Podcast 093: It's a party in a podcast with lots of BlackBerry love!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2013 07:19 pm EST

Oh boy. We're back. It's a CrackBerry Podcast like we haven't recorded in years. It's informative. It's entertaining. It's highly dysfunctional. I talk too much. Adam tries to keep it together. Simon sounds smart. Bla1ze sounds like Seth Rogen. We sing. We dance. We cry. We swear a little (hide your kids!). 

I questioned our Executive Podcast Producer Rene Ritchie about whether what we recorded was even fit to be published, to which he responded we were amazing and it's a "party in a podcast." In other words, it's a CrackBerry podcast you won't want to miss.

On this show Adam, Bla1ze, Simon and myself discuss the last few weeks of BlackBerry 10 madness we have been living through. Things have been crazy at CrackBerry's BB10 Launch Campaign Headquarters as we've been playing around with our BlackBerry Z10's. Tomorrow we shut it down and head back to our normal locations. That said, we won't be slowing down at all... there's just so much happening in the world of BlackBerry! The good 'ole days are back, better than ever!

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Reader comments Podcast 093: It's a party in a podcast with lots of BlackBerry love!


U ever wonder why his name is Bla1ze? LOL
Btw had a cool time talkin to a few members of the CrackTeam @ The BlackBerry Fan Night..Kevin & Adam... I got there pretty late so i missed the rest of the team & Thorsten to. Hope you guys enjoyed your time in NYC.. You guys should move your headquarters to NYC or even my backyard..NJ.. for the US launch

as in +BB10
as is +Z10 coming to the great and powerful USA soon!

Need a dose of this Crack, thanks guys!
BlackSheep and Proud!

That would be from the drawer of a 1000 hats! You never see him without one and nobody seems to know why he's always wearing one. I'm waiting to see him in the summer.

Thank you Bla1ze for the comment about battery life! If your worried about it BUY A FREAKIN SPARE BATTERY! Thank you :)

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket
I, I, I’m hunting, lookin’ for a come-up
This is f@#king awesome.

Great ending!!!

Crackberry Team, a word of advice: Don't podcast while reading comments from the live chat. You can't stay focused and don't interact well because you're so distracted.

And Kevin always says the same thing: "We're gonna do a show every week." No offense to Android Central, but I'd rather listen to those guys. They actually talk about a lot of good stuff and take questions from fans. Take some notes guys, although always amusing, your shows are kind of lacking.

But the guy a few comments above said Sorry Phil because our podcast was better than Android Central's! I guess that saying to each his own applies to podcasts too.

Seriously though, thanks for the comments.

I agree that the live chatroom is distracting. In the past, when we did our best shows (from an information standpoint), we weren't broadcasting live. We'd do a fairly planned outline, prep for it, take readers calls and respond on air, etc. Go back and listen to old episodes prior to the video podcasting days and you'll find that what you're asking for we've already mastered. I would say that with the live video podcat and chatroom (and also a bit of lack of prep), we've gone away from that.

Now that the Z10 is here and we have a lot to talk about, we can bring that back. I think **maybe** we'll have to record and not broadcast live though. It's impossible for me to ignore the chatroom. Maybe split it up. Do a live show, prercorded show, live show, etc. Will think on it!

KEVIN - They are way too long .... keep it down to 20 minutes maximum. Otherwise .... people won't bother listening.

Keep them interesting .... otherwise, they will die off, just like the iPhone.

JIM - sorry bro, you're wrong on this one.

The sweet spot for podcasts is 1 hour. Typically if you go less people start to complain. They want the length for the commute to work, listening in the background while working at the office, etc.  Across our Mobile Nations sites we've run 1000+ podcasts. We've tried everything.

That doesn't mean 100% of people will agree with that. Like you. But 20 minutes wouldn't be called a podcast. I could do shorter videos, but the format would be different. Might be worth a go to experiment on another shorter format... especially for those who are just coming to the site directly and watching it.

I dont know why ,but i was waiting for someone to jump out of that closet door behind simon ,it teased me through the whole podcast
,keep em coming

Sorry Guys, am I the only person who sees the need of getting BB things much easier and nicer? IMHO BB brand lost a lot because of BYOD. Even with OS7 BBs became not fit and cool enough to attract attention of people who decide about samrtphone purchase in BYOD process - I mean, to attract attention of exactly "average conumer". Now starts BB10, almost completely new OS with a lot of good stuff in a quiet good eg. Z10, but everything that is being heard is generally "BlackBerry experience". Brand (re)building is missing so crucial details as focusing market awareness on particular key success factors. I noticed it yesterday: (in my comment), that for instance the browser of BB10 is only "a browser". Being probably the best mobile browser on the market, it stays not named, not branded, not distinctly included into development strategy. To win in the BYOD reality, everything must be precisely exposed to let "average consumer" build the "BB experience" in their minds.

So what you are basically saying they should play/advertise their strengths more aggressively?
If that is what you meant i do agree ,they have this awesome new platform which they should get out there ,although it hasn't hit US shores yet so ,you might see that ramp up later

I hear a lot of people criticizing the os ,saying its difficult bla bla,you need a high learning curve bla bla
Iphone is more intuitive etc etc ,but i don't believe this is fair
You have to remember when the iphone came out ,not everyone was on board saying it was easy to work with ,its only now that the masses have it and that its been around for so long (its old) everyone got used to it
Remember BB10 does the same things (some/most cases faster) than ios and/or android ,it just does it in a different way (hence the new OS)
People tend to quickly label something new "difficult " because its different
Thats at least my take on it

I didn't know adam was from canada. But I did always say, " his accent is normal. Doesn't sound canadian. Oh well, he prolly lives across from detroit." Guess I was wrong.

just wanted to let you know that for another time I tried to listen to your podcast and I didn't get to the end, even more - I deleted it from my podcast list!
It is of course my personal opinion but you sounded boring, unprepared and ignorant.
It is not true that podcast has to be 1h long, for me it can be 10 min or 90 min as long as it is interesting! I'm looking for sound information, news, objective reviews, and not for silly discussions about haircuts, dildos, screenshots from someones bedrooms, and moments of silence when you are reding posts. it is clear waste of listeners' time. And comment about 1000 dead people in Russia? wow! what an ignorance! it is like it doesn't matter for you if they were really dead of just injured! seriously??? wouldn't be better not to say anything if you don't know what are you talking about?
My favorite podcast and the only one I have paid for is "the cellphone junkie". These guys are going straight to the point, full PRO, clean info and NO bullshits, if you think you can do something closer to them, let me know and I will give you another chance.

Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze, Simon and other CB peeps,

While we respect other's opinion and suggestions, I just want to let you know your podcast is very entertaining. While it may sound very unprofessional and unprepared and the comments about the dildo (I am very sorry about that Kevs, I feel bad about typing that in the chat room) it's just how CrackBerry works, and what you do rocks. Just keep what you are doing!

To others

CrackBerry is not a news organization it's a blog that was built with hobby and passion and love for the brand BlackBerry. If you think that their podcast is unprofessional and boring or whatevs, we are happy to assist you out the room. Goodbye, thank you and have a nice day.

Right... I guess I was in wrong place then, my bad. I hope Q10 will finally see the daylight so I wont need to leave the platform at all.