fight, make sure you've read, and have comprehended the conversation. People like you are the ones who should keep the comments to themselves. Practice what you preach.

Now I'm done with this... go ahead and have the last word.

Wish you would take the time to see that it's already been pointed out the app issue is the developers and not blackberry, they have reached out and the companies are what the hold up is. With people like you harping on it the communication is not going to get any better to the public.

Posted via CB10

You're right. And it's also the consumers fault for not buying phones. If they would only listen to us and buy more BlackBerry decides we wouldn't be in this state right? If only developers would make the apps. If only there wasn't competition..... the blame rests with the company and the company only. they can't even release their own app cross platform.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

And do you work for BlackBerry? Cause apparently you have proof that it's the developers fault...

Being close to a company that does development, no blackberry has not reached out to them and the development tools that blackberry has offered are not up to par!

So tell me, how has blackberry reached out to developers?

Posted via CB10

The tools aren't up to par yet there are many beautiful, smooth, feature rich apps in BlackBerry world.... Maybe it's your coding skills or lack thereof that isn't up to par.

Here's a tissue for your issues.

Trying doesn't mean squat. If they can't execute get the execs off the bus (or Jet) and get someone in there who can get the job done.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Instead of proclaiming the incompetence of others, why don't you tell us what YOU would do to narrow the app gap, since you seem to think it's an easy issue that can be solved by BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I can see you yourself have contributed some great ideas in this post. Beyond the attacks, the only suggestion you've made is for everyone to get their friends to buy a BB10 and magically the apps will appear. So...your plan is to rally the troops, "sell like hell", and get everyone to buy a BB10 under the premise that apps will follow. Hmmm...where have I heard that story before.
The CEO's are paid millions for a reason. Their job is to sell, not mine. It's my right as a shareholder and consumer (of many bb's) to express my thoughts. That's kind of what this forum is for I guess. Here's step 1 to this very complicated plan, release BBM crossplatform. No more letters, no more press releases, no more BS tweets, no more corny ads, no more bus tours....just release BBM cross platform. Get the 6 million users on board. You get 6mil+ people using that app, you're on more radars than this press release will be.

I don't have any suggestions. That's why I am not attacking the people running the ship. I accept that it is not easy. But since you feel comfortable to attack them, I figured you should have an idea. I don't attack people for failing to do something that I myself am not sure how to do.

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It's easier said than done. I bet you, you are the top performer in your organization, right? :)

They've let the media dictate negative storylines for too long. I think this letter is a step in the right direction: actually inform the average consumer of the things that the media skips. I wish it was months ago, but better late than never.

Agree....stop letting these sites push you around with their crap. Fight back. Long overdue.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Simon, it's a pity that you didn't get the time to show off the new Z30. But it's positive, that you were there to make a comment.

"MegaBlackBerry doesn't fit in the avatar box..."

It is safe to say more folks are leaving BlackBerry than joining so I don't really think this publication will make much difference. I am a loyal BlackBerry user that is getting a little tired of the rhetoric.

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Doesn't BlackBerry get it! Do they think people are stupid. They vow to honour the pledges and commitments but they are pursuing aggressive strategic alternatives that will result of sale in whole or in parts. BlackBerry can't make these commitments - the future is uncertain. A large firm would be foolish to purchase any enterprise solution from this company at this time
Maybe this is a letter to investors rather than consumers. This is the only thing that makes sense.

Posted via CB10

The future is always uncertain, but BlackBerry has a cash cow in the business and security world and I doubt very much they are going anywhere in that regard. A large firm would be foolish to purchase a solution from any other company than BlackBerry because it is absolutely true that their security is second to none.

compared to what? Apple? Or to some other company in the high tech sector? BB doesn't have to sell like Apple, it just needs to sell. Which it has done and will continue to do within a narrow market segment. It would be nice to expand that, of course. but for now they just need to prove they can stay alive in the long term

I'm not so sure that more people are leaving BlackBerry, the fact is BlackBerry make darn good phones and they just don't die!!!!

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

That's is the problem. The legacy devices keep working and most BlackBerry users are food with that.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Kevin was on CNBC this morning, but a phone in. I hope he wasn't using a BlackBerry, because the audio was terrible and he kept fading in and out combined with some odd audio effects.

A letter ain't gonna cut it, they need to get out there in the spotlight! Do some interviews, engage the public, do Q&A. Get onto major news networks and talk about BB10

Posted via CB10

They have to start some where relax hot pants let's see how things progress

Posted by z10 boss

There are a lot of people fence sitting re BB phones now. Putting off upgrades. or chosing another phone because they think BB will die. This will reassure some of those.

There is a lot of info. I here people saying BB is already closed. BB is bankrupt.

So this will help , a bit
Dropping Z10 to free on contract will get phones out there , that will also help
Z30 , will sell, lets hope they price it smart ... I'm thinking $550 without contract, $200 on contract.

Simon did you not read the hundreds of comments in yesterday's post?

BlackBerry had to say something. They were being crucified for being silent. Do you not read Crackberry?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is now trying to instill some level of confidence in the company going forward. The "open letter" is a first step. Let's hope a lot more marketing will follow.

The intent was good (sending a message to counter popular misconceptions and media coverage) but the way is was done was, like most of their marketing efforts, lacking in creativity. So, it does come off a desperate because it wasn't masked in a more creative delivery. BB has lots of programmers and businessmen but are sorely lacking creative artists.

They should have defended themselves long ago. Saying nothing is like admitting guilt and every one is correct in the demise.

Posted via CB10

Hey CBC . . Capitalize the B in CrackBerry . . (said in a monty-python-esque-life-of-brian kind of way)

It does come across more as reactive as opposed to being proactive so dunno how much it will help (I hope it does but not feeling confident).

I really wish some of the points in the letter (best in class productivity and security) were better communicated in their (lousy) marketing cause they really do have a great OS/devices for these things imo.

Posted via CB10

I kind of feel the same way. It'd be great to see a successful launch of a new product feature etc such as bbm...where BlackBerry could basically say "screw you haters" we just signed up millions of users in a matter of hours and we're here to stay. I'd rather that.. than explanations, apologies etc.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

I'm finding it ironic and sad the the latest news clips about BlackBerry's "demise " and "desperation " provides the best advertising for BB10 and devices ever seen on Canadian television because they do their audio over BlackBerry video of the star BB10 features.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to communicate more and more clearly that it's committed to its customers. The letter does that but it's negative and complicated. Only BlackBerry user will read. But it also needs to walk the talk. It's can't hold for sale meetings and press conferences that erode confidence. It has a three phase plan. It knew that it would erode cash. It didn't plan on low sales but we must recognize the market, make adjustments and keep going. Talk up accomplishments. Don't mess around with image and stock values to achieve restructuring objectives. Focus on sales and comparative advantages. Counter negative press. Price to sell. The phones are great.

Posted via CB10

See how they end with a (-) ... You would think that in Canada they would get behind BB instead of trying to always go against BB. I'm hoping for the best and maybe if BB can get some good coverage on main stream media it would help a lot. As we all know... Most people live their life with media telling what to wear, what cloths to wear, what smart phone you need etc.. We are sheep and can't think for ourselves. BB stands on their own.... and BB users are not brainwashed by the media so that is where the problem is. Like Linux... BB is for the awake!

In some ways I think BlackBerry has been waiting to release the z30 and the 10.2 os release along with BBM cross platform before they invest heavily in advertising. Best to have a solid product to back up the advertising dollars. I think they are very close.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I think the letter it self at first looks a bit desperate, but backing it up with a nice ad campaign for Z30 should make it look solid.

Right now BlackBerry can't say much.
But they had to try.

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10.

I think it is a good move by BlackBerry rather than just sit there like a lame duck taking all the abuse & negative press. Some form of answer from the company is good enough to know that they are still around.

Posted via CB10

I agree. Not saying anything would have been a lot worse. The haters will still call it "desperate" no matter what. As others have mentioned I agree that they should put more- MUCH more- marketing into the Z30 and show off it's (and BB10's) unique features. They should use some of the money they saved by not marketing the Z10. ;-)

Posted via CB10

I think it is entirely appropriate to communicate management sentiments to the public considering the challenges the company faces and the amount of misinformation out there.

Posted via CB10

I think it would have the biggest impact on current bb users. Had this come out say before the fairfax announcement, before the layoffs announcement, before disastrous quarterly results it would have had better overall impact

As long as they follow it up with some proper action. This could be a sign that the company is finally heading towards the proper direction.

Posted via CB10

I believe they thought that the public had wrong ideas about where BlackBerry is and going to be. Lots of people I know thought that BlackBerry was dead, that they were bankrupt and going to stop their business.

The letter is indicated towards BlackBerry users to make them feel important and appreciated, but has a strong message to other people too. To make sure people know that they're not going anywhere, is a good thing and the opposite of what people thought. Especially people who don't read Crackberry and only read papers with the negative headlines all the time.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Yes We need to hear good news that the company is still debt-free (a huge plus) in my eyes, has cash in the bank and has great hardware with software getting better every day. Go Blackberry Go!

Posted via CB10

To be honest after reading the statement from BlackBerry it is the exact same stuff they've said to us before. Doesn't seem to be anything new here.

I understand the message they're trying to get across, but when each point they've made has been debated and in some cases down-played as trivial; to re-iterate these points makes no sense.

I dunno, maybe that's just me. I haven't lost faith, but I haven't had any "F*** YEA" moments lately either.

The way I see it and excuse my poor grammar choices but Blackberry is currently in a fight. During this fight it is being punched in the face by the public. Now does Blackberry a) stand up and fight back (open letter) or b) sit and show no sign of commitment to emerge from the fight in somewhat of one piece. Blackberry chose option a) and is now showing everyone that it plans to continue to fight on. This may seem desperate but outweighs the cons of leaving the public in the dark and not saying much about their position in yhe market. I hope for the best for Blackberry and will continue to supoort them not because I just want to tell people i'm a blackberry fan but because they deliver a product I want to continue to use. I would personally choose to use the Blackberry even if they took away thr bbm service because as a communication tool it is so damn productive.

Posted via CB10

Why is BlackBerry blamed? Because is hard to be controlled. Like the OS is only software and device who is not original from USA. Look at Nokia. The only device from outside of USA and now is swallow by Microsoft.

Posted via CB10

Marketing is not about desperate open letters that try to appeal to people's sense of logic. It's about capturing people's imagination and mind share and appealing to emotions. From their poorly timed and executed US launch, to their adjectiveless product pages, to customer surveys that are techno centric to taglines that have negative connotations (e.g. Keep Moving has a negative double meaning) to press releases that read like tech manuals their marketing efforts have been amateurish at best. I've never seen such a dysfunctional effort. Frank has his background rooted in strategy, finance, math, physics and economics. He has no business being a CMO and BlackBerry has no women in senior leadership who tend to bring a more emotive perspective rather than logical/tech perspective to communication. Until Frank ups his game or they replace him with someone with proven marketing chops, they will continue to slog along and get bashed daily.

Too little too late. The "proof is in the pudding" as they say, and unfortunately BlackBerry has done little on the actual practical side to dissuade a lot of this negative publicity and doom-and-gloom scenarios floating around.

As a BlackBerry user, I don't doubt the creativity, originality and vision of the good people working at BlackBerry. In my family we own several BlackBerry devices of all kinds, up to and including the new BB10 platform operating Z10.

My problem is with top management, the people in charge of this company. Their actions or lack off, put into question the viability of this company and its continued long term presence as a serious player in the telecommunications market, which as we all know is a cutthroat environment, at times resembling a 21st century wild west approximation of a consumer market.

Delayed product launches (BB10 should have been in use since 2012 the latest, not be launched in 2013 for example), a spare and sparce ecosystem lacking some of the "must have" apps that consumers DO want (it should be about offering choice to your customers, not about whether people actually use the apps or not), technical glitches and delayed fixes, and finally a thoroughly poor salesmanship job coupled with a glaring and almost amateurish lack of advertising, brand support and recognition.

Let's not forget device models that should have perhaps been left on the back burner(like the "new Bold") and not introduced as part of the primary BB10 portfolio (yeah I am looking at you Q10, Q5). If you want customers to have a completely new user experience, then the Z10 and Z30 should have been THE primary devices promoted for the BB10 OS, with the Q10 and Q5 taking a back seat but still present enough to satisfy all the customers wanting their full QWERTY physical keyboard fix.

I am sorry to say this, but to the average consumer outhere who is not necessarily as well versed in these matters or tech savy as some of my fellow Crackberry posters, this does not inspire confidence nor a desire to purchase products from a company whose future is at best murky and uncertain or at worst, non existent. At least that is the general perception outhere. Unfortunately perception does matter, and BlackBerry has done little do dispel that...never mind all the existing customers that this company managed to alienate, loose and even turn against it.

The passion and fervor shown by BlackBerry users here on Crackberry is commendable, but there is more outhere than our insulated and self contained safe zone...

My opinion on this is, that BlackBerry should have never have put itself in a position where an open letter such as this one is necessary.

I sincerely hope that it helps, but based on previous experiences (with other companies in similar situations), let's just say I have my doubts.

PS Where is the HBO and Showtime content in BBWorld? Licensing premium content like that should have been a priority when stocking up the video store for example...

Posted via CB10

By itself it could be interpreted as a tad desperate, but if it were part of a coordinated, sustained push to change perceptions, it would be just what the doctor ordered to halt the unceasing negativity surrounding all things BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I think the "open letter" is long overdue. RIM / BlackBerry let the schoolyard bullies steal their lunch money for years without standing up for themselves. If there is downside risk to this communication, there's also a huge upside risk that has to be considered, too. On the whole, I doubt it will make anyone who doesn't think they're "desperate" think that, and it might make people who had already written them off reconsider that position.

The first comment should be that they fired the inept CMO Boulden. I wish I could underperform this much and still have a job.

But in short yes, seems desperate.

If you wanted to reach out to existing customers how about giving away some of that inventory you just wrote off!

Posted via CB10

Pretty much what I expected, a refocus on enterprise which is needed if they are going to survive this thing.

I actually really liked and appreciated the letter.. remember this is coming from a company that just a few years ago refused to even engage their customers in any meaningful way. It seemed honest, heartfelt, and appreciative. It made me feel better about BlackBerry

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One more thing, those that think that this is signaling some sort of shift for the better by the company, seriously, it's time to wake up. I think maybe, maybe we can debate this point if the entire management was overhauled. As it stands now this is nothing but desperate, useless dribble by an also-ran.

I still love my BlackBerry Z10, and still think it's the best phone out there (except for maybe the Z30), but the way the company conducts business, I just can't support it any more.

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I suppose I should have said endorse, not support. I will still continue to buy BlackBerry devices as long as they are available but I will not actively try to convert users to the platform until BlackBerry gets their house in order and shows real commitment to the consumer.

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How many people still read papers and how many of those people read letters buried in the middle of them. This is a great idea but they need to take to prime time TV with it. Not an ad for the phones, just someone talking directly to the camera letting everyone know all is well.

What BBRY says and does are two completely different things. Watch "in a few days" for release of BBM turn into more weeks.

Not interested, the products are good but management isn't serious.

Lol!! And what would you do if BlackBerry re-launches BBM in a few days? Would you make a public apology to all of us for being too quick to dismiss BlackBerry? :)

This letter would be useful if blackberry hasn't broken so many promises. The intention of it is great. If they had kept their promises this letter would be more believable by more people. It's hard to trust them. A lot of people will be unsure to buy the Z30 as they won't know how long it'll be supported. Getting 10.2 and BBM cross platform out this week would help a lot.

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Nothing wrong with the approach of having an open letter to defend BlackBerry against detractors. However, this letter would have been appropriate six months ago as part of a larger open communications advertising effort. As it is, the letter comes across as desperate.

Now is not the time for more empty rhetoric - doing is all that matters any more. BlackBerry has talked a good game long enough and failed to deliver enough times that they have lost credibility.

Don't tell me about it - just do it.

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...and for those of you who don't work in marketing, it's about the intended audience and the effect on that audience.

You may think a piece like this is meant for a very broad audience (being that it's released publically) but you have to consider the intended effect. First: differentiate between the fact that this open letter exists and the actual content of the letter. If you read the content you are much more likely to have a positive reaction than if you just talk about its existence.

Those who hate BlackBerry unequivocally or had written them off entirely will laugh and not change their opinion. No loss.
Those that love BlackBerry will worry about the optics but not change their opinion. No gain.

Those that are on the fence, those that thought BlackBerry had already gone bankrupt or had no hope for a future, those that are intrigued by the BB10 platform and devices but skittish because of the doom and gloom in the press, THAT is the audience for this letter, and the net effect can only be positive.

So, call it "desperate" if you want, but just like Alec swearing at trolls, sometimes a "plea" is the correct communication.

BlackBerry had to come out with a statement. As all you see or hear is bad press and comments. Most people that don't follow BlackBerry believe they are going out of business. That the phones are old fashioned and the software is miles behind IPhone and Samsung.

Hopefully BlackBerry can come through this difficult period. If they do one of the main areas they need to work on is restoring the BlackBerry name and winning round the media to speak positive about the products, plus get the carriers fully committed to them as well.

If you go on carrier websites in the UK and search for a phone its heavily towards you getting an IPhone or Samsung. And in shops you mention I want a BlackBerry they question why instead of trying to sell the product.

So until BlackBerry can get the media and carriers on board it's going to be a long road ahead, but one they can get through.
Plus they need to steal ideas from Samsung and IPhone advertising as it's shows everyday and fun use with the phone.

Even get the Crackberry team to make adverts of them using it day to day.

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I think it's a bold move by BlackBerry and hopefully the start of more regular communication to counter the overwhelming disinformation spewed out by the media. They shouldn't just leave it at this though I would recommend more initiative to counter media bias.

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It's not desperation. BlackBerry is a great product. Unfortunately, they have failed on advertising their new operating system. They are in a slump to say the least. They cannot catch a break with the media. No matter what they do the media will put a negative spin on it and thus the cycle continues.

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How can you promise that you can rely on BlackBerry while they are up for grabs? Is there really a person who is convinced he knows what will happen to BlackBerry if we don't know who will buy the company? Same old BlackBerry BS. Hang in next model phone will be amazing. Ya ya, trust can't be purchased you need to gain it. They're good reasons why we can't trust them, including the PlayBook BB10 update.

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I understand why they did it, but I don't know how the message can be relied upon. At this point, we don't know for sure who will ultimately OWN BB, or what they intend to do with the company once they own it. How can anyone at the company now guarantee a commitment to anything when the situation could be completely different in two months. Of course it's hard to sell merchandise during this period of uncertainty, hence the letter - for whatever it's worth.

Open letter aside, I was watching "Morning Joe" on MSNBC this morning and they announced that BBM was moving to the other platforms. What followed after the initial announcement was a disaster. Joe was highly critical of the browser on his BlackBerry, obviously an old model but no one listening would know. Then the killer. One of the guests was sitting there with a Q10 and he expressed frustration with the phone but did not elaborate. Nothing, absolutely nothing positive said about BlackBerry in the whole segment.

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At first I thought it was desperate like most people.
But with that message hopefully it is emailed out to "everyone" that made a Blackberry ID (which most Americans have back in the day). So people know that Blackberry is still in business.
I forget if there was a Z30/10.2 announcement in the letter but if there was and it makes most north American news papers. That would be a golden advertisement for BB10.

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I thought it seemed sincere. I'm surprised you guys thought it sounded defensive.. but I'm sure you all know more than you let on, so...

Way too vague to give me any considerable amount of comfort.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I appreciated the letter. I prefer them to be vocal and proactive like this, rather than silent as they have been in the past.

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Open letter was fine, how come they're (BlackBerry) not allowed to defend themselves from attacks by idiots who enjoy kicking others while they're down? The media are a bunch of clowns sans make-up and BlackBerry has every right to defend themselves from voluntarily metarded sheeple.

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Time magazine put Hitler on the cover once in the 1930's, at a time when most people figured he's a "great guy". Turns out the masses were slightly mistaken by their original thoughts on the man, once the war was over.

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Time Magazine's cover features people in the forefront of the news. It does not presume good, bad or otherwise. They also featured the Ayatola.

Time for BlackBerry to take charge. They've let their opponents set the agenda far too long. They also have to get their s*'t together when it comes to rolling out a product or service.
BlackBerry has cash in the bank, and has some great assets. What UT doesn't have in abundance is time..

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I'm not sure what BlackBerry can do. The media and phone carriers seem determined to bury BlackBerry no matter what they do. Maybe BlackBerry hadn't helped itself with such a poor marketing campaign for the new system, and TH should pay for that without a golden handshake. The letter doesn't do much for me. But I'm committed to this company for as long as they are in business.

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Pundits including all of us posters here spout words, but what is clear is that whether it's a troll, or a supposed loyal BlackBerry user, or a patriotic Canuck, words are just words. Though the sentiment is clear and professional, what matters is whether BlackBerry can reassure suppliers, customers and partners on the ground and in execution where it matters. This is valuable PR nonetheless which will be taken as a positive sign by those who believe in BB. Although it’s interpreted as an act of desperation by those who don't believe in BB, that's not who it is intended for.

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They should have been doing this kind of thing for the last 6 or 8 months.
They should not have let Wall St. and bloggers define their financial position.
Now I don't care since they are dead set on going private.

I think it's to reassure potential buyers that BlackBerry is here to stay but a desperate attempt to keep businesses to use their devices.

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The open letter was fine... I really don't see what they can do now but batton down the hatches and hope for the best... honestly! I don't care anymore. I love BlackBerry and will always use one as long as I can find one... with BlackBerry I sometimes feel like the only sane person in the mad house. If all the bb10 sceptics actually spent a little time with the platform they would realise just how good and amazing it is... I wish BlackBerry all the best whatever happens... but they will always have a loyal customer in me!!!

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BB sinks and I have no bl**dy idea why all those smart Guys in Waterloo let this BRAND go like that :|

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

I don't really see how "millions" of "fans" are chomping at the bit waiting for BBM cross platform. It's just a handy little app that I know I wouldn't pay for. So how is it going to make money?

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forget about making money...A lot of current blackberry owners are just waiting for cross-platform BBM so they can switch to either IOS or Android (me included) so they can keep their overseas contacts. BBM is far superior to anything out there. But if they do not spin BBM into its own entity, it's gonna go down with the ship. And how are they overcome that?????

Was reading an article that this is the real reason JimB left as ceo...he wanted it cross platform. who knows if and how it could make money.
But it would be positive coverage if they can get it right. It puts their brand in front of people that have other devices (6mil signed up already). If these ppl start using it daily at least the BlackBerry brand is there on front of them.
Get it right. Keep it secure and it's got potential. They could charge from premium features, promote it with businesses ( we already use it for work) and so on. If it's reliable with no glitches/delays etc and companies like the app and it's features, it gives BlackBerry a fighting chance when companies look to renew devices. Atleast bbm would be associated with BlackBerry....might not turn the company around over night but perhaps gives them a fighting chance.

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Nobody's asking you to pay for it. Does Google charge you for using their services? Do you have to pay for Whatsapp? Do you understand how apps and services are monetezed?

The open letter appears to be a success. People are talking about BlackBerry, which is a good thing.

It looks to have only one purpose - to assure potential new phone purchasers. Look it's right there at the start of the letter.


You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about BlackBerry®‎. You’re probably wondering what they mean for you as one of the tens of millions of users who count on BlackBerry every single day.

We have one important message for you:


For people following BlackBerry closely, there is no news here. But, CrackBerrians weren't the intended audience.

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Well if you want to do as little as possible, with as little impact as possible an open letter is probably it. BlackBerry management sure is hitting every point on the list of how to damage a companies reputation and not defend it. Bonus points from who ever is buying the company for peanuts I'm sure.

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Of course! They need the stock to go below $6 USD per share right before Prem makes his final offer which should be aroung $5 USD per share.

About time blackberry sticks up for itself!!!!! Let everyone know that no matter what everyone thinks or says they are here to stay.... time to push back!!!!

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Communication is good .... but only if you trust the company trying to communicate. Since bb has not communicated effectively in the past, the open letter is not nearly as effective as it could have been.

To me it's strange that they continue to make promises that they likely won't be able to keep, because it's not going to be in their control. Many people I know don't even believe cross-platform BBM will ever materialize, and I'm concerned that if it does, the "new" bb will either axe it, or let it die slowly due to a lack of bug fixes/updates that are necessary to continue competing. I don't have confidence in the current management, and so anything they say just elicits a shrug from me. I will believe it when I see it.

I love BlackBerry.
I don't feel sorry for them though. They screwed up their business and took it to this point by being arrogant and stagnant.
BlackBerry has list a lot of face with everyone by promising on dates and software then never delivering on time, or delivering a product that doesn't seem finished and is also in point : the PlayBook, ana mazing tablet that they destroyed by launching late and not completed. BlackBerry Link, and now BBM. Rather than we still love you letters BlackBerry need to refocus their company and financials as they appear to be now but actually start delivering completed products on time. This cross platform BBM screw up is just not acceptable anymore. The public is tired of empty promises, myself included.
Love my phone and BlackBerry but tired of their crap.

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The best way to generate positive press will be to deliver products and services that help drive short and long term success. There will always be naysayers but we should not allow those people to manipulate the agenda. Deliver X-Platform BBM. Deliver 10.2. If the newspaper is a more efficient way to get the message across; use it to promote the launch of all things that are good.

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The letter is good. It doesn't really speak to anyone on here but I do think they need to get there message out as a lot of people are not getting it or are getting it wrong.

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So what I'm getting from many of these CrackBerry users is BlackBerry needs to learn to shut up instead of speaking and speak up instead of being quiet???

Hmmmm... Good luck with that BlackBerry. It seems you can't win for trying.

An apple (iphone) fan walks into a bar. He orders the same drink as yesterday but pays more"

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Although there are BlackBerry fans on this site there is still a lot of pessimistic individuals, it seems like humans by nature seem to be negative pessimists or just a lot of haters (i.e followers and iSheep). This is time where CrackBerry fans should keep their heads high, don't let the negative energy get to ourselves. We have a great premium product that needs better marketing and is underestimated. Nevertheless, I #ichooseblackberry and they are the underdog that will prevail!

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In regards to the App gap, I actually think it's slightly overrated... yes apps are important, and they hold even more weight when you make a phone that just doesn't scream "I've got to have it" by looking at it. BlackBerry messed up by making IMO one of their cheapest looking phones to date (Z10). The weight is OK, I say it should be a little heavier. There should have been some metallic looking, carbon fiber/glass weave looking material on there.

If they could have gotten people with the 'wow' look at that factor; people would be more inclined to pick it up and have a look with or without advertising (which was horrible). Form factor makes a difference, to argue otherwise is just lying to yourself.
"A Chrysler 300 looks a lot like a Rolls Royce UNTIL a real Rolls Royce pulls up next to it." This is what BB should have went for. Now I know people are going to take this as me hating on BB, but before you throw the first stone. Go find me one person who says the 9900 wasn't one of the most beautiful phones they've ever seen... and lets see who can honestly say the same about a Z/Q10.

The letter is perfect. keep it up Blackberry your doing everything right. The change in attitude may take a little longer than expected but your going in the right direction. I have the z10 and now looking to pick up the z30 cant wait.

All the reassurances seem to be for the corporate /government users. Not much for the casual users who BlackBerry is already making a move away from.

Wouldn't bet too much on it...

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LOL, It's great to come here just to read the insane comments from the BB DieHards.
BB has done NOTHING , continues to repeat the same old rhetoric " We have no dept and billion...blah blah blah ) . It very assuming and interesting that what is MOST important to them and there Shareholders ( that be some on you on here ) is that they NEVER want to talk about profit,Sales, and how they are doing at the moment.
Instead they have lulled everyone into a slumber sleep of daily ,weekly same old same old BB tid bits continually repeating the same old news and never really saying anything much new.
I'm sorry but Fan or Not , BB is self destructing and it's comical how the Fans constantly try to blame everyone ( media ? ) but BB them selves.
What happened to the Sale ?
Anyways. jump on me all you want. Truth is BB is acting like a Company that has no CLUE where they are headed and what they are doing. The ONLY Constant is the Continues stream of JOBS ( people) they keep letting go off all in the name of cutting back. LOL Just crazy.
Ive read online that Apple , Google are hiring people from BB so that is some good news.

That's the reality. Thanks for putting them all out! BlackBerry is without their head coz i don't count Thor as their head.

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I just upgraded my Zed10 today for a Zed30 (Kids will be getting the Zed10 for Christmas). I have to say I'm not worried about BlackBerry dieing anytime soon.. Oh and the Zed30 looks, feels and works awesome! I thought the Zed10 was the perfect size, which I still do but the Zed30 just makes everything seem just that better now..

It concerns me that the letter was signed by "The Blackberry Team" rather than actual named members of the board. I would've at least expected to see Mr Heins name at the bottom, but I guess he's been too busy negotiating his, I mean reorganizing the company. When was the last time he spoke with the media?

I am a Z10 user and was holding back on the Z30 because of all the uncertainty surrounding the sale and future of BlackBerry. Having read the letter i feel satisfied and will be getting the Z30. Long live BlackBerry!

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We are all very passionate about BlackBerry, but as BlackBerry fans. What the company needs to do, IMO, is get their BB10 devices in others' hands. This OS, and the phones, are extremely good; if people actually commit to using them, they will find out for themselves - but it's all too easy to see the negatives if they listen to the 'uneducated'; i.e. those who have actually never yet experienced the true worth of BB10.

So how does BlackBerry achieve this? Personally, I think they need to lower the price point of the phones to try and draw non-BB (and ex-BB) fans into the 'new' fold. I firmly believe that once a few more people actually begin to realise that "hey, these new BlackBerry devices are pretty good", then BlackBerry will get the market share and honest recognition that it truly deserves...

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

The Open letter was amazing. Gives me confidence because it's direct from mouth of BlackBerry

Posted via Q10 using CB10

Out of curiosity, what makes this "direct from mouth of Blackberry" communication anymore trustworthy, honest, believable, or whatever other term you want to use to describe it compared to any other "direct from mouth of Blackberry" communication that we have received for the past five years?

We had direct from mouth communication of leapfrogging the competition; that email will be available on the PB in 30 days, then 60 days, then 120 days, then sometime in the summer; to only name a few examples of communications from Blackberry that turned out not to come true. He**, I still remember seeing Skype and MSN logo's has being available for the PB App store during their initial press release and keynote presentations - none of which proved true.

So again, what makes this letter so much more amazing to you?

My z10 still works perfectly, so I'm not going anywhere. It'll be like that until it completely stops working or I'll find something better

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What a great move. People can say what the want, but it shows there is some fight left in BlackBerry. Some will never be happy with any move BlackBerry makes. Not sure why they can't just move on and let it be. Anyway, it's a move in the right direction for BlackBerry's PR team. Loved it.

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"Hey customers! Take it easy and be calm to prepare for take off! We will be landing soon."
Can someone prove to me that BlackBerry isn't going to be SOLD? It hurts to read the news these days!
I love my Z10 with BlackBerry 10 OS.

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I think it was a message for the corporate business market. It is a BYOD world and I don't see how the hardware piece will exist. Trust me, I have the Z10 and would like the Z30. I just don't know if it will be supported by BlackBerry or my carrier T- Mobile. My trust in BlackBerry management is very low. Time will tell.

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I think it's about time the company stood up for itself and stop allowing everyone and their brother to keep giving it to them up the backside. I'd like to continue to see this kind of backbone coming out of BlackBerry.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Is it just me, or are BlackBerry saying they are going to focus more on the business user side of things? What about day-to-day users? Well, anyone? Go... 

I'll ask around because people around me only know about the negative press and many still don't know that the Z10 exists...

For me? It's just too little too late... that should have been published when they announced they were looking for strategic alternatives.

Sent from my Z30/3

The reality is BlackBerry doesn't know how to launch a product. Period. All the elements needed for a successful launch are not followed.

There are some high powered consultants in the USA that can help them with this and build momentum to a launch of anything they plan to roll out.

They stumble around releasing products and services like drunken sailors coming out of an dockside neighbourhood bar.

And scrap and cease with all this leaks of things. It's something I know fan boy loved but it is very junior of them. Apple doesn't leak. They launch. - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

It really doesn't matter what reassurances BlackBerry makes, they've announced that they are for all intents and purposes, for sale. That makes their future uncertain. If they are sold as a complete entity, the new owner may continue the business as is. If they are broken up into parts, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the new owner will continue to manufacture new phones, or even support the old ones. While it is reasonable to assume that the BlackBerry network will be operated by someone for as long as there are a significant number of paying customers on it, that does not mean software development continues, operating system upgrades happen, or any further apps come a user's way. Hell it's only been ten months since we were last assured that the PlayBook would indeed be getting BB10. It's been three months since that promise got flushed.... and that's with the same people still running the company, not new owners that have no reason to respect past promises.

The news of the sale is like taking a bullet in the foot. It is in no one's interest but the stockholders and CEO. Just run the bloody company properly and their lives will be so much easier.

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I have to say that it's disingenuous for BlackBerry to say they have huge amounts of cash in the bank given much of that cash is committed to pay their suppliers for already ordered hardware components!

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I read the letter and it makes me happy to know that the blackberry team took its time to right a letter to the public. As a blackberry user the message in the letter broth back hope because it let me know that blackberry was stepping back and realizing the changes they needit to make but but still knowing that they still have something good going on. :3

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I also have to say that as much as I love my Z10, if I were shopping for a new phone now, I'd be very leary of investing such money on an OS platform that might quickly go the way of the Dodo bird.

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Blackberry's approach to advertising the company will probably be as successful as their advertising campaign for BB 10 phones......

Its a larger message and trying to put all this nonsense DOOM and GLOOM talk to rest. BBRY is acting just like any other company in a restructuring mode. Though I have to admit, this sort of letter should have been put out there a lot sooner. And BBRY should be consistently putting all the negative rumours to rest ASAP.
I would also like to see some major Z30 marketing, but have not seen any as of yet.
And they could have re-worded that horribly written News Release regarding the Strategic Committee and such.

All in all, they are here to stay and they are here to do business. They just need assistance how to market the products.

It feels really good to hear from BlackBerry. They are competing globally and can use all the help they can get.

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This story was covered on every Canadian TV station this morning where footage was shown of pre 2013 model BlackBerry phones... it makes me think that even Canada is unaware of the new OS10 devices!?

Good move in my books.. Tell the world it needs BlackBerry!

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So sorry for Blackberry: In this situation, without a breaking great thing to happen, they will always be bashed, whatever and however they react with.

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The sentiment of this message is great, positive and trying to reassure. TH needs to get on stage and read it aloud - best way to deliver and drive home the point, and humanise the company also.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I don't look at it as desperate. It is exactly what it is. A letter to reassure their customers that they intend to fight on. I am a customer and I am very happy with their message.
prolonged silence on the other hand indicated to me that they were getting ready to close shop.

I have a question...if blackberry has so much money in the bank why didn't they offer or pay the top apps to get them on to BB10? Once the big guns are on board the rest normally follow...and if BB10 has the most popular apps on it then more people will use BB10. The more people that use it the more attractive it will be to other developers and the better off all us BlackBerry users will be. I don't use instagram, netflix or Viber etc but it seems a lot of people do. Getting the most popular apps to commit to the platform would be good for all of us even if you don't use the apps above...and to all those that say apps don't make the OS, you're right, but more users and greater interest in the platform will..

Posted via CB10

I agree. I sold an s4 to a z10 user at full cost. Why? She wanted instagram...i don't use many apps but it's clear people do. I find it hard to believe that if BlackBerry approached a company such as instagram, offered them 6 figures or more and a team to code the app (employees of BlackBerry) that anyone would turn it down. They've got the cash surely it could have convinced a few big names..

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In other BlackBerry news.... Madonna got kicked out of a movie theatre for texting on... you guessed it..... her BlackBerry.

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I look at this as a very inexpensive commercial. Good move. I will continue to flaunt my phone.

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The BlackBerry open letter has bought them some time for now,.

What are they going to do for the loyal BlackBerry customers?

Well answer that one BlackBerry!

I'm a big fan of the Janet Jackson album, especially 'Control '.

'What Have You Done For Me Lately? '

If BlackBerry wants patience from its customers then they going to have to earn it. At the moment they haven't done so.

Do as they are doing in Asia and offer a trade in for BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10 with a complimentary starter session .
You have sorted out the write down in one fail swoop.

Execution or get executed.

BlackBerry....Get it done!!!

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I think that it looks like a plea to stay with BBRY, but I find it that the letter is good. Getting the word out about the company and new devices/system. I see more adverts are for Apple or Samsung. I hardly see any BlackBerry ones. Don't get me wrong, but I love BB. I have an old Curve 9300 and two PlayBooks. My mom has the white Q10 and I have the black. I hate the Iphone, it looks very cheap to me.

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