CrackBerry Year End Awards 2011 Winners Announced!!

CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards Winners
By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2011 02:51 pm EST

CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards Winners! See the results of our 2011 Year End Awards fan voting and Editor's Choice winners!

The results are in and we have the winners of the CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards!! It was a close race in some cases, but the winners prevailed and showed that they are true fan favorites. I don't think there are really any crazy surprises here (but you be the judge). We've also included our list of Editors Picks -- a selection of accessories, apps and games that we think were the tops in 2011. Keep reading for the full winners list. Congrats to all the winners and see you in 2012!!

CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards Winners (Fan Voting)

OtterBox Logo

Best Third-Party Accessory Manufacturer - Otterbox


Angry Birds

Best Tablet Game: Angry Birds



Best Phone Game: Brick breaker


Facebook Logo

Best Tablet App: Facebook for PlayBook


BlackBerry Protect

Best Phone App: BlackBerry Protect



OtterBox Commuter

Best Case: OtterBox Commuter


BlackBerry Messenger

Best BlackBerry Smartphone Feature: BlackBerry Messenger


BlackBerry Bold 9900

Best Device of 2011: BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930


CrackBerry 2011 Editors Choice

Top Cases:

Top Accessories:

Top Phone Apps:

Top Tablet Apps:

Top Phone Games:

Top Tablet Games:

Top Devices:

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CrackBerry Year End Awards 2011 Winners Announced!!


Aw, you're a loyal and devoted fan of RIM. Good for you! Is there anything you need today? Inflatable tube? Swimmies? Life raft? A new Palm Pilot? Beeper?

It appears the editor needs a better keyboard. Major typo....Where is the real winner, QuickLaunch? Must have left that on his desk....

It appears the author of the post directly above this one needs new glasses. Best app went to BlackBerry Protect because it is FREE and is a lifesaver should you ever lose your phone and need to locate it or remote wipe the data or if you switch to a new device and want to quickly restore important information without using desktop manager or wirelessly backup key information like your contacts.

As the proud owner of both the 9810 and now the 9860, I disagree that the 9810 one notch above the 9860. 9860 is much better than the 9810 IMO.

Gosh Darn It!! I LOVE my Palm Pilot and my Blackberry!!! Let's go, RIM!! We're gonna be strong for the Gipper!! Let's WIN this struggle!! WE are the BEST of all the REST!!! Hey! wanna go for a ride in my new Pontiac?? How 'bout bring'in over some floppy discs so we can put them in my sturdy ole IBM computer! Jus' a minute!! My pager is beeping me!! My new 8-tracks must have arrived!! Happy New Year, Grandma!!