Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!

Make it a ColorWare CrackBerry Christmas... Leave a Comment to this Post for Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry Bold 9700!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2009 12:01 am EST

'Tis the season to be CrackBerry... fa la la la la, I want a new BlackBerry! 

* Update - December 24th, 2009: Christmas Eve is upon us, so we're re-stickying this post for the day. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700, do it now! *

It wouldn't feel like the holiday season were upon us if we didn't hold some sort of contest that gave one of our loyal readers the chance to win a brand spank'n new BlackBerry Smartphone. And just to make sure the BlackBerry prize is extra special this year, our jolly old friends at ColorWare are going to provide our grand prize winner with a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 (winner picks the color scheme!). In addition, the grand prize winner will also win one of our awesome Accessory SuperBundles for the Bold 9700 and we'll also be awarding some great BlackBerry-stocking stuffers to a few lucky runner-up contestants courtesy of

How to Enter: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Please leave only one comment as only one entry per username will be counted. The contest deadline is Christmas Eve at 11:59pm PST, and we'll announce the winners on the blogs Christmas morning. It's as simple as that! Good luck, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Reader comments

Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!



And if I'm lucky enough to win this phone, I will auction it off and donate the proceeds to my local food bank.

honestly if i win this phone i will be so happy and i will donate gifts or money to the sick kids foundation to give back to the community.

This would be helpful for my boyfriend and I ... I just want him to be included in my life and I can only do that if he gets a blackberry :-)

I would love this shanzzy Bold to replace my first gen Pearl. :) It desperately needs a successor :P haha

Thanks for considering me and good luck to all!!

I want to win this b/c I need a new blackberry and well I just don't have the money to get one. So Santa kevin please pick me. :)

It took my a long time to be convinced to get a BlackBerry Pearl. I love it but now that's its been discontinued, I have to wait 2 more years before I can upgrade to a new phone.

I would love to have a newer blackberry but I cannot afford to pay cost for one.

It would be a very Merry Christmas if I came out of this holding a beautifully painted 9700. My fingers are crossed.

I want a 9700 badly, I've been into the shop twice asking about an upgrade. Not until January 18th they say.... BOOO!!

What a great prize. Odds are against me but you can't win if you don't enter. This prize looks absolutely kewl. Whoever wins will be the envy of all their friends! :)

Dear Santa-Crackberry,

I've been really good this year, I promise! :)

This would be the perfect Xmas gift to get my lil' one hooked on BB's too!


Please pick me...I've never won any contest on Crackberry. I'm a huge BB I have a Bold9000...but I'd like the new Bold...and my wife can have my old phone. :)
Happy holidays.

I would love to win a Blackberry 9700 decked out by Colorware. I have a blackberry 9000 and would love upgrade to the bb 9700 thanks to Colorware. Colorware has the best case designs in the industry.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is a custom painted
BlackBerry Bold 9700 and one of those awesome CrackBerry SuperBundles.

Please Santa, I have been very good this year!

Thank you,

okay i needs me Custom BB Bold 9700, i mean seriously my girlfriend has one and i dont, it embarassing. she doesnt even know how to use it lol so i need my own to show her up.

That Berry is right up my alley, loud but different, I LOVE IT I WANT Please & Thank You! hehehe HO HO HO Merry Xmas

signed: The Grinchette!!! :o)

Colorware really make a fantastic product. I would love to be able to show it off to all my blackberry friends.

My curve is really showing its age, I want I want I want!!

Redskins Theme Blackberry is calling my name!!!


that gift would really be helpful especially during this recession....Pleassseee consider me...Thanks and god bless!

Thank goodness there's a choice of color scheme for the winner... if I had the one shown... I would definitely hope the accessory superbundle came with a case...

I heard so many good things about this phone, and I think it won't hurt to get a new one :) Merry Christmas!!

To quote the neighbor to the Incredibles who rides the tricycle, "That was totally wicked!!!". It would be totally wicked to win a crackin' custom BlackBerry from CrackBerry!!!

This is the best contest ever. I would love to win this. An awesome new B-berry and all decked out for the holidays.

I hope I win!!! I wish everyone on Crackberry much Love and Peace and Goodwill this holiday season!!!!

Pick me pick me crackberry, pick me pick me and make my Christmas merry!!! That was bad lol. PICK ME!

A new free Bold 9700 would be amazing! It would get me off this fossil, 8330. You know its old when they give up on updates and apps for it.

We have to remain P.C. now, as not to offend any one :)

I would like to have a happy secular Holiday this season with this phone

Having had one hell of a rough year, A new fully-functional Blackberry that looks THAT cool would be so amazing!

I would love to win this personalized phone and accessories bundle for Christmas. It would also make my Christmas/birthday wishlist smaller also.

I'm jonesing for a new BBB 9700. I think one in Kentucky Blue would be a great Christmas present.

Dear Santa,
All I want this Christmas is a ............

Way better odds than just about any other lottery, awesome prize, not to mention as a student, no way could I afford a ColorWare BB, and I'd love a trackpad update to my Tour.

God luck to everyone entering. I love the colorware stuff, just not something I can ever see myself affording. But if the funds come up, Colorware is the choice for my custom berry.

crackberrys the best! would love to win a blackberry bold 9700 and get rid of this piece of sh&@# storm1 with a cracked screen i got!

I'd be lucky to get a car charger and a lump of coal for Christmas. This would be the greatest present ever. Please and Thank you.

Don't forget get the men and women who proudly serve in the United States Military during the holiday season! Thank you and we salute you!

You know there is nothing better than contests for the coolest gadgets out there, especially during the Holiday season! It's the season for giving (and in this case, receiving)!

I luv, luv, luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this colorful 9700, it's so me. Please, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top pick me. I so need a 3g phone, and i'm so broke and can't afford the new 9700. So please pick me.....


I think having a custom painted blackberry would be the most custom thing i have ever seen. Ive always wanted to paint my now but never did. Mine would be irish green and white.

theres already so many pages and its only the 8 the chance of winning are slim to none haha but im gonna win it anyway (I HOPE) ive had a curve for 2 years

this is the best site ever invented
i live all the features on it and apps
it is just sssooo great

I think that ColorWare makes all of the BlackBerries look extra special with a personal flare to it. I have useed colorware and desighned the perfect bold Gold Bezel, and a Jean backing ;-) twas amazing.

This would be the perfect Christmas present for my fiance. Rogers won't give him his upgrade because the 9700 is too expensive to justify giving to him, so, instead of giving him my upgrade in August, if I win (**hint hint**), I can give him this one! Pick me and make me the best fiancee ever, please, Crackberry! =)

Please enter me into the draw.

I want mine in white. With the lack of snow so far this year, its pretty much my only hope of having a white Christmas! :)