Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!

Make it a ColorWare CrackBerry Christmas... Leave a Comment to this Post for Your Chance to Win a BlackBerry Bold 9700!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2009 12:01 am EST

'Tis the season to be CrackBerry... fa la la la la, I want a new BlackBerry! 

* Update - December 24th, 2009: Christmas Eve is upon us, so we're re-stickying this post for the day. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700, do it now! *

It wouldn't feel like the holiday season were upon us if we didn't hold some sort of contest that gave one of our loyal readers the chance to win a brand spank'n new BlackBerry Smartphone. And just to make sure the BlackBerry prize is extra special this year, our jolly old friends at ColorWare are going to provide our grand prize winner with a custom-painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 (winner picks the color scheme!). In addition, the grand prize winner will also win one of our awesome Accessory SuperBundles for the Bold 9700 and we'll also be awarding some great BlackBerry-stocking stuffers to a few lucky runner-up contestants courtesy of

How to Enter: To enter for your chance to win, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Please leave only one comment as only one entry per username will be counted. The contest deadline is Christmas Eve at 11:59pm PST, and we'll announce the winners on the blogs Christmas morning. It's as simple as that! Good luck, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Reader comments

Win a Custom Painted BlackBerry Bold 9700 and More in the Make it a CrackBerry ColorWare Holiday Contest!



I love it when they do these contests. Man I need to tell my local TV station to feature u guys or something...

Happy Holidays to all, I so love crackberry I tell all my friends that has a blackberry about crackberry.

I think this is a great giveaway. If I win, I will request a green, black, and white camoflauge design or color scheme if possible.

This would be an awesome gift to win, since my blackberry just got stolen at my school! Merry xmas everyone and goodluck to everyone as well!

Pick me and I will write a detailed blog posy and review on how great Colorware is!

Pick me, plllleeeeeeze!!!!

CrackBerry, thanks for all the giveaways!!
You are my number one site!

This would be an AMAZING GIFT!

Happy Holidays!

i would love to when something though it is the christmas time i would give it to someone who needs it more i have a storm 1 and am blesseed to have something it is the time for giving merry christmas to all.

Its been a very bad year for me would love to have something good happen to me for a change, had a heart attack which in turn had to have major open heart operation, my best friend who was taking care of me unfortunately had a heart attack and she passed away three months later, its just been a bad year..but I am thankful to be here what out come is how its to be.... god bless and good luck to everyone here..

I'm sorry to hear what you have gone through with your health problem. hope next year would be better for you. bless you and good luck. you deserve it. and also sorry about your friend. happy holiday!!!

Would love to get my hands on that, let alone the chance to play with the 9700...great contest CB!

i would love to win something though it is the christmas time i would give it to someone who needs it more i have a storm 1 and am blesseed to have something it is the time for giving merry christmas to all.

i'm glad there's some people out there that still has the christmas spirit of giving. you deserve it too and good luck. happy holiday!!!

Are you kiddin me??!! This would be the ultimate gift for my stepdaughter in college!! (but can I at least pick the cool colors?) Im SOOO in for this!

Winning this would mean that I would win something for once ever.....
and to have a custom bold, this would be AWESOME.

I havee the 8900 and it no longer rings cause my speakphone is broke and it no longer says blackberry cause the top part of my phone is off so the indicator light is exposed. LOL and the a casing is loose.. I need it I need it so bad. I wanna buy a new phone but I got 5 kids to provide christmas for on my husband's income (Im unemployed). this is all Real Talk. I need it. Badly!

This is one of many reasons why I love Crackberry so much.

I don't mind having a line on AT&T for this phone.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

This is a very nice thoughtful christmas contest to be giving away for the holidays thanks for the chance to even win something this great thanks Crackberry and Colorware. Maybe ill be lucky for the Christmas season lol

I've never entered a contest here before and have been drooling over the 9700 since Colorware launched it. Could be a good Christmas..

Dear Santa, I promise to be a good boy and go to bed early, and I also promise to try really hard to stop swearing, and will leave cookies out for ya. What I really want is to wake up in Christmas Day and have an e-mail from you telling me I won the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from CrackBerry ColorWare Christmas Contest!
That is all and you can't say I'm asking for much. Remember no to drink too much and ride your sleigh. Please give my regards to Rudolf.

Here goes nothing!! That would be a great stocking my stocking of course!! lol, Thanks Crackberry!Totally kool!!

Dear Crackberry, I have been really, really good this year! Please bring me an awesomely colorful Bold!!! I'll love you forever! Oh wait.. I already do! But the berry would still be great!

Hello Everyone! Ive been eying this new BB..and I love the new "trackball". Would be awesome to win and then I can give my mom my BB that I have now so that she has a phone. =)

*good luck everyone*

Although i don't celebrate christmas, i would love a blackberry bold 9700! lol.

love always,

I'd love to win since I don't celebrate Christmas or any other holiday this holiday season. Thanksss :D

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the coals you left for me last christmas, and if i don't get this 9700 this year, you better not let me see you bring your fat ass down my chimney again. Because if i catch you, i will take your blackberry away and give you my moms iphone, good luck trying to navigate back to the North Pole with that, Muthafucka

you guys couldn't make a better contest for this season!
this is awesome!!! i can think of 9700 reasons why i would love a 9700!!!

After Colorware did a great job on my G1, I've been waiting for the chance to get another phone painted by Colorware.

left a comment in every single one a these things .. neva win .. but still .. i must trod on .. blessed love CB!!

this would be an magnificent christmas present. Nobody like Crackberry you guys #1 and rule!!

Merry Christmas to ya'll :D :D ;)

I want that blackberry! im from mexico and its not out yet! pliis i want to win! YO AMO MI BLACKBERRY! SALUDOS!

My name is Peter Park and I've had a blackberry storm and it has disappointed me so much this would be awesome!!

That'd be such an awesome Christmas present and I'd love it! I'm such a Crackberry addict and I really want one but can't exactly afford it on my meager college student budget!

This would be a great Christmas gift courtesy of Crackberry & ColorWare. I have been waiting for a Bold 9700 from T-Mobile since its debut. Love the site, thanx.

i currently have a storm 2, my dad has a blackberry world series, and my little brother has a curve 8330, but my mother has a sad broke lg juke, that is only good for answering calls. half of the buttons don't work. if i win this i would give this to her for Christmas and she would part of the crack berry family. so please pick me. :)
thanks in advance win or not.

Please select me. What a wonderful contest by CrackBerry!!

I'll be checking CrackBerry on Christmas morning! This site is the greatest BlackBerry fan website ever created.