Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!

Make it a ColorWare CrackBerry Christmas... Leave a Comment to this Post for Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry Bold 9700!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2009 12:01 am EST

'Tis the season to be CrackBerry... fa la la la la, I want a new BlackBerry! 

* Update - December 24th, 2009: Christmas Eve is upon us, so we're re-stickying this post for the day. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700, do it now! *

It wouldn't feel like the holiday season were upon us if we didn't hold some sort of contest that gave one of our loyal readers the chance to win a brand spank'n new BlackBerry Smartphone. And just to make sure the BlackBerry prize is extra special this year, our jolly old friends at ColorWare are going to provide our grand prize winner with a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 (winner picks the color scheme!). In addition, the grand prize winner will also win one of our awesome Accessory SuperBundles for the Bold 9700 and we'll also be awarding some great BlackBerry-stocking stuffers to a few lucky runner-up contestants courtesy of

How to Enter: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Please leave only one comment as only one entry per username will be counted. The contest deadline is Christmas Eve at 11:59pm PST, and we'll announce the winners on the blogs Christmas morning. It's as simple as that! Good luck, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Reader comments

Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!



Crackberry please give me a blackberry.
I do hope God help me in getting a new blackberry.
Please Please Please.
I have always come to this site and read your posts and the thing is , I do not even have a blackberry.
I always read posts because i was thinking of getting one.
But no money :(
Please give me a blackberry.
It will make my year and next year too.
Pleease make my year.
Making me have a very good christmas is now up to you.
So I can really have a good reason for visiting this site and not feel like a freak :\

My Storm has brought me down all year and I'm under contract one more year so this would be wonderful!

Marry Christmas!

The bb looks AWESOME! Merry Christmas everybody! And good luck to everyone, because this will be an excellent Christmas surprise.


and I'm all cracked out... I need my 9700 back pleasee... I'd forever take care of this one LOL.. Love all my crackberry friends and MERRY Christmas/Happy Holidays.


i wonder how hard it would be to paint one of my crackberrys, me thinks the 8900 could use a face lift.

Kev, thanks for putting this contest back at the top. I had almost forgotten about it. Gone ahead and shoot that pretty thang(9700) this way! Merry Christmas all!!

I would like to thank crackberry,and all fellow crackberrians arouind the world for another great year of content and contest!! May everyone have a Happy Holiday and wonderfull new year. I look forward to being an addictive year for 2010!!

I would LOVE to win this, what a Christmas present it would be!! Best one of this year for sure.

If I don't win, I still want to wish you all a Happy Holiday season and New Year!

merry christmas to me!!! this would be opening an email to find that I have won a custom painted BB bold 9700 from crackberry!! Thanks crackberry you're the bestest santa ever!!!!

Cant wait to see all my family and have a very nice holiday.Just got my first Crackberry, and soon found out there are much better ones out there. If I win this one i will give my 3 day old 8520 curve away, to add one more to the community. Good Luck to everyone

You guys rock.. I just checked this phone out in the At&T store last night. So dear crackberry Santa, please give me this new bold for Christmas

Kevin, I don't know if you read these. If you do and I'm selected you'll be blessed with millions of dollars. If I'm not selected.... Can a brother borrow a 5 spot?

Happy Holidays and Peace to all!

Dear Santa Baby, Please leave a Blackberry Bold under the tree for me this year. I've been a very good girl or at least been good at being naughty. I promise to leave treats for you to enjoy. Lesakay69

AWESOME!!! That would REALLY make my New Year since my 8320 is falling apart :-( (trying to pull at the heart strings)

Kevin, I don't know if you read these. If you do and I'm selected you'll be blessed with millions of dollars. If I'm not selected.... Can a brother borrow a 5 spot?

Happy Holidays and Peace to all!

I just made it in time for the deadline. I gotta get this for my wife to redeem myself for getting her a crap phone. I thought i would go cheep and get something other than a blackberry...and i know she is not going to be a brother out!!! PLEASE!!!

I want to win one so I can make EVERYONE at work jealous! I promise to love My blackberry 9700 and cherish it and insure it. Actually if I did win it would be the first time I ever won something of this magnitude! Thanks Crackberry!!!

I would love to get one of the colorware Blackberry Bolds!!! Best of both worlds...the fastest Phone out and YOULL ALSO HAVE A CUSTOM PHONE.

This is what I want in my stocking tonight. T-mobile wants $450.00, FREE is much better and painted is really special.

I would love to have this. I am a huge Texas Longhorn fan and all my friends joke about it and make fun of all the stuff that i have that is burnt orange and white. This would be so cool to win because i would get my bb painted burnt orange and white and just wait to see what they have to say about that.

santa can't make it to my house this year,cause rudolph thew a shoe and santa had to stop and get it fixed at the local horse shoe maker's. well it took long then santa wanted. so now he is behind schedule and santa said not to worry, that he would get the great staff at crackberry to mail me my gift.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Crackberry all the way,

Oh what fun it is,
To have a crackberry designed for me,

Over the phones we go,
Texting all the way,

Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells,
Crackberry all the way, HEY!!!

Jingle my bells and pick me!!!


that would be the sweetest thing ever when you turn on the computer and pow you won a sweet @#$ phone. oh yeah happy holidays to everybody at crackberry. was a great resource in the last week when bb was broken. Thanks to the updates & blog My anxiety subsided ..haha...happy holidays.

All I want for Christmas... wow what a year, I have to say I feel extremely blessed just being able to get my children what they wanted for Christmas and keeping my home- not in that particular order of course. Things could be worse, so I am Thankful even though this is the worst year I have ever had financially!
Life's too short to live with regrets, so... Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!

I haven't won any of the contest I've enter, so this is one is a winner for me ;)...fingers crossed.

What a cool idea. Does ColorWare simply paint over OEM casings to make these colors?? It's pretty impressive that they offer such a variety.

Thanks to for such a great contest!

My wife would love that I would be so easy to get ahold of & in style while I was pickin' her Blackberries next summer!!

I think I forgot to comment on here so good luck to everyone but I'd really like to win this for my wife. She needs an upgrade from her 8330 curve.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I would LOVE to win a customize blackberry...this will make a great start to a great 2010 year with an awesome Blackberry!

You guys are incredible, you totally rock! I would have mine custom painted like a TARDIS. Good luck and Happy Holidays everyone!!

A new blackberry for christmas would be great, it would make me forget about having to work xmas eve, xmas day, new years eve, and new years day

I absolutely loved this site. Kevin, Adam, Blaise, Crucial, everyone on the boads, happy and healthy christmas and new year's to you and yours! Thank you, this would be a great holiday gift.

This is the coolest site ever giving blackberry 9700 with custom color By colorware nothing cooler than that. This perfect give away for Xmas. I hope I get pick merry Xmas and happy new year all!

Great giveaway guys. I hope you have a great Christmas. Mine would be even better with one of these. ;)

I can haz winning ticket pleeze? This would be a great way to lift my holiday spirit. Thanks for a cool contest!

Crackerry is the best site there is on the net.Everything u need for BB u can find it here. Everyone I know I tell them 2 check dis site out. keep up the good work & Merry XMas to every1 out there.

What an amazing way to start the year! 2009 has been so rough for me and my family. I could really use a new phone to give my business the uuummmph it needs! I switched from PALM to Blackberry over a year ago and will never go back! Good luck to everyone!

Since i didnt use any blackberry or smart phone,, so i think this will be a BERRY (read : very) PERFECT gift for mee... pick me!! n BERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE =D

I know my odds are not good to win, but since CrackBerry keeps me up on all the new stuff and answers my questions, I sure would like to. Please!

I have had the curve. The tour. Storm 1 and 2. The bold has been my favorite but Verizon doesn't have it so I have never gotten it. I would love to win this one. Would be a great gift this time of the year. Great from crackberry. FYI they are so helpful on twitter. The best BB site and guys around. Thanks for everything guys. Look forward to in 2010.

It would great to win this as a Christmas gift being a loyal Blackberry follower and all!! Maybe Ill get lucky this time around. To Blackberry and beyond!! :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2010 to the entire CrackBerry community worldwide. May the year bring better apps and greater devices and access to all...