CrackBerry @ WES: More WES 2008 Coverage to Come...

WES 2008 Coverage
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2008 03:46 am EDT

WES 2008 is now over, but there's still more post-WES coverage to come. I just turned another year older and got a little sidetracked in the hotel lounge for a few hours with some friends. One of the best parts of WES is that you get to finally meet and hang out with some of the people you talk to via email/PIN all year. Thanks for the patience! :-)

More WES 2008 Coverage to Come

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CrackBerry @ WES: More WES 2008 Coverage to Come...


That is a lot of alcohol. When you wake up, just drink another beer and the hangover will be gone. BTW Happy Birthday!!!

Wow... Impressive. Just you and Neil? Crikey.

If you woke up with a sore gut and aching head, blame the pepperoni pizza.

on your curve pictured there; what kind of a case do you have around it? because i notice some sort of protective casing/covering around it and would want a similar one on my curve. thanks.

btw, as for the drinking and still getting work done...RESPECT!

Man, that was a big night! :)

Noticed it only has 2 vodka shots on the bill...I was sure I had more than that! Maybe Maria slipped in a couple of freebies? :)

There should have been some freebies with the $100 included gratuity (plus I'm sure that you added your own!)... ;)