Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!

Make it a ColorWare CrackBerry Christmas... Leave a Comment to this Post for Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry Bold 9700!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2009 12:01 am EST

'Tis the season to be CrackBerry... fa la la la la, I want a new BlackBerry! 

* Update - December 24th, 2009: Christmas Eve is upon us, so we're re-stickying this post for the day. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700, do it now! *

It wouldn't feel like the holiday season were upon us if we didn't hold some sort of contest that gave one of our loyal readers the chance to win a brand spank'n new BlackBerry Smartphone. And just to make sure the BlackBerry prize is extra special this year, our jolly old friends at ColorWare are going to provide our grand prize winner with a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 (winner picks the color scheme!). In addition, the grand prize winner will also win one of our awesome Accessory SuperBundles for the Bold 9700 and we'll also be awarding some great BlackBerry-stocking stuffers to a few lucky runner-up contestants courtesy of

How to Enter: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Please leave only one comment as only one entry per username will be counted. The contest deadline is Christmas Eve at 11:59pm PST, and we'll announce the winners on the blogs Christmas morning. It's as simple as that! Good luck, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Reader comments

Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!



My Blackberry died and my hubby bought me a i-phone...I just want my Blackberry back..please help me....

If I were to win the blackberry bold I would give to to my boyfriend so that we would be able to keep in touch as he is away from home working.

As usual Crackberry has come through with something that everybody wants. After checking out the ColorWare website and speaking to them I'm one of these people. Time to update my holiday wish list.

Keep up the great work.

I would LOVE a custom colored Blackberry Bold!!! That way I could give my daughter my curve and not have to worry about her not having a phone in case of an emergency. Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Thanks so much for everything! This is the only site I know of where I get gifts that keep giving throughout the year! Crackberry is Superstupendous!

Thanks so much for everything! This is the only site I know of where I get gifts that keep giving throughout the year! Crackberry is Superstupendous!


Great giveaway guys. I would really love to win this phone. I've hearing so much about it. Unfortunately, the economy doesn't permit such buy. Winning the phone would make my christmas the best ever!

This would be the best gift, beside the S type :)... Hint Hint. Happy Holidays to all.... God Bless!

What a great way to celebrate the holidays and reward a loyal reader of these forums. Especially at times like this it is always nice to win something to help keep your spirits up. Blackberry has been a part of my life for many years and ever since I joined Crackberry I have always been online reading, giving my input and even shopping for accessories and apps myself. I am on my blackberry literally 24/7. I have my work email, personal email, Facebook, texting, and phone calls so I am constantly on it. I have never really won any contest and even if I don't win this contest I wish you all a Happy Holidays and hope the winner enjoys their awesome new blackberry! Thanks for the great website, your efforts and for all you do! God bless.

This phone is pretty cool love the color's. great givaway thanks Crackberry for the opportunity to win it. Merry Christmas Everyone

Please pick me I have never won anthing in my life and this would make a very special christmas for me

Crackberry is the cooliest site I've found for my bold 9000.
I sure would like to tr the new bold 9700 and see if it fixes
Some of my track ball issues

If I win I'm giving my curve to my husband so I can make room for the new bold in the family. Merry Christmas to me!

Winning this would totally be awsome. I am in love with my phone and dont go anywhere without it. And one thats the colors I personally want makes it even better.. thanks for the contest guys. Ty for the info and updates u hae as well.. I come here allthe time looking for apps and all kinds of things for my storm.! thanks Merry Christmas!

been having a real boring year and this would really boost my feelings for the holiday season so please crackberry make my year

We wish you a CrackBerry Christmas;
We wish you a CrackBerry Christmas
We wish you a CrackBerry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good BlackBerry Apps,ringtones,&themes we bring to you and your phone;
Good BlackBerry Accessories for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Oh, bring us a Custom colored BlackBerry;
Oh, bring us a BlackBerry Bold 9700
Oh, bring us a BlackBerry and an accessory bundle
We won't go until we win this contest;
We won't go until we win this contest
We won't go until we win this contest, so choose me as the winner!

We wish you a CrackBerry Christmas
We wish you a CrackBerry Christmas
We wish you a CrackBerry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks CrackBerry from all the
BlackBerry users, Merry Christmas!

WOW!! This site is always having great contests!!! Not to mention everything you need for your blackberry, wait CRACKBERRY!!!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Never seen a Blackberry that can be different colors. It would be nice to win. Merry Christmas to all.

I need a Blackberry Bold so I can be equal with my boyfriend!!! His Blackberry is wayyy better than my Motorola Karma! :-)

This has to be one of the coolest looking cell phones around, and the fact that it is a blackberry makes it even that much cooler!!!!

I would love to win the phone!! I want something great to give my sister for Christmas who is a single mother and needs a good phone!! This would be perfect for her!!

This is an awesome gift to give. My husband has been wanting a Blackberry. I have had one for quite some time, and I could not live without it. It would be really great if I could win this one for him. Merry Christmas!!!

Were issued 8520's at work. It would be sweet to show up after Christmas sporting a custom colored 9700.

Ohh Blackberry Ohh Blackberry - How I wish that I had THEEEE -Your Colors will be so Bright and Cheerful to ME. Merry Christmas!

What a great christmas present this would be. I love all the bright colors. Keeping fingers crossed.

this website is an amazing resource for blackberry owners, and the foremost site for my information on my BB. Thank you for the chance to win an amazing gift! it would truly be a wonderful xmas to win this! =)


This site is one of the best most helpful sites I have ever been apart of. The people the contests the information, FANTASTIC! Happy Holidays everyone!

If I were lucky enough to be chosen as the winner, I would give this to my co-worker. She is going to grad school and her broken down pearl needs to be replaced. That would warm my heart and hers. Really this would be a double present!!


Bold 9700 with custom colors from ColorWare...

This has to be the BEST christmas present ever !
Hoping Santa smile on me this time around.

It would be amazing if I won this! I hope I do! :) Thanks Crackberry for making this possible with Colorware

I would luv 2 win bold 9700 it would be perfect gift 2 give my sister she has older model that which seen better days she is bb addict I know she would love 2 get her hands on 9700 it would make her hoilday extra special.

Just what is desired, a Boldly colored case for the Bold. As a newbie to this site....keep up the great work...thanks

I don't have too much money to get my sister a Christmas present and this would be perfect to give to her. Choose me and make someone's Christmas a special one.

I cant even express how badly i need one of these bad boys.. my ancient 8310 needs replacement....

I love and my blackberry, I love them so much that I have turned 6 of my friedns from useing Iphones to a blackberry and told them they have to join to get the best news, updates and more. Now they are hooked on you and blackberry as I am. I LOVE YOU ALL, Merry Christmas crackberry

The bold would be a nice gift to a loyal blackberry user.I would like to have a custom that really stands out reflects my personality.

If I'm picked, I will promise to spread the word of Blackberry and Crackberry far and wide for the whole time that I own the prize phone.

Thank you Blackberry! Thank you Crackberry!! Thank you, Santa Claus!!!

such a great idea for the holidays! if anything i think this could be the ultimate christmas present for my boyfriend =) who knows!

I'm using a Storm2 on Verizon, but how can I avoid this contest. The Bold is enough to drool over, the Colorware Bold is like the sweetest Christmas cookie ever...

I don't really care for Christmas but it would be a nice birthday present for ME... (Christmas eve birthday)

Is it still a Blackberry if I make it purple? Merry Christmas to all Berryheads. This is the best site ever!

Here comes the 9700, here comes the 9700, right down blackberry lane....... I love Christmas and my BB. this contest puts them both together YAY. Id be estatic if Santa would send that email ( on behalf of Crackberry ) saying congrats you've WON !!!!!!! Is it Christmas yet ??

This site is already the #$@% !!! The ability to win a new phone, icing on the cake thanks a million

Keep up the good work

I love the colors!!! It is a perfect combination and I would just love to have a BlackBerry that would stand out like this one!

I love how Crackberry does what they can to make the holidays great for the winners, and exciting for all of us that are hoping to be them.

Happy Holidays!!!

Here's to hoping that you color my Christmas Crackberry! :) I'm thinking I'll go with the Crackberry color scheme... what could be better?

Can't remember it I entered earlier or not. Tried to check through the list, but I'm going cross-eyed. If I already entered, I apologize. I only want one chance. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for all the wonderful contests this year. It makes this one of my favorite blogs & sites.

My poor old 9000 bold is feelin' so old
With Storm and Storm II out and not available on my net
The 9700 is the best new BB yet