Our Top 10 Favorite BGR BlackBerry Leaks!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2014 02:00 pm EDT

BlackBerry Curve 8900 / Javelin

In 2008, BlackBerry was planning what would end up as possibly one of their most underrated devices of all time, the BlackBerry Curve 8900. When it first started appearing, it was under the codename 'Javelin' as revealed by BGR. To this day, many people still refer to the BlackBerry Curve 8900 as the Javelin. It was a solid device for its time and took fantastic photos compared to every other device in its range.

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Our Top 10 Favorite BGR BlackBerry Leaks!


I'm sorry but I don't do hypocrisy and I won't pretend to be ok with anyone that bashes any brand that I choose to use. I also don't live in the past and if BlackBerry, CrackBerry or any other company is wise they will not focus on the past. The future is racing towards us faster than ever before especially in the tech industry so let's stop wasting time on yesterday's success and live for today!

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Is there a nice way to say that KM has always sucked up to and bent over backwards to defend one J. Geller. It has always seemed to me that someone needed to get KM on the couch about this. Stockholm Syndrome? BGR obviously has long been a go-to source for leakers, and that fact as much as any other establishes the merit in trying to cut these generally malevolent leaks. BGR has at least enough sophistication to disguise some of its animus toward BB by intermittently saying some seemingly nice things but its part of the larger design to denigrate the enterprise. I remain a huge KM fan, notwithstanding the irritating avatar. But I've never understood the compulsion to pal around someone who has been waiting at the funeral parlor for BB's wake to begin for many, many years.

LOL !! Couldn't agree more.
I used to view them daily before I found the greatest BB site in the free world :)

The feigned appreciation/accurate reporting of BB by BGR in the odd and I mean VERY odd complimentary articles makes me sick. I click over to them every few months to see just how much I don't miss their bias.
Kevin I don't know why you give them air.

BGR is trash. They're nothing but iSheep and they look for every chance to bash BlackBerry. I stopped reading that site a LONG time ago. So much for unbiased journalism.

Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!

Hey, I said be nice in the comments here! And we're looking back here at the BB leaks they've done in the past vs. anything opinion based, etc. 

OK ok thorry, still don't like anything of them lately though. I used to visit that site daily and can't anymore with their biased "journalism".

Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!

I understand why you are posting this article, and believe me, it's fun to reflect on these sorts of things.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to forgot the animosity that BGR has toward the favourite brand, of many of us, that we have come to cherish, respect and admire.

Guys, I know a lot of us do not like BGR, but if you just start pouring in the nasty comments, you'll be to them what you see them to you.

Come on #TeamBlackBerry. We are about class! Let's be the bigger person.

Sorry for the double post! :/

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I usually agree with this logic, but not in this case. Shame on CB for this article...

BGR deliberately only posts negative news about BlackBerry, usually a couple days late, which makes it worse because it brings the bad news to the forefront a second time. They also rarely ever write about the good news and when they do, they spend half the article bashing BlackBerry.

This CB posts seems very BGRish in the sense that it is click and comment bait. Everyone here knows how CB readers feel about BGR and their garbage articles (even the non - BlackBerry ones). For you guys to go out of your way to make this post, it's disappointing. CB has always done a very good job avoiding click bait articles. Either you don't know your readers well enough, or you fell victim to BGR's ways.

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BGR is nothing but a trashy tabloid. To say otherwise destroys the virtue of actual journalism. We have a moral obligation to call them out on the garbage they post.

kevin... you often "amaze" with your allegiances.... BGR?

BGR - and more specifically Johnny Boy Gellardt - or whatever his name is, has been one of the biggest and most vicious attackers of BlackBerry for years..... both in print and whenever his roly poly balding being makes its way, in front of, the lights on CNBC - where he not only becomes a "reviewer the smartphone industry" but morphs into "#1 smartphone industry stock analyst" to wear another hat in bashing BlackBerry....

I, personally, would rather see you hype iPhones on CrackBerry then give this iTard cretin any kind of attention... WOW...

I don't know where to start. You said a lot of what I was thinking so I'll just add to your comments.

- Kevin I really like you and your writings but I would say this is a mistake this post
- BGR is the "Little Finger" (Game of Thrones reference) of BlackBerry. Plays nice for a bit then stabs you in the back.
- BGR does not deserve their name ever being posted on this site IMHO
- This post should have been "The 10 things BGR has done to try and ruin BlackBerry"
- Kevin you knew this post would cause problems so you thought you would add, "BG just got engaged, so throw him a congrats while you're in there!". Not many CB'er want to be civil with BGR. I don't care if is dog died, not gonna be civil.
- Kevin, not sure your "relationship" with BGR but maybe you should rethink it. Or at least keep it in the closet.

K, done rant. Sorry Kevin I really respect you but I had to let it out. If my close friends make a bad decision then I will always tell them to there face

Kevin - How about a look at the top ten software leaks? Remember 5.0? 7.1? 10.2.1? All those early Storm leaks. Yeah good stuff.

While I like your approach in taking the high road, IMO BGR doesn't deserve it for the anti-BBRY slant they put on pretty much every article they publish even remotely related to BBRY... and don't get me started on the trolling and incessant BBRY bashing that happens on that site. SMDH

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Kevin, some of the news posts are not allowing people to comment (contest, Chris' post). Any idea what is going on?

Poetry in Motion

Understood, but I still hate BGR (Geller in particular) and all the negative spin they pile on BlackBerry every week.

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FYI.. We're doing some big work behind the scenes to improve this new pagination / slideshow thing for when we want to put it to use. With the current build images go a bit wonky if they don't meet the right format, so with some of the images we used ones we had on CB... but if you click through to the links in the captions you'll go back to the original posts which have more images, specs, etc.

This is one hell of a way telling Blackberry and it's new boss about the past glory of leaks.

I agree with John Chen, good its being taken seriously and leaks do have a material impact on Blackberry.

So let's stop revelling in the blog for 2 days ruining about leaks.

Get on with the show

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No, he didn't really. There isn't just ONE leak for a given device. There's many leaks. CB has had posted tons of leaks over the years. BG was pointing out that in many of those cases he had posted the first leak about that device, which in a lot of cases was absolutely true.  Subsequently, CB may have followed up with many more.

With yesterday's slide show, I included a lot of our favorite leaks/exclusives, which weren't always the "first" leak of a device. Let's say for example device reviews.. those are all leaks too, and massively exclusive as they're the first hands on review of a new device, but there definitely were images/etc. leaked of those devices in advance of those reviews.

It's semantics and definitions... but it's all good. I'm kinda having fun just looking back through old BlackBerry history here. AND... there's so many NEWER people on this site who missed years of this history, that it's fun to bring it all up again. BlackBerry History 101.

Seriously!??? After the cheaper (and bad) news coverage for BGR this is the last kind of article I expect here.
In my opinion as a journalist (or blogger or whatever) the news must be objectives and not be dictates for fashion

Honestly I see where you're coming from but this is strictly about device leaks. We all know how biased and how badly BGR bashes BlackBerry but they used to be solid with device leaks. As I recall the whole site really started with BlackBerry leaks... anyway, their opinion articles and "reviews" are all lean towards all things Apple. They don't have a lot of original info anymore but instead link to others' original content

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One thing that insiders will tell you is that Blackberry was at times quite unkind to these fledgling enthusiast and leak sites. For many a tech blogger this left a bad taste that continues to this day. Again same is true of wireless carriers. BB was pretty 'overbearing' in their hey day. From device and software testing burdens to purchase requirements. BB made many enemies on the way up. Focusing on the fact that so many are taking a shot at them on the way down is allot like the teacher grounding the kid that finally stands up and punches the bully in the nose. History paints the present. And don't get me started on how BES users had suffered under RIM.

It is strange how "committed" many BlackBerry fans are, even though for most of it's history it has not really embraced it's fans. The STORM is still what I consider BlackBerry's turning point... they sold a TON of these and made the company a lot of money. But in the end it created a lot of negative feelings towards BlackBerry devices, both from Verizon and customers who taught they were buying an iPhone killer. But got a device the was VERY BUGGY and ended up having a hardware design flaw that BlackBerry never addressed for all of those STORM1 owners.

Oh yeah memories. Remember learning about adjusting the screws. You're correct, they also never addressed the fact that the underlying metal button would heat up and begin to burn into the screen after a short while. Heck the only hardware design flaw they ever really publicly addressed was the faulty track balls on the Tour. Not even the faulty headphone jacks on the 98XX devices. I believe the manufacturer used an overly flexible tin which stretched out over the course of 90-180 days and would cause not just loss of sound by device shorts (mine would always bring up voice control). Hard to believe how far they've come with the Z10/Z30.

Wow I love what's going on with this article here. Heheee seems like a subtle dual purpose article to me.

I'm secretly one of those people who loved the Storm/Thunder.

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BGR is a very well known BlackBerry Basher site. Not just by comments from people, but the authors themselves continually manipulate the news to give BBRY a bad name.

I hope BlackBerry gives Crackberry a ' First Look ' exclusive deal instead of leaks.

This would be more than helpful since Crackberry has shown such loyal support to BlackBerry through the good, bad and ugly times.

Time to show some back.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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It seems to me that the articles in BGR about BlackBerry have been less bias than usual, but the readers are the same and the site is filled with trolls.


That's because Geller was told off by BlackBerry, and he got really pissy and then actually USED the BB10 phones, and while not to his liking, he might just be liking it more than he'd like to admit.

Anyone of my friends who has played with my Z10 who is an Apple or Android user really likes my phone, some say it's just not for them, some want more apps (even though now you can download Snap and the APK's and MOST apps do work) and a majority of my friends love it, and will be upgrading in the next few months to either Z30's or Q10's. Z10 got knocked a lot for a poor battery.

It's just too bad, like Geller, people see the blackberry of old, and want nothing to do with BlackBerry anymore.

Lol didn't know that,,,,, but ya the only thing I didn't like about the Z10 was the battery life. It's the main reason I got the Z30 as soon as it came available.


Reminder, please keep the comments nice in here or I'll turn them off. This was meant as a post in good fun about LEAKS!!! :)

I understand why you are posting this article, and believe me, it's fun to reflect on these sorts of things.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to forget the animosity that BGR has toward the favourite brand, of many of us, that we have come to cherish, respect and admire.

Guys, I know a lot of us do not like BGR, but if you just start pouring in the nasty comments, you'll be to them what you see them to you.

Come on #TeamBlackBerry. We are about class! Let's be the bigger person.

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Kevin..... You're smarter than that. You should know better....

I guess you can't be perfect every day. Spoiled my golden image of you.

Well, I'm surprised you didn’t see this coming. The natives are restless and looking for blood, but you stirred them up. To their credit, nothing good for BlackBerry has come from BGR in a long time.

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It's interesting how BGR takes the "be nice" to a funny level. They actually filter out the staff members and bloggers names from the comments and sends those comments to moderation for that. I find that hilarious.

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Man people get soo defensive. If you don't like a site don't go there. Isn't it that simple? Also, the point of this is a fun retrospective... I love seeing how the Storm was groundbreaking for its time. Even though now thinking about my old Storm 2 makes me want to punch a wall.

Part of the point I made above about BES users and having no choice but to use a BB device 2008-2010 made many of them quite hostile to BB and helped lead to the revolution of BYOD. Now imagine hosting a BB enthusiast site and getting weekly cease and desist and takedown letters from that same BB. Imagine spending more on attorneys fees to deal with threats of suit or prosecution for doing nothing illegal than for all other business expenses combined? Bloggers did not sour on BB overnight and for no reason. Carriers are in some cases making common sense business decisions with regard to BB, in some cases they are downright hostile. Again, sometimes you need to understand the history, The Storm debacle destroyed any last shred of good will between Verizon and Blackberry. The do business together, but little else.

By the way even if it won't be cool for leaks... I think J. Chen is doing the right thing on the leak. By the way Kevin... any news on if BlackBerry could release new OS for everyone everywhere at the same time??? even if here in Canada the carriers are pretty fast on this!

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Can't stand BGR at all... And I will keep it clean, but seriously, who would want to marry geller? Anyways... This list does have a lot of great nostalgia. Between yesterdays post and todays, it was a great walk in the park and sad that Chen wants to stop the leaks, but whatever. You can't please everyone and honestly, leaks will never stop. MS, Apple, Samsung, Google you name the top consumer technology companies and they have all had leaks, nothing will ever stop it

I will add this. The BlackBerry design on all those leaks remind me of iPhone. Had not changed in a very long time. Minor tweaks here and there. One of many reasons why people jumped BlackBerry to another platform. Got bored of the same ol same ol. Let's hope BlackBerry comes in strong before the end if the year with solid designs and OS to win back public support.

I can remember when bgr used to report everything mostly un biased, and was sad when they shifted to their current state. now all they really seem to be are apple apologists that praise everything apple and put down everything else.

@ SK... are you equally "grateful" for all of the hate lobbed at BlackBerry over the years by BGR - both in print and on CNBC with the rest of the "Cramerica BlackBerry Bashing Apple Media Complex"?

iBGR sucks... at least it's BlackBerry posts suck... really bad!!!
I am sorry Kevin... but they really get to my nerves...

Such a great handset, my first BlackBerry and it was love at first type!

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Why is Kevin so into this guy!? Geller is a massive d bag. I dont understand it at all.

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I totally had to Google that. Lol.

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”


I can't lie, 2 of 5 my favorite BB's are both flip models. I still have 2 Styles-one still works, still looking for it- and the one flip I modded (silver with a blue track ball) was unfortunately lost :(

Post by 9of13's Q

Lay off everyone - any of us old timers remember going to BGR on a regular basis and seeing some really worthwhile things. To be truthful I haven't looked at BGR a great deal over the last couple of years (the last thing I really remember reading there was the 9900 review) and know the pro-iPhone sentiment has set in, but you have to remember that the iPhone is the defining handset of our modern era and he's from the only admirer.

Congrats Geller, and thanks for the leaks over the years and making CrackBerry even better in the process by keeping the CB team on their toes!

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BlackBerry leaks aka N4bb was a better website for exclusivity than bgr. Also they never talked crap about the brand.

Didnt bgr get banned or ignored at a BlackBerry event. I can't remember cause it's not worth remembering. Maybe we can go down nostalgia with that funny moment.

I would have preferred funny/quality moments like when you decided to grow your hair than this.

BGR? Why are we legitimizing a shamelessly biased outfit that has nothing but sensationalist drivel for BlackBerry? Ignore them Kevin.

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We may not all enjoy or agree with BeeGeeAre comments about our favorite company but you have to appreciate their dedication to mobile market place.

Thanks for the share!

Posted via CB10 & my kick ass BlackBerry Z30

Whats up with this place lately... as if CB promoting junk accessories for the iPhone (typo) wasn’t enough, now we're ‘saluting’ BGR, a site that continually and without basis bashes BlackBerry...

He was trying to get Seacrest's autograph on the "Typo situation".... I have no idea what his end game is on this BGR thing....

CB10 from the Z30

BG used to be the go-to-guy for all things BB, that was a long time ago. He's now the head Apple kisser. How things have changed.

And the page hits just keep rolling in ROTFL!!! Way to go Kevin lol good business.

Every site has a bias to some extent that's life the sooner we realize that the better off we'll be lol.

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I remember handing the storm to my Boss and saying "it's here but you're not going to like it"

I think that was the same day apple knew they had beat BlackBerry, there was just no comparison between the two devices. If they had of done the Z10 then they would still be a big player now.

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Those tools are constantly putting down BB, show nothing but pics of older BB's in all their news stories, giving the image that BlackBerry still sells phones w/ a ball. They have nothing but negative spin about BlackBerry devices, the company, and anything BlackBerry is even remotely involved in. As far as I'm concerned, all the hate you see in this thread towards BGR is well EARNED, not deserved, as BGR has more than gone out of their way to paint BlackBerry and their users in a negative light.

Sorry Kevin.....but BGR has earned the animosity of this community with their biased journalism (and I use the term journalism VERY loosely).

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Who gives a flying leap what BGR used to be. Today, the company you purport to love is on its death bed and BGR is sitting beside the bed with the eulogy in one hand and a pillow in the other hand. People read what they are writing and buy it as truth because of their past. There should be no good will toward them on this site. Rather don't mention them at all.

It's funny that, Geller is likely NOT bothered by any of the animosity shown for him and his site.

In fact, Geller probably gets some sick joy out of it. But that's the kind of guy Geller is.

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It's been so much fun to re-visit the leaks and all the devices of the past. My journey from OS5 to OS10 has been fantastic..

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