CrackBerry's 7th Birthday Contest!


By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2014 09:08 am EST

It's our 7th birthday and we're celebrating in grand fashion. In years past we've gone pretty crazy giving away the goods in birthday contests, and this year is no exception. This time though, we're changing things up a bit. Instead of offering up cool BlackBerry prizes (since you're all rocking new BlackBerry 10 phones already), we're giving away some awesome stuff you can use with your BlackBerry. 

When thinking on prizes, I wanted to have some really cool stuff to give away that people would love. We give away loads of devices and other BlackBerry related stuff all the time, so I thought what are some other awesome things that I love? And thus we came up with a great list of seven AWESOME prizes — aka cool stuff that I own and use daily. 

So here you go — this year you have a chance to win:

1. Sonos Play:1 and Bridge

Definitely one of my favorite pieces of tech ever. I'm a HUGE fan of Sonos and I'm on a mission to spread the Sonos love, one house at a time. Check out Rene's review over at iMore.


2. Phillips Hue Starter Set

I recently picked up a Hue set and I totally love it. I can change my lights when I want to all kinds of funky colors. Mood lighting at its finest. 


3. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

I've been tracking my weight on the Withings scale since 2010 and it's helped me to keep from tipping too far in the wrong direction (you can literally see my weight at 2014 I'm on a mission to drop back down to my early 20's weight of 176lbs and my Withings is helping me track my progress. I'm off to a good start too - down 10lbs since January 13th when I kicked things into high gear. Withings latest version is smarter than ever. A WiFi-connected scale is a must!


4. Fitbit Flex

I tend to sit still a lot during the day, though recently I've got back into a better routine. Using the Flex I've been able to keep an eye on what I'm doing and know if I'm being active enough. 


5. Pebble Smartwatch

I love my Pebble because it actually works really well with my BlackBerry. I got mine in white, so I really only bust it out in the summer months, but I still love it. I also have a blacked-out Pebble Steel on order now. If you win this prize, you can take your pick!


6. Jaybirds Bluebuds X

Dan Rubino told me about these, and he loves them so much that I did a post about his love for them. They are pretty sweet.


7. ​Nest Learning Thermostat

I've only had my Nest for a few weeks, but it's doing awesome so far. I love that it knows what I'm doing and takes care of the heating for me when. Home automation is amazing. Phil even review the Nest here.


Leave a comment for your chance to win!

So we'll pick seven lucky winners, each of which will receive one of the great prizes above. In addition, they'll each get a CB "schwag bag" of goodies (stickers, pins, shirts etc.)

Sound good? All you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post. TELL US IN THE COMMENT WHICH OF THE SEVEN PRIZE PACKS YOU'D LOVE TO WIN THE MOST. This one will stay open until Sunday night at midnight PT. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry's 7th Birthday Contest!



I can't add a comment to the end so I'm replying to see if this works:

Happy Birthday! And here's to many many more!
I've been eyeing up a sonos unit for the house so I'd actually really like one if I won :)

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Happy birthday Crackberry!!
As for my present.... (HEHE), I'm a simple guy so I'll take the "Sonos Play:1 and Bridge". Thank you very much!!

Thank you for cracking the berry for 7 years and making life with a BlackBerry easier than it already is!

Happy Birthday CB and many more returns of the years :)

And I want the Jaybirds Bluebuds X.
That thing is a true 'Crack'. If you know what I mean...

Posted via CB10

Update: my first post attempt hanged.
My birthday in a few explanation needed here.. :)

First pick: #3
Second pick: #1

Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday Crackberry! My comment hung and I couldn't load page 127 to make sure. The pebble would rock. New toys that I'd probably never fit into my family budget are the best birthday gifts!

Posted via CB10

Will I win? Hope so..
Having a smart watch to match my smartphone should be a bless..
Thank CrackBerry

Me neither! Crackberry, look it the problem please! And nest thermostat please!

Posted via CB10

Same problem. However Happy birthday CB. I'd like the Withings Smart Body Analyzer if I ever were to win!

Yippee yaye Crackberrians! Happy Birthday!!Stay quiet everybody because iam the winner!!!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

Happy birthday CB! The Nest Would be amazing... save some energy and help the environment a little too.

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday, CrackBerry!! I'd love the Jaybirds Bluebuds X earbuds! I use earbuds every day both for listening to music and for BBM Voice or regular calls. Those would be awesome to use as my other earbuds don't quite sit right and allow a lot of ambient noise in.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! Withings Smart Body Analyzer would be CHENtastic with my new years resolution! >:D

Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday Crackberry! It's your 7th year and wish you stay forever! :D Happy birthday again and would love to get that Pebble Smartwatch. Thank you!

Posted via Blackberry Z30

It won't let me add my individual comment so I'm commenting on this one. Happy Birthday CB! I ride motorcycle so the Jaybird Bluebud X earbuds would be great!

Posted via CB10

Can't comment, reply hopefully is the same thing. Pebble for me :) the thermostat would be cool too. Love you CrackBerry :)

Posted via CB10

Same here. Happy CrackBerry birthday to y'all! I love this website and it's the site I check most for updates over any other for all things BlackBerry. Thank you all for the hard work that you do.

I would be so honored if I won either the Sonos Play:1 and Bridge or the Jaybirds Bluebuds X. Either would be put to very good use with thoughts of my gratitude to CB every time I use them (lol). Party on CrackBerrians!

Posted via CB10

Well my comment hanged up, so I'm replying here and hope it works.

Happy birthday crackberry nation!! Keep up the awesome job year after year after year... don't stop moving as I have been following you guys since beginning of times ;) back in 2007!! keep it rocking!! BlackBerry by Choice!!

Posted via CB10

Same for me... :s

Happy birthday CrackBerry! It's really nice being part of such a thriving community! ^^

(Also, me wants the fitbit! ^^y

Posted via CB10

Same for me. I can't add a comment nor can I scroll past page 8.

Hopefully this works for me too.

Sonos for me also.

Posted via CB10

Well I'd go with a Pebble but more importantly happy birthday crackberry

May blackberry become fierce once again and gain mine and many others business back. May it give Crackberry reasons to celebrate many years to come. Cheers.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

Why don't you shut the fuck up! Who the fuck do you think you are! You'd be eating your teeth right now if you were in front of me. Go crawl under a rock you piece of garbage.

Why can't someone like multiple operating systems. I have an htc one but I did have a z10, q10 and z30. I'm a fan of all mobile OS's and I'm sure the guy with the note 3 is as well. Grow up a bit.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Having same issue.

Happy bday CB I would be totally lost without you.

Would love the fit bit or the smart scale on a crazy health kick to get back to my mma weight.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30 on

Couldn't add a comment to the end. Anyway I wish CRACKBERRY a happy birthday and I'd love to win a Sonos Play I believe it's one of the best prizes!!

Posted via CB10

Just like everyone else can't leave my own comment so at least I will reply.
Happy birthday!
Would love any of the prizes, the pebble, sonos and scale seem the most interesting

Posted via CB10

Don't know if my comment was left, Happy birthday Crackberry! I would sport that pebble watch all year round!

AmaZ30ed by my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I have the same problem, my comment didn't load.

My 1st 2 picks are the sonos play system and the Fitbit flex. All 7 prizes seam are nice !

Posted via CB10

I wish you a very happy birthday CB. I'd be interested in any of the offerings, as I can't remember winning a contest since 4th grade... about 50 years ago. Loving my BlackBerry and CB!

Replying since everyone else is replying :)

Happy B-day, I would love to win #2 The Philips Hue Starter Kit

I'll be happy with any of the prizes but the pebble in BlackBerry colours will be sweeeeetttt.

Live long and prosper BlackBerry and CrackBerry

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Here's to your first 7! May the itch not be too strong :-P I look forward to many more.

PS: My wife and I would love the Sonos to complete our latest reno...the formal living room.

Posted via the incomparable z10

Posted via CB10

Happy birrthdaay Crackies!!
I would like to have if i win (hoping) the sono or the weight thingy, :D

Posted via CB10

Same here. Happy birthday as for a prize, I'd love the nest to control my heating and keep my children warm as the old sensor has gone to heaven.... brrrrr!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I'd love a Pebble, but my comment didn't want to go on the end either. I now insist on two Pebbles as compensation! :P

Posted via CB10

Weird my comment didn't go through

Everything here is awesome for the birthday! It's so hard to choose but here's after one day's consideration! Withing's body analyzer I choose you!

Happy birthday Crackberry!

Same here. Tried twice but doesn't seem to wanna update. Anyhow, Happy Birthday CB, Sono's for me please!

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

Same...cldnt comment at the end

Happy birthday Crackberry!!! You have been of so much use to more blackberry users than you know!!!

Wishing you and BlackBerry a whole many lot of years to come.
And we... the Crackberry addicts would stick right by blackberry's side all through!!!

I'd really love the FlitBit Flex, am all abour keeping in shape. It would be simply fantastic to win that. :)

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday. May fave is the Withings Smart Body Analyzer.

If it's gone, then FitBit.

Been on a weight-loss journey. Started over 200lbs, now in 5 months 170. Goal 155 and healthy.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Having the same problem - can't add new comment so I'm replying to this one.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

I'd like the smart scale or the fitbit! I am working on getting into shape too.

Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Been rocking with you for a while now and I can't get enough! I'm using the power of the force to win my first contest!

Posted with Imohtep. The Egyptian Z10

Crackberry birthday!!! Can't post, it broke the forums haha!! So I lost 109 pounds since March working out 7 days a week, would love some health stuff! Go crackberry!!

Posted via CB10

Not sure if earlier comment worked. Happy Birthday CB. All interesting choices, probably go with Nest or pebble.

Posted via CB10

Happy bday! Crackerry 4life! I'd like to win the Withings Smart weight scale! Why? Because I want to lose weight and get massive gains!!

Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! Can't scroll past page 8.

If I win, I would like the Jaybirds Bluebuds X!

Posted via CB10

Same for me can't add a comment so I do it here
Happy birthday crackberry if I may ask I will choose a pebble smart watch if I won that would be so nice :) and again happy birthday crackberry :)

Posted via CB10

Same here I could add a comment on the end. Happy birthday Crackberry! It's been 7 years of hard work. I'd love a pebble steel smart watch I'd rock it on a daily basis.

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday cb for many more years of luck
I would go with pebble

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday CrackBerry !! I would love to have jaybirds bluebuds X for my birthday present at 27 feb which is tomorrow ... im was overseas this year away from my loving family.. I miss you all!!


I can't leave a comment, so I'm replaying. Happy birthday CrackBerry.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Yeeeaah happy birthday Crackberry! I would really like the Fitbit Flex! You're awesome!

Posted via CB10

Couldn't comment...hopefully a reply works....
Happy Birthday!! 7 years!! I'll take a Sonos or the Nest!! Either way, it's going to be a great year for me and BlackBerry!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Happy Bday CrackBerry!!!!! I would love a pebble smartwatch! That steel is sexy! ^_^

Posted via my smooth and sexy Q10 running 10.2.1259 leak

Same here..

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Would love to take that Sonos setup home! If not, the Fitbit would be nice as well!

Posted via CB10

I'd love a Pebble! Still bright eyed at 7! Keep up the great work CrackBerry.

Posted via my  Z10 - C0012139E

Only page 8, and no able to comment
So I reply, happy bday
Philips lights in my house

She says I'm always on my phone...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear CB, happy birthday to you! I'll take anything but I'm thinking the Sonos would be awesome! My gf has a few at her house and I love that I can stream to them with native music player, don't even need sonos app!

C00270EBC check out my Tattoo channel! Brought to you by Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing

Happy birthday CrackBerry!

I'd love a Pebble to add to my collection of watches! Never used a smart watch yet so it'll be cool! Good luck errybody

Posted via CB10

I think the first guy who posted broke the comments section.
Regardless, HBD CB! Best of luck to all the contest wishers.

Posted via CB10

Happy bday! Pebble for me. Replying because post didn't work, not trying to game the system.

Posted via CB10

Birthday Happy Crackberry!

I'd like to get my hands on the Jaybirds earbuds as nothing works better for me than great music in my ears!

Posted via CB10

Mine will not let me Comment either, Weird. Either way happy birthday Crackberry and thank you to all of the Crackberry community for keeping you going. I think the phillips hue lights or the fitflex thing.

Posted via CB10

Tried to post and my app froze so I'll try this way. Crackberry is getting old ;) Sonos would be amazing. Anything really lol.

Tried to comment n it failed... hopefully it doesn't double post...

Definitely the philips lighting since I spend a lot of time at home this would be awesome....

Happy Birthday to the most awesome site in existence!!!!!! Happy Birthday CrackBerry and CrackBerry Nation!!!!! Here's to the future of our beloved CrackBerry and BlackBerry!!!!!!!


Graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Cyber Security As the Valedictorian...... Swiped from the Ever So Awesome White Berry Z10 on CB10

I can't comment either!! Reply, happy bday CB! I'd rock the Sono or Headphones with my Q10 until I grab my Q20 :)

"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes"

The Sonos unit would be nice.


6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Couldn't comment on the end...
Oooh a blacked out Pebble Steel to sync with my Z10!

I've been around the site since BlackBerry Storm day one release!!! This is where I first started running leaks and themes good times!!

Posted via CB10


Posted via CB10

Can't post either, Happy birthday CrackBerry! More birthdays to come! Also, more power to you! Haha I would probably choose the Pebble Smartwatch to keep track of time and fashion!

Posted via CB10

I'd like to win the Nest because my wife won't let me buy a new thermostat and I'm too lazy to get up and change it as much as she'd want me to!

Can't comment.

I'd love the Pebble Smartwatch, been wishing for one for quite some time.

Happy Birthday Crackberry! So glad to be a part of this community.

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday Crackberry!

Jaybirds bluebuds x sounds great for me! =)

Sent with my amazing Blackberry Z30.

Happy birthday crackberry. I glade to be part of this community. Its help me a lot to discover my BlackBerry z30

Hope that to get pebble and sonos.
Happy birthday again.

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday CB! Been a fan since I moved here in the US in 2010. More power and BlackBerry til the end! A pebble would be a nice prize to win :)

Posted via CB10

Sonos for me can't see after page 7/8 just spinning circle happy birthday crackberry :)

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

Happy 7th Birthday, Crackberry!

Thanks for the contest! I would love a pair of those JayBird bluetooth earbuds! I always have a hard time finding good earbuds that won't pop out of my ears.

Thanks, and here's to another 7 years of everything BlackBerry. :-)

PS: Like others, I tried several times to post this but I can't seem to get off page 1. So I'm posting as a reply.

My Q10, SQN100-2, running :-)

Cant add a comment either so...Happy Birthday Crackberry! Got to be the Pebble for me, I love watches in general and the Pebble steel looks incredible, Pebble has grown up for sure!

The buds, the scale or the sonos would fit into my fitness routine nicely. My 1st ever BlackBerry does. Really love this z10 and hope BlackBerry keeps making phones and is around for a long time. Happy birthday crackberry

Posted via CB10

My go-to site for the past 5+ yrs for all things BB..continue the gr8 job, happy anniversary...I'd take the smartwatch ;)

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Pebble Smartwatch please!

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

Happy birthday Crackberry, i'm an huge fan of BB10 but at the moment i haven't anymore my BB Z10 (cracked screen) and when i have more money i return with Z30 :D. I want a Sonos or pebble!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to CrackBerry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Here's to many more years of this AMAZING "service" you'll provide us with. If I had to choose a prize, it would be the Pebble Smartwatch, simply because Samsung Users have been bragging about their "gear" so why not level the plains? And also, it's AWESOME!!!!

Can't seem to post comment, so will do this instead.

Happy birthday CB!

Would love to try the Sonos system!

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Can't leave comments, so I'm replying!

Crackberry is the best tool for BlackBerry owners! Thanks for all of the great articles and information.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I have been eyeing all these things for a while, but the Sonos, Nest, and Pebble have been definitely on the short list.

But since you said we had to pick one, I definitely need the Pebble, or at least I am trying to convince my wife that, I am how do you say it punctually see the reason why I am just doing this today, and my first post hung trying to post to page 149....

Regardless, my heartfelt wishes to all of the Crackberry team, forum mods and members and fellow Crackberry addicts for many more years of Crackberry happiness and BlackBerry bliss.


Posted via CB10

Yes I can't seem to reply as well too.

So happy birthday to Crackberry and I've been a huge fan since I knew of BB10. Wow. Also have directed many people to the site who I introduced to CB who changed over to BB10. Thank you for being an amazing source of information.

I would love to win the Pebble Smartwatch as I might be getting a job that it would come really handy in. Thank you CB

Posted via CB10

Cant comment it seems :/
Id love the sonos or a smart watch :)) happy birthday crackberry!

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I already am rocking the flex, so that smart scale would be awesome. Good luck to all. And Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

Posted via CB10

Yes, I'd prefer the ear buds too! Oh, and Happy Birthday to the CrackBerry team.


Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I can't seem to add a comment to the end either. Those Jaybirds and the Sonos both look mega. Wouldn't mind one or the other.

Posted via CB10

Happy 7th birthday crackberry!!!
I would like to have a pebble smart watch since it can be used with bb10!
Again happy birthday CB and CB team

I don't know but it seems for the very first time, I am the first to comment and it feels incredibly awesome. Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Someday, you'll probably be bought by BlackBerry or vise versa and become one with BlackBerry and we'll all enjoy a Bigger and Awesome Mobile Computing system that the world has been waiting for for ages.

You have a funny way of counting. Are you using what we called the "New Math"?

By my count, you are the sixth to comment. Not that anyone is counting .

Posted via CB10

Lol. Sorry about that then but at the time of commenting it showed that no one else had commented. It was only till I refreshed about some 2 minutes later that i realized I wasn't the first. Doesn't matter anyway though it would have been cool giving that i am in a different time zone (Ghana)

Had to post this on your post; sorry buddy. Hope you win too friend!

Happy 7th Crackberry! Let's crank up some decibels and celebrate! I will need a Sonos Play: 1 and Bridge please :D

Posted via CB10

Fitbit Flex!!! I've wanted to see if this will remind me to get more active. My wife has been wanting one too!

Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday everyone! Let's keep it going and aim to celebrate our 50th in a few short years. Although I won't be around to see it. :-(

Posted via CB10

I'd like the nest or the phillips hue starter set. Either or. Maybe the nest a little more than the phillips hue starter set. But I won't complain either way. Ok. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

Can't comment so replying here. Happy birthday 7th Crackberry ! I would love a Sonos or Fit Bit Flex!

Posted via CB10

Could not post so I had to reply here.
Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! Would love to celebrate with a Sonos.

Posted via CB10

The Pebble smart watch is my first pick. Several friends have one and they live it. Be great to join in the live.

Posted via CB10

I would love the Jaybirds BlueBuds, would be great to use them for my new years resolution... Going to the gym!

Posted via CB10

Congrats on 7 years and hopefully many more. I've gotten so much help here on these forums. Live this place.

Our of the 7 prizes I think I'd make the most use out of Sonos.

Happy birthday and more to come CB! Thanks for the noble service to us BlackBerry addicts (also to non-bb addicts) .

Rockin' with the Q10…

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation!! Thanks for another great contest! I would love to win the pebble smartwatch or the sono's speaker's. Here's to many more years guys! Thanks for all the info and support

Posted via CB10 on my  Q10

Happy birthday!

Fitbit flex for me but for the opposite reason to you Kevin! I'm on a crazy bulk and need to minimize my level of activeness :)


Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thanks for doing this Kevin.

I'm a Squeezebox owner/user. Have always had a interest in the Sonos. Would LOVE to win the Sonos prize.

Posted via CB10

Happy birthday Crackberry!!!!

If I were to win, I'd love the Sonos speakers. Give my Z10 a new friend to jam with. :)

Posted via CB10

Happy 7th birthday Crackberry. Would definitely have to be the Pebble steel. Awesome piece of kit

Posted via CB10

Happy Birthday CB. My gift to you is, I'll keep checking the website every hour.
Fitbit Flex please, because it is cool.

Posted via CB10

Can't believe I was 16 when I started following this website. Used the website to help me with my first java error on my blackberry 8900. I'm 21 now and I have to say this is the only website I've kept following constantly.
Happy 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday CB Nation!

Pebble Smartwatch would make my day. I've been keeping up with Adam's posts recently about the updates for the Pebble watches and their apps and would love to give them a spin.

I'd love to get a Pebble Smartwatch. Mainly just so I could join the SmartWatch fans community and praise Adam. Lol.

Go Adam Zeis / Mike Lazaridis!!! Hahhaha :D

Posted via CB10

Indeed I would looooooooooooooooooovveeee the Pebble Smart Watch. It would be the envy of many of my fellow South Africans and of course I love my BB Z10 BB 9320 Blackberry and Crackberry rock! And of course happy birthday and well done on 7 years of achievement.

Sonos play please! I'd like to play some wicked tuneskis! Happy birthday crackberry

Posted via CB10

Great contest - were I to win, I would love the Pebble watch (black) :)

Oh, and many happy returns, Crackberry/Mobile Nations. You're the reason I switched to BB from iOS in the first place.