CrackBerry's Free OTA BlackBerry Apps Page Needs Your Help!

BlackBerry Free OTA Apps
By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2010 02:01 pm EDT

One of my favorite pages on this site (yet often unnoticed) is our Free BlackBerry Apps page accessible both through our mobile site or any web browser. The collection of free apps is a one-stop page for BlackBerry users to find what they need without having to search everywhere. Over time however, the page becomes outdated as apps disappear from the scene, URLs change and items are updated. This is where we need your help. We want to make this page the biggest and best one-stop shop for all free BlackBerry apps. Weather apps, sports apps, instant messaging, search apps, Twitter clients - you name it. If its free, available over the air and for BlackBerry, we want it.

If you know about an app that isn't on the list and should be, or something that needs updating, shoot us an email to wap(at) with the subject "OTA App Directory Submission" and let us know about it (be sure to include the app title and download URL/mobile site). Same goes for anything on the list that isn't currently available and needs to be removed. We'll also be cracking away and updating our Recommended Free Software for your BlackBerry page soon as well, so you can send in some suggestions for that one too. In the words of Bartles and Jaymes: "Thank you for your support!"

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CrackBerry's Free OTA BlackBerry Apps Page Needs Your Help!


I've sent in a number of suggestions over the course of the last year and none of them have made the list, I mean a free app is a free app right??

I do like the list and hope we can get it up to date, its a great resource. Maybe even have a better description next to the app name while we are at it??

apps for the blackberry are a bloody joke! Don't get me wrong there are a few decent ones but most of the apps are not free and way over priced in comparison to apple iphone. as well iphone has a ton of good apps to try and use. there free apps are free not like most blackberry apps/games that say free and then after install you get 20 uses before having to pay for it! i love blackberry but after getting an itouch and seeing what they have verse blackberry is a joke!

Don't get me wrong, I love my BB, but apps are certainly a con for BlackBerry. The ifone and android fones are far superior when it comes to free apps. BB has some apps selling for $45 and the EXACT same app by the same developers and everything are free for the ifone.WTF?

I would like to see a column with the "date added / updated" for each of the apps. Add the ability to sort by date, and then it would be great! I hate having to look through the whole list trying to see if anything new was added (and remembering if I had tried it or not). Sorting by date would allow users to quickly see the new stuff and avoid the hassle of looking through the old every time.

Also, IF trial or lite versions of apps are going to be allowed, it's important to indicate it's status in the description!

great idea, this issue certainly can be addressed by a willing community rather than being a burden on few

i didn't think you guys even updated it anymore, which is why i stopped visiting it. glad to see you are taking another look at it!

I have submitted a link or two in the past and it did not get added. It was never acknowledged that the link was sent in. I thought this list was dead so I stopped checking it long ago.