Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!

Make it a ColorWare CrackBerry Christmas... Leave a Comment to this Post for Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry Bold 9700!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2009 12:01 am EST

'Tis the season to be CrackBerry... fa la la la la, I want a new BlackBerry! 

* Update - December 24th, 2009: Christmas Eve is upon us, so we're re-stickying this post for the day. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700, do it now! *

It wouldn't feel like the holiday season were upon us if we didn't hold some sort of contest that gave one of our loyal readers the chance to win a brand spank'n new BlackBerry Smartphone. And just to make sure the BlackBerry prize is extra special this year, our jolly old friends at ColorWare are going to provide our grand prize winner with a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 (winner picks the color scheme!). In addition, the grand prize winner will also win one of our awesome Accessory SuperBundles for the Bold 9700 and we'll also be awarding some great BlackBerry-stocking stuffers to a few lucky runner-up contestants courtesy of

How to Enter: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Please leave only one comment as only one entry per username will be counted. The contest deadline is Christmas Eve at 11:59pm PST, and we'll announce the winners on the blogs Christmas morning. It's as simple as that! Good luck, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Reader comments

Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!



"every paper that you read, sais tomorrow is your lucky day!
Well here's your lucky day!it really'really really could happen!"
Blur-The Universal

Thanx for giving me the chance to win this for my sister!she just passed her exams and got to college!and I think it would be so great to communicate with bbmessanger now that she would be miles away from home!

Come Come, Rolling the Dice Don't Let Me Crap Out This Time. This would be an awesome Christmas Gift For ME!!!

If I win right.. IF I win, could I get it before Christmas?

So I could bbm Santa to tell him that the chimeny has been renovated, and I seriously think that the current one is way too small, even for him.


I'm sick of having a black, generic blackberry just like everyone else...this would be sick thing to show off at work where everyone else has a blackberry too... :D

Would love for a color scheme to match the coveroo I ordered for my 9700 and hopefully Santa is reading this as my christmas list

i could give this my wife, she is having many problems with her storm, and maybe if she won this it would renew her faith with blackberry.

Not really but I really really really really want this 9700!!!

An actual chance to win a colorware blackberry. This year just might go out on a good note for me. I'm having a fair amount of troubles pouring my way recently, but little things like this tell me that anything can happen. Thanks Crackberry, your gestures are appreciated.

keeping my fingers crossed, all I want for christmas is this hot new bold2 :) good luck everyone!

wow! 'tis the season to be giving,!

I'd love to have this Blackberry for my Catmas/birthday present. My birthday is on January 18th.

p.s. congrats to whomever is the lucky winner!


This is TRULY something nice. Being an ultimate fan of Blackberry and keeping mine safe in a case, why not just have 2 for myself. I know how to keep them warm and safe and keeping that pain job looking BRAND NEW!

Please, I have to have this!

The only thing that can make the 9700 better is to have it in a custom color! I'd have bought it already, but they don't ship to Canada :( Don't know how you guys are going to go around that, but no matter...Please sign me up for a chance to win a kickass Christmas present!
Yay Crackberry!

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth and a Blackberry Bold 9700. Ok I can do without the 2 front teeth but I need the Blackberry Bold.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... A blackberry bold 9700 and a whole load of other cool stuffs!!

My Bold 9000 is starting to give in... It's been through the battle field and back. I don't know if he's going to make it till February (when I can upgrade). This would be THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

This Christmas would be the best-EST if I could win this BB 9700...and with the custom coloring and accessory bundle; that would be AWESOME!!

So, please CrackBerry, make this island girl's dreams come true this holiday season!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

jingle bells. android smells. blackberry all the way. oh what fun it would be to win a bold on christmas eve

I could seriously use an updated BlackBerry! My current BB8320 is all cracked out and blacks out on me!!! It crashes a couple of times a day; I get the hourglass with every running app that makes me wait forever and makes me go for the battery quick pull every time I see it, and the reboot takes up to 5 min; the memory and the processor is all whack! and are putting some serious brakes on my Curve and my Blackberry experience. I called T-Mobile to see if I could get "equipment" upgraded to the new Bold 9700, but due to my terms and conditions I "did not qualify". :( go figure... !?!?

CrackBerry, Please brighten up my BlackBerry spirit and enlighten my holiday season with a new Bold 9700 to supercharge my BlackBerry experience. Thank You!!!

Blacked Out StefanSki

Now that's a beautiful phone... I sure would love to win that... I'm pretty new to CB, and haven't won anything. That would be a great first, and a great Christmas.

What a great contest!! Colorware is the best way to modify your Blackberry. With all the color options how could you go wrong!

oh msn this would absolutely the be the best gift ever. ive been trying to get one on my own but with all of lifes twist and turns its been pretty tough, anyways this would be great so please pick me

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooaaaaaa that's the perfect christmas gift and all those colours, it makes me dizzzyyyyyy.................but I want to winnnnnn

Have yet to win anything on this site, lol but thats just my luck. You guys do great work with your blogs, and have an amazing online community in the forums. I'm definitely a crackberry addict and hope to win something one day from this site. =p

I'd love to win this for my mom and have it Crimson red since she is an Alabama fan! SEC Champs----National Championship hopeful!!

I know how generous Kevin and this site is. Winning a custom Blackberry from here would make the greatest Christmas present. please please please pick me!

This would be freaking awesome. Colorware does an awesome job. I have the beats in green and purple. and there is simply no other BB out there that beats the bold 9700. I have been rocking the curve ever since my bold 9000 got a pressure crack. definitely a sad day in the life of joey. This would be an awesome replacement, since i never really got the hang of the curve keyboard. but hey life goes on.
happy holidays crackberry

Hello! I'm leaving this message for the CB team! I'd REALLY like to win your 9700 :) It's frikken cool :D And the 9700 is a Kicking device :D

Thanks for your consideration :)

(Sings)"Blackberry The bold 97!!!, was a lil shiny bold!!!, And if I would ever own it!!!, I would love to own a colorware bold!!!" Merry Christmas Crackberry.Com!!!!!

pick me pck meeee i have a stupid curve on att and need a majorrrrrr upgrade!!! even my mom has a new bold :'(

makes me feel like a kid again around Christmas. What an awesome stocking stuffer a new Bold would be!

This would be awesome if I won this! It would be like a combination Birthday/Christmas gift for me since they happen to be on the same day! I hope I win!

I was just trying to convince myself that I NEED it...

justification no longer needed if i win it ;)

I would love a new phone. Lord knows I need it. I have blessed everyone so much this year, it would be nice to be blessed back somehow and this definately would be it!

This is 3th year in a row that there is this contest and every year I don't have luck...

Maybe is this my year... Me wanna...

this would be the best christmas gift ever. i think i am going to plain out color schemes now just incase i do win :)

this will be the ultimate Christmas present of the year! i haven't felt the Christmas spirit until i read this post! Christmas is near. i hope i win this! :)

Thanks for the opportunity... I really want to buy blackberry but here in India its way expensive... there are no contracts available from networks as there there is no number portability is available yet (they say it would come into effect from December 2009... I really hope it triggers some competition which will lead to slash phone prices. Just check out some below given prices in India...

8330 - 400 USD ??????? can you beleive it !!!
Tour - 608 USD
(Both Locked on Reliance CDMA)

8320 - 348 USD
8900 - 565 USD
8520 - 348 USD
9000 - 652 USD

I don't even want to imagine what would be the price of 9700 !!! its not launched yet.

Thanks guys...

Maybe I'll hold off on getting my 8900 tricked out by Colorware. On the other hand, two tricked out Blackberries would be sweet.

this would be too awesome please please please turn my luck around i rreally need this i love you crackberry

Merry Christmas everyone..hoho..Merry christmas to all of us, The Crackberry users...hope we all get this beautiful Custom painted Blackberry Bold 9700 from Colorware as our Christmas gift..enjoy and cheerss

Thanks so much for the chance at a one of a kind BB! This would be a great way to start the New Year! Thanks Colorware and Crackberry! Happy Holidays!