CrackBerry's CB10 App is now Built for BlackBerry approved!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Apr 2013 12:07 pm EDT

WooHoo!! CrackBerry's CB10 app is now Built for BlackBerry approved! 

Built for BlackBerry is the designation given to quality BlackBerry 10 apps in BlackBerry World that pass a range of tests and evaluations. In receiving the Built for BlackBerry stamp of approval, the testing team looks at user benefits, user experience, performance, security, and service integration.

The CB10 app has been doing awesome in BlackBerry World since we released it - it has more 5 star reviews than any other BB10 app and it's often at or near the top of the free apps list. It's definitely a must-have app for all BlackBerry 10 phone owners - if you ever run into a Z10 owner who doesn't have it installed, be sure they load it up!

The success so far has been great, and being Built for BlackBerry approved makes it even better! You can spot Built for BlackBerry apps in BB World by their unique icon treatment. The bottom right corner of the icon curls up to reveal one of the flying B's in the BB logo. And the CB10 app is just going to keep on getting better - we have more updates coming on the roadmap and the Q10 version is almost ready to rock.

Now that we're Built for BlackBerry approved, now we just need to figure out how to convince carriers to ship the Z10 pre-loaded with CB10 installed. If anybody is reading who can help make that happen... wink wink, nudge nudge. Let's make it happen! :)

Don't have CB10 on your Z10 yet? Download it here!

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CrackBerry's CB10 App is now Built for BlackBerry approved!


Kevin, Have your marketing team contact the carriers' Marketing team. Perhaps you could work out a deal regarding ad space on CB in exchange for preloading. Could be a win-win partnership?

Hi Kevin, I noticed sometimes a list item (an article or a forum thread) doesn't open when I tapped on it; however, it turned into unread (not bold anymore). So I played around and found that if I gently "flicked" a list item, it would become unread without open. Have you seen this? Is it an OS bug or is it a feature? I could see this as a useful feature: a flick on an email, article, etc., depending on the context of the current app, to mark it read or unread.

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Nice job, keep up the great job, I always recommend this app for people with the Z10, love it cuz its the best app and the most useful app ever!
Thanks a lot

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Absolutely fantastic job, CrackBerry team! You should all be very proud. It's nice to see your hard work be recognized. Good job.

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My favorite app by far! I'm on this site more than all others combined. A must have for true die-hards.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10

Congrats CrackBerry. Definitely well deserved. I'm on this site more than any other site, including my social media sites (and I'm a big social media user).

Congratulations! A definitely must have on any BB10 device for sure! #loveit

Greetings from Germany! ;)

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How does one know what apps are built for BlackBerry? Is there a special designation I'm bbworld

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"You can spot Built for BlackBerry apps in BB World by their unique icon treatment. The bottom right corner of the icon curls up to reveal one of the flying B's in the BB logo."

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BBM10 devices should definitely be shipped with this app preloaded. Everyone I know gets it on there and checks it at least a few times a day.

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I have been using the app almost exclusively and rarely visit the website.

A feature I would like added to the app is the posting history of those making comments.

Would help in differentiating between those with genuine problems and those who can be ignored because they are probably trolling.

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I've always thought that this app if not the best, one of the best app in BlackBerry World. Congratulations CB!

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Congrats! CB10 is easily a top 5 app to get for BlackBerry 10.

Having it certified just makes it that much better!

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In BBWorld you type built for BlackBerry into the search box and it will bring them up.

As Kevin mentioned if you look at the bottom right hand corner of the app/game image, there a flip up on the corner that has a clearly visible BlackBerry logo

Sorry guys can't attach an image here, but if you try the search, you will see it clearly. Good luck :)

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Congratulations! CB is where I go for all my Z10 news or issues. Great forum, great app. Keep up for great work.

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If there's any app that deserves to be 'Built For BlackBerry' it's gotta be the CB app. In my opinion it's one of the best (if not THE best) examples of how to do a true BB10 app right. Congrats guys, well deserved!

Congrats. Any chance of an idea when we can expect the next update, and what it will contain? It has been nearly a month since v1.3...........!!!!!!!

Great job guys. The funny thing to me is how the CB app is BlackBerry approved but none of the BlackBerry made apps are, lol. So again great job

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CB10 is actually the first app I open whenever i put my phone out of unlock. Btw u guys should do an article on hitting the #1000 5star review mark, it's currently at 931.

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It is a great app

I used to check the CB on my playbook
Now it's here on your app

Great job gentleman

You guys showed be making apps for other companies

Banks for example

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Congratulations guys. A job well done. The app is like butter.

Can you share how many downloads there have been? It would probably indicate how many Z10's have been sold.

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The CB BB 10 app is actually amazing, I like it because I can access anything on the site in seconds and don't even need glasses as the text shows up clear and bright. I prefer the mobile app to the website for its speed and clarity. Looks great on a Z10. Nice work there!

Congratulations. Def worth the download, and my 'go to' app for BlackBerry news and reviews. Keep the goodness coming.

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Fantastic work crack berry team... u deserve to be recognised as an approved bbry app... well done once agn and keep the good work rolling...

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Well done and very well deserved.. This is by far my favourite app since getting my z10.. Really couldn't use it on my previous curve.. Would be great onto have it on my PlayBook too..

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With current moderation and posts and treatment of new users in the forums anyone making this app bloatware on new BB10 devices would have to be out of their mind.

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Was my first app from the new BlackBerry World, definitely one of the best apps on my Z10.

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I am constantly on this app now that I have a Z10. Very useful with tons of information! Thanks Crackberry!!

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Every time I have a chat with somebody that has a z10 I ask if he knows about crackberry and if they don't I show them the CB10 app and they download it right away. :)

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

This is a great app. Very clean, quick, and full of features.
I only have one gripe, the post titles are sometimes cut-off, where only first couple of words in the title are showing and the rest is blank.

Richly deserved! I've had my Z10 for 5 days now, and this app is on my first home screen and heavily used...
My addiction has deepened due to this app!

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Anytime I meet someone with a BlackBerry, I tell 'em to register on CrackBerry and find out everything they need to know!!
Preloaded would be an awesome idea...


Have to say, this is one of the best apps to show off Cascades in BB10. Even BlackBerry could take some inspiration from the CB10 app to improve the native apps on BB10. Hopefully more people will take the time to build really good apps as it just shows how BB10 can be different and better than the competition.

Well done guys, one of the best apps I have on my z10...always using it to keep up to date on everything blackberry.

Keep up the great work Kevin and Co, looking forward to some new features.

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CrackBerry is the best online community app I've ever been experienced.

BlackBerry Z10

Please add special character support like the em dash, and you will be top of the crop

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A bit surprised it took so long. I thought it was pretty much automatic if the app was designed for BlackBerry rather than ported?

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Congrats on achieving recognition for a quality app. Definitely one of the best apps available for BlackBerry 10.

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Seriously, how cool would it if CB was built into all BlackBerry devices! Why shouldn't it be. You're already a fan of buy a bb. No downside.
Congrats on the designation!

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Great news CB Team! This app definitely deserves the BFB distinction. And it would be awesome to see the app preloaded on future devices too.

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One suggestion for the App. Before being able to make a comment to an article you first must agree to have in fact READ the article!!!

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Woo hoo! It's about time. This is one of the top apps on my device! Congratulations guys on a job well done and recognition well deserved. Looking forward to the juicy upcoming updates.

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CB10 should be preloaded on every BlackBerry 10 smartphone and tablet. If we could see notification of private messages, Likes and Thanks within CB10 as well as the ability to view the aforementioned notifications there would be no reason to visit the website from my notebook computer.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Definitely my most used app. Very rare for me to use the Web site now. Keep the upgrades coming.

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Congrats! And thanks, Marcus, for all the hard work!
It was only a matter of time!

Posted via CB10 with my BB10 Z10

Congratulations Crackberry team...This was literally the first app I downloaded when I bought my Z10 it stays in active frame

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Awesome app. Love it, but my wife has been getting annoyed with me lately. I'm always on CB10 and whenever she sees the orange color on my screen, a scream is let out and she complains that I spend more time on CB10 than with her. Lol. Ooooops. This is one addictive app I tell you!!!!!

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I just did a really quick visual scan in BB World. Only CB and Nobex show the icon indicating built for BB. That includes BB Travel, Facebook (didn't BB build that for BB?) and, well, every other popular app. Doesn't that mean something?
Way back at the beginning, wasn't there a link on the BB World home screen to go to built for BB apps? Oh yeah, here's the article:
Where'd that go?

Update: if you search "Built for BlackBerry" in BB World it will give you the list!
p.s. Forgot to say "congrats" on getting CB to this level!

Yaay haha. I love knowing new things going on, now I don't need to go to the webpage

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I'm not sure I want to be seeing Rogers ads every time I launch cb. And I would probably uninstall it and just go back to viewing from the site.

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Great achievement! And will I now be able to see it in the BlackBerry please? Or is there another method to do that?

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Well done guys, well deserved and spread some of the insight on how you make it such a great app.

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Why does Blackberry World keep telling me CB10 needs to updated? Web based Blackberry world shows CB10 version, Blackberry World on my Z10 shows also. Hitting upgrade, downloads it, and then says there is an upgrade.