CrackBerry's CB10 native BB10 app updated to v1.5. Download now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2014 12:53 am EDT

Ok CrackBerry Nation, it's time to get your CrackBerry app update on! You can now fire up BlackBerry World and update CB10 from version to version 1.5. Do it. Do it NAO!

Earlier this month we made a call out for BlackBerry 10 developers in the CrackBerry community to help pitch in on the development of CB10, to which we got a great response. It didn't take long to address some of the outstanding bugs on the issues list, which are addressed in this update:


  • Active Frame image now sized correctly on BlackBerry Z30
  • New option to set the visual theme (light/dark) from settings
  • New option to clear cache
  • Improvements to link handling (BlackBerry World links to open directly in BlackBerry World, and links to articles that are cached locally get opened directly in app)

With the community development process running smooth, the goal is to keep developing the app and push out updates from now on at a steady cadence.


Huge thanks to the BlackBerry 10 developers from the community who contributed on the version 1.5 update:

After you update CB10, you should definitely click on the links above and download their apps from BlackBerry World, too!

Download CB10 from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

CrackBerry's CB10 native BB10 app updated to v1.5. Download now!



Loving the dark theme... until you reply to a comment or make a new thread. Then it's bright white background. Don't know if it was missed or they decided to keep it white on purpose in the dark theme.

Check out my "Facepalm" channel: C0001F676

I have replied to the comments and my theme did not switch to light from dark. I first updated with the app open, and it did not work properly. I closed the app and reopened it, and everything works beautifully!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Feature Requests:
in the app we have "participated" and "new thread".
Can we also be able to get "Favourite Subsections ". I only look at bb10 apps, leaked/Beta OS, news and rumours sub sections.


Posted via CB10

Discussed and being worked on next. We don't use those fancy templates too often (developed them for Talk Mobile last year), but we plan on ramping up on their use so will get them fixed up asap.

Thank you. Even the comments area for that review was inaccessible in CB10, so there was no way to alert anyone that we couldn't read the article.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Great to know it's being worked on.
A suggestion: how about having those posts that are unreadable on the app not be pushed out to the app?

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

I too can't clear cache and the back arrow button doesn't work I can swipe right and close settings that way though

Z10 with OS

Now it is working for me, I had to open and close the app a couple of times but it is fine now

Z10 with OS

I had to delete and reinstall the app for it to work on my Z30.

[URL="bbmc:C0018C14B"] Join C0018C14B [/URL]

It's not up yet. Will check in a few hours. Can't wait to to see the improvements! I gave up reading the Z3 review on CB10 cause of the picture turned background. Thanks to the devs who helped fix the bugs!

11:00:07 PM Tue, 13 May 2014 it's up and seems a tad snappier on Z30STA100-5/

Posted via CB10

James Paul Muir is a great dev! (along with his BlackBerry World offerings, he also made a little app called Snap and has a nice Scoreloop sample). And Awesome job to all three devs who chipped in on this update.

Posted via CB10

Actually it's there now! Just have to go to the app itself instead of checking for updates.

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

Happens every time. No one ever refreshes their BlackBerry World or goes to the app directly lol. Glad you found it though.

In all fairness, should you have to do this? I've never needed to do this on Android. Once the update is available it comes right to my notifications. Granted, I don't use Android nearly as often so maybe by the time I fire up my tablet it's just had that much more time to arrive.

It's not a big deal and since I found out that you could just go directly to the app and see the update I never much cared, but it would be nice for it to be a little more convenient. If the update rolls out it should just notify you. Same thing goes for OS updates. I shouldn't see it a day earlier on Rogers in Toronto than someone in Winnipeg on Rogers, but it happens.

~ TheRealFixxxer 

When I first opened BlackBerry World it only gave the option to OPEN then within a few seconds it gave the UPDATE option. Be patient peeps

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Are you sure it's live BlackBerry World is still showing the old version.

Posted via my Q10

First thing I did was clear the cache! It didn't work! I closed the app, and restarted it and all is good! Cache cleared, back sliding gesture worked. So far so good!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

My cache was over 400 MB. This seemed to slow down the settings load time as it took over 10 seconds. The when I pressed the Clear Cache button, nothing seemed to happen. But it did actually

....because after restarting the cache was down to less than 300. The other problem was, while clearing the large cache, the Settings' Back button didn't work.

Long story short, keep at it until the cache is cleared, and devs need to test with large cache.

Update available here in the UK, got it, checking it "oot". ;)

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Not alvailable in south América yet, waiting for servers refresh, thanks devs :D

Rocking on my Z10

Awesome! I love the dark theme, it's beautiful. (this white box I'm typing in is very bright though, light grey would suit better but I'm certainly not complaining! Mere feedback)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Seems like forever ago since CB10 was released. Nice to finally see an update. Thanks.

Let's hope that the next update doesn't take as long :)

Posted via CB10

Still not headless,still no option to edit post,still no option to delete post,still no option to leave participated threads.Being beaten by other crappy apps in these areas.Thanks on the ability to clear cache anyway.

Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Close the app and reopen it. If you updated while cb10 was open, the cache does not change when you say clear, but once you close the app and check the cache on reopen, it should be cleared. It also will then show cleared as you do it. That is what happened for me.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

This is definitely my most used app on BB10. Without a doubt! Glad to see some of the bugs ironed out. I welcome any new updates in the near future. Keep up the good work!!

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

I love the dark theme. But you need to change the text font for new article posts. Cause before it was a bold black, now it's hard to tell which articles are new from the text and same goes for participated forums articles. Hard to tell which forum posts are notifying you of new posts.

Posted via CB10


Thought I was the only one having that problem. Still sticking with the dark theme, but there is definitely room for improvement in highlighting unread posts.

The bold white is too difficult for us to make out.

Zwiped from my Zed

Not sure if it's just me but there is an alignment issue in the articles on the Z30.

Posted via CB10

Yes, same here. This update is great, especially the cache clearing function, but this alignment problem on my Z30 is going backward. I guess this slipped off devs eyes when they tried it.

Or is it because of Z30STA100-5/

Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/

This is an update for the CB10 Application (for BlackBerry 10) now available in BlackBerry World.

[I]Posted via CB10 on the Z10[/I]

Thanks to the Devs. :-) From James I use Simon Plus. And that from the early days. His support is top. :-)

Posted via CB10

Black theme and Cache clearing too!
Great smooth experience. Thanks very much to the Devs who made this work!

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Doesn't show up in BlackBerry World!

Location : Germany

Posted on CB 10 and typed on the best Keyboard ever

Cache clearing is designed needed - I uninstalled and reinstalled the app in the past when I realised how much space it used.


Posted via CB10

It would be much better if I could stream the videos right in the app it self. I need to go to desktop mode in browser just to see videos.

Z10 10.2.1

Love the dark look on my Zed using CB10. Super pleased it was available for update when I got back from work here in Australia.

Posted via CB10

CJH_, thanks for letting us know. I encountered no problems when clearing the cache with my Z10. But if there are other users with a Q10 that are experiencing a crash when clearing their cache, it would be great if they could also post and share. Just so the issue gets addressed and rectified.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10 (3 batteries)

Very buggy on my Z10. Tapping on settings does nothing for upwards of 15 seconds so I tap again and again. Eventually the settings page appears but I get x number of copies overlaying each other (where I think x is the number of times I tapped on the icon)

Once in settings I chose the dark them but this had no effect, I'm still seeing the light theme. Not a biggy as I prefer the light theme generally but still a bug

I like the Mark all read option though.

Early days, I'm sure the bugs will be ironed out. Just reporting them for the devs to pick up on.


Posted via CB10

SparrowhawkMMU, when you chose the dark theme, did you immediately restart the CB10 application? The dark theme will not take effect until you restart CB10. Hope this helps.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10 (3 batteries)

Hah you beat me to it. I just realised I'd been a prize muppet! Saw the guidance on the settings page when I went in again to look.

Anyway I just rebooted and I have the dark theme.

Must learn to read instructions....
Must learn to read instructions....
Must learn to read instructions....

Posted via CB10

App restart required for new theme to take effect. This is the same as in any other apps with this feature.

A bit laggy at first and I couldn't clear cache or exit the settings menu. But now an hour later it seems to have settled in and is working very nicely. Love the dark theme. Big thanks to the devs.

Posted via Z10

Still no inbox or notifications? We've waited months for these few small changes? What B.S!

Posted via My Beast Q10

Khaled, it will eventually show in BlackBerry World for you. Hopefully soon. Many others like yourself are still waiting. I did not see it until around 3:30am EST (one hour ago).

Posted via CB10 using the Z10

I am just loving the ability to change it from a dark theme to the brighter one, which wasn't there in the previous version.

Posted via CB10

Dark theme is so much better! Keep it coming! And thanks to the Developers who helped out!

Posted via CB10

Well, I only get 1.4 in BlackBerry World. Any ideas?

Posted via CB10 from my exquisite Z10 on Cosmote Romania

I'm in love with this dark theme! Thanks for all the hard work that everyone put into updating the app!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

The settings and account option are slow to come up. Also i am not sure why my avatar not showing when I add a comment that was happening since the last version

From my Z10

Very nice and snappy for me.

Would have liked and automatic clear cache option, that could be set for days or weeks or iGrann.

Maybe in the next version.

Zwiped from my Zed

Two things. With the dark theme it is difficult to tell what is read vs. unread. It would be good if the red spark was included somewhere in the list of articles. The second thing is that it would be good to get notifications when there are replies to comments that are made on the main blogs/ articles.

Posted via CB10

Very slow and laggy. Couldn't clear cache then it wouldn't go back from the settings menu. Dark theme looks great but comes with some other issues

Posted from my Z10 on AT&T

It may take a while to delete the cache.. with no response from the app. Be patient and it'll eventually work.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Dark theme is great. It does make reading easier, as the white lettering stands out. For those of you who are still not showing the update, go into My World in BB
World and tap the Installed optipn. There you will see all your apps that you installed. Tap the Update icon at the bottom of the app. The update for CB10 should show up. This is what I did when I did not see it .

Posted via CB10

Dark theme is beautiful and functional on my Z10. Thank you to the developers and to CrackBerry for bringing them on board for this project!

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Nice app but to bad no headless for a good news notification. And sometimes the back button nit work, you have to use swipe - that's okay but why everywhere is this black bar? Sometimes the forum shows just desktop versions of the article, useless on my z10
But I'm using the app really often for the news

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

Gota love the dark theme when reading indoor, have been hoping for a dark theme and now it's here!!! Thanks CB.

Everything else is running smoothly. Thumbs up!

First thing morning got the notification. Download complete. Thanks to the developers for their hard work.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Thank you to the devs who helped get his update out so quickly! Love love love the Delete Cache option, as well as the ability to choose light or dark theme.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Hmmm did someone say we could now edit our own blog comments? I looked, but didn't see a way to do that yet - hopefully it's on the to-do list for the next update.

Kudos again to Kevin & the devs for finally getting this app up to speed!

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Not bad so far.. one thing I'd like to see is the reader function on the app.. don't know if that's possible but would be nice

Posted via CB10

Love the app, always have...a headless option would be nice for notification when new blogs are posted. Yes some of us are that obsessed with CrackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Jajaja I agree! I bet the people that always post "first" in the comment won't need this feature lol

Posted via CB10

Settings button impossible to select-tray just keeps sliding back up. Cache will not clear, and screen settings just keep refreshing from right to left.

Posted via CB10

Updated, looked at it, seems to be the same. The dark theme is not an feature to die for, it's a normal one.
I don't like the flow of the content it's not "continuous" like in other app. It's not a lag it's a "hangout" , like it has not enough ram or some thing like this. Of course is not this but is annoying. These seems to be an issue if entire system
Why the things can't be done like in IOS?

Proudly Z10 owner

Dark theme is about taste, some people like it and others don't. But it is good to have the option there to please everybody. I personally like it and will keep it dark, if you like too much ios why do u own a BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Kudos to you 3/4 CB community developers who helped make this update possible! Nice work really!

Posted via CB10

Going to settings is very slow to set.

Keep the updates coming.

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Looper Back with Corleone Offer for BB10 Trackpad

Thanks for the upgrade. It's even better than before if that's possible. Keep up the good work.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10.

Love the new theme thank you guys. Just one comment, it is a bit hard to differentiate read and unread forums, maybe try to add a new icon (spark icon) for the unread ones

Posted via CB10

When you clear the cache, the app doesn't have any indication that it's doing anything but it's clearing the cache.

So when you press the button, let it be for 30-45 second.

The dark theme looks really hot. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

And now my avatar is actually the current one I picked not the old one they keep posting :-)

Posted via CB10

Funny I never had issues on my z30 before this update hut thanks for the update anyways. :-)

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Seems crazy fast so far.
One thing I'm waiting for is the ability to be able to scroll through photos in a blog post within the app.

Posted via CB10

Thank you guys for the update!!!

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!