CrackBerry @ WES: BlackBerry Bold Battery Covers

BlackBerry Bold Battery Covers
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 May 2008 04:20 pm EDT

It seems RIM was way ahead of me on this one. I made mention in yesterday's WES Review that the top accessory for the BlackBerry Bold will likely be replacement Battery Doors. Turns out RIM is thinking the same thing and already had some on hand to show off. The colors above are a good start... and I hope they even BOLDER and funkier from here. Big thanks to Al for the tip off.

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CrackBerry @ WES: BlackBerry Bold Battery Covers


Isn't that from the 1970s? Some Cadillac or other car maker commercial about Corinthiam Leather? lol

Just imagine the possibilities

LV!!! and some dolce and gabana Leather designs for the power users
Fortune Favors the BOLD

Hey Kevin,

Glad to see you decided to use the image of the Bold battery covers I sent along. (Taken with my Curve, by the way.)

I believe the covers are made of "Corinthian" or faux leather. Pleather if you will. It's also worth noting that they really didn't fit the Bold particularly well, which told me these covers were really for show. I put the red one on a RIM PR person's Bold, and it stayed in place but just barely. I expect the official battery covers to fit much better.

I also thought it was interesting that this particular PR person had a Bold OEM holster which looked bigger than the Curve holster but smaller than the 8800 holster.

Oh yeah, and though the PR woman couldn't say for sure, she thought the Bold would retail for between $300 and $400 upon its release.


Kevin I remember via your Bold review you said the silver bezel was not metal but hard plastic, did that change at the show, like when they added the leather on the back of the device?

where can i find a PINK or PURPLE blackberry bold replacement battery cover???
I am looking for a more girly one.