Win a FREE custom-painted BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 in CrackBerry's 'Share Your ColorWare and Win' contest!

Design your own custom Z10 or Q10 at ColorWare and you could win it!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2013 02:08 pm EST

We've been a bit tied up lately with all the happenings inside BlackBerry, but it's time to share the CrackBerry love again. 

Sporting your BlackBerry helps show your support for the platform you love, but why not kick things up a notch and really show off your style? There's no better way to tell the world you love your BlackBerry than with a totally custom device, right?

We've teamed up with our friends at ColorWare and are giving away a custom BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 (it's your choice!) to one lucky reader.

How to Enter

To get in on this one you'll need to design your own custom Z10 or Q10 using the ColorWare Design Studio, then share your link on Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag #CBcolorware.

  1. Head to and choose either the BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10
  2. Customize your device any way you want, but keep in mind if you win, this will be the device and color scheme you receive. 
  3. When you're done, click the share icon on the right side of the page to share your creation with your friends on Twitter, Pinterest and/or Facebook (remember to add the #CBcolorware hashtag to your message)
  4. Leave a single comment on this post with the URL of your design (copied from the share popup).
  5. Next week we'll pick out the design that we think is best and the winner will receive a custom device courtesy of ColorWare!

That's all there is to it. Make sure that you remember to use the hashtag #CBcolorware when you share your design as that's how we'll be picking a winner. Only one entry/comment per person. We'll choose a few of our favorite designs and then pick a winner from that batch next week. Note that the devices are GSM unlocked so sadly there are no CDMA models available. In the event that one of our top picks is a tie (more than one person with the same design) we'll pick one at random to win. Entry deadline Monday November 11, 2013 at midnight PT.

Now get to it!

Design a custom BlackBerry Z10 at ColorWare
Design a custom BlackBerry Q10 at ColorWare



While purple and orange color my fit well for a Lumia phone, I can't stand looking at that purple or orange mistake.

Symbian, Maemoo, WebOS, MeeGo, Android, iOS, and finally peace with BB10


Just view this upcoming monster phone from blackberry definitely its going to be a hit


Above phone definitely beats all the phones in the market


hahaha... not sure what that looks like, but my work firewall blocked it saying it was "pornography"


So. Those of us not on twitter and Facebook. How do we enter? Blackgram? That I have.

Posted via CB10

Adam Zeis

Yes! Share on Instagram as well for sure. We just like to encourage sharing the contest love as much as possible.


Awesome! ... doing it now



This is my custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x4cm ... I hope I win!


Already designed a Z10 from ColorWare and am getting it tomorrow! I wish I knew about this contest beforehand. Oh well, time to design another one :)


Nothing like a classy White and Gold Q10! Please pick me guys, my current phone sucks and I need a BlackBerry again!!!

Frank Siedler

I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x5gm via @colorware

Yellow is great! :-)


Had to make me a Dodgers Q10 for fun... metalic blue with white face and metalic silver BB logo, Lakers colors would be cool too, but to flashy for an everyday device IMHO|5zv-4tec...



Okay had to do a Lakers one too, freaking love this, wish I had money to throw away.|5zv-4tf0...


captaincanada55 im so excited! Been really wanting the Q10 for its keyboard and what better way to try and win one thats my favourite colour! #bbforlife


That is great. I would love one!

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Metallic Orange

I'll need an unlocked version to work on Mobilicity. Great contest.


From understated to refined. BB10 doesn't need to be loud to stand out. Great designed coupled with a simple finish.|6bs-4x4yg via @colorware


Check out my ColorWare Design Q10! Using Crackberry orange for the logo cause i had to represent! check it out:|5zv-4tej...


Hope I win this, White and Gold is just way too classy to say no to.. I must have a BlackBerry again and there's no way I can wait for my contract!! Please CB! HELP!


I will love it really sober collors. Very "professionnal" and stylish

Rayed Siddiqui

I'm too lazy for a contest like this.. I'm more of a leave a comment and hope kinda guy

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!


https://www.colorwI like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x4eg via @colorware classic boston bruins colors!!!!!




Man,.. this one is complicated... so.. much.. work.


Black front to rest the eyes if bright screens fries your eyes, cheerful yellow at the bottom front and top back to catch eyes and lovely CrackBerry theme on the back :) : via @colorware #CBcolorware


Here is my selection. It perfectly matches my custom painted Honda 1100 Sabre!

R Field

My custom designed Q10

Twitter: I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out: via @colorware #cbcolorware @crackberry

CB10 - Z10 -


Black/Sky so pretty like..

I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out: via @colorware #CBcolorware

R Field

Also it's #colour this is a Canadian company :p

CB10 - Z10 -


Since my url was butchered I am reposting as a Tinyurl ...

O Canada baby ... O Canada!


Be very cool to win this one!
I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|5zv-4ter... via @colorware #CBcolorware


I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|5zv-4tel... … via @colorware #cbcolorware it's my early valentines phone :)


Great theme, hope you win it!


No love for the Z30?

Posted via CB10


Awesome site, wish I had the money for a Q10 in my colors :D


Yellow white and black :D

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In honour of Blackberry being a Canadian company, here's my #CBcolorware patriotic Z10:


FYI...some of the links aren't working properly. If part of the link seems to be separate, right click on the link portion, copy the shortcut, paste into a new browser window, then highlight and copy the remainder of the link, paste that onto the end of the address bar and then hit enter. Voila, there's the intended design!


Thanks! I was having trouble bringing them up too.

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I would lose it if i won this one. I have always wanted to use colorware, its just too expensive for me.|5zv-4tej... via @colorware


This looks awesome!!! Would be so cool to have a Q10 AND a Z10!!

Posted via CB10 on Q10


BlackBerry love mixed in with my favorite football team.

Posted via CB10


That's because it's unfair that you have one and I don't wanna buy one out right! ;)

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Halifax Guy

What about people who don't have a need or use for social media? How can we enter this contest?

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This would totally rule! I want it!

Thanks CrackBerry!

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C


Looks dangerous!

Nice choice.


Oh, man. This is my DREAM. I collect Hello Kitty items and I really want nothing more than the perfect pale pink and white HK Q10 to go with. It's hard to get white phones as it is, being that they're usually exclusive to Verizon in the USA, but customizing a device is even harder!

Thank god for colorware and CB.

The perfect Hello Kitty Q10.|5zv-4tf1... via @colorware #CBcolorware


I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x5fg … via @colorware #CBcolorware


Seems to be a serious and mean machine.... Good job.


I didn't read the article yet I just wanted to say that damn that purple Q10 looks sexy

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I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x5ag via @colorware #CBcolorware

I think Canadian natives will appreciate it this one!


ColorWare Design : via @colorware #CBcolorware

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I like the Q10 in a very clean white and blue look. Gives it a unique, but still professional; noticeable but still classy look.|5zv-4teh...


the links aren't copying correctly into the comments, everyone's edits are being left off the link.


so many option... I was gonna rock the all pink... for support cancer.. but this one made me change my mind lol


Want a Orange CB phone!!!
check it out:|6bs-4x5fg via @colorware

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This is not the craziest, but it will definitely get some looks!.

Come on Crackberry, I'd like to replace my Z10 with this stunner!


I know it's too late for candy apples for Halloween, but hopefully someone will make my candy apple dreams come true.


None of these links are displaying properly for me on my Z10. Page us almost blank with an error message on the top.

BB Proud


LOVE Z10!!! LOVE BLACKBERRY!! It would be an awesome bday present if iI could win one of these :D


Blue lightning is my design style :

Thanks for the great opportunity Colorware and CrackBerry! #CBcolorware


Flossin with the Glossy Goldrush! I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x56g via @colorware

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I call this design "Lucky Clover" in White and Green colour! =D Reminds me of Lacoste Classic Green polo shirt.

Bor Navas

This is how my girlfriend wants her Q10!

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C


Bring me the best of both worlds, BB10 and a physical keyboard!

Warning, its quite sexy:|5zv-4te9...


Hopefully I don't double post. Z10 was left spinning. Was going to go with Orange to match my Crunk case but ended up liking an all Yellow Z10, weird - never been a fan of yellow before but if I win I bet I learn to love it.


Romance and Flirt!
I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-50x9g via @colorware

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Jamie Wooten

Sorry link didn't work the first time


My warning sign inspired Z10|6bs-50x3g

Can be either a warning to lesser phones to beware, or a warning that us BB fans are in for a bumpy ride


I like this custom ColorWare Design, check it out:|6bs-4x5dg via @colorware #CBcolorware


Miami Dolphins colors!


I posted mine and here is my comment now please gimme my Q10 thanks.


Sweet. I may have to buy this if I don't win!! Toronto Maple Leafs inspired. Lol

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An understated Q10 would serve me quite nicely, I believe, especially in place of my current 9900.


#goblue let me get the maize and blue #Q10 so I can have the best BlackBerry I've ever seen. #CBcolorware

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Black and red classically awesome

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Matte Maize and Blue. Has to be the best color combo #Q10 #CBcolorware


Sorry, I got carried away :'D Thanks for the midday fun @colorware

Flossin with the Glossy Goldrush is my official entry.|6bs-4x56g

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